Latest TERA Claw and Order Interview Leaked

It looks like our informants managed to snag the latest TERA Claw and Order police interrogation before it was supposed to go public. According to the documents, it looks like Officer Braily interviewed the Baraka pirate “Red” regarding the recent murders. We already know that Red has a close connection to the most recently deceased, Chip, but let’s find out what else he knows:

TERA Claw and Order


Based on the document, it doesn’t look like Red thought too much of the Lockhearts or the previously murdered Paisely. Additionally, he corroborates Jannae’s statement about being the second Lockheart daughter. Finally, he discusses some shady actions that Ivory has been involved in, including the Skywhale cult, which we know Officer Braily is associated.

From our perspective, it looks like Jannae has the most to gain from Annalie’s murder, and the fact that she’s a hired assassin doesn’t make her look any more innocent. However, she was in custody and has alibis for at least two of the other murders, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a partner.

Finally, there’s the interesting connection between Ivory, Kruzer, and Officer Braily. Kruzer seemed quick to pin the initial murder on Jannae, and if Ivory had Kruzer killed it would make Jannae look even more suspicious. Furthermore, Braily seemed quick to end the conversation with Red after he brought up the Skywhale cult.


Those are just our speculations, though. Have your own theories regarding the TERA Claw and Order murder mysteries? Let us know in the comments below, and for more information please check out the official TERA discord channel.

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