Torchlight Frontiers Wants to Wreck their Servers

If the bluster from Torchlight Frontiers is any indication, then the MMOARPG is ready to have a whole lot of people into its first major test. A Torchlight Frontiers server stress test is beseeching potential players to wreck the servers.

torchlight frontiers server stress test

The morning of Friday, November 16th will mark the first closed alpha test, but the devs appear to want to ramp things up at 3pm PST/6pm EST in the hopes of putting the game’s server tech through its paces.

“Melt them down to their very cores until nothing remains but blistered silicon,” urges the post. “Make sure our ancestors whisper in hushed tones about the day the Torchlight Frontiers servers fell – and rose again stronger than we could ever imagine.

What’s not made immediately clear in the post is whether or not this server stress test will mean that closed alpha has a very large pool or if there will be an open alpha period. We’ve reached out to the folks at Perfect World Entertainment for some clarification.

Server stress isn’t the only focus of the closed alpha. The devs are also looking to get feedback on a number of things like gameplay balance, horizontal progression, loot economy, Forts, and multiplayer mechanics.

Meanwhile, a recent trailer showcasing the Forged class has gone online. That’s available for viewing below.

Our Thoughts

Here’s hoping that this stress test – and everything else associated with the closed alpha of Torchlight Frontiers, for that matter – is helpful for the devs and entertaining for the players. And here’s also hoping that the server stress test actually means that launch won’t be a complete dumpster fire.

Sources: official site, press release

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Battlefield V Closed Alpha Goes Live

The march towards October begins as the Battlefield V closed alpha test is now underway. The multiplayer-focused invite-only test brings the first of several planned test phases to help make Battlefield V’s online matches as rewarding and stable as possible according to the devs.

battlefield v closed alpha

According to the devs, testing is broken up into two categories: technical and gameplay, both of which should be pretty self-explanatory. For this round of alpha, Battlefield V will be opening up its most basic soldier progression system, party features like squad matchmaking and party and lobby creation, and the first pass of missions and reinforcement features.

Gameplay-wise, players will be either in 64-player Conquest mode or days 1 and 2 of the Fall of Norway Grand Operation. These two “days” will let players of that mode play through the Airborne phase, which sees the attacking team trying to take out the defending team’s artillery cannons; and the Breakthrough phase, which sees the attackers try to control sectors of the map held by the defense.

The Battlefield V alpha is English language only, PC only, and limited to certain countries in Europe and North America. The alpha will run from now, June 28th for a limited time, closing at a date that is yet to be announced at the time of this writing. All of the details are found here.

Our Thoughts

We want to wish those who were invited to this round of alpha the best of luck and hope that Battlefield V lives up to its likely lofty expectations. We’re looking forward to seeing how this multiplayer FPS progresses!

Source: official site

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Rend Begins to Walk its Alpha Roadmap with Control Points

It would appear that we’re all on the road to expanded alpha testing, whether we’re playing or not. The first step of the Rend alpha roadmap has been made on the game’s website with the first of several planned dev blogs detailing various mechanics that will being added to the game’s test build. Item one on the list: control points.

rend alpha roadmap

In short, control points in Rend are described as faction-controlled objectives offering winner-take-all base skirmish opportunities. Nine such control points dot the game’s map; three at strategic points in the Highlands, three along the factional borders, and three under the giant Yggdrasil tree that dominates the center of the map.

When your faction gets control of a control point, they’ll get a number of important benefits such as a regular supply of spirits and research sparks. Those who participate in securing a point will also get XP, faction rep, and loot drops that could include an artifact item. Naturally, you’ll want to defend these locations and so building around the control point is allowed.

Conversely, if you’re attacking a held control point, anything that’s around or within the point including sparks, loot, or structures that are defending it will switch ownership as well. Initiating an attempted capture requires players to perform a 10-second channel on the point’s Divinity Splinter that will make the point become neutral. There will then be a 20-minute window for the point’s original owners to attempt to mount a defense.

If the defending faction can recapture the Shard, then ownership remains with them. If they don’t after 20 minutes, the point switches owners and becomes shielded from retaliation for a few hours so the new owners can rebuild. With all that said, control points that change hands frequently will yield fewer rewards, so players probably shouldn’t get into a tug-of-war match.

The blog is the first of a lineup of feature updates alpha testers can look forward to, with future updates adding the Reckoning mechanic, a taming system and other updates.

Our Thoughts

With all of the things to consider in Rend – resource management, control point capture and defense, personal survival – it seems like cohesive command and rank-and-file levels of cooperation might be needed for players of Rend. Which could be a large ask for most sandbox MMO players. We’ll be interested to see how exactly it all works in practice.

Source: official site

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First Look at Paladins: Realm Royale

Hi-Rez has been hard at work on their battle royale game Paladins: Realm Royale. It was originally announced as Battlegrounds in Paladins but after a month developers decided to rename it and split it off as its own game. With that came what Hi-Rez called aggressive changes which meant that it had to stop player testing for a while. But now it’s back and over the weekend some lucky players got to try out the closed alpha. This closed alpha didn’t allow any streaming, reviewing, photos, or anything else so the information on it is a little bit thin.

That is with the exception of what Hi-Rez included in their FAQ on the closed alpha on the official forums. Specifically, we got a look at how to forge legendary weapons. Forging gives players a reason to pick up gear they would normally ignore. Gear that isn’t being used can be dismantled, which gives you Shards. Once you have 100 shards you can take them to a forge. After two minutes the shards become a random legendary weapon or ability.

It’s an interesting system that gives players something to do with the loot they don’t end up using. There isn’t any indication of how long it might take a player to get 100 shards. So it is still possible that you end up stuck with something you don’t want. But hey, at least it’s a legendary useless item! Also, there aren’t many forges, so it is possible that players will end up camping out nearby in the hopes of catching someone. So a trip to the forge isn’t without risk.

While the keys for this weekend’s closed alpha event went very quickly Hi-Rez has already said that there will be plenty more opportunities in the future for players to try things out. So if you’re interested keep an eye out on social media and the official site.

Source: Official Forums via PCGamer

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Ship of Heroes Plans a Combat Alpha in February

The bread-and-butter for any superheroic MMO is using your fantastical powers against bad guys and utterly ignoring the concept of collateral damage. Luckily, the Ship of Heroes combat alpha will let players get their taste of just that. The using your powers part, not the collateral damage part. Obviously.

ship of heroes combat alpha

The combat alpha will be a set of guided tours with two to three devs playing alongside three to four of the game’s supporters, donors and members of the press. Missions will run through the Science Park area of Apotheosis City and feature a fight against some enemy mobs, as one would expect from a demo of combat.

The encounter in question will be tuned up in terms of difficulty in order to allow players to fully experience combat motions, class mechanics and overall team synergy. The demo should also provide a look at how enemies use their different powers and tactics to try and gain the upper hand. That said, the enemies in this combat alpha are described as ones you’d find in one of the game’s hazard zones, so players shouldn’t expect standard missions to be quite as challenging.

Why the different approach to a typical alpha test? According to the post, the intention is to collect on-the-spot feedback from players direct to the involved devs while also offering a filter-free look at how the game’s development is progressing. Even so, players who are invited to these alpha runs should expect things to change between the alpha and launch, or even weeks after the fact.

The combat alpha tests are due to begin sometime during the second half of February. If you’re not among the invited, you can still expect at least one video and livestream of the tests. Fans can also look forward to a second test of the character creator, additional alpha test events, and at least one big raid event this year.

Our Thoughts

If we get an invitation to one of these alpha tests, we’re looking forward to providing our own thoughts on the current build of Ship of Heroes. If we’re not invited, we’re still looking forward to seeing what video footage or livestream footage comes out of the events in question. Here’s hoping things go smoothly! Or at least as smoothly as an alpha test of anything can go, at least.

Source: official site

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Hunt: Showdown Sets a Date for Closed Alpha Testing

PC gamers are about to have a new monster to deal with. And that monster is man! Also, it’s literally monsters. Crytek has officially announced the start date for the Hunt: Showdown closed alpha test with some information on scope and content for those who like to hunt creatures and other players hunting creatures.

hunt: showdown closed alpha

A “select group” of PC players will be selected to hop into Hunt: Showdown’s murky world starting on Wednesday, January 31st. Testing will focus on gameplay, balancing and backend functionality along with the expected player feedback collection.

As for content, the base game will be in place, where ten players in either solo or duo teams will track a monster on a map to take out the target, collect its bounty, and escape with their lives as other players try to steal said bounty. Updates to the alpha test will bring new weapons, traits and ranks.

Players who have been chosen for the first round of alpha can expect emails sometime soon, with multiple waves of testing planned, though the number of those waves and the length of the closed alpha overall was not part of the announcement. Regardless, those interested in being selected can still sign up on the game’s website.

Our Thoughts

Hunt: Showdown’s setting is absolutely its biggest draw, but now we get to perhaps learn a bit more about how this game actually plays and whether or not it’s enough to see it rise above other competitive PvP shooters. Are you interested in what Hunt: Showdown is offering? Let us know below.

Source: press release

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Survived By is a Retro-Style Roguelite Bullet Hell MMO

The combination of retro graphics, bullet hell shooters, MMOs, and a roguelite permadeath game are all coming together with the Survived By reveal. The newest MMO from publisher Digital Extremes and developer Human Head Studios has been officially detailed and is entering its closed alpha.

survived by reveal

Survived By pits up to 100 players in a fight against a mysterious corruption that has taken over the villages and towns of the World Tree. Players can select a variety of classes to beat back the hordes of monsters, explore dungeons, and craft powerful new weapons. According to executive producer Ryan Jackson, Survived By is trying to create a game with “a tremendous sense of wonder and an addictive blend of crafting, social team-work and twitchy bullet-hell madness”.

One of the bigger wrinkles comes in Survived By’s unique death mechanic, where dying takes away nearly all of your equipment and grants you the opportunity to play as a descendant of your slain character. The new heir to your character carries a part of your previous hero’s legacy with them in the form of new buffs and stat boosts.

Survived By will be free-to-play at launch and is currently accepting registrations for a chance at the closed alpha test on its official website. The MMO will also be playable at this year’s PAX West for anyone attending. Until then, you can check out a teaser trailer for the game below.

Our Thoughts

Well this one certainly came out of left field! We’re most definitely intrigued by everything being offered in Survived By and are absolutely looking forward to learning more about this unique MMO experience.

Source: press release

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Wild West Online Confirms Closed Alpha Start Date

We’re not going to make any lasso references or any other references to rope, knots, or other similarly themed terms. We will tell you that the Wild West Online closed alpha test does indeed have a start date confirmed.

wild west online closed alpha

The game’s pre-order/early access purchase page has offered the date of Friday, September 15th as the start of closed alpha, though it still does mention that dates are not final and are subject to change. That said, it’s a calendar date above and beyond what is listed for closed beta and full release, which are scheduled for sometime in mid-Fall and December respectively.

The closed alpha access is limited to those who have bought in at either the Pioneer (silver) or Collector (gold) tiers of pre-order. If you’re curious about these different editions and what they come with, you can head to the game’s website for more details.

Our Thoughts

Subject to change or not, this does give us a better idea of just how close Wild West Online is to becoming complete. With the demonstration videos that were shared online a few days ago, we’ll be curious to know if this alpha build will have additional features built in or if this will be a bare-bones test to see how many players the digital frontier can hold.

Source; official website

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