Ship of Heroes Closed Beta Has Begun

The Ship of Heroes closed beta event has begun for those who have donated $50 or more to the game over the last 2 and a half years. The beta will be running for the next week, giving donors lots of time to explore the character creator and the game itself.

Ship of heroes closed beta

The beta includes the travel powers which are all available for the duration of the beta test. You can also explore the hospital, auction house, and if you can find it make your way into the Beta Club.

Throughout the event, the number of players in an instance will have a hard cap of 75 and an average around 50. A new instance will spawn when one gets full. But, the developers have said that they do intend to hold a “crush the server” event sometime during the beta. Though when that will be hasn’t been stated yet. Keep an eye out on social media and the official forums for more information on that.

Speaking of the forums, they’ve created a new section on the forums for the beta. Here you can report problems, leave comments about your experience, or leave suggestions for ways they can improve the game.

The next beta event for donors is already in the cards too. This one will focus on combat for big groups and is currently planned for the end of 2019. Not only that but they are expecting to launch by the end of 2020! From the sound of it 2020 is going to be a massive year for Ship of Heroes fans and we can’t wait.

For now, though, I’ll see you in Apotheosis City.


Source: Press Release, Official Site

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Top Online Gaming News Stories of 2019…So Far

Can you believe this year is already halfway over? It seems like just yesterday we were logging in to Apex Legends for the first time. As is tradition at MMOGames we’re taking a look back at how the year has gone so far. To be honest, things aren’t looking all that great, though there is one shining bright spot on the year so far, see if you can spot it. This is the MMOGames list of the top online gaming news stories of 2019…so far.


10. Bless Online Sunset

Why Steam Can Be a Terrible Thing For MMO Players - Bless Online

For a while, it was one of the most anticipated upcoming MMORPG that players in the West were dying to get their hands on. In fact, the world first heard about it back in 2011, though it was then canceled in the West by publisher Aeria Games because of “quality standards” and “technical difficulties [that] cannot be overcome.” Neowiz then said they would self-publish it and set out to make the game better. Last year the game finally launched in the West, just as the first shutdown was announced. Today the game has shut down in all regions of the world except on Steam But even that is not to last. The game’s last day will be September 9th.


9. Amazon Game Studio’s Woes

This is a news story that just broke a few days ago but it has the potential to have a massive impact on the future of the studio and games being developed by them. In fact, according to reports, multiple games that were unannounced were canceled and dozens of employees are facing finding new jobs. The good news, for now, is that their MMO New World is one of the games that is being made a priority. However an anonymous interview with the Wall Street Journal suggests that the problems at Amazon may be even bigger than what we’ve already seen. Lumberyard, the studio’s game engine, wasn’t designed for multiplayer games. This may mean more trouble in the future.


8. Blizzard Cancelations and Ongoing News

This has been a bit of a weird year for Blizzard. Many issues seem to be connected so rather than focusing on just one, we decided to count Blizzard as a story all of its own. Most recently, they’ve canceled two games that were in production and lost two major players in the esports department within the last month. Activision-Blizzard’s last quarterly report showed that revenue dropped nearly a quarter in the last quarter and announced they are going to skip Gamescom 2019, in order to save money. Earlier in the year Blizzard laid off a reported 800 employees in what was called a bloodbath. All of this adds up to one thing; everything is not ok at Blizzard. This isn’t likely to be the end of Blizzard’s woes either, so expect this story to continue throughout the rest of 2019.


7. Anthem Disappointment

To call Anthem a disappoint is perhaps a bit of an understatement but it is true nonetheless. The world, character, and gameplay are considered by many to be lackluster. Aggregate review scores put the game somewhere between 54 and 65 out of 100 depending on which platform you’re playing on. Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, made a statement saying while Anthem had a disappointing launch they are still hopeful the game can be successful. He has also had to reassure fans that Bioware isn’t at risk of being shut down due to the games failure. It will be interesting to watch Anthem for the rest of the year to see how it progresses.


6. WoW Classic

It may have been announced back in 2017 but this is the year WoW Classic is set to become a reality. This year there have been a few stress tests and more are planned for July. News on WoW Classic is actually pretty sparse. They’ve held tests and a makeup test, that’s about it. The real story so far is the fact that everyone is talking about playing WoW Classic. I guess August just can’t get here soon enough.


5. Apex Legends Rises and Falls

Just as the world was getting a little bit bored with Fortnite, Apex Legends swooped in and grabbed everyone’s attention. For a brief time, it looked like the game had the potential of becoming bigger than Fortnite but Revenue from Apex Legends also dropped sharply. In April, just two months from launch, the game was only bringing in a quarter of what it did in its first month. What went wrong? Well, aside from having a number of bugs and issues that often get ignored by players the game isn’t being updated quickly enough to keep people engaged. To make it even worse, this seems to be intentional. Respawn has said that they’re looking to make fewer updates that are of higher quality, but when your audience is used to Fortnite, that doesn’t go well.


4. Riot Games Walkout

This year the games industry saw its first-ever walkout in the main office of Riot Games along with their Dublin and Ireland offices which had a few employees participate in support of their friends and coworkers in Los Angeles. In LA they were protesting the use of forced arbitration for several ongoing sexual misconduct accusations. While Riot has made some small efforts to improve the situation by getting rid of forced arbitration, those efforts haven’t included the ongoing cases. If you’d like to read up on the entire backstory of the walkout as well as the aftermath you should read this article and this one. Oh and just to add more fuel to the fire, the State of California has accused Riot of not cooperating in its gender discrimination investigation. This story isn’t over yet though and we expect to hear more about it again soon.


3. World Health Organization’s Gaming Disorder

This year the World Health Organization added Gaming Disorder in their International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. Basically a big list of things that can go wrong with the human body and mind. But this was quite a controversial decision, one that has a lot of people questioning the politics behind the act. As expected industry officials have denied that gaming disorder, and in fact gaming addiction is a problem. Lobbyists like the ESA have been quite vocal about this in fact. Meanwhile, academics and journalists believe that the research is incomplete and that there isn’t enough known to make a proper diagnosis. It has been indicated that the WHO was feeling political pressure from some countries in Asia to see this get pushed through quickly. In the future we may see the WHO change their stance on gaming disorder. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.


2. Nexon Founder is Getting Out

Kim Jung-ju, the founder of Nexon is selling his majority, 98.64%, stake in the company that is estimated to be worth just under 9 billion dollars. Throughout this year a list has been slowly building of companies that may be interested in buying that 98.64% stake. Names thrown around have included Disney, Tencent, EA, and many others. It sounds like this story won’t be over until October when bids are officially locked in. Until then, anything is possible.


1. Players Return to City of Heroes

We’ll be honest with you, short of finding out that aliens exist and play Fortnite there isn’t going to be a bigger story this year than the return of City of Heroes, even if it is in an unofficial capacity. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock or you’ve been stranded on an island without internet for the last couple of months, lets quickly get you caught up. Yes, City of Heroes is back on servers that are being run by the fans. They aren’t emulators and are in fact being called rogue servers by some organizations. The biggest collection of servers, called Homecoming, has more than 100,000 registered accounts. While still in it’s early days they are anticipating creating new content to keep the 15 year old MMO fresh for those who are playing. Homecoming has a bunch of improvement updates already in place, but some people didn’t like those changes so they made servers of their own that don’t include those improvements. Those servers aren’t as popular as Homecoming, but some of them have a few thousand players. City of Heroes is really the one big bright spot in a not so amazing year and we can’t wait to see what directions they end up taking in the future.


What will the rest of 2019 hold? From the looks of it, we will continue to see many of these stories in the news for some time to come and we’ll be following them every step of the way. Be sure to check back every day for more news from the online gaming industry and keep an eye out at the end of the year for our update on how the year has gone.

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City of Heroes Would Be 6th Most Popular Game on Steam

In case you haven’t heard City of Heroes is back with fan run servers. The most popular group of those servers is from the Homecoming team and boasts 100,000 players in the last month. If those servers were on Steam they would be the 6th most popular game in the last 30 days. This is according to the chart provided by This put them above Warframe, Football Manager 2019, Team Fortress 2, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Garry’s Mod which are all currently on the chart with 97,000 players or less.

So, what is charting above City of Heroes right now? Grand Theft Auto V is at number 5 with 108,000 players in the last 30 days. Right now the City of Heroes Homecoming forums have 103,000 members, so CoH isn’t far off. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is at 4 with 115,000 players. Then Total War: THREE Kingdoms, CS:GO, and Dota 2 finish off the list.

What makes this all the more amazing is that it has come together from nothing in just one month. A group of people came together to make these servers possible, formed an LLC, and now once a month they take donations to keep the servers running. Donations only stay open just long enough to raise the amount needed, which so far hasn’t even taken an hour.

It will be interesting to follow how well City of Heroes continues to do in the following months and we’re sure that at the end of the year we’ll be looking back at this as one of the biggest stories of the year. Does CoH have more growing it can do? Yes! There are still former players out there who have no idea the servers exist. Plus, there is a whole audience out there with people looking for a fantastic MMO to call home.


Source: SteamCharts

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Ship of Heroes Alpha Test This Weekend

If you’re like everyone at the MMOGames office then you’re eagerly waiting for any taste of the City of Heroes spiritual successors. Well, this weekend you’ll be able to take part in a Ship of Heroes alpha test. For this test, they’re inviting supporters who have donated at least $25 to the development of the game to participate.

The goal of the test is to see how the server does with a large population in a small area. This will have a direct impact on how the game is shaped going forward with things like raids, teaming, and optimization. Players won’t be able to create a character, instead, they’ll just log straight in under the Arch. This is where the devs will be able to easily gather data and players will be able to reminisce about the last time they gathered together to create AP 33. Every character will have their own unique look that has been created by the devs themselves. This is to really put the game to the test with so much variety. There will be as many as 100 players in one small area at any given time so if you’re on an older computer your FPS may suffer. But, the goal is to keep a good FPS of 30 or higher throughout the event. The developers will also be hanging around so don’t be surprised if one says hello.

If you haven’t donated to Ship of Heroes yet and you’d like to participate in the alpha test on Saturday, December 15th at 10 AM Eastern you can still do so for one more day before the cutoff on December 11th at 10 AM Eastern. Register your interest in the alpha test by going to the Official Site. Hopefully, we will see you there!


Source: Press Release

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2018 MMO Halloween Event List

The month of Halloween is upon us which means it is time for the MMO Halloween Event List to come out for another year. Below you’ll find a list of all the Halloween events happening in the MMO/online gaming sphere. More will be added all the time leading up to Halloween so be sure to check back regularly.


Black Desert Online         Cookie Day          Oct 11-24

Make event chocolate cookies and get some awesome rewards in return. This event isn’t exactly Halloween themed, but we’re including it anyway as right now it’s the closest thing to Halloween BDO has announced. They’re also running the fast season event which means that it is spring right now, Saturday it will be Summer, Sunday it will be Fall, and, you guessed it Winter will hit on Monday. This all happens the Oct. 11 to Oct. 15th.


Blade & Soul       Blade & Ghoul   Oct 17- Nov 7

The veil to the Dark Realm is wavering and ghosts and ghouls are seeping into our realm. Which means that it is time to start fighting back these gruesome foes in return for some fun prizes. There will also be a 50% experience boost in effect during the event. Giving you even more incentive to take part. The enemies at Zaiwei Ruins are intended for players who are level 50 only. But, don’t worry if you haven’t reached 50 yet, you’ll still be able to take part in daily quests, challenges, and take on bosses.


Bless Online       Halloween Event              Dates Unknown

Bless Online may not be launching until October 23rd, when it will be free to play, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting in on the Halloween event action right now. If you’re already playing Bless Online you can take part in the Halloween Event which includes themed quests, costumes, and of course rewards. There are two events which together make up the larger Halloween festivities. The Jack-O’ – Lantern event and the Witch Raven event.


Champions Online           Bloodmoon Rises              Oct 11 – ???

Champions Online is bringing back Bloodmoon Rises, their annual Halloween event. This year the event is the same as last year except with new rewards and items.


DC Universe Online         The Witching Hour           Oct 1- 31

Throughout October DCUO players will be able to take part in the Midnight Masquerade seasonal alert which will bring them to Gotham City where Klarion the Witch Boy is up to no good once again. This year’s event introduces 4 new feats for players to acquire. Plus, taking part in the seasonal events will earn you Spooky Bites which can be spent on all sorts of items.


Elder Scrolls Online         Witch’s Festival                 Oct 18 – Nov 1

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Witch’s Festival will have you turning yourself into an undead monster, enjoying a 100% XP buff, and grabbing up all sorts of ghoulish goodies. Plunder Skulls will drop from all Boss Monsters with a variety of themed loot. New this year they’ve also added Dremora Plunder Skulls which will drop from the first of each type of boss you defeat each day. Witch’s Festival will also be your first chance to get Event Tickets. Get 10 Event Tickets and take them to The Impresario to get your first Indrik Feather for a very special mount. There will also be new items in the Crown Store for you to purchase, including the coveted Coven Cottage.


Everquest II        Nights of the Dead           Now – Nov 1

For the first time, players on Fallen Gate will get to join in the Nights of the Dead festivities in Everquest II. There’s a new collection to tackle, new items for crafters, and new merchant items to grab. From the looks of it, the event won’t have anything new to do this year though.


Final Fantasy XIV              All Saints’ Wake                Oct 18 – Nov 1

The Continental Circus is back once again and this year there’s a new masquerade for players to experience. Players who have reached level 15 and completed the quest “It’s Probably Pirates” will be able to take part in the Adventurer’s Guild Investigator’s quest to take a deeper look into the happenings around the circus. In return for your help, you’ll be able to get your hands on new minions and new items.


Guild Wars 2       Shadow of the Mad King               Oct 16 – Nov 6

Halloween in Guild Wars 2 this year is going to be quite exciting! Along with the usual suspects, the Mad King’s Labyrinth, the Clock Tower jumping puzzle, and the fun in Lion’s Arch players have a few new things to look forward to. This year sees the return of the PvP Reaper’s Rumble for the first time since the first Halloween event in GW2 back in 2012. Mad King’s Raceway is an all-new addition that showcases the newest mount, the Roller Beetle. And there are three new weapons for you to get your hands on. Players who have completed Episode 3 of Season 4 will also be able to dive into the long-standing rivalry between Mad King Thorn and Palawa Joko in a new collection achievement.


Overwatch          Halloween Terror 2018                   Oct 9 – 31

Dr. Junkenstein’s minions are back once again along with Junkenstein’s Revenge (Classic) and Junkenstein’s Revenge: Endless Night. Players will be able to pick from 10 playable heroes this year, including Tracer and Brigitte who are both new this year.


Paragon Chat (City of Heroes Emu)           Halloween          Oct 5- Oct 31

Paragon Chat may not be exactly what City of Heroes once was but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun! Go trick or treating with fellow players and head to the Halloween Party on October 20th. Head over to Croatoa between 12 and 6 PM Pacific, 3 PM to 9 PM Eastern for a game of hide and seek, Costumes, and games. For an extra jolt of nostalgia, music will be provided by The Cape.


Pirate 101            Halloween Items              Ends Nov 4

When you’re a pirate every day is Halloween…or at least you dress up every day. Pirate 101 isn’t holding any event but you will be able to get your hands on a number of Halloween themed mounts including the brand new Cloudstrider mount.


Tera       Harvest Festival                Oct 2 – Nov 1

The Halloween Harvest Festival event in Tera is back once again. Head over to the Eldritch Academy where you’ll be able to fight back waves of monsters with a cannon. You’ll be rewarded with Halloween candy for your efforts which can be turned in for mounts, pets, costumes, and more.


Wizard 101          Halloween Items              Ends Nov 4

Just like Pirate 101, Wizard 101 is breaking out the Halloween items in the form of seasonal packs. New this year is the Elven Nightmare Pack which includes things like the Hart of Darkness and Light Hart mounts, pets, Elven Nightmare weapons and armor, and more.

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City of Heroes Emulator SEGS Guesstimates a Launch Window

As eager as I am to see the City of Heroes legacy project MMOs come to life, there sometimes just ain’t nothin’ like the real thing. So if you’re like me, you’ll perhaps be intrigued to know that a rough SEGS launch window has been put out there. Emphasis on “rough”, though.

segs launch window

This little nugget of information comes by way of a response from the SEGS Twitter account, who chimed in on a conversation that spawned from a September blog post made by Massively Overpowered writer Justin “Syp” Olivetti, where he mused if he’d still be playing City of Heroes, SWG or other shuttered MMOs if they were still online.

In the responses, one reader outright said they would play City of Heroes “all day long”. SEGS replied with: “Can ya pencil us in for like 1.5 years from now? That’s our rough guesstimate.”

It’s important to bear in mind that this is a pretty off-the-cuff remark and so should definitely not be taken as gospel for release. That said, the team behind SEGS seems to be making some steady progress. Its most recent update on October 3rd made a variety of improvements on powers, certain Inspirations and other fixes.

Our Thoughts

Look, we’re probably not meant to report on emulators, but the City of Heroes community is one of the more impactful ones in MMO gaming and the original game’s closure spawned multiple crowdfunded titles. So that’s what’s prompted the report. As ever, we wish the SEGS team luck and clear legal skies in their project development.

Sources: Massively Overpowered, Twitter

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Paragon Chat Now Has Base Building

While Paragon Chat itself is certainly a bit of a shell of the original City of Heroes game, it’s still an important tool for diehard fans of the shuttered MMO to connect with a game and community they love. Now, a new update to the client could strengthen that connection and maybe even see supergroups reform again with the addition of Paragon Chat base building.

paragon chat base building

The appropriately named “All Your Base” update to Paragon Chat will let individuals create bases for their in-chat avatars. The majority of the original features from the base building added in Issue 6: Along Came a Spider appear to be in place, with many items including Salvage-crafted item pieces added to the client.

There is one important difference between Paragon Chat’s form of base building and the original CoX’s, however. Bases aren’t tied to supergroups since there is no supergroups feature in Paragon Chat. Instead, bases are either personal (associated with a single character) or account-wide (shared with all characters on an account).

Beyond that, bases can once more be crafted, visited, and even exchanged. Full details can be read in the patch notes.

Our Thoughts

This is definitely one of the best ways to get people fully connected with Paragon Chat – granting them a way to carve out their own little piece of real estate in-client. Personally speaking, I’m hoping some of my favorite supergroup bases from my roleplay years come back.

Source: Titan Network forums via Massively Overpowered

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Catching up with the City of Heroes Spiritual Successors

From time to time it’s nice to look in on the City of Heroes spiritual successors and see how they’re doing. Sometimes they go months without updates and other times it seems like we’re talking about the game every week. Since it has been a while since we last looked over these projects, now seemed like a great time to look in on how these games and two emulator projects are doing.



Robo Buddy City of Heroes

No images of Redside were ever made.

In February of 2017, the most recent of the City of Heroes successors came onto the scene. This one was Redside, completely dedicated to the villainous side of things. They held a Kickstarter campaign that was incredibly underwhelming raising only $170 of the $45,000 goal they had. Some of the problems with the campaign included the fact that there were no images, very little thought put into the development, and it appeared to have been created by someone who isn’t a game developer. While it was a lovely idea, it was poorly executed and suffered for it. We’re unlikely to ever hear from Redside again.


Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains

Although Heroes and Villains doesn’t get a whole lot of press attention, the game is still in the works. Every Friday there’s a new update on how the development of the game is going. In the most recent one, they discussed ways to change up how missions were done in City of Heroes. The example they give is that instead of going into a mission and just stomping on everyone, you go in and the team splits up to go into two different rooms at the same time. They’re quickly approaching the 300th weekly update. Development of the game is being done behind the scenes without much being put forward in the way of new images.


Valiance Online

The game that originally gave the impression of being the furthest along has become one of the quiet ones. Valiance Online is currently in Alpha testing, which you can take part in by donating at least $25. They stopped making updates on the main page of their site last year and have instead switched to the forums, which makes it look like development is dead. However, they held an in-game event in April and there was a new patch in March. That update introduced the first part of their animation system rewrite, with more to come in later patches. They also optimized the code and a few other very important things. It isn’t unusual for Silverhelm to go silent for a few months while they work on the next patch, but they are still on the forums helping out with customer support issues.


City of Titans

For the Fourth of July, City of Titans offered up a teaser video honoring heroes and giving us a taste of what Lockharde Island looks like. At the end of June, City of Titans also explained how control mechanics would work, including the Operator archetype which is dedicated control with their primary power set. They also recently joined Instagram so they could show off more of their amazing work on the visual platform. They have a webcomic going, which has a Patreon bringing in $682 a month. They are planning on having a second crowdfunding campaign in the future, though exactly when that will be isn’t clear yet. Development of the game seems to be quite merrily trucking along, though there is no word yet on when the public will be able to get their hands on it yet.


Ship of Heroes

If you had told me that Ship of Heroes would be one of the most vocal and active of the City of Heroes spiritual successors I wouldn’t have believed you. The concept was a little bit too out there for my tastes, but it has caught on with Paragon City refugees in a big way. In June they released a video showing just how far the game has come in a year and it is astonishing. In April they put out a roadmap for the first half of the year. Since then they’ve done articles talking about female soldier armor, what makes an alpha, and nanites. They were at PAX East talking to the press and they also attended GDC 2018. They’ve held a combat alpha and all around it now seems like the game that is the furthest along in its development. For a game that bursted onto the scene out of nowhere, it is doing fantastically well.


Now that we’ve looked at what all the spiritual successors are up to it’s time to take a look at two other City of Heroes-related projects. These aren’t spiritual successors but are instead emulators of City of Heroes itself.


Paragon Chat

Shutdown MMO Emulators

Of the two City of Heroes emulator projects, Paragon Chat is the one that is the biggest and most popular. There is no combat in the game, which effectively makes it a chatroom, though there are some emotes and travel abilities. There are badges to collect and holiday events like Trick or Treating and a winter event as well. Unfortunately, development on the emulator is pretty much done. You can make costumes, hang out with your friends and slide down the ski slope…but the developers don’t think you’ll ever be able to do much more. Thankfully, the community has rallied to create events and keep roleplay alive. So if you do check it out, keep in mind that the floors of Pocket D are sticky once more.


Super Entity Game Server (SEGS)

Ever since the day it was announced that City of Heroes was shutting down there has been talk of SEGS. At the time SEGS was little more than a rumor rolling around from some time in the past when a City of Heroes emulator had been attempted. However, SEGS was said to be stuck at Issue One of the game, meaning that most of the things City of Heroes lovers adored about the game weren’t there. Then a surprise announcement came in April that SEGS had put out a public release allowing players to create characters and wander around Atlas Park. The team hopes to be able to bring the full City of Heroes experience to the game with the added bonus of being able to have your own server. In June they released a new update that allows you to spawn NPCs and run a server that is compatible with Issue 0/1 of City of Heroes.

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10 Most Popular Gaming Articles in 2018, So Far

2018 has by all accounts been a pretty “meh” year for MMOs and online gaming…unless you work for Epic. But that hasn’t stopped all of you wonderful readers from coming to see what the writers are talking about. So we’re taking a little time to look at the most popular gaming articles in 2018, so far. This also gives us a glimpse into what is most popular at the moment. The answer may surprise you.


10. 6 Shutdown MMO Emulators You Can Play on Now

Lego Universe - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

With new MMORPGs in short supply these days many people are looking to the past to play old games that are sadly no longer with us. Many are playable thanks to fan emulator projects. Fan favorites like City of Heroes, Lego Universe, and Star Wars Galaxies make the list along with a few surprises you won’t want to miss. Check out 6 Shutdown MMO Emulators You Can Play on Now.


9. 2017 Online Games Financial Review

Star Citizen

This was the first article in what became a 4 part series looking at how the games industry performed in 2017. In this first article we had a look at the Steam Best of 2017 awards, which itself almost could have been its own article. We discussed the fact that Star Citizen raised $37.91 million in 2017 alone, which is actually down from other years. Superdata also released a ton of amazing information about the industry in 2017. The best of it was the list where they named PUBG the top premium PC game by revenue. That list also included surprises like Guild Wars 2 and Divinity: Original Sin 2. If you want to check out the full series here it is:

2017 Online Games Financial Review
2017 Games Industry by the Numbers
2017 Games Industry Revenue
Esports Industry in 2018 by the Numbers


Bonus: If you’re interested in seeing the business news from E3 2018 be sure to check that out too.


8. Why Aren’t Superhero MMOs Hugely Successful?

Early in the year we had a look at one writer’s opinion on why superhero MMOs aren’t hugely successful in a time when in all other forms of media the superhero reigns supreme. The article looks at all the major superhero MMOs. It also briefly touches on the idea that in the vast majority of games the player character is a superhero. They may not be wearing tights and a cape but they still perform super human feats.


7. Bless Online Interview with the Devs

Remember a few months ago when the internet suddenly went wild for Bless Online? This was just before the start of Early Access and the hype was real. But, the first cracks were starting to form. We published this interview with the Bless Online developers that got people asking a lot of questions about the proposed business model. They also took exception to the idea of a potion you have to buy from the cash shop to stay out of PvP. Were these the first signs of the disappointment we had ahead of us still? Maybe.


6. Elder Scrolls Online Fang Lair Dungeon Guide

Thurvokun fight

Fang Lair was one of the two new dungeons introduced to Elder Scrolls Online in Dragon Bones DLC. The guide will help you navigate the dungeon and help you get through each boss fight. It seemed to be quite popular with MMOGames readers who needed a little help getting through the dungeon.


5. Art of Eorzea: Depth of Field Basics & ReShade DoF Settings Guide

reshade dof settings

Yes, the next article is in fact another guide. This one is totally different though as it is focusing entirely on taking amazing screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV. It is an amazingly comprehensive guide on Depth of Field, one that even has it’s own index to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. It should be required reading for anyone who wants to have gorgeous screenshots in FFXIV.


4. MMO Money: Top Grossing Games of March and Tencent Breaks Records

Tencent mobile financials - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Tencent has been breaking records all over the place this year as they slowly take over the whole industry. One of these days all games will be Tencent. Why did this particular MMO Money article get so much attention? It may have had something to do with the rumors around Daybreak and getting a new Everquest game. MMO Money is the business focused column that comes out twice a month covering every detail of the lootbox controversy, quarterly reports, and any other news that involves money.


3. Echoes of Eorzea: ReShade Settings Guide

reshade dof guide

We return once again to making FFXIV looking great with another guide. This one takes you through the settings you should use in ReShade, a post-processing program that enhances a game’s graphics. It’s another incredibly long, incredibly in depth dive into which settings you should use, what they do, and making your game look great.


2. 10 MMORPGs You Should Play in 2018


If you’re looking for a list of older MMORPGs you should play in 2018 this is the place to get it. This list purposefully didn’t include anything new. Instead the focus was entirely on games that have an established playerbase and are just great fun to play. Some of them also make the list because it looks like they might not have much life in them. So, try them while you can. I’m looking at you Everquest.

1. 7 Ways to Earn Gold Quickly in Guild Wars 2 in 2018

This article may have originally been published in 2017 but in 2018 it got a massive update which helped revitalize it and make it the most viewed article on MMOGames this year, so far. The article is exactly what it says in the title, ways to earn gold quickly in Guild Wars 2. It walks through the little things you can do like logging in and doing your dailies all the way up to the best farms to jump on. It gets updated every time ArenaNet releases a major patch to include all the new ways to earn gold.

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6 Shutdown MMO Emulators You Can Play on Now

Right now private servers and the preservation of online games are a bit of a hot topic. Players feel that once a game has been abandoned by the creators it should be made available through other means. The ESA (Electronic Software Association) and many studios feel differently, however. Why? Well, that’s another article entirely. We’re here to discuss the shutdown MMO emulators you can already find on the internet. While these certainly aren’t the only private servers out there, this list is specifically for games that were sunsetted. I’ve put this list in alphabetical order, because…why not?


City of Heroes – Paragon Chat

Rumors have persisted about a City of Heroes private server since before the game ever shut down. In the early days, it was a supposed Issue 1 early release version of the game. But that never really came to be. It wasn’t until Paragon Chat was released in 2015 that City of Heroes refugees were truly able to return to the city of heroes. But there are some things you should know before you go off in search of the installation files. There is no combat in the game, and there likely never will be. The lack of combat means that Paragon Chat is great for nostalgia trips through the various zones and a fantastic place for people to roleplay, but that’s all. With that being said there is a team of event planners hosting regular costume contests, and it’s a great place to reconnect with your old friends. Paragon Chat also gets new patches every couple of months introducing new twists on seasonal events, badges, and a few powers. Most of the powers are travel related including Recall Friend, Energy Flight, and yes, regular flight too.


Earth & Beyond – Net-7

Earth & Beyond

Once, long ago there was a beloved game owned by EA called Earth & Beyond. Anyone familiar with EA knows the next part of the story, Earth & Beyond got shut down. This shutdown happened at just the right time for the players to move on to a new MMO…City of Heroes. Yeah, it must be tough having had two amazing MMOs shut down on you. The good news is that just like you can jump into City of Heroes today you can also play Earth & Beyond. Net-7 is an Earth & Beyond emulator that has been running for many years now. The server population isn’t amazing, in fact we suggest if you want to really experience the game you bring some friends with you. But, if you enjoyed Earth & Beyond in the old days Net-7 is a fantastic trip down memory lane.


Lego Universe – Darkflame Universe, LUNI Server, LU Reborn

Lego Universe - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Not to throw any shade around but Lego Universe was by far the best of all online Lego games that have ever been released. It had THE Patrick Stewart narrating, which automatically makes it insanely cool. Lego Universe is so cool in fact that there are three prominent emulation servers in the works, each with their own pros and cons. LU Reborn openly states that their game has major issues. These issues are being worked on of course, but such things are slow going and there’s no guarantee they will be able to fix them all. The most professional looking and seemingly best server is Darkflame Universe. They’re currently in limited alpha testing though the most recent alpha test was delayed for personal reasons. Hopefully, that will be up and running again very soon as it seems like the most viable of the three.


Star Wars Galaxies – SWG Awakening, SWG: Legends, and many more

Interdependence in MMOs

When you’re talking about beloved games that died too soon there are two games mentioned more often than any others, City of Heroes and Star Wars Galaxies. We’ve already gone over the private server situation for one, so it’s time to look at the other. If you go to the SWG subreddit you’ll find a list of 17 different Star Wars Galaxies servers which all vary slightly. SWG Legends is perhaps the biggest and best of them all. It has the majority of the game as well as a high population. There are others with custom planets, some that have Jedi enabled and are pre-CU, and even a specifically European server. But when it comes to a thriving private server you need a population to keep things running well, that’s why more than any others SWG Legends may be the best.


Warhammer Online – Return of Reckoning

We’re not saying that EA has a problem with keeping online games running buuuut…here’s the second one on our list, Warhammer Online. In the last couple of years, Return of Reckoning has appeared on the scene. They say that they’re still in alpha and there are regular updates to improve the game. It also has quite a decent population for a private server, with hundreds of people logged in, even in the middle of the night in North America. The server holds events and the devs are incredibly active. They have a priority list of things to work on and they even post dev diaries to keep players informed about the state of the game and what they’re working on. Stability does seem to be a bit of an issue but the team are making it their number one priority this year so hopefully, that will be sorted out soon. PvP and RvR are active on the server so if that was what attracted you to the game the first time around, enjoy.


Vanguard Saga of Heroes – VGOEmulator

In January of 2014 SOE, who were still SOE back then and not Daybreak, announced that they would be shutting down 4 of their MMOs, one of them was Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. At the time, SOE faced a lot of backlash. Little did we know at the time that this was only the beginning. Thankfully VGOEmulator is there to save the day. The server isn’t the most stable and it’s far from feature complete. It also doesn’t really have much of a population. The website and forums seem almost abandoned. That’s because most of the discussion about the server has moved to the IRC. Yes, people do still use IRC. So while it may not be the best private server on this list it is Vanguard fan’s best chance to log in and play the game again.

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