Crowfall Digs into the Necromancy Profession

Seeing as it’s the month of Halloween and Crowfall is already celebrating its more bestial and spooky nature, this month has taken its most logical conclusion: a dev blog with a deeper look at the Crowfall Necromancer profession and just how it can help build new vessels for players.

crowfall necromancer profession

A lot of this stuff was covered last year, so for the sake of expediency we’ll note that Necromancy is the crafting profession that lets players inhabit more powerful bodies (or vessels) to gain better stats and bonuses. A new benefit of higher quality vessels revealed in today’s dev blog is that they receive more benefits from the Sacrifice advancement system.

Of course, crafting a vessel of any quality will require a lot of materials and parts. That’s where Graveyards come in. These locations are essentially harvesting nodes for Necromancers, letting them dig up body parts to build vessels. The higher your Gravedigging skill, the more chance you’ll unearth higher quality parts and even additives.

The additives system was also elaborated on, with a Restored Head part given as an example. The part can take two eye additives, and eyes can confer benefits like an increase of the Perception stat or improved Far-Sight. Necromancers can match or mix any of these additives to build the body that they want. Additives currently are loot drops, but more ways to get them are being added later.

Our Thoughts

Like we said when we were first exposed to the Necromancy profession, this definitely is the most creative use of the well-worn fantasy trope ever devised. Naturally, we’re happy to learn more about what this profession involves and are looking forward to more implementation.

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First Look at Paladins: Realm Royale

Hi-Rez has been hard at work on their battle royale game Paladins: Realm Royale. It was originally announced as Battlegrounds in Paladins but after a month developers decided to rename it and split it off as its own game. With that came what Hi-Rez called aggressive changes which meant that it had to stop player testing for a while. But now it’s back and over the weekend some lucky players got to try out the closed alpha. This closed alpha didn’t allow any streaming, reviewing, photos, or anything else so the information on it is a little bit thin.

That is with the exception of what Hi-Rez included in their FAQ on the closed alpha on the official forums. Specifically, we got a look at how to forge legendary weapons. Forging gives players a reason to pick up gear they would normally ignore. Gear that isn’t being used can be dismantled, which gives you Shards. Once you have 100 shards you can take them to a forge. After two minutes the shards become a random legendary weapon or ability.

It’s an interesting system that gives players something to do with the loot they don’t end up using. There isn’t any indication of how long it might take a player to get 100 shards. So it is still possible that you end up stuck with something you don’t want. But hey, at least it’s a legendary useless item! Also, there aren’t many forges, so it is possible that players will end up camping out nearby in the hopes of catching someone. So a trip to the forge isn’t without risk.

While the keys for this weekend’s closed alpha event went very quickly Hi-Rez has already said that there will be plenty more opportunities in the future for players to try things out. So if you’re interested keep an eye out on social media and the official site.

Source: Official Forums via PCGamer

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How to Get Bigger Bags in Guild Wars 2

There’s an issue all Guild Wars 2 players run into eventually and for some, it’s a constant battle that can never be won. It is a lack of inventory space. I would be lying if I didn’t say that this is a battle I’ve fought in every game…pretty much ever. No matter how much space you have, it’s never enough. Thankfully, ArenaNet has been trying to help with that by introducing larger and larger bags. These days you can get them with 32 slots, even. Surely that must be enough…right? Below is a guide on how to get bigger bags in Guild Wars 2.


Buy It

Getting the most obvious methods out of the way first, you could always buy a bigger bag. There are 20 slot bags that can be obtained from Fractal vendors and WvW vendors. You can also buy a 20 slot bag with Candy Corn Cob from the Halloween event. You can also get a 20 slot bag on the market, but even the cheapest one will cost you over 10 gold.



Achieve It

There are two 20 slot bags that you can get from completing achievements. One of them is quite easy; Uncanny Canner. This only requires you to purchase a bunch of items in jars from around the world, along with two that drop, or you can buy them on the market. This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get a 20 slot bag. The other 20 slot bag comes from Bandit Weapon Specialist. This achievement requires you to unlock 19 bandit weapons. They are random drops, particularly in the Silverwastes, in chests. Or you can go into WvW and buy them for Karma. If you go the WvW route, buy the weapons on the lowest level character you have as the Karma cost increases by level.


Craft It

By now you must be wondering where those fabled 32 slot bags are at. Well, we’re about to find out. These will all require you to have level 500 crafting in Armorsmith, Leatherworker, or Tailor. They’re also all multi-step processes that will create a few different bags on your way up to 32. For the sake of making this guide easy to read I’ve not included any of the recipes. These are best found on the Guild Wars 2 wiki or GW2Efficiency.

Completion requirement: Path of Fire, Pact Commander Mastery level: Supply Line Management (Optional)

Step 1. Purchase 20-Slot Equipment Pact Box recipe from a Pact Supply Network Agent.

If you don’t already have the recipe unlocked, this step could take some time as the Pact Supply Network Agents will offer different items every day and the recipe is one that appears quite rarely. There is also a chance for you to get it from the Torn Page from “Tyrian Pact Survival Handbook” which is sold by the Pact Agents as well. But, it is just one of many recipes that you could get. It should be noted that this step is only required if you want the bag effects that the Equipment Pack Box give. Otherwise, you can use other 20-slot bags and skip straight to step 2.

Step 2. Craft That Box

Using level 400 Armorsmith, Tailor or Leatherworker create a 20-Slot Equipment Pact Box, or craft one of the other 20-slot bags, depending on what you would like them to do. To continue to a 24-slot bag you will need 2 of the 20 slot bags.

Step 3. Get Recipes of the Dwarven (Armor, Leather, Cloth) Trader

In the Desert Highlands is a mini-game in the Dwarven Ruins. Head to the Derelict Delve Waypoint [&BKQKAAA=] and pass the hero point to a room with ruined mine carts. There’s a small room to the right just after you enter the mine cart room. Inside is a curious bowl. Inside you’ll find a mini-game that will transport you to several rooms if you win. Each room has a chest, each chest has a chance for these recipes. You can keep playing the game until you have them all.

Step 4. Craft that Other Box

Craft the box from the recipe you got in the Dwarven ruins to get yourself a 24-slot bag. You will only need one of these for the next stage. The most expensive part of this recipe is the Supreme Rune of Holding, which can be acquired if you play Sandstorm, or you can spend 9-10 gold on it on the market. For this level, you will only need one.

Step 5. Discover 28

Once you’ve crafted a 24-slot bag, you can discover the 28-slot version through crafting. You will only need one of these for the next stage. For this level, you need 5 of the 10 gold Supreme Rune of Holding.

Step 6. Discover 32

Now that you have your 28-slot bag, prepare to weep. You’re going to need 12 Supreme Rune of Holding. The 32-slot bag is also done through discovery in crafting and as of writing this, the total cost for a 32-slot bag through this method is around 170 gold.


Another crafting method has been introduced as well. This one uses a combination of crafting and achievements to complete. The total crafting cost is only about 10 gold less than the one mentioned previously.

Completion Requirement: Path of Fire, Living Story Season 4 Episode 2

Step 1. Complete Living Story Season 4 Chapter 2’s Story

Finish the story for A Bug in the System to unlock the recipe for the Simple Olmakhan Bandolier as well as giving you one for free.

Step 2. Go to Dulfy

Yes, I am seriously suggesting you go to another website for this one. She’s done a write-up on all the steps for this that is as long as this article is already right now. It’s far more complex than I could hope to cover but, if you follow her steps you’ll have yourself a 32-slot bag.


With a 32-slot bag costing almost 200 gold to create, you have to really sit back and wonder if it’s worth it. If you have a lot of spare gold sitting around, maybe it is. Or maybe you’re like me and even the cost of a 20-slot bag sounds a bit pricey. For now, I’ll stick with the bags I have and make use of my salvage-o-matic like it’s going out of style. In the future, this article almost certainly will be updated as new ways to get bigger bags in Guild Wars 2 are opened up.

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WoW Wednesday: Leveling in 7.3.5 After Nerfs

For those that have read my past articles talking about patch 7.3.5, you will know how hyped I was for the new level scaling and the Heritage armor for the new Allied Races. Blizzard has finally given us level scaling for all zones, from Classic WoW to Mists of Pandaria. Blizzard even made dungeons scale with your level! My plan was to finally get Loremaster, level through all the zones learning all their stories, and of course get that sweet new Heritage Armor. Sadly, it didn’t work out how I had hoped at first. I have been playing since Vanilla, I also have every class besides one at max level and even that one class is at level 101, so I’ve been through the leveling process many times before. I was hoping that with the new scaling that it would bring new life to leveling for me, but sadly it did not.

Questing was slower without being able to one shot the mobs like you previously could and dungeons didn’t give you the same experience like they did before. With dungeons not giving a lot of experience and taking longer because of the scaling, questing was your best choice. That was until someone found out you could carry characters through dungeons for faster experience with a max level toon like in the old days. Honestly though, what’s the fun in just sitting at the beginning of a dungeon while someone else clears it for you?

Not long after players started finding this out was it nerfed. Dungeons got their experience buffed back up, making it once again the fastest way to level. But I’ve been through those dungeons, I’ve seen them all and because of the scaling, there’s a chance of getting those horrible dungeons over and over *cough* Gnomeregan *cough*. I kept thinking that there had to be something I could do to make questing more immersive, to get the details of those stories, and to be able to blow through those pesky mobs just a bit quicker. So I went out, did some research, and now I want to share with you all what I have found to make questing through this magical place that is Azeroth more enjoyable.


Leveling in 7.3.5 After Nerfs

Immersion – This addon is absolutely amazing. If you’re tired of going through zones picking up quests, completing them, and turning them in only to find yourself questioning what is even happening in the zone, then you need to pick up Immersion! Immersion will take that dated quest text and will give you an immersive dialogue that is easily viewable, allowing you to actually see and read the quest to finally understand and get the whole story. I personally wouldn’t be leveling via questing if it wasn’t for this addon.

NPCScan – NPCScan will give you alerts when any rare mob is nearby. This isn’t a major game breaking addon, but rare mobs give a bit more experience and drop some different loot, and this addon will notify you when one is close by.

HandyNotes – HandyNotes is mainly for when you get to Warlords of Draenor content. This addon will show you where all the hidden treasures and rares are at, allowing you to focus on just treasure finding and bonus objectives to power through WoD. There is also a HandyNotes for Legion that will also show you more hidden treasures. Again, this addon isn’t a game breaker, just a nice one to have.


Enchants aren’t a necessity to make questing more enjoyable but if you’re like me and want to kill mobs a bit quicker, there are a few enchants that you can pick up for your Heirlooms. The two main enchants that you want to pick up are Mark of the Hidden Satyr for your neck and Elemental Force for your weapon.

Mark of the Hidden Satyr – Permanently enchants a necklace to sometimes summon a satyr that will fire a nightmare bolt at your enemy, dealing damage.

Elemental Force – Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes inflict additional Elemental damage when dealing damage with spells and melee attacks.

Leveling in 7.3.5

These two enchants together are more than enough to speed up your kills but if you want to go overboard, there are a few other enchants that you could pick up.

Cloak – For your cloak, you want to pick up any of the Warlords of Draenor enchants. For example; Gift of Critical Strike, Gift of Haste, or Gift of Versatility. Not only will these enchants give you a nice main stat buff, but you will get a 2% movement speed buff as well.

Chest – For your chest, you want the Glorious Stats enchantment. This enchant will increase all stats by 9. There are other enchants for the chest piece but generally, this is the best one for this slot.

Shoulder – This slot has three different enchants. For Strength, you want Secret Tiger Fang Inscription, for Agility users, Secret Tiger Claw Inscription, and for Intellect users, you want Secret Crane Wing Inscription.

Legs – For this slot, you will want to pick up a specific enchant depending on your class. For Agility users, you want the Shadowleather Leg Armor, for Strength users, you want the Angerhide Leg Armor, and for Intellect users that want Crit, you want the Greater Cerulean Spellthread. There is one other Intellect leg enchant if you want Versatility instead of Crit and that’s the Greater Pearlescent Spellthread.

Rings – The last slot you can enchant is your rings. For this slot you want to look back at the WoD enchants once again and pick any of the Gift of… enchants that you prefer. Gift of Critical Strike, Gift of Haste, or Gift of Versatility.

Quick note, to be able to use the Shoulder and Leg enchants you must be level 85. The easy workaround is to just enchant everything on your main, or a toon that is at least level 85 or higher and then send the enchanted Heirlooms over to the character you’re going to level. Another note to add is that if you’re a Hunter, you will want to enchant your bow or gun with Flintlocke’s Woodchucker. If you’re tanking with a shield, you’ll want Enchant Shield – Vitality, this will give you Versatility and Stamina. Lastly, if you’re healing with a shield, go for Enchant Shield – Greater Intellect, this will just give you Intellect.

Last Few Notes

I wanted to put a few last notes in to help with your leveling in 7.3.5. If you’re not worried about going for Loremaster but you still want to level through quests, try to stick with lower level zones. This means any zones that start with level 10 and goes up to 60. This is because these are zones designed around players not having a mount, meaning that quests will be closer together allowing for quicker questing. For those of you that don’t like the 70-80 grind, another way for you to get through those levels is to actually solo Karazhan trash (the raid, not the dungeon). Obviously, some classes will solo better than others, but all classes can easily start clearing around level 74. Focus on just the trash and do not kill a single boss. After you clear the trash, run out, reset, and repeat.

Leveling in 7.3.5

The last thing I wanted to mention was for the few of you that want a completely different experience, a video I recently found by YouTuber BellularGaming shows a whole different way you could experience WoW leveling. In his video, he shows himself playing WoW as if it were an Action RPG Console game. It has most definitely grabbed my interest and I’m going to try it out myself. If it sounds interesting to you, you can find the link to his video HERE.

Thank you for reading this week’s WoW Wednesday, let us know what you think about the new level scaling and if you’ve leveled a new Allied race in the comments down below!

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Designing an MMORPG: Crafting Systems

Crafting is a core component of MMORPGs these days, the few MMOs that don’t have any kind of crafting system in place feel like they’re missing something. This week we’ll not only be looking at what kinds of things we should be able to craft, but also how complex the system should be. So brush up on what games have done before because we’re about to dive into MMORPG crafting systems.

Before we can do that, we have to take a look at last week’s poll on factions. There was a lot of discussion about different ways of doing factions ranging from not having them at all to letting players pick which faction they’re in without it mattering what race you are. Ultimately though, a three faction system won the poll with 50% of the vote! We’ll be exploring what all of that means more in the future when we get to PvP and story details. For now, though, keep in mind that factions now look like this:

Dragons Dwarves Vampires
Fae Shifters Shadows
Lalers Hellspawn Dark Elves
Humans Humans Humans


Crafting in Two Parts

As mentioned in the introduction, we’re actually going to be looking at two different things in this article which means for the first time, we’ll have two different polls. This is because crafting is more than just the traditional “walk up to the station and push the button” that most MMOs go with. Also, you have to decide what kinds of things will be craftable.

Crafting Mechanic

When it comes to deciding how the crafting mechanic will work, it seems like the complexity is what you should be looking at most.



A realistic crafting system is a complex crafting system. It’s almost a mini-game in its own right. It’s a time-consuming system that could if you wanted, take up all of your in-game time. In this system, you’re limited in the number of crafting skills you can have and the types. For instance, if you decide to become a smith you only work with metals and limited amounts of wood or leather to create armor and some types of weapons. If you decide to become a woodworker, your skills are gathering wood, making staves, and other things using wood. Potions and cooking can go together, so can fishing and cooking. Basically, crafting is thematically appropriate and requires cooperation. Once you’ve finished making your items it’s time to set up shop. Yes, taking a page from Star Wars Galaxies and giving you a table or two in the town’s market.

Traditional MMO Crafting

You have your workstation being manned by master crafters where you simply click a button to craft your item. This is the system you see in most MMOs so much so that it’s considered the traditional way of doing things. You can spice it up a little though. Guild Wars 2 reduced the number of recipes you’re automatically given in favor of a discovery system. Place random items in the workstation and see what you make. This route is taken because it is hands-on without being too complex for casual users to use, a nice middle of the road option.

Hire a Guy

Maybe you want to be almost entirely hands-off with crafting. That’s an option too. Don’t bother spending more than a couple of seconds in game on crafting, you know a guy. Hire an NPC to craft the items you desire. All you have to do is provide the materials, which you can either gather yourself out in the world or buy, then wait a certain amount of time before the item you wanted is mailed to you. Making a simple health potion might take only 5 minutes while the most exotic armor in the game could take days to be completed. The game that most comes to mind with a system like this is Neverwinter, which also allows you to do crafting without even logging into the game. For added complexity, you could send in armor and weapons you aren’t using to have them broken down to make the item you requested. This will add to the crafting time, but also makes it cheaper.

Vote for which of these sounds most appealing to you in the poll below.


Crafting Skills

So, now we’ve talked about how crafting will work, we need to look at what things we’ll be able to craft. Below is a long list of crafting skills that you can find in other games, as well as some ideas I came up with on my own. For the sake of ease, I’m leaving out armor and weapon creation, along with food as those are a given. But after that, it’s up to you and your vote. You’ll be able to vote for as many of them as you like.

Fishing – Create lures and bait to go out to catch yourself some fish. Minor skill advancement comes from catching fish, most comes from the creation of lures and bait. Depending on the complexity of mechanic chosen, you may or may not be able to create poles and lines. Additionally, you’ll either be able to buy a pole or make a rudimentary one that is nothing more than a stick with a string.

Hunting – Leather will drop from some creatures in combat for all players, but those with the hunting skill will be able to harvest more, like eyes, guts, and even meat. Trapping is also a key component which allows hunters to catch creatures out in the world.

beginner crafting MMORPG Crafting Systems

Alchemy – Create potions and medicines to aid in fights. Everything from healing potions to anti-venoms. Also able to create items that aid in combat like smoke bombs and venoms.

Runes and Glyphs – Craft magical enhancements for gear that can boost stats or have interesting effects.

Scrolls – Create one time use magical scrolls that allow you to cast a magical attack you couldn’t otherwise perform. Short term stealth, summon a small elemental creature, and more.

Foraging – The world is filled with edible foods hanging on trees and growing out of the ground. It just takes someone with the right skills to recognize them. You’re also able to collect items for alchemists to use.

Mining – Only you can identify and harvest metals and gems from the ground. You might even get lucky and find a good place to mine salt. Maybe you’ll have to go into mines to get them, or maybe you’ll get lucky and see a little shimmer next to the road. This crafting skill is a great one for those who like to go off the beaten path.

Timber Harvesting – Go out and chop down some trees, you’re a lumberjack! But, you’re a responsible lumberjack, so every time you cut down a tree you’ll plant three more. Once you’ve harvested your logs it’s time to drag them to a mill to make planks. As your skill advances, you can start creating things with the wood you’ve got like bowls and spoons. You also have a vital role in regional crafting projects.

Archaeology – Make a small plot of land yours for a short time and start digging. In the beginning, you might only find arrowheads and pottery shards but as your skill increases, you can find old armor, runes, and much more. Grow your skill high enough and you may even be able to successfully uncover cloth and books.

Jewelry Making – Jewels are for fashion and have magical uses which is why jewelry making has two branches. You can make things that look pretty but have little use or you can make things that look less pretty and give you some fantastic benefits. Need a personal shield for a couple of seconds? There’s a gem for that! Want to increase your stamina slightly, wear this bracelet.

Gardening – Instead of going out to forage for materials find them in your own backyard. Travel the world to find exotic seeds to bring home and grow into exotic materials alchemists and chefs will love. As your skill increases, you’ll be able to add trees to your garden.

Guild Crafting – Large scale buildings, boats, and other things that benefit the whole guild.

Regional Crafting, aka City Crafting – Build a town from the ground up with regional events that go on for months. Start by building the crafting stations themselves then move on to building taverns, markets, and more. You are building a city of out of nothing. Requires a lot of participation.

What do you think of the crafting options? Leave a vote below for your favorites. If there’s another crafting skill you’d enjoy seeing leave a comment here, on social media, or on Reddit. If there are any popular choices that keep coming up, we’ll add them to our final list. How many will we end up with? That’s anyone’s guess. We’ll go with the most popular ones that are within a few percentage points of the others.

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