Year in Review: 2018 in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go may have been released in 2016 but 2018 was the year that the game really worked out what it is and found its groove. While it may not have the massive mainstream popularity it had when it first launched it has now reached a point where, if it had been released in this state…the whole world may very well be playing. That’s not to say that Pokemon Go isn’t successful in its own right. In 2018 it had nearly $800 million in revenue worldwide as well as hitting the $2 billion in revenue milestone in September 2018. What did the game do last year that worked so well for them? Let’s find out in our review of 2018 in Pokemon Go.



Niantic started off the year strong with the introduction of Community Day, a monthly event in the game that has players all around the world out in their cities catching ‘mons. This event is without a doubt the backbone of what has made 2018 so successful for Pokemon Go. Players around the world are really getting into these events. Some make cookies to hand out to fellow players. Others organize meetups. There’s nothing quite like going out into your town and seeing just how many players there are, all with the same goal.



Certainly, no slouch of a month though nothing that had a real lasting impact on the game. Three events were held, Valentines, Lunar New Year, Legendary Week, and the second ever community day. They also had a number of smaller events that kept players coming back throughout the months.



Research and Special Research were released in March which, if Community Day is the backbone…consider research the legs. Research and Special Research give players something to do in the game day to day besides just catching Pokemon. They’re also very rewarding and in some cases, the only way to get certain Pokemon. The rest of March there were a number of events running for a limited time, and of course, Community Day.


April Fools Day, Kanto Week, Community Day, and Earth Day in April. Events that got us out into the world playing the game, but ultimately didn’t really bring players in either.



Community Day and Adventure Week were the highlights in May. They were still keeping players engaged but the next big introduction to the game wouldn’t come until June.



My Little Pony says friendship is magic, and Niantic is fully on board with this. In June they introduced the Friends feature. The introduction of this feature brought back a flood of players who had previously abandoned the game shortly after the launch hype died down. With it, players could become friends with anyone in the world and trade gifts from them. This also resulted in players being able to get Pokemon whose catch location says somewhere they haven’t been. Thank you, Japanese friends!

In June they also started the Global Challenge, a challenge that kept players going out every day to complete research, adding to all the research completed in their area of the world and unlocking rewards for all. This event continued throughout July.



Throughout July the Global Challenge continued alongside other events, including their anniversary. At the end of the month, they introduced Lucky Pokemon. This gave players incentives to trade their older Pokemon which until that point they had been hoarding. It certainly isn’t a game-changing feature, but at the time it was the boost that trading needed.



August was another rather tame month by Pokemon Go standards. By that, of course, I mean that they had a festival, an Eevee community day that lasted for two days, a new special research, and introduced Niantic Kids. You know, a tame month.



In Korea, Pokemon Go had an entire week dedicated to it in September. Along with this, they began beta testing the Pokestop submission program. This will allow players to suggest places that should be Pokestops in the future. This is also when the Global Challenge bonuses were released. Then came community and Meltan. Meltan is as we now know a tie in Pokemon to tie into Lets Go, new games that are now available on the Switch. At the time though, Nutto was a complete mystery that had Pokemon Go players enthralled.



A psychic day followed by a female Pokemon event, followed by the introduction of Gen IV pokemon, then community day, then Halloween. October was another one of those busy, but not really all that busy months.



In November Niantic introduced what was at that point possibly the second most requested feature for the game, Adventure Sync. This allows players to get egg distance and walking rewards even while Pokemon Go isn’t running. You can even use it on exercise equipment so long as your phone is in your pocket.

November is also when Let’s Go released, along with it a new special research for Meltan. In between, they had a few more events, including our good old friend Community Day.



For many players, myself included, December was the highlight of the year. Niantic started off strong with a community weekend that brought back a few of the previous Community Day Pokemon. Then, out of nowhere, we were surprised by the release of PvP. This has been a feature that players have wanted since the very beginning. Now players can battle Pokemon vs Pokemon and get sweet rewards. Niantic also went to great lengths to make sure that it wasn’t a feature that is totally required. Though, if you want to evolve certain Pokemon it kind of is. After the introduction of PvP, we had a special raid weekend and a holiday event to end the year.


As you can see Niantic worked hard to keep players busy throughout 2018. Hopefully, this development pace works well for them and they can keep it up throughout 2019 as well. Of course, if all goes well they will also be releasing a Harry Potter game similar to Pokemon Go. This may end up hurting their bottom line. But only time will tell. As for last year, they had a great year.

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Here’s When the Ninth Running of the Gnomes Happens in WoW

It’s almost time for one of World of Warcraft‘s best philanthropic community events. The Running of the Gnomes 2018 has gotten all of its most important details like date, server, and start time.

running of the gnomes 2018

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, October 13th on the Scarlet Crusade US server starting at 7pm EDT. The event will once more benefit The Cleveland Clinic’s Tuohy Vaccine, a vaccine that can prevent triple-negative breast cancer, a hereditary and particularly lethal form of breast cancer. Last year’s event brought in over $16k for the clinic.

Instructions to join in are much like previous events: login to the specified server and join in with one of the variety of guilds specially created for the event. Unfortunately, the event cannot support cross-realm invites, so those who want to join in will have to create an alt on Scarlet Crusade. Participants are asked to arrive well in advance for guild invites, or join in the official Discord.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can do so here. Additional details about the run can be found here.

Our Thoughts

We wish the runners of the event the best of luck and hope that this charity smashes its prior record. All of the love to the myriad pink-haired gnomes of Azeroth!

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LotRO’s Weatherstock X Gets a Full Schedule

It’s time once again for fans of Lord of the Rings Online and incredibly well-written musical macros to gather at Weathertop. Weatherstock X has published its full schedule, heralding the community event’s ten years and announcing this year’s performers.

weatherstock x

Weatherstock X will take place this coming Saturday, July 21st on the Landroval server. Interested attendees can gather up starting at 10am EST, then the festivities kick off at 10:30am EST with the hosting Lonely Mountain Band and a megaband opening set.

From there, competing bands will start their sets at 12pm EST. A total of 17 bands will be performing for a combined total of four hours. After that, voting will open at 4:15pm for 30 minutes, with the winners announced and playing an encore at 5pm, followed by a mounted procession for an afterparty at the Bree-land Festival Stage at 5:30.

If you’re not able to attend the event yourself in-game, you can catch the whole affair livestreamed by Druidsfire on Twitch. The complete schedule and list of bands can be seen here.

Our Thoughts

It still astounds us to this day that LotRO’s music system – and by extension this event – has grown in the manner it has. We would like to congratulate those who have been running Weatherstock for so long a hearty congratulations and hope everyone attending has an awesome time.

Source: official forums

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Warcraft Troll Run for The Trevor Project and Pride Detailed

If you’re at all familiar with the Running of the Gnomes event of years past, then you’re probably familiar with the name of Dravvie. You’re also perhaps familiar with the Warcraft Running of the Trolls, a similarly-styled charity event in support of Pride Month and benefiting a related charity.

warcraft running of the trolls

artwork by Noxychu

The Running of the Trolls will happen this coming Saturday, June 9th on the Feathermoon-US server. The path of the run will start at the Troll starting zone and head to the zeppelins, where runners will ride to Tirisfal. From there, the run will cut through the Plageulands to the Ghostlands portal and end up in Silvermoon City. The run starts at 6pm PST/9pm EST/1am GMT, though participants are asked to arrive that evening or even early afternoon for invites to event-specific guilds.

The event this year is hoping to raise $2,500 in support of The Trevor Project, a nonprofit that provides crisis counseling and suicide prevention assistance for LGBTQ+ individuals under age 25. The Trevor Project provides a number of services including outreach via hotline, text or online chat, suicide prevention training and resources, and community resources.

Those who are interested in joining the run, donating to the cause, or even buying a shirt with the adorable artwork pictured above to support the charity can find all of the details here.

Our Thoughts

Considering how much of an impact the Running of the Gnomes event has made, we’re definitely eager to know how the Running of the Trolls works out. The Trevor Project is an absolutely important nonprofit service in times like these and we want to wish the best of luck to the participants and event organizers. Let’s go, Trolls!

Source: Warcraft subreddit via BlizzardWatch

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Worlds Adrift Hosts a Player-Built Dungeon Speed Run Challenge

Give the tools to the players and they’ll surprise you with their ingenuity, so much so that you can build an entire event around their creativity. That’s basically what’s happening in a new Worlds Adrift community event that’s challenging players to face a dark and foreboding gauntlet and run through it as fast as possible.

worlds adrift community event

The event was spawned by an island created by Synovus, described as “basically a God when it comes to the Island Creator, with a seemingly unnatural gift for creating ridiculously intriguing and stupidly playable locations.” In this particular creation, he’s put together an obstacle course that features dim lighting, platforms, turrets, and other hazards. The challenge: get from one gold circle to the other in the shortest amount of time.

There are a few rules for this community-led challenge: namely, time starts the moment your character moves from the starting gold platform and stops only when you’re standing stock-still on the gold platform at the end. Players can try their luck as many times as they like and are asked to post video of their runs on the forums.

So what do you get for running this gauntlet? Beyond bragging rights, the top three finishers will also net themselves some exclusive Worlds Adrift merchandise. Additionally, anyone who puts together their own speed run gauntlet island can win some merch too, with the prize offered to whomever becomes the dev team’s favorite submission and the one whose island gets the most downloads.

Specific details for this community event can be read here and a video of Synovus’ best time on his own dastardly creation can be watched below.

Our Thoughts

Okay, that is incredibly clever. We continue to be impressed by the ways Worlds Adrift players make this game their own. Now, how about we get a legitimate skate park? Or paintball course? Or tavern? At this point, the sky appears to be the limit.

Source: official site

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Players Can Choose the Next Closers Character In-Game

Sure, you could just have a community poll on a website to have players determine the next Closers character to be added to the action MMO…but that’s boring (probably)! To that point, Closers is introducing a new community event that will let players cast their vote between two different choices.

next closers character

The characters in question are Harpy, a character who wields kinetic explosive cards a la Gambit; or Tina, a marksman specialist battle robot.

Players of Closers can craft special Tina or Harpy Support Boxes by collecting Wolf Dog Cookies, which are earned through PvP wins, stage clears, or as a login reward. Each Support Box is equal to one vote for the character of your choice. Players can also craft 8-bit-styled masks of Tina or Harpy with their Cookies as a show of support for their favorite character.

In-game voting for Tina and Harpy will kick off Tuesday, March 6th and will wrap up on Wednesday, March 14th. The results of the votes will be revealed the following day, and the new character will be made playable to Closers on April 3rd. Some more information about the event and each of the two character choices can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Well, this definitely is one of the more unique and inventive ways of getting players to cast their vote for a new character. Both of the choices sound interesting, but we also don’t have the finger on the pulse of the Closers community, admittedly, so it’s entirely possible the votes will end up being a landslide. In either case, we kind of want Wolf Dog Cookies to be an actual, edible thing now.

Source: press release

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Best MMO Halloween Event 2017

If there is one event MMOs love to take part in more than any others it is Halloween. That is why in this list you’ll find 60 different games with Halloween events! We decided to leave out the MOBAs and Shooters from this list but if they were put back in it would easily have a hundred games in it. But which is the best MMO Halloween event?

This poll is all about finding out what your favorite MMO Halloween event is this year. The winner gets a badge on their MMOGames profile and bragging rights for the entire year.

If your favorite isn’t on the list, or you know of a game we missed let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it as quickly as possible.


MMO Halloween

To take part just find your favorite MMO in the list below and leave a vote. You can only vote for one game at a time, but be sure to keep coming back as you can place more votes every day.

Voting will continue until the end of October 31st when the top three winners will be declared.


Which is the best MMO Halloween Event? Your vote will decide…

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Running of the Gnomes Raises $16k for Breast Cancer Vaccine

What do you get when you have scores of pink-haired Gnomes running through Azeroth? You get the World of Warcraft Running of the Gnomes, of course! You also get astonishing philanthropy as the charity event raked in over $16,000 to benefit breast cancer research

running of the gnomes

The event was held this past Saturday, October 14th on the Scarlet Crusade-US server. A reported 7,000 pink-coiffed Gnomes took part in the Great Gnomeregan Run micro-holiday taking place that day, transforming the event into a charitable spectacle.

The event was created in support of the Cleveland Clinic’s work on the Tuohy Vaccine, a drug that could spell the end of breast cancer. The vaccine is currently undergoing early human trials.

In the end, the community pulled together $16,295, absolutely destroying the originally stated goal of $4,000. Those who are still looking to donate to the cause are welcome to do so on the event’s donation site. You can also watch the nearly hour-long event from start to finish below.

Our Thoughts

Wow! Congratulations to the Running of the Gnomes participants and a huge congratulations to the World of Warcraft community for making such an incredible donation possible! The Tuohy Vaccine is probably the single most important advancement in cancer medicine to date and we’re pretty certain the money raised will make sure the research propels further forward. Pink gnome power!

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