Star Wars Fortnite Crossover Event Going on Now

A Star Wars Fortnite crossover event is now taking place in the mega-popular Battle Royale game. From now until November 17th you’ll be able to get the Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit in the Item Shop. If you buy Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order on PC in the Epic Store you’ll get the outfit for free!

An Imperial Star Destroyer has also been spotted in the sky above the Island though it isn’t clear what its mission is, besides bringing lots of Stormtrooper Outfits. The trailer for the event seems to be suggesting that there will be more. In the description for the video, it says, “The Imperial Stormtrooper has been seen scouting out the Island. What could his mission be?”

It’s really no surprise that there is a Star Wars crossover event taking place right now considering the release of the new game and the fact that we’re just a month away from The Rise of Skywalker. Whatever else is going to be happening in-game you can expect it to take place this weekend so cancel your weekend plans and keep an eye on that Star Destroyer. If you can’t make it this weekend you do have until November 30th to get the skin by buying Fallen Order in the Epic Store.

Check out the trailer for the Star Wars Fortnite crossover below.

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E3 2019: Ubisoft Press Conference

The E3 2019 Ubisoft Press Conference is now done with and…well, we hope you like Tom Clancy. Several new Tom Clancy games were announced along with updates for The Division 2 and much more. We’ve picked out just the multiplayer games to focus on. You’ll find all of them plus trailers below.


Mythic Quest Raven’s Banquet

Actor Rob McElhenney took to the stage to announce Mythic Quest, a new sitcom about a game studio making the most popular MMORPG in the world, Mythic Quest. McElhenney plays the creative director of the game with a massive ego. Mythic Quest will be on Apple TV Plus and is expected to debut in the Fall.


Adventure Time Coming to Brawlhalla

You can now find Adventure Time characters Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum in Brawlhalla, the free to play platform fighter game with more than 25 million players. To celebrate this momentous occasion a limited time event will also be running until June 25th. Wondering what the characters will be like? Here you go.

Finn – the young human kid, this Epic Crossover mirrors the powers and abilities of the Brawlhalla Legend Jhala, but with six signature attacks and two Adventure Time themed weapons skins for axe and sword.

Jake – the magic companion, with six signature attacks and two Adventure Time themed weapons hammer and gauntlets. Jake mirrors the Legend Kor. Let’s kick their digital bootays!

Princess Bubblegum – Ruler of the Candy Kingdom, with six signature attacks and two Adventure Time themed weapons for blasters and rocket lance. Bubblegum mirrors Lord Vraxx. We’ve got science!

There’s also a new Adventure Time themed game mode called Buddy Mode. In Buddy Mode, you are your own team as you control two legends simultaneously. It’s 2v2 but with 1v1 number of players. There’s also an Adventure Time themed map called The Treehouse Stage. Finally, the crossover wouldn’t be complete without some themed KO effects.


Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

It would seem that Tom Clancy games are joining the ranks of those like Heroes of the Storm and Master X Master, games that take a few iconic characters from a particular catalog and stick them all in one place. In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad you control an elite squad of legendary characters from past Tom Clancy games in real time shooting battles. The part that is of most interest to us, of course, is the PvP aspect, an Arena where squads can compete. The game also has a campaign mode with a unique Tom Clancy storyline. Elite Squad will be available on mobile and if you pre-register you’ll unlock an exclusive character, Colonel Cole D. Walker from Ghost Recon Breakpoint. No word yet on when this game will be launching.


The Division 2

There was a lot of information given during the press conference for The Division 2 and its first year of post-launch content, so if you’re a fan grab a drink and get comfortable.

The first year of content will include three free episodes with story-driven missions, new areas, and much more.

Episode 1 D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions is all about exploring the outskirts of DC, who would have guessed with a name like that?. Head into the woodlands of Washington DC. (admittedly this California girl had no idea there were any.) You’ll also get to explore the 11 biomes of the Washington National Zoo. Episode 1 also includes Expeditions which players will have to participate in every week to progress through the different wings of Trinity College. Episode 1 is expected to launch in July.

Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle …you’ll never guess where it takes place….The Pentagon! Agents will have to defend the Pentagon from the Black Tusks while in the main missions trying to solve the ongoing outbreak crisis. Episode 2 will introduce the game’s second 8-player raid. Episode 2 is expected to launch sometime in the Fall.

Episode 3 Coney Island: Homecoming leads players to Coney Island where players will face an old familiar nemesis while facing the biggest threat of them all. Episode 3 is expected to launch in early 2020.

If you haven’t had the chance to play The Division 2 and you have a PC or a console you can play the game for free this weekend.

The Division 2 will also be on Stadia as a part of Uplay+.

Finally, it was announced that there is going to be a movie on Netflix about The Division. Sadly those are all the details we have about that right now.

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Godzilla is Invading PUBG

A new limited time crossover event means that Godzilla, the King of the Monsters will be in PUBG. Yes, Godzilla is invading PUBG as part of a free update coming out later this month. This crossover is, of course, thanks to the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters which releases in theaters around the world next week. The trailer announcing the collaboration doesn’t actually say anything about what we’ll see in the game. Instead, it cuts back and forth between PUBG and footage of the movie from the trailers.

Most crossover events in the past have included a limited time mode and exclusive event skins. Some signs of Godzilla’s arrival have already been spotted in the game even. Godzilla graffiti has been spotted on the Miramar map. Plus there have been reports of Godzilla themed shirts too.

It seems most likely that the full details of this event and the event itself on the 29th of May when the movie begins releasing in a number of countries. The USA will have to wait until May 31st to see the movie. But, let’s have a moment of silence for Spain who for some reason have to wait until June 21st to get the movie!

This isn’t the only Godzilla gaming related news there is today either. Nexon’s Godzilla Defense Force mobile game launched today. It looks like the world has Godzilla fever right now, and why wouldn’t they? He is the King of the Monsters and the new movie looks just so amazing.

You know, now that I’ve been thinking about how Godzilla will fit into PUBG I find myself wondering why no one has made a kaiju based Battle Royale game. Come on game developers! Work with Toho to make this happen!

Source: GamesRadar, SportsKeeda

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Final Fantasy XV Announces Standalone Multiplayer Release and FFXIV Crossover

A recent Final Fantasy XV anniversary livestream had a whole lot to say to mark the game’s two-year anniversary, and while most of the announcements are understandably single-player focused, there are a couple of multiplayer-related tidbits in there. Namely, a standalone release for the multiplayer Comrades mode and a crossover event with Final Fantasy XIV.

final fantasy xv anniversary livestream

Multiplayer: Comrades, the small-scale online co-op multiplayer mode of the game that was released last year, is now going to be its own standalone title for Xbox One and PS4. This effectively shuts down the mode’s inclusion from the original title, though the PC version will continue to receive these updates.

This new release will introduce 10 new bosses for players to face off against. It will arrive on December 12th at 5pm PST and will cost $9.99 for new arrivals or will be granted for free to those who purchased the expansion previously.

As for the Final Fantasy XIV crossover event, that will also arrive on December 12th as a free update to all Final Fantasy XV players. The crossover quest will introduce Noctis and his companions to the Miqo’te Y’jhimei, ultimately culminating in a fight against the wind Primal Garuda from FFXIV. Special XIV-themed costumes await as a reward for completing this event.

Naturally, there are trailers for these updates. The XIV collab trailer can be viewed here and the latest Comrades trailer is here.

Our Thoughts

It’s interesting that they’ve decided to release Comrades as a standalone title on consoles, but considering that the original game’s DLC is winding down, perhaps they’re trying to trim as much as they can. In any case, we do hope that fans of this particular title enjoy both the online multiplayer and the collab event.

Source: press release

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Final Fantasy XIV Brings the Monster Hunter World Event Online

Final Fantasy XIV players are used to slaying dragons, but the arrival of Rathalos in the FFXIV Monster Hunter World patch is a whole ‘nother beast. A beast from a New World, you could say. The MMORPG’s part of its crossover with the monster slaying action RPG is now online, along with the next part of the Eureka expedition content.

ffxiv monster hunter world patch

Players who are ready to take on Rathalos will need to report to Kugane to speak with an NPC, be level 70, and have at least item level 320 or better in order to take on the first version of the fight. The Extreme version, which pares down party size from eight to four, requires item level 350 or higher.

As mentioned before, rewards for completing this new encounter will include things like Rathalos patterned armor, a Rathalos flying mount, and a variety of other Monster Hunter-themed goodies.

The latest patch has also brought online the Pagos Expedition part of the Lost Land of Eureka, opening up a frosty new location where players can further empower their Eureka weapons and get a variety of new rewards such as minions. There’s also a number of new items and other adjustments added with this patch, so take a look over the patch notes for more.

Our Thoughts

We’ve been very ready for this new crossover to arrive to Final Fantasy XIV! We hope that other, deeper and more robust crossover events will also come to the MMORPG, because this one definitely sounds like it’s been put together with a lot of love and respect for the Monster Hunter World title.

Sources: press release, official site

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FFXIV Gets Rathalos in August and Patch 4.4 in September

With the close of the recent Live Letter broadcast from Final Fantasy XIV, we can now confirm more than a few things that are coming to the MMORPG. For starters, a launch date for the FFXIV Monster Hunter World event has been announced, along with preliminary details for the game’s next major content patch.

ffxiv monster hunter world event

The fight against Rathalos will come to Eorzea on Tuesday, August 7th as part of Patch 4.36. Rathalos will come in two flavors: an eight-player Normal mode and a four-player Extreme mode. The fight will carry a few new mechanics that call back to the Monster Hunter game, including being knocked over and stunned by the creature’s massive tail swipes.

Rewards for the upcoming Trial continue the Monster Hunter World references, with a BBQ Spit furnishing items, a Poogie and Palico minion, new equipment sets patterned after Rathalos, and even a Rathalos flying mount. Patch 4.36 will also be introducing the next leg of the Forbidden Land of Eureka.

As for patch 4.4, players of FFXIV can look forward to that sometime in September. Subtitled “Prelude in Violet”, Patch 4.4 will bring another round of main and side quests; a new dungeon in the form of The Burn and a hard mode for Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum; the new Omega: Alphascape tier of raids; a new Trial where players must fight against Suzaku; and job adjustments that include increasing the number of Role Action slots.

More details for Patch 4.4 are expected to come at some point later, but for now a trailer for the upcoming Rathalos hunt is available for viewing below.

Our Thoughts

The Rathalos fight looks like a good time indeed and we’re definitely eager to collect those rewards, but we’re also looking forward to seeing what other details are coming out of Patch 4.4. As of right now, the new stuff arriving in this update seems to be following the regular trend of prior patches…but that’s definitely not a complaint, all things considered.

Sources: press release, Twitter

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Final Fantasy’s Behemoth Arrives to Monster Hunter World in August

Up to this point, the only word we had about the Monster Hunter World Behemoth hunt’s arrival was “summer”. During a Monster Hunter-specific YouTube video, though, it was revealed that the nebulous time of the year has been pared down to a slightly less nebulous month of the year: August.

monster hunter world behemoth

The video in question is from Monster Hunter Radio, a broadcast put together by Capcom Japan. During the video, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto announced that the collaboration will arrive to players of Monster Hunter World in an update this August.

The hunt against Behemoth will, naturally, be the primary feature of this crossover event. The Behemoth hunt will first arrive to the game and to players’ hands during the Monster Hunter World Thanksgiving 2018 at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, Japan on July 15th.

As for the Final Fantasy XIV portion of the crossover event, there’s no official word about when the Rathalos fight will be available, though presumably it will be in the same time frame. An announcement on that front is expected during FFXIV’s next live producer’s letter.

Our Thoughts

We were kind of hoping for July, but August isn’t exactly a long way away either, so we’ll be happy to start hacking pieces off of Behemoth and (maybe?) pulling loot out of Rathalos in a few weeks’ time. There’s things to do in the meanwhile.

Source: Gematsu via Destructoid

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FFXIV and Monster Hunter Producers Discuss the Crossover Event

So we know that Rathalos is going to visit Eorzea and the Behemoth will arrive to the New World, but the mechanics surrounding those encounters for both games wasn’t immediately made clear in the event announcements. Now, a few more of those blanks for the FFXIV Monster Hunter World crossover have been filled in by each game’s producers.

ffxiv monster hunter world crossover

On the FFXIV side, producer Naoki Yoshida explained that the Rathalos fight will not be a FATE but will be an eight-person encounter. Additionally, Yoshida let it spill that the Rathalos fight will have two varients, possibly alluding to a Normal and Hard mode like other single boss fights in the MMORPG work currently.

Meanwhile in the New World of Monster Hunter World, the Behemoth fight is promised by producer Ryozo Tsujimoto to be “very unique, something that you haven’t seen in previous battles or anything previously in Monster Hunter before”. While the Behemoth fight won’t be in the upper echelons of challenge like, say, Kulve Taroth, the producer does remark that the reveal trailer does have the Behemoth snacking down on a Dodogama, if that gives fans of the action RPG a gauge of where it lies in the monster power scale.

What about the two notable mascots from each series appearing in the collab as well? Unfortunately, neither producer would let slip just what the Cactuar is doing in Monster Hunter World or what the Felyne is doing in Eorzea, but Tsujimoto does believe that fans will smile when they see the Cactuar’s appearance and Yoshida confirmed that the Felyne will not be a pet for people to collect. Pity, that.

Our Thoughts

However each fight is meant to play out or whatever rewards await at the other side, we’re definitely looking forward to both sides of this collaborative coin once their respective updates arrive this coming summer.

Source: IGN

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FFXIV and Monster Hunter World Trade Monsters in Collab Event

If there’s one thing that both the Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter series have in common, it’s impossibly enormous weapons. They also share the common thread of huge, iconic and dangerous monsters. So it makes sense that a Monster Hunter World FFXIV collab event would see both games lending one another some of their more popular beasties.

monster hunter world ffxiv collab

Reveals made over the past couple of days by way of two new trailers have confirmed that Eorzea will be invaded by Rathalos, while the…uh…world of Monster Hunter World will get Final Fantasy’s iconic Behemoth.

Both games have, naturally, also created some new landing pages that reference one another ahead of the collab. For those playing Final Fantasy XIV, the Rathalos fight will require players to be at least level 70 and have completed the “Stormblood” main scenario quest. The Behemoth fight doesn’t have quite as many details, only saying that Behemoth’s arrival will be part of the game’s fourth free title update.

In both cases, this new collaborative effort will arrive sometime this summer.

Our Thoughts

Rathalos and Behemoth. Two of the game’s most powerful critters, taking a tour of new realms, enjoying the sights, eating the delicious local wildlife, and clawing heroes for leisure. Sounds like a good time all around.

Sources: Monster Hunter World site, Final Fantasy XIV site

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TERA PC Slips On a Gilded Mask and an Attack on Titan Costume

PC players of TERA are seeing a bit of a two-for-one update today. A crossover promotion with the popular anime Attack on Titan has arrived to the action MMO, along with the TERA: Gilded Mask update which adds new story content and a new gear slot.

tera: gilded mask

Let’s get the anime stuff out of the way first. A limited-time crossover between TERA and Attack on Titan will let players take on enormous BAMs dressed in Survey Corps outfits taken straight from the show with new EMP Store items. A number of cosmetic items are on offer for purchase include outfits, emotes and more. These items will be available between now and Tuesday, March 29th.

Now on to the stuff you don’t have to pay money for to experience: the Gilded Mask update has opened up a new level 65 dungeon to PC TERA players in the form of the Red Refuge, where players are tasked with rescuing a hostage and are being prepared to learn a surprising truth about the Valkyon Federation. Red Refuge will come in Normal and Hard modes.

Gilded Mask will also introduce a new Mask equipment slot for players to further strengthen themselves thanks to a buff to Endurance and one other stat, though Masks are currently only available as drops from the Hard mode variant of Red Refuge.

Some more information about the Gilded Mask update can be read here, while a trailer showing off the Attack on Titan cosmetics can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Masks! Honestly, it’s not a gear slot that we’d considered terribly often, but having ways for players to ramp up their power isn’t always a bad thing. Here’s hoping these new items will be added to more content loot tables soon.

Source: press release

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