Absolute Skills Coming to Black Desert Online

Generally speaking, moving your Black Desert Online character from its base state to an Awakened state means you forego any weapon skills you had previously in favor of the new shiny weapons and buttons. Maybe, though, you prefer that your Kunoichi uses a sword instead of a giant hula hoop of death. That’s where Black Desert Online Absolute Skills come in, which are confirmed to be heading to the MMO soon.

black desert online absolute skills

With all 15 classes in BDO receiving their Awakening forms over the last two years, players understandably felt locked into using their Awakened weapon and related skills. Absolute Skills – described as the pinnacle of main weapon skills – will rebalance main weapon skills to make them feel on par with Awakened weapon skills in terms of damage output.

Absolute Skills will become available to characters who are level 56 and above, and will be available to all of the game’s classes. The update which introduces these new skills will land after next week’s maintenance on Wednesday, January 28th, which will coincide with planned celebratory events for the MMO’s second anniversary.

Our Thoughts

Variety is definitely a good thing to have, so we’re most certainly on board with seeing the choice of skills open up for players who prefer to keep their starting weapon type or mix and match their starting weapon with the Awakened weapon. Here’s hoping that the new Absolute Skills do indeed impart a similar sense of power.

Source: press release

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WoW Wednesday: Choosing a Main in WoW

No matter where you go, be it Reddit, MMO-Champion, or even Wowhead, you are guaranteed to at least see one forum with the question “What class should I play?” I admit this is the same question I have asked myself many times over the twelve years of playing World of Warcraft. With every class at level 110 and above 910 Item Level (besides two that are level 100) I have had an awfully hard time trying to pick just one class to main and focus on. Choosing a main in WoW is one of the most difficult things to do, but hopefully, this article will help you with your own decision. I must advise for new players not to follow this article. As a new player, I recommend just picking and leveling classes that appeal to you the most. After a while, if that doesn’t work, then you can come back and follow along with this article.

Choosing a Main in WoW

What Class is the Best?

This question is asked way too much. You’ll hear “What’s the best DPS, Healer, or Tank?” Spoiler alert, there is no “Best” class. I’ll use the DPS classes for this example. When players ask, “What’s the best DPS?” there is no cookie cutter answer. When it comes to DPS, there are many different styles. You first have to ask yourself if you want to play a ranged or melee. Next, you need to figure out what your goal is. Not one class is good at everything, so do you want to Raid, run Mythic+, or just do world content. Some classes will perform better in Raids more than they could in Mythic+. Shadow Priest is a great example. They perform well in Raids, but when it comes to Mythic+ they fall behind many classes until high-level keys when they start to perform a bit better, but still can’t compare to other classes like Hunters, or Balance Druids.

Another issue you run into when wanting to pick “the best DPS” is not one class/spec is ever on top for every raid tier. The top DPS will fluctuate over the entire expansion. At the start of Legion, Shadow Priests were ruling the DPS meters, now they are sitting at about average. During Tier 19 Mythic Nighthold, Fury Warriors were on top along with Havoc Demon Hunters, whereas now Arms ranks higher than Fury and Demon Hunter has fallen to the middle of the pack. Now, with all that said and knowing that there is never going to be a “best” class to pick, let’s move on to how we will choose a main.

Now, with all that said and knowing that there is never going to be a “best” class to pick, let’s move on to how we will choose a main.

Steps to Our Final Decision

To make things a bit easier, I will go over the process I used to choose my main. As previously stated, I needed to decide if I wanted to play a melee or ranged class. I have played melee for most of Legion so I thought it was time to try something new and play a ranged. Now I had to look at all of the ranged classes/specs. While looking at these classes I have to now think what my end goal is going to be. I enjoy raiding, but it won’t be my focus. I enjoy Mythic+, so I will need a class that will perform DPS-wise and that will bring utility to the group, i.e. Lust and Battle Res. I already have a buddy that plays a Mage, so that instantly cuts that class out.

Next, I want a class that can fill other roles, not just DPS in case I get bored I can swap to tank or healing, depending on the class. With that said, Warlock and Hunter are also cut. That leaves me with Druid, Shaman, and Priest. I stated above that my goal is to focus more on Mythic+ and because of that unless I’m going to Heal more often than DPS, Priest is no longer an option. Let’s go back to the utility that the class will bring. Druid will give us a Battle Res and Shaman will give us Lust, so it’s time to make our decision.

Making a Decision

Being left with just two classes to choose from, it actually wasn’t that hard to make my decision. Druid always has a spec that is good, so if I get tired of ranged DPS it also offers melee, healing, and tanking. Shaman seems to always be on the weaker side when it comes to DPS, but their Healing is amazing. After making a Pros and Cons list between the two, Druid was the clear winner. The major reason that put Druid above Shaman was the fact that it could fill every role. Because I’ve been playing for 12+ years, and not ever truly having a main, that makes Druid so much more appealing to me. Instead of swapping a class if I want to fill a different role all I will have to do is swap specs and I’m good to go.

Choosing a Main

Choosing Your Main

Just because I picked Druid doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. I recommend going through and comparing each class that appeals to you and follow what I did to choose my main. I also would like to add that I didn’t talk much about choosing a Tank or Healing main because of those specs being a bit more open. Tanks are a bit of a cookie cutter decision depending on what you want to do. Every Tank has their own thing that makes them special. Yes, some Tanks are better than others, but when it comes to Tanking they are all a good decision. Same going for healers, some are always going to be more sought after, i.e. Resto Druid, Holy Paladin, and Resto Shaman, but all healers are viable and strong in their own way. Hopefully, this helps answer that overly asked question of “What class should I play?”

If you have any questions or have another method for choosing a main that you prefer, please let us know in the comments down below.

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Skyforge Teases New Classes in a Player Survey

Tell Skyforge what you want, what you really really want. A Skyforge survey has cropped up on the MMO’s Twitter page, seeking input from players on what the game currently offers as well as what it may be lacking while also providing a look at classes that may soon be on the way.

skyforge survey

As surveys go, this one is pretty small; a mere six questions, with a seventh in the form of a comment box for you to speak your mind. The questions look to take the temperature of the playerbase by asking what players think about the game as well as the recently released Revenant class.

Of particular interest is the second page of the survey, which lists six new classes:

  • Bard, a support class with a high-tech musical instrument.
  • Duelist, a twin sword-swinging melee DPS.
  • Samurai, a melee class that uses a katana (naturally).
  • Engineer, which can mount a turret and uses other tech for ranged assault.
  • Druid, which can shapeshift into a unique creature.
  • Dreadnought, a heavy armor-wearing tank class that uses an electro-whip and a flying shield.

There’s no real word on how much development time has been spent on the classes in question, if any, or even whether any of these options will see the light of day. Still, if you’re a Skyforge fan, you can make your voice heard by clicking here.

Our Thoughts

The great majority of those classes sound interesting (save for the Engineer, which kind of sounds like another Gunner), but we’re personally most intrigued by the Dreadnought, if only to see just what a flying shield and an electro-whip look like.

Source: Twitter

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WoW Wednesday: Netherlight Crucible

With Patch 7.3 released yesterday, it left many wondering where the Netherlight Crucible is. Blizzard decided to wait on releasing the Netherlight Crucible until week 3 of Patch 7.3, allowing us to enjoy the story without stressing about unlocking the Netherlight Crucible as fast as we can to try and get ahead. Don’t worry about doing the right quests, just follow the storyline and once you get the quest An Offering of Shadow and complete it, that’s when you know you’ve done the last quest to unlock the Crucible. For those of you that don’t know or understand what the Netherlight Crucible is, let me explain it for you.


Relic Tiers

There are three relic tiers that you will unlock for each relic slot. The first tier of Crucible traits increases the item level of your artifact by +5 per relic, for a total of +15 item levels to your artifact weapon. The second tier lets you choose between a randomly-generated Light and Shadow ability. These are passive traits that give you a different buff depending what kind of rng that relic received. Whichever second tier choice you pick will lock you out of one tier 3 option. The third tier lets you choose between one of three randomly-generated minor traits for your artifact. These minor traits cannot double up with the original trait on your relic (meaning you can’t get the same trait that relic already has). Once you choose which tier ability you want there is no going back, you cannot re-spec once locked in. Some good news is that there is a preview window that will allow you to check any new relics to see if they are worth it before having to replace a current relic slot.

Netherlight Crucible

Tier 2 Unlock Levels and Abilities

These traits are locked behind your Artifact Power Levels.

  • Artifact Trait 60 for the first relic slot
  • Artifact Trait 63 for the second relic slot
  • Artifact Trait 66 for the third relic slot

These might seem like high levels to get to, but by the time the Netherlight Crucible releases we will be at Artifact Knowledge 43 which will make reaching these levels a lot easier.

Here is a list of the different Light and Shadow abilities that can show up for your relics.


  • Master of Shadows – Mastery increased by 1,000. Avoidance increased by 1,000.
  • Murderous Intent – Your Versatility is increased by 1750 while Concordance of the Legionfall is active.
  • Shadowbind – Your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to deal 166,000 Shadow damage and heal you for 166,000. Approximately 2 procs per minute.
  • Chaotic Darkness – Your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to deal 60,000 to 300,000 Shadow damage and heal you for 60,000 to 300,000. Approximately 2 procs per minute.
  • Torment the Weak – Your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to deal 99,000 Shadow damage over 15 sec. This effect stacks up to 3 times. Approximately 4 procs per minute.
  • Dark Sorrows – Your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to afflict the target with Sorrow, causing it to burst after 8 sec, dealing 133,100 Shadow damage within 8 yards. Approximately 1 procs per minute.


  • Light Speed – Haste increased by 650. Movement speed increased by 650.
  • Refractive Shell – Your spells and abilities have the chance to cause Refractive Shell, absorbing 200,000 damage. Lasts 10 sec. Approximately 2 procs per minute.
  • Shocklight – While Concordance of the Legionfall is active, your Critical Strike is increased by 1,750.
  • Infusion of Light – Your damaging spells and abilities have the chance to deal 126,000 additional Holy damage. Your healing spells and abilities have a chance to heal for 116,000. Approximately 4 procs per minute.
  • Secure in the Light – Your damaging spells and abilities have the chance to deal 155,000 additional Holy damage. Your healing spells and abilities have a chance to grant Holy Bulwark, absorbing 77,500 damage over 10 sec. Approximately 3 procs per minute.
  • Light’s Embrace – Taking damage has a chance to grant you Light’s Embrace, restoring 36,000 health over 6 sec. Light’s Embrace may stack up to 5 times. Approximately 8 procs per minute.

Tier 3 Unlock Levels

Just like tier 2, these are also locked behind your Artifact Power Levels.

  • Artifact Trait 69 for the first relic slot
  • Artifact Trait 72 for the second relic slot
  • Artifact Trait 75 for the third relic slot

Now, these levels will take time to unlock but with how powerful it will make our weapons that’s okay. With every week increasing our Artifact Knowledge, in time reaching Artifact Trait 75 will seem like it’s nothing. For example, on the PTR my character had Artifact Knowledge 49 and with that, one world quest would have given me 1.2 billion Artifact Power.

world of warcraft netherlight crucible

A Downside

There is a downside to there being different paths to follow. Players like myself that love to min max will be looking to those math wizard theory crafters to tell us the optimal path to follow. At first it won’t be too difficult to understand the right paths to follow, but once you start getting into item levels vs traits, that’s when those theory crafters are going to come in and save the day. For anyone that doesn’t know where to look for these amazing people, check your class Discord. Class Discords are there to help with any questions you may have. They are filled with guides and more information than you could imagine to help you out, and if you can’t find what you need there are people always on that you can ask for help. If you don’t like your class Discord, there are class specific websites built for the same reason.

Our Thoughts

Honestly, I really like the Netherlight Crucible. We’ve all been there when we have to replace a best in slot relic trait with a crappy relic trait just because of item levels. This will give those relics a chance to roll a great trait, turning them from crappy to good or even great relics. Yes, of course, there is rng involved but what doesn’t in this expansion. I have hope that it will turn out better than what everyone is expecting, but we won’t know until it hits live.

Let us know in the comments what your feeling are about the Netherlight Crucible and how you think it will turn out.

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