Otherland Reveals its Upcoming Fire Isle Content Expansion

With the Otherland MMO pushing itself into the spotlight as part of the 21st anniversary of the sci-fi IP, it’s perhaps not surprising that a new content expansion is being announced. So let’s go ahead and take a moment to share the details of said content expansion, Fire Isle.

fire isle

In Fire Isle, Otherland players can look forward to a new storyline focused on the Fire Army and a nation that lies on the brink of civil war. Well-known NPC SweetieCheng will be your guide as she leads you to the isle’s true leader and closer to the final goal of defeating the Celestial Dragon.

As one would expect, Fire Isle is a pretty warm place, with lava and igneous rock covering a game landscape that spans over ten new areas. The update will add a total of 60 story quests broken up into six new chapters for what is promised to be hours of gameplay.

Fire Isle is set to be available to Otherland MMO this coming Summer, which will coincide with the short story that author Tad Williams will be releasing inspired by the game’s new region.

Our Thoughts

It’s pretty neat that an MMO inspired by an author’s book is now inspiring that same author to write something inspired by the MMO. We certainly hope that players of the Otherland MMO find a lot to enjoy when Fire Isle makes itself available.

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