Paragon Chat Now Has Base Building

While Paragon Chat itself is certainly a bit of a shell of the original City of Heroes game, it’s still an important tool for diehard fans of the shuttered MMO to connect with a game and community they love. Now, a new update to the client could strengthen that connection and maybe even see supergroups reform again with the addition of Paragon Chat base building.

paragon chat base building

The appropriately named “All Your Base” update to Paragon Chat will let individuals create bases for their in-chat avatars. The majority of the original features from the base building added in Issue 6: Along Came a Spider appear to be in place, with many items including Salvage-crafted item pieces added to the client.

There is one important difference between Paragon Chat’s form of base building and the original CoX’s, however. Bases aren’t tied to supergroups since there is no supergroups feature in Paragon Chat. Instead, bases are either personal (associated with a single character) or account-wide (shared with all characters on an account).

Beyond that, bases can once more be crafted, visited, and even exchanged. Full details can be read in the patch notes.

Our Thoughts

This is definitely one of the best ways to get people fully connected with Paragon Chat – granting them a way to carve out their own little piece of real estate in-client. Personally speaking, I’m hoping some of my favorite supergroup bases from my roleplay years come back.

Source: Titan Network forums via Massively Overpowered

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City of Heroes Vigil to be Held in Paragon Chat

November 30th is a day that lives in infamy for City of Heroes fans as the official date of the MMO’s shutdown by NCSoft. Now, five years after the fact, Paragon Chat is marking the event with a City of Heroes vigil in-game.

city of heroes vigil

The vigil, run by the Hero Event Resource Committee, will be held through midnight in Paragon City’s Atlas Park at the steps of the City Hall building. Players are invited to /holdtorch and share their stories during the event.

By all accounts, the vigil intends to be an understated and solemn affair. “There is no agenda from us that day: no activities planned, no games or contests. Just us,” reads the post. “We’re here for the City of Heroes veterans. No set hours: visit when you can. Lights go out when you do.”

Our Thoughts

It’s definitely a day to remember for City of Heroes fans, but this old vet of the game hopes that people will share in the enjoyment and fun of being a superhero or supervillain and try not to dwell too much on what was removed or what was lost. Ideally, this will bring old friends back together and light Atlas Park with the glow of torches once more.

Source: Titan Network

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Paragon Chat is Holding Halloween Events

Operational MMOs aren’t the only ones who are having fun this Halloween season; even dead ones are rising from the grave. A planned Paragon Chat Halloween event has been announced on the Titan Network forums, inviting City of Heroes vets back to the game for a night of seasonal revelry.

paragon chat halloween

As the image above notes, the event in question is occurring on Saturday, October 21st. The event will feature costume contests for individuals and groups, including a Costume Race where players have 30 minutes to create a look based on a called-out theme.

The event will also feature a player-run mission titled “Witch Phrase is Which?” and will have live music played by DJ Angel, Agent Crypto and DJ Pheonyx of the ever-popular digital radio station The Cape.

It all kicks off at 1pm PST/4pm EDT that Saturday in the Croatoa zone of Paragon City. If you’re an old vet of City of Heroes and City of Villains, you already know how to get there.

Our Thoughts

If this event goes off as well as hoped, that could mean other seasonal events in Paragon Chat. Particularly one in the Ski Chalet…which, as my own return to Paragon City showed, is the biggest missing piece from Paragon Chat: the people who played and loved the game.

Source: Titan Network via Massively Overpowered

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