Paladins Gets Crossplay, Smite And Realm Royale Coming Soon

Paladins, made by Hi-Rez Studios, has started supporting crossplay between PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Their other two titles, Smite, and Realm Royale, will be introducing the same compatibility soon. 

What Hi-Rez Studios games are coming to crossplay?

Paladins is Hi-Rez Studios’ free-to-play answer to Blizzard’s Overwatch. With tons of playable characters, it includes mores like Siege, which are all about “pushing the payload”. Modes like this are very familiar to Overwatch players, alongside Team Deathmatch and the objective-based Onslaught.

Rounding out the list of “popular genres” is Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite, which tackles MOBAs, not unlike Dota 2 and League of Legends. Smite takes a unique spin to the roster, however, and has an entire pantheon of gods that are battling. From Zeus to Anubis, the character selection is incredibly thorough. Realm Royale, on the other hand, takes on the popular Battle Royale genre, using the world of Paladins as its backdrop. In any case, all three games are free-to-play.

What does this mean for the future of crossplay?

This crossplay move can be considered more of a blip on the grand scale of things. But, it shows that developers and their communities want unification when it comes to playing with each other. Sony has been notoriously stingy about sharing with other brands. Worth noting is that some games under the Epic Games mentality have found ways around it, such as Fortnite and Dauntless. Even games like Brawlhalla have added crossplay support.

It’s not only free games that are getting into crossplay. Microsoft’s Minecraft offers crossplay support on nearly any system you can think of, while Rocket League fully implemented (e.g. PS4 included) the feature back in January. The upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will even have crossplay for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Paladins joined cross play this week, but Smite and Realm Royale are still in the process of being implemented. While no release date has been given as of yet, it’ll likely be in the very near future.

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Skyforge Distant Frequencies Update Brings a Techno Bard

If playing a class that wields a Daft Punk-style retro futurist guitar as a weapon in Skyforge sounds like your idea of a good time, then you’re going to love the Distant Frequencies update, which brings on the Soundweaver class.

distanc frequencies update

The Soundweaver is a new support class that wields an axe of a different sort: a futuristic guitar, to be specific. As one would expect out of the Bard archetype, the Soundweaver can both bolster their allies and assault their foes with their (presumably) sweet guitar riffs.

The Distant Frequencies update is also apparently a herald of things to come in the story of Skyforge. The announcement of the update hints at a strange gravitational phenomenon that players will get to explore as part of an expansion that “will contain hints of larger things at play.”

The Distant Frequencies content patch will land on PC December 11th, PlayStation 4 on December 12th, and Xbox One on December 13th.

Our Thoughts

That’s a pretty sweet guitar, not going to lie. We’ll have to wait to know more, but the Soundweaver sounds a bit like every other Bard class that’s ever been created in MMOs. Though that’s not exactly a complaint — there does seem to be an abject lack of classes that rally friends with sweet tunes.

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The Age of Discovery Arrives to Star Trek Online Console Nov 13

The wait is nearly over, console Star Trek Online fans. The Age of Discovery console release date has been confirmed for this coming Tuesday, November 13th, bringing all of the shiny new things that PC players have been enjoying for a little while to their platform of choice.

age of discovery console release date

In the off chance you’ve not been keeping track, Age of Discovery brings the Star Trek: Discovery TV series to the MMO, bringing a new tutorial, two new episodes and the character Cadet Sylvia Tilly voiced by actress Mary Wiseman.

The update also brings improvements to everyone playing STO, with a more streamlined mission journal; unlocked level requirements for all missions; new Reputation Tiers; and a new Task Force Operation among other features.

Also just like the PC version, Age of Discovery seeks to lay the groundwork for more Discovery-related content over the next several months, as outlined by a developer roadmap shared earlier this month.

Our Thoughts

We genuinely hope that fans of the game on console enjoy everything that this particular update has to offer. And hey, if you happen to be playing the game on PC and you haven’t entered into our related Age of Discovery ship bundle giveaway, there’s another new chance to do so.

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TERA Brings Deathwrack Update to Console Oct 30

The end of this month will see another update brought to TERA‘s console edition. This time it’s the Deathwrack update, which has gotten its release date of October 30th and a few preliminary details to whet fan appetites.

deathwrack update

As often seems to be the case for TERA updates, the Deathwrack update will introduce two new-to-console dungeons in the forms of Velik’s Hold and Broken Prison, along with associated Misery and Deathwrack equipment sets to collect.

The update will also bring some guild vs. guild PvP battles, customizable skill chain options, and a variety of skill updates for the Warrior class.

Further information on what the Deathwrack update is bringing to TERA console is likely to be released in the weeks leading up to the October 30th launch. For now, there’s a cinematic trailer teasing some of the bosses waiting in the upcoming dungeons, which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Not a terribly surprising update, considering the span between PC content patches and console ones, but it’s still nice to see such a steady stream of content arrive to TERA on PS4 and Xbox One. Here’s hoping that the dungeons arriving this update will indeed provide the challenge players want.

Source: press release

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ESO: Murkmire Gets Release Dates and Prologue Quests

The time for the next Elder Scrolls Online DLC is nigh. The Murkmire release dates has been officially unveiled for the PC and console versions, along with the arrival of prologue quests to pad the time between now and launch.

murkmire release dates

PC players can expect the Murkmire DLC to arrive on Monday, October 22nd, while PS4 and Xbox One players will get their DLC on Tuesday, November 6th. Until then, players can take up some prologue quests to get themselves prepared.

To get started, players have to head to the Crown Store to pick up the first quest for free or seek out the Cyrodilic Collections “Help Wanted” posters found in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon’s Watch. These quests task you with helping Concordia Mercius and Cyrodilic Collections with recovering looted Argoniean relics, while learning about the Black Marsh and the dangers awaiting in Murkmire along the way.

When the prologue’s story quests have been completed, you’ll get a Murkmire Grave-Stake memento. Clearing one of the six new daily prologue quests will also grant a reward box with several Murkmire-themed items, including one of seven fragments needed to create the Swamp Jelly pet.

Incidentally, the Murkmire DLC is being offered for free as part of a daily login campaign. Players must login for a total of 24 days in November to earn Murkmire as a Daily Reward.

Our Thoughts

While these prologue quests almost sound like an advertisement for the DLC on paper, we’re glad to know that there’s some manner of reward and lore surrounding these new events. Here’s hoping that these prologue quests are entertaining enough to pad the time between now and Murkmire’s launch!

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TERA Console Celebrates Halloween All October Long

I freaking love Halloween. It’s my spooky Christmas. If I had the chance, I would love to be somewhere where the season is that way all the time. Which means perhaps a visit to TERA on console might be a good idea, as there’s a TERA Halloween celebration that takes up the whole month.

tera halloween

From now until November 1st, players of TERA on PS4 and Xbox One can participate in the Halloween Festival Hall dungeon event, where players must use Halloween Cannons to defend a giant basket of candy from marauding monsters. Completion of this instance rewards Halloween Candy currency which can be used to buy a variety of thematic cosmetics, a special Pet Boo pet, and the Groundshaker mount.

The in-game store will also be getting into the Halloween spirit every week in October, with special costume packages on offer. This week, it’s the Devilicious and Titan Force costumes. The next three weeks will bring police and nurse costumes, cowgirl and wrestler costumes, and glowing skeleton and mummy costumes respectively.

For those who’d like to know what goodies they can buy themselves from the Halloween dungeon, you can find that out here.

Our Thoughts

Here’s hoping that the grind to get those items isn’t too long…or if it is, here’s hoping that the Halloween event dungeon is entertaining enough to withstand multiple runs. In any case, I genuinely love Halloween and we hope that everyone participating has a spooky good time.

Source: press release

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Gwent Confirms Homecoming and Thronebreaker Release Dates

Perhaps now players of Gwent can stop being worried. The delayed Gwent: Homecoming release dates and the Thronebreaker release dates have both been announced, pulling the Witcher CCG out of beta at long last and releasing as a full title along with the game’s standalone single-player experience.

gwent: homecoming release dates

Both the Homecoming launch update and Thronebreaker will arrive to GOG on PC Tuesday, October 23rd, while Xbox One and PS4 players will have to wait until Tuesday, December 4th for the titles to arrive on their platform of choice. The Gwent devs apologize for the delay, but mention that console players can expect complimentary Kegs as recompense for the wait.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Homecoming is a paradigm shift for Gwent in a number of ways. Most notable is the addition of 3D models to the game, offering more dynamic visuals for both the cards and your chosen leader, who now stands aside the game board. The board has also been narrowed to only two lanes and a number of adjusted mechanics will be in play. A video from earlier in the month offers a more detailed breakdown of how it all works.

Thronebreaker, meanwhile, is offering 30 hours of single-player adventure that tells the story of Meve. The game promises to provide narrative-focused exploration, puzzles and card game battle mechanics in one single package.

A more recent video from the Gwent team confirming the release dates and showing off more of the new visuals was also part of the announcement. That can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Wow, what a change! It has, admittedly, been a very long time since we’ve taken at peek at Gwent, but now that the game has a full release date confirmed it seems high time to revisit this addictive Witcher mini-game turned CCG.

Sources: official site, Twitter

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A Buffed Crystalline Entity Comes to Star Trek Online Console

You know, it’d almost be pretty if it weren’t for the fact that it also happens to be a life-absorbing sentience. Now, it’s coming to Star Trek Online players on console. It’s the return of the Crystalline Entity event, this time with a somewhat more buffed snowflake for Captains to take on.

crystalline entity event

Between September 13th and October 10th, PS4 and Xbox One players between levels 50-65 can take up the Crystalline Cataclysm event and square off against the Entity. Completing the queue will earn you a Crystal Shard once every 20 hours. Collect 14 of them and you’ll be rewarded with unique weapons, Dilithium Ore and Marks. After that, players can continue to join the queue to earn additional Dilithium Ore and Marks.

As mentioned before, this version of the Crystalline Entity confrontation has a number of changes. Most notably, Entity shards are now immune to control effects; the Entity will be immune to all damage during its Absorption phase; and Small Shards won’t buff the Entity’s damage for the entire encounter, instead building buff stacks towards its Energy Release attack.

If you’d like to learn more about the event queue, then be sure to read here for the full details.

Our Thoughts

It will be interesting to know if Star Trek Online players will find these adjustments to the Crystalline Entity fight enough to make it more challenging. That said, we also hope that it doesn’t feel like too much of a grind for those looking to unlock those goodies.

Source: official site

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The Ninja Sneaks to TERA Console September 18

You either love the fact that they’re dodgy and wooshy or hate the fact that they’re Elin specific, but either way the TERA Ninja class is making its way to the console version of the action MMO on September 18th, bringing all of its guile and evasiveness while also wielding an impossibly huge shuriken somehow.

tera ninja class

Using hit-and-run tactics, evasive skills and the ability to channel her Chi into fiery blasts, the Ninja relies on the ability to avoid damage and juggle targets to cleave single or multiple targets. The Ninja does wear cloth armor, though, so quick reaction and deft avoidance will be key in playing the class effectively in PvE and PvP.

The Ninja’s arrival continues to tick boxes on TERA’s console update roadmap, which will also see new guild features arriving to the console MMO this month. The announcement did not specify if the Ninja update will also carry these features as well, however.

For now, players can read up on the Ninja on TERA’s website as well as see the class in action in the video showcase below.

Our Thoughts

Let’s all try to ignore the race lock of the class for a moment and just appreciate the fact that the Ninja class definitely seems to be one of the best uses of TERA’s form of action combat. We suspect all of the combos this class can pull off will feel leagues better on a console game pad than it does on keyboard and mouse.

Source: press release

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Bless Unleashed Releases its First Trailer

Bless Unleashed is no doubt a thing. Its own thing, if you’ll recall the recent FAQ. But all we’ve had were words and pictures. Until now, anyway, as a new Bless Unleashed trailer provides the first look of the console MMORPG in action.

bless unleashed trailer

The trailer provides some in-game footage and sets the scene of the game, challenging players to face off against dragons and gods. Much of the setting and classes should feel familiar to PC players of Bless Online, though without a UI there’s not much to confirm what’s similar and what’s different between the two games.

The blurb in the video description makes similar promises to the game’s first announcement, with “rewarding combo-driven gameplay mechanics and persistent progression [that] book-end an experience handcrafted for online play.” A persistent open world where players will need to watch out for mythical creatures and other players is also offered, as integrated PvP will be a factor.

There’s still no hard release date for Bless Unleashed beyond its initial arrival to Xbox One in 2019, but you can take a look at where things stand with the game for now in the video below.

Our Thoughts

So far, so similar regarding Unleashed and Online. Not to say that this trailer looks bad, by any means – it does look like a lovely game. We’re still just waiting on some further details on what will truly differentiate the console game from the PC game.

Source: press release

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