Amazon’s Innovative Team-Based Shooter Crucible Has Landed!

A little while ago we covered the upcoming Amazon Games’ team-based shooter Crucibleand we’re now excited to announce that the game has officially launched. Within the game players work with teammates to hunt their opponents and take down hostile creatures on a lush rogue planet in pursuit of Essence, a valuable resource that amplifies hunters’ powers. 

This MOBA-tinted title allows you to choose between 10 distinct hunters including Earl, an inter-stellar trucker, Summer, a dual-flame-thrower-wielding former welder, and Bugg, a robot botanist.

Having given this game a go we can attest to its quality but don’t just take our word for it – here’s a few reviews to convince you to pick this game up, if you haven’t already:

“I knew Crucible was something special the very first time I played it, and it somehow keeps getting even better,” said Twitch creator Sasslyn. “The hunters are unique, but welcomingly familiar. Whether you want to stick to one or be a jack-of-all-trades, there is a hunter that will fit your preferred style of play. Throughout Crucible’s development, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing first-hand how much the team cares about their players, and the way they take feedback and use it to make Crucible into an even more innovative and unique game.”

“One thing that separates Crucible is the diversity in its characters,” said Twitch creator Bartonologist. “There’s something there for everyone. Each character approaches the game differently and matches up against the other hunters in a unique way. Brings a whole new level of strategy and competition to this world.”

“The three game modes in Crucible represent three completely different kinds of teamwork required to come out on top,” said Twitch creator Stevo. “There’s unlimited ways you can strategize and compose your team to win, but of course, you never know what your opposition will do either!”

Get involved before 2nd June and you’ll bag yourself an early adopter gift of 1,000 Credits deposited into your in-game account. Credits can be redeemed for cosmetic in-game items like skins and emotes, as well as a Pre-Season Battle Pass, available for 950 Credits. The Pre-Season Battle Pass offers players a series of challenges and rewards, including hunter and account customization options.

Check out more info on the game via their website.


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Team-Based Shooter Crucible Launches on 20th May

Crucible is one of the results of digital retail giant Amazon’s foray into gaming and, more specifically, the MOBA genre. The team-based shooter has been in development for a while now but we have finally received a launch date: 20th May. 

The free-to-play title is an intriguing addition to this popular MMO format with some unique mechanics to set it apart from popular paragons such as SMITE & League of Legends. Crucible is a MOBA with a twist; the opportunity to betray your allies. 

Anyone who has played an online shooter has encountered the annoying players who think it’s funny to shoot their teammates. Crucible is making that an integral part of their game. Within three modes – each one PvP or objective-based – you will be able to turn on your fellow players and join the opposition, which promises compelling gameplay and spectating. 

Fans of titles such as Overwatch should be thrilled by the game’s roster of distinctive ‘Essence Hunters’, each with their own skills, characteristics and contributions that will deliver a unique experience with each match – doing away with the traditional choice between a tank, healer or support. 

Ahead of the release is the trailer which you can take a look at below:

Crucible has been developed by Relentless Studios, a Seattle-based development team of Amazon Games headed up by the co-founder of Command & Conquer’s Westwood Studios, Louis Castle. Crucible will be the first of two major titles from Amazon Games in 2020, followed by the launch of New World in August. With the budget of Amazon behind them and a delayed release to tweak the game to perfection, these are promising additions to a tried-and-tested formula.

With the 20th May release date just around the corner, get yourself ready by adding Crucible to your Steam wishlist and check out more in-depth info on the Crucible website.

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