LawBreakers Brings Ranked Mode and More in Newest Update

Just because SteamSpy says things look grim doesn’t mean Boss Key Productions and Nexon are throwing in the towel on LawBreakers just yet. To hammer home the point, the new LawBreakers All-Star update has been announced, bringing a competitive ranked mode, new maps, and a bunch more.

lawbreakers all-star update

The new competitive ranked mode is known as the Boss Leagues, a seasonal ladder with six total tiers for players to climb. Players have to play ten placement matches in order to qualify for a ranking and players must be at minimum level 5 in order to participate in the Beta Season 0.

The new competitive sport theme has also informed the game’s latest map, Gateway, a hovering Blitzball arena map. The update will also feature All-Star Stash drops filled with sports team-styled goodies which can either be purchased on their own or earned upon leveling up, along with a new Blood Moon variant of the Redfalls map, the ability to queue across multiple regions in order to help find matches faster, a new guided tutorial, and a host of balance adjustments.

It all lands to players on Thursday, October 19th. You can take a look at everything on the way in the developer update video below.

Our Thoughts

Between this and the game’s scheduled arrival to TwitchCon, it would seem like LawBreakers isn’t a done deal yet. That said, if a free weekend wasn’t enough to rouse people into the game, we’re not sure this update will be enough. Here’s hoping that those still playing are pleased by the new content.

Source: press release

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Overwatch Imposing Permanent Competitive Bans Next Week

With making Overwatch a less snarly place to play becoming a central focus for the devs in the past few days, the announcement of Competitive Mode bans should probably come as no surprise. That said, a post on the official forums has put salty Comp players officially on notice.

competitive mode bans

Community Manager Josh Engen has offered a lengthy post informing players that permanent Competitive Mode bans will be imposed starting Wednesday, September 27th. The bans will be enforced for those who have earned up to three seasonal bans at any time, meaning seasonal bans do not have to be consecutive. Additionally, permanent Comp Play bans will not decay over time; you get a black mark, it’s there for good.

The post continues to outline behavior that constitutes application of a seasonal ban as well as a link to the game’s code of conduct. You can read the complete announcement here.

Our Thoughts

This is a good first step, but could also lead to its own slew of problems; namely, said permabanned Comp player making life an absolute living hell for those in Arcade or Quick Play. Additionally, our own Overwatch columnist thinks that the devs might be going about this the wrong way entirely. What do you think about this upcoming policy?

Source: official forums

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