Battle for Azeroth is Revamping Hunter Pets and (Possibly) Revamping First Aid

So the fact that World of Warcraft’s next expansion is going to change things is not really shocking; that’s kind of expected from expansions. There’s a few specifics that players are likely going to want to know about. Specifically changes to WoW Hunter pets and the possible revamp – or even removal – of the First Aid profession.

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In a forum post by one of WoW’s class designers, the thought processes behind BoA’s incoming changes to Hunter pets were discussed with a great level of detail.

First off, the team wants to move beyond the idea of a DPS/Tank specialization by making damage, health, and armor equal. Offensive and defensive passives will be rolled into every pet by default, Charge will be removed, and and all pets will have Growl and Dash or Swoop.

The devs are also working on ways to make pet families feel more unique, with special abilities added to all pet families that were missing one and Exotic Pets getting a new ability in addition to any unique ones like Surface Trot.

Additionally, Battle Res will be removed; Bloodlust will be available to approximately a third of the available Pets; and work to make every pet ability package viable, whether you like to swap pets for a situation or are attached to one particular companion.

As for the First Aid profession, datamining has found that a number of First Aid-related achievements have been relisted as Legacy achievements, while a variety of existing and new bandage recipes have been shuffled over to the Tailoring profession. This appears to suggest that First Aid will either be entirely different or is on its way out the door come BoA’s arrival.

Our Thoughts

There’s definitely plenty to unpack for WoW’s Hunter players, so we’re definitely interested to see how they react to the proposed changes. It definitely seems like a tightrope walk, making sure pets feel unique yet at the same time viable across the board. Also, has anyone really followed the First Aid profession very closely? I mean, really?

Sources: official forums, Wowhead

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