Cloud Pirates Announces its Sunset

We’ve got some bad news for anyone who may still be playing Allods’ multiplayer ship shooter. The team has confirmed the Cloud Pirates shutdown, granting details on the game’s final days and what will be offered to those players who are still loyal.

cloud pirates shutdown

The final days of Cloud Pirates will go out with a bang as the game issues its last update, appropriately named “Final Frontier”. The update introduces a new PvE mode where three ships face off against waves of enemies. In addition, all progress will become 50% faster, all content will only cost 1 Gold, all items that cost Rubies will only cost 1 Ruby, and all Steam DLC is now free.

If you’re among those who purchased Rubies or other in-game items, the devs are also offering the opportunity to exchange Rubies for Premium Currencies in’s other MMOs or full refunds for items purchased after Update 1.5.

Cloud Pirates officially goes dark on Friday, Septembe 29th. “It’s been wonderful sailing the turbulent skies with you, Captains, and we’d like to thank you for all your support,” reads the announcement.

Our Thoughts

We wish the very best for the developers of Cloud Pirates and hope that they will find new game dev work very soon. We also hope that Cloud Pirates players, in whatever number they are, enjoy the final few weeks of this game.

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