A Birthday Treat from Medieval War MMO Conqueror’s Blade

The medieval war MMO Conqueror’s Blade has reached its one-year milestone. Developed by Booming Games, this immersive medieval experience incorporates deep tactical gameplay and action in which players take on the role of a feudal warlord. Strategic and diplomatic choices determine your place in this chaotic world where skirmishes and alliances alike will help to establish the ultimate ruler over the battlefields.

Booming Games and publishers MY.GAMES are commemorating this milestone with the Conqueror’s Blade Year One event, a celebration packed with bonuses, gifts and sales taking place until 25th June. The perks and bonuses are their way of saying thanks to players for helping to bring about such a successful year for the title. These will include:

  • In-game Boosts and Bonuses

Enjoy 30% extra Bronze, Honour, Hero and Unit XP from matchmaking battles, no Unit Kit repairs and a higher weekly Honour limit. These extras will ensure more profitable war sieges as players prepare for new adventures in the coming year.

  • Free Hero Attire and Title Daily Login Event

Up to 15 days of free gifts for every day players log in. Stock up on all the available rewards by clocking those 15 logins until 25th June, including the coveted Paladin’s Hero Attire and an exclusive player title to be revealed at the end of the event.

  • Loading Screen Contest

Artistic players can take part in a contest to see their very own loading screen artwork within the game – simply submit your piece before the event’s conclusion!

  • Minotaur Hero Attire, Discounts and More

Now players can unlock the mythical Minotaur Hero attire in time-limited bundles. Plus, a free Anniversary Banner and firework are available from the MY.GAMES market as well as a 25% discount on consumables and 10% on cosmetics, including brand new Hair Dye. 

So if you want to play out those medieval war mmo fantasies you know you’ve had (or to be a damn Minotaur) now’s probably the best time to jump in. Full details on the event can be gleaned from the official Conqueror’s Blade Year One article and don’t forget to check out our own page on the title.

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Conqueror’s Blade – Game of Warlords

Conqueror’s Blade is one of your best choices when it comes to experimenting that Game of Thrones warfare sensation. Sure, there is a notorious shortage of dragons in Booming Games’ medieval sim, but the lighting is infinitely better than the one seen – or rather not seen – in the battle of Winterfell.

Having direct control of a general and dozens of units at your command, Conqueror’s Blade doesn’t lack thrills, castle sieges or Wilhelm screams, for that matter. It’s an exciting alternative to Mount and Blade, a beautiful chaotic mess that brings more to the table than you would initially expect.

Conqueror's Blade Preview Fief

I Siege You

Conqueror’s Blade gets the ball rolling with an unlikely but far from unique component, a questionnaire that is meant to kickstart your Warlord selection through means of a few choices. It will serve as the basis for your character stats, but your choice of class is of uttermost importance. There are 10 classes to choose from, with two of them being exclusive to the female Warlord: dual blades and short bow.

To say that your class choice will determine your play style is an understatement. This decision is crucial, as your performance on the battlefield depends on how well you can make the best of your character’s skills. Conqueror’s Blade is no stranger to a little bit of stun lock and you can also get stuck in the middle of the enemy troops with no chance of slashing your way out, so you have to think things through before diving headfirst into the heat of the battle.

Picking a ranged class such as Musket or Bow will let you target your foes from the relative safety of a soldier barrier, but you’ll miss out on the devastating swipes of the Nodachi or the piercing damage of the Spear. It’s always a tough ordeal to choose your starting class, so don’t worry if you feel tempted to restart with a new character later. Combat is a bit clunky and could be improved, as I’ve experienced collision detection issues that didn’t do the game any favors.

Conqueror’s Blade isn’t just about castle sieges, but this is undoubtedly its main selling point, the feature that stands out when you watch any trailer. It’s impressive to watch and even more jaw-dropping to participate in such kind of emergent gameplay, with dozens of players haplessly running around as all hell breaks loose. Sieges play very differently depending on your side of the barricade, a random selection that will make you defend your enemy’s assault or, in case you’re the invader, command your troops to use siege towers, battering rams, ladders, calling in a trebuchet strike and whatever means you have at your disposal to breach the castle’s defenses.

Conqueror's Blade Preview Castle Siege Defense

It’s impressive. It’s noisy. It’s brutal and distressing, with corpses of soldiers and horses lying on the ground everywhere you look. It’s not as bloody as it could be, but the battlefield will inexorably see some red splatters here and there, irreparably tainting the formerly yellow deserts or the green pastures.

Field Battle is another one of Conqueror’s Blade’s highlights and a game mode where you’ll spend quite some time. It’s a relentless back and forth between capture points, as both teams feel helpless between successfully guarding a flag and daring to conquer another one. Teamwork is utterly important in order to avoid futile travels to the closest flag, with no Warlord staying behind just in case the enemy decides to make a move. In the end you have to be smart with your units, use them to your advantage instead of going full-on Rambo. Chaos won’t get you anywhere – tactical mindfulness will.

There are other game modes such as Expeditions and Deathmatch, with the latter being an all-out skirmish between Warlords, with no units involved. Territory Wars only takes place a couple of days each week, but this is the most striking event for high level players.

Conqueror's Blade Preview Castle Siege

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Conqueror’s Blade has a fully functional war system and capable of delivering some truly massive and epic showdowns. But since this is an MMO, there is a progression system and the grind that usually comes with it. I didn’t find it to be overly punishing, contrary to my initial expectations, as you can reach level 30 in just a few days if you set your mind to it. While castle sieges and field battles are your primary means of leveling up, there are quests to help you as well, some of them intrinsically connected to the battles such as killing a given number of archers.

Better yet, there is a whole open world out there for you to explore. It’s not your standard open world from an MMORPG, as it feels more like a strategic map instead of a sprawling world without boundaries. You can develop and upgrade your castle by gathering resources from the surrounding lands, exploring farms, quarries and other places that will grant you essential resources. You can even attack other castles and units out there in the open. This tactical map almost feels like a second game on top of the playable warfare parts, adding significant depth to a game that wasn’t too shabby to begin with. Joining a House will surely expand your chances of success, as you and your fellow Warlords take on castles from rival Houses.

Conqueror's Blade Preview Open World Tactical Map

On top of that, there are trees for everything that you can think of. A skill tree for your character, a unit tree to unlock and upgrade the three types of troops (melee, ranged and cavalry), a technology tree related to the production of resources, and a mount tree… just kidding, there is no such thing, although I would love to see elephants and camels thrown into the mix. Who knows, maybe further down the road this will become a reality.

Currently in open beta, Conqueror’s Blade features some of the best medieval battles that I’ve witnessed in a video game. It’s exhilarating, occasionally frustrating as well, but a successful siege is an immensely rewarding experience. It may be a bit rough around the edges when it comes to character combat and those loading times did get on my nerves, but other than that I didn’t stumble upon any glaring game-breaking issues.

Ultimately, Conqueror’s Blade delivers what it sets out to do – to offer a remarkable, vicious battlefield that will drain you and beat you to a pulp, and I’m having one hell of a time trying to keep up with its bloody clashes.

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Conqueror’s Blade Shows Off Siege Gameplay

The tactical sandbox MMO-like Conqueror’s Blade asks a lot of its players as they lead their nations to victory, not the least of which being to lay siege to keeps and forts. But how does that play out, exactly? A new Conqueror’s Blade siege gameplay trailer is showing us all how.

conqueror's blade siege gameplay

The video offers a general run through the entire process of laying siege to a fortification, from selecting army unites and siege engines to issuing orders to troops in the middle of battle. The video provides more than a few glimpses at the player character ordering troops into formation, issuing charge orders, or otherwise taking direct control of the fight by entering the fray personally or commandeering siege weapons.

According to producer Peter Lagun, Conqueror’s Blade siege warfare has been put through its paces in early testing. “We saw thousands of players help us stress our technology,” said Lagun. “Players have clashed steel for hours, have found creative tactics in siege warfare and ultimately have shown a great hunger for more.”

You can take in all of the siegecraft gameplay you could want in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

Siege warfare in Conqueror’s Blade certainly looks like it’ll be a busy affair, but we do hope that tactical thinking will win out the day in favor of merely memorizing the shape of maps or battlegrounds and taking advantage of those locations. That’s probably not going to happen, though.

Source: press release

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Conqueror’s Blade Announces New Publisher

Last we heard from Conqueror’s Blade, the game was still running through a number of regional tests. Now, it would seem the tactics-centric MMO is about ready to head to its next phase with the announcement of a new Conqueror’s Blade publisher in the form of My.com.

conqueror's blade publisher

My.com, who you’ll know as the same company that handles publishing duties for other MMOs such as Skyforge and Revelation Online, will be taking over publishing of the game for North American and European players.

The announcement has also heralded the launch of a number of Founder’s Packs which offer access to both closed and open beta along with a number of different in-game bonuses like Premium Membership. The game itself, however, will be a free-to-play title once it launches.

In Conqueror’s Blade, players take command of armies and then enter the fray to work as the vanguard to defend key battlefield objectives. The ultimate goal; rule a large, persistent, open world map either through siege or diplomacy.

While dates for closed and open beta were not provided in the announcement, more details can be found on the game’s website. There’s also a teaser trailer for Conqueror’s Blade below.

Our Thoughts

We’ve been very intrigued by this interesting mash-up of battlefield brawler and tactical RTS in a crunchy MMO shell, and soon we’ll perhaps be just that much closer to finding out what this game has to offer. If nothing else, it certainly appears to be one of the more unique titles in the multiplayer gaming space.

Source: press release

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Conqueror’s Blade Touts 10k Players and Readies a Europe Test

It would appear that the last closed beta for Conqueror’s Blade was a reasonably solid success. Developer Booming Games offered up a variety of new details in its latest press release, including the number of participants in its latest round of beta, some additional game details, and word of a new Conqueror’s Blade European test session.

conqueror's blade european test

The so-called “European X Test” will take place this March and will be based (obviously) in Europe. Players from other areas are welcome to connect to the test as well, but may encounter connectivity issues as a result of the test’s location. Additionally, those who are already included into the beta will not need new keys to enter this planned set of testing.

As for the beta test last week, Booming Games heralded over 10,000 total players from over 100 countries who joined in the massively multiplayer war effort, with peak concurrency breaking over the 1,000 player mark. 219 Houses took part of the Kingdom War event that occurred during the test, and 23 in-game countries were founded. According to the game’s producer, the testers also provided good advice that will be leveraged for the European test.

As is often the case with these announcements, the devs also included some new gameplay details as well. The first relates to weapons in Conqueror’s Blade, with can be unlocked at Trainer locations and have their own individual skills. Only two normal skills are on hand at first, but players can ultimately get three normal skills and one Ultra skill as they level up.

The second is related to Legendary Legions, which are powerful unit groups that can only be unlocked after players reach a certain level and harvest rare elements. Four Legendary Legions are currently in the game: the powerful Winged Hussar cavalry; the Musketeer legion that unloads high damage against a single heavy armor target; the disruptive Guanning Knight cavalry; and the invincible but slow-moving Iron Buddha melee Legion.

Our Thoughts

Sounds like the Conqueror’s Blade test went pretty well overall. Over 10k players is certainly not a bad start to closed beta and we hope the European test in March will be similarly active, if not moreso. We also hope that the game’s servers will be up to the task if they decide to further widen the testing pool gates.

Source: press release

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Conqueror’s Blade Beta Begins

The war path is open and PC players can now try out the massively multiplayer online war game for a few weeks. The MMOWG. Which probably isn’t an acronym that will stick. At any rate, now is the start of the Conqueror’s Blade beta.

conqueror's blade beta

We’ve kind of been here before, admittedly, but the recent announcement has brought some more details on what gameplay will be available during the test. Events will make up the crux of beta, such as the Kingdom War event that will have player House Units of 1-40 players occupy territory for resources used in the formation of rare Legions. There will also be limited-time events and even a PvE event where players can team up to take down a powerful enemy of some sort.

10 different weapons will be available for players to use against their enemies, along with up to 20 siege weapons from Eastern and Western civilizations such as battering rams, siege towers and Congreve rockets.

The announcement also brought to light some additional gameplay details of what Conqueror’s Blade will offer in full. Players can look forward to 15v13 multi-stage siege match PvP, 8v8 or 5v5 deathmatch, and a PvE match where players must successfully escort an NPC. Of course, the main meat of Conqueror’s Blade lies in its Big World PvPvE, with territory occupation and all-out war being played out in 15v15 Stronghold skirmishes.

Beta for Conqueror’s Blade will run from now until Saturday, February 3rd at 1am EST. The game will be down for regular maintenance daily between 2am and 5am EST.

Our Thoughts

Our curiosity for Conqueror’s Blade continues to grow the more we hear about what this new PvP game will be offering players. Here’s hoping that the beta test is both fun for players and informative for the devs.

Source: press release

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Conqueror’s Blade Firms Up a Release Date for Beta

Earlier we were granted a general release window for the Conqueror’s Blade beta test, which was due for sometime this month. Today, we have a firm calendar date for testing to begin, along with some footage of the game in action.

conqueror's blade beta test

Play happens from the viewpoint of a battlefield General. Generals will be able to command Legions ranging in size from 16 to 40 units, each with different formations such as the Spear-Shield Legion’s Turtle formation. Legions also have unique skills, many of which are specific to a certain formation.

Generals themselves have a variety of different weapons and fighting styles, and can unlock siege weapons that can be brought to bear as their General levels up. In the gameplay video, player Generals appear to be as active or passive in battle as they wish, from commanding legions and siege weapons to outright getting into combat with enemy legions.

Beta testing for Conqueror’s Blade begins on Friday, January 26th. Interested players can still register to be included on the game’s website and can also take in the gameplay trailer below.

our Thoughts

So Conqueror’s Blade seems to operate a bit like For Honor in terms of being amidst a battlefield while offering some RTS elements to be considered before and during battle. Genuinely, this game looks like nothing that’s out there in the MMO and multiplayer space, so we’re very intrigued to see how testing works out and what players think of the game once beta begins.

Source: press release

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Conqueror’s Blade Readies for Beta in January

…but wait, isn’t this month January? Why yes, yes it is. In spite of that, the Conqueror’s Blade beta is indeed slated to kick off this month according to an announcement made by developer Booming Games.

conqueror's blade beta

While the announcement doesn’t provide a firm date for the beta test, it does state that testing will feature active clan wars with territory borders expanding or receding based on how battles in the game play out.

The announcement also features a closer look at its “Big World” map which players will need to…well…conquer. According to the announcement, the devs of Conqueror’s Blade have taken great care to consider geography in designing the game’s world and herald features like a day/night cycle, weather systems, and land features that can have an effect on the travel speed of units.

Of course, no conflict is complete without a resource chain, so players of Conqueror’s Blade will first need to occupy areas or cities that offer ways to train armies or create equipment. Luckily, spaces on the map are replete with resources to help players build a force at every stage.

Interested players can apply for a spot in the beta on the game’s website. You can also take a look at the “Big World” of Conqueror’s Blade in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Well! That’s quite a bit sooner than we expected, honestly! We’re certainly intrigued by how Conqueror’s Blade battles will play out and are looking forward to seeing more information on that front as well as a more specific date for the game’s beta test.

Source: press release

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Medieval Army Sandbox Warfare Coming Soon in Conqueror’s Blade

Promising massive armies, action combat meshed with tactical troop maneuvering, and a variety of medieval weapons and units, the Conqueror’s Blade PC beta has been announced. Well, sort of announced. It’s an announcement that they’re going to make an announcement.

conqueror's blade pc beta

Conqueror’s Blade first made its debut at E3 this year to apparently strong reception. The game drops players in a map several thousand kilometers long where they must command and grow their own House and Kingdom. Conqueror’s Blade offers 5v5 or 15v15 PvP battles on a grand scale thanks to the title’s unique CHAOS engine.

Conqueror’s Blade will offer a large selection of period weapons and units from both Eastern and Western civilizations. The CHAOS engine is reportedly capable of generating thousands of troops and a variety of weather and environmental effects, while gameplay will challenge players to think ahead and consider which armies to deploy where.

While more information on the beta of Conqueror’s Blade was not part of the press release, it did state the intention of starting things off “soon”. Until a full date is announced, interested players can check out the game’s website as well as the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

There’s not an awful lot of information to go on in the press release. Still, we have to admit that we are most certainly curious to learn more about what Conqueror’s Blade has to offer. Combining action combat with tactical army movement sounds like it’d be hard to do, but we’d definitely be up for learning more.

Source: press release

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