ARK: Survival Evolved Launches its Third Modding Contest

We’ve said it before, but it definitely bears repeating: game modders are pretty awesome. It’s that same mindset that fuels the third ARK: Survival Evolved mod contest that’s offering intrepid and creative users of the ARK Mod Kit a slice of a cash prize.

ark: survival evolved mod contest

A total of $28,000 in cash is up for grabs in this contest, with the 1st place winner netting themselves a cool $15,000. What’s more, the contest will be running on a regular basis every other month with the exceptions of November and December.

Those looking to submit their creations have a five week entry phase, which is then followed by a two week voting phase. Two separate scores assessing a variety of technical aspects and public vote results will combine to determine who gets the top prize.

All of the information, including scoring, rules and how to enter, can be found here, while the work of previous modders can be seen in the video package below.

Our Thoughts

Honestly, simply just giving players the tools to mod the game is generally motivation enough, but adding a cash prize on top of that could really bring all sorts of interesting things. If that video embed above is any indication, at least. We wish those who enter these contests the best of luck!

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Final Fantasy XIV Opens its Physical DPS Gear Design Contest

The tanks got one. The healers and casters got one. Now, it’s time for the physical DPS players to get their own Final Fantasy XIV gear design contest.

final fantasy xiv gear design contest

As with the previous contests, the rules are generally straightforward at the brass tacks level. Players are asked to head to their drawing boards and create a new set of equipment for Jobs that dish out physical DPS, be they Machinist, Bard, Monk, or Ninja.

The winning designs for both melee and ranged physical DPS will be included into the full game and a number of unique cosmetic rewards, while the top ten runners-up will all receive the cosmetics.

Of course, there are a number of more specific requirements and rules. All of those can be found on the official contest page. The contest runs from now until Monday, May 21st, with the finalists shared in July and the winners revealed in September.

Our thoughts

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the sorts of things that the Final Fantasy XIV community will cook up in this contest. We already know fans of this particular MMORPG are incredibly creative and the end game of dressing up already has several communities spawned from it, so we’re ready for the fashion show!

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Guild Wars 2 Confirms the Friend/Ships Giveaway Winners

Over the past few months, Guild Wars 2 has been running a community initiative that both celebrates the connections players have made with each other through the MMO and offers those who participate an opportunity at some unique prizes. Yesterday, those Guild Wars 2 Friend/Ships contest winners were confirmed.

guild wars 2 friend/ships contest

While three specific stories were highlighted in video pieces during the Friend/Ships campaign, the initiative received hundreds of heartwarming stories about Guild Wars 2 players coming together through the vehicle of the MMO.

Many of those submissions also tied their stories to a hashtag for an opportunity to win discount codes for merchandise, commissioned art of their characters, and a trip to visit ArenaNet’s studio in Seattle during PAX West.

In a recent post to the website, a total of over 50 names were drawn for the contest and shared. While the Friend/Ships campaign is technically done in its official capacity, the team urges players to continue to use the #GW2FriendShips hashtag to share their own stories of camaraderie. You can read the full list of names here.

Our Thoughts

Considering our own conversation about Guild Wars 2 often went towards the topic of the game’s community, we’re not surprised that this Friend/Ships campaign was so successful. Congrats to all of the winners and here’s hoping we see more stories and community initiatives like this one.

Source: press release

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Black Desert Online Begins its Global Costume Design Contest

Few things in MMOs are as satisfying as putting together your own signature look, but what if that look was actually designed by you from scratch and included in-game? That’s the prize being offered in the Black Desert Online Costume Design contest. Oh, almost forgot, there’s also the small matter of a $10,000 prize, too.

black desert online costume design contest

From now until Monday, March 5th, designers from the NA and Europe regions will get to submit their designs for consideration to be the top of their respective region. The selected outfits will then be pitted against entries from South Korea, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, South America, Turkey, Thailand and South East Asia to be chosen as the winner.

The winning entry will net themselves a cool $10k US or in-game Pearl currency of the same value and have their creation featured in Black Desert Online. Regional winners will get $3,000 US or the Pearl equivalent, while every entrant into the contest will get a 30-day Merv’s Palette and one Appearance Change Coupon.

The top 10 designs from North America and Europe will be revealed on Wednesday, March 14th, which will then be put up for community vote until Monday, March 19th. Once the votes are tallied, the regional winners will be announced the following Tuesday, March 20th, with the global grand prize winner unveiled on Wednesday, April 11th.

As one would expect, there are a number of rules to consider including style/theme guidelines. All of the information relevant to entry can be found here.

Our Thoughts

So this is basically like the costume design contests that Final Fantasy XIV has held, just ramped up to 11. While the competition in this contest is likely to be fierce, we’re also very eager to see what each region will bring to the table. Best of luck to all the entrants!

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Guild Wars 2 Announces a Weapon Design Contest

If you’ve ever sat around and thought “A greatsword made out of night or day? Pff. That’s lazy. I can do better than that,” then now’s your chance to prove it. The Guild Wars 2 weapon design contest is granting players the opportunity to leave their mark on the MMO as it enters its fifth year of operation.

guild wars 2 weapon design contest

From now until Sunday, October 8th, budding weapon designers can download a .ZIP file with guidelines and templates to create their own Guild Wars 2-themed weapon design. According to the contest rules, contestants cannot submit more than three designs and there are a number of parameters and requirements to follow such as file size, format, and template layout.

Once a submission is complete, contestants need to file their design through an official submission form, where 20 finalists will be selected and have their creations put to a community vote. The top three winners will have their creations used as inspirations for new in-game weapons, along with various physical and digital prizes.

Complete information, including download links and contest rules, can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Considering that Final Fantasy XIV has been putting together fan-designed armor contests for a little while now, we’re definitely ready to see how creative the fans of Guild Wars 2 can be with their creations. Let’s see some truly remarkable weapon designs, people!

Source: official site

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