Red Dead Online Game Modes Leak Ahead of Release

With Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer mode due to go live for some starting today, we’ve got a bit of advance information courtesy of a dataminder: specifically, news about Red Dead Online game modes including what sound like story missions and a battle royale mode.

red dead online game modes

The leaks were shared on Twitter by a user named Illogicalmods, who dug up several text files from Rockstar’s Social Club website. These text files include what look like journal entries to several story missions involving a man by the name of Horley, who appears to be your liaison to Red Dead Online’s activities and presumed overall narrative.

The files also offer brief descriptions of game modes in the multiplayer game:

  • Hostile Territories, a team-based point capture mode.
  • Most Wanted, a “tactical race to the top” that sees players trying to kill as many people for points without being taken down themselves.
  • A Name Your Weapon mode which limits the types of weapons players can use and awards points for landing kills with “trickier” weapons.
  • And the battle royale mode Make It Count, which has players using specific weapons to determine the last one standing in a slowly shrinking play space.

The unearthed feature list also has some word about different types of races that players can join in on, as well as good old-fashioned team-based deathmatch modes.

As announced yesterday, Red Dead Online’s beta will be opening in staggered steps; today will become available for those who bought the Ultimate Edition, the 28th will be open for those who bought the game on day one, the 29th will allow those who played during the game’s launch weekend, and the 30th opens the beta to every owner of the game.

Our Thoughts

We’re really not terribly surprised that Red Dead Online is hopping on that bandwagon, but at least it sounds like there are other things for players to do if battle royale isn’t their cup of tea. Or campfire instant coffee if you want to stick to thematics.

Sources: Rockstar Newswire, Twitter via Eurogamer

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Datamining Finds PUBG PS4 Store Listings

Those digital 49ers have struck yet another vein of information, it looks like. One person has managed to dig into their PlayStation 4 database to bring up some PUBG PS4 release indicators that seem to suggest the shooter is coming to the system by year’s end.

pubg ps4 release

According to a poster on the PSN Profiles forum, images and two PlayStation Store content IDs – one NA and one EU – for PUBG are already in their console. This suggests that the battle royale shooter is already on Sony’s servers.

The discovery adds another log to the fire as the PS4 version also made its reveal on the Korean game ratings board in September.

The prevailing assumption is that PUBG’s PS4 release will be sometime this December, which is fueled by analyst Daniel Ahmad’s post on the ResetEra forums. There’s still no official announcement of the shooter’s move to the console yet, but that may be due to the game’s year-long exclusivity deal with Microsoft and Xbox.

Our Thoughts

Really, by this point it’s less a question of “if” so much as “when” PUBG will arrive to the PS4. It would be pretty remarkable if PUBG Corp and Bluehole decided to ignore the PlayStation 4 market, and considering its competition it wouldn’t make a lot of business sense to leave that money sitting on the table.

Sources: VG247, Eurogamer

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Evidence Mounts of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

The biggest and arguably best battle royale shooter appears to be continuing to spread its oily, ravenous tentacles around the entire gaming world until we are all consumed by its countless teeth and dragged screaming into its cloudy, event horizon-sized maw before being silenced forever with only our agony to comfort us. Basically, it looks like a Fortnite Nintendo Switch port is pretty certain.

fortnite nintendo switch

The initial rumblings of this rumor arrived at the beginning of the month, with the Korean Software Ratings Board listing a rating for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch apparently ahead of schedule. That reported leak, however, has since been taken down.

Now, some new datamining appears to have unearthed a couple of additional clues that the shooter is making its way to the Switch. A self-described console hacker has found files of interest in the matter: a line of code in the Nintendo eShop that references an update for Fortnite, and an icon that appears to bear the similar style and formatting of other Switch game icons one can find on the system’s home screen.

Naturally, this is all conjecture at this point and could still be a rather elaborate gag. That said, there won’t be too terribly long for everyone to find out what Nintendo is up to once E3 arrives and that is a pretty long way to go for a gag. On the other hand, this IS the internet.

Our Thoughts

The Nintendo Switch would absolutely be the perfect fit for a game like Fortnite Battle Royale. The system’s portability and the fast-paced, short-form nature of Fortnite BR’s gameplay beats make it an absolute shoe-in for the sort of on-the-go gaming that Switch likes to push.

Sources: Kotaku UK, Polygon

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RIFT PTS Datamining Finds Patch 4.4 and RIFT Prime Details

As it seems to be the case with every MMO public test build release, dataminers have dug into the recent RIFT PTS update and uncovered a wealth of new details for the game, including a look ahead at what’s coming in patch 4.4 and some initial pieces of info regarding RIFT Prime.

Of course, this means that it’s time to deploy a SPOILER WARNING and note that you should not scroll past the picture below if you don’t want RIFT update spoilers. We would have called in Spoiler Puppy, but he’s sleeping right now.

rift pts update

Patch 4.4 of RIFT’s current Live game will be kicking off the Carnival of the Ascended once again, with new backpacks, masks and wings for players to earn. There are also some new mounts including what appear to be parade balloons and a new Apocalypse Snail.

There will also be a new 10v10 deathmatch Warfront in the form of the Tenebrean Prison, which currently has a first to 20 scoring mechanic, with two points earned for every kill and one point lost for every death. 4.4 will also bring the Droughtlands and Moonshade Highlands IAs to the game.

As for RIFT Prime, some intriguing first details were included in the PTS. According to data, enemy health and damage appears to be adjusted based on level, while Prime-specific class changes are also apparently included. A total of 173 different content flags have been found, including standard and normal versions of each dungeon and raid.

Miners have also found information that suggests the Prime LFR will be updated for 20-player matchmaking and LFR, Normal, and Hard difficulties for level 50 Greenscale’s Blight will be included, though likely not available at launch. Zones like Ember Isle, Planetouched Wilds and Vostigar Peaks also appear to be gated off.

Our Thoughts

We’re not completely surprised by the zone gating and Greenscale’s Blight lock, but it’s still interesting to know just what Prime players may be able to expect. Are you intrigued by anything that’s been revealed for Prime, or are you concerned about this new progression server like one of our writers? What about Live’s patch 4.4? Let us know below.

Source: The Ghar Station via Massively Overpowered

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ESO Datamining Finds New Details of Next Chapter

There are a whole lot of juicy Elder Scrolls Online datamining details that have been recently uncovered by the fine folks over at the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (or UESP if you want to save time and make them sound like a sort of psionic police force). That said, we know that many liken datamining to spoilers, so consider this your SPOILER WARNING and do not scroll past Spoiler Puppy if you don’t want to see spoilers for ESO’s next chapter-sized update.

elder scrolls online datamining

For those still with us; it looks like UESP has found a whole bundle of additional details to further shore up earlier datamining finds in January about ESO’s next chapter, which will have players visiting Summerset Isle. In this more recent post, information seems to suggest that jewelry crafting will be added, along with dealings with the Psijic Order and a potential visit to the Spiral Skein.

The Psijic Order appears to be its own guild within ESO, which will introduce some guild-specific skills according to datamined filenames. There’s also assumption that the Psijic will become a playable new class, with several additional skill filenames unearthed and an icon filename that follows the same structure as other classes such as Morrowind’s Warden.

In addition to the Psijic Order likely being a new guild and potentially its own class, it appears that the Psijic Order will be a central focus of the chapter’s story, taking players to the fabled island of Artaeum and several related locations such as the Order’s HQ of Ceporah Tower and the Dreaming Cave. Datamining also found a number of assets that point to a visit to the Spiral Skein, a Daedric realm of the Daedric prince Mephala. A total of four related maps have been uncovered, along with files that suggest that players will be facing Mephala herself in battle.

Finally, new files point to the ability for players to craft their own Jewelry. A number of new materials have been identified, each corresponding to item quality tiers and the three traits of Healthy, Robust and Arcane jewelry. Icon files for jewelry-specific crafting stations were also found, though this feature may be arriving in a later DLC similar to the way Transmutation arrived with Clockwork City.

Our Thoughts

Whether all of these new features are arriving in one very heavy chapter update or will be (more likely) broken up over the course of some DLC installments, it definitely sounds like things are about to get increasingly interesting for players of The Elder Scrolls Online. We’re looking forward to perhaps an official reveal sometime later this year.

Source: Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages via

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Sea of Thieves Datamining Finds Items, Creatures and More

We suppose it was inevitable in times like these. A Sea of Thieves datamining expedition has unearthed a long list of various items buried in the sand of the game’s code, including a number of new items, NPCs and maps. So once again Spoiler Puppy is here to shield you from upcoming spoilers for Sea of Thieves. So don’t scroll by the puppy if you don’t want to learn more.

sea of thieves datamining

For those who have moved on past the cute puppy; the dataminer know as m4rx on Reddit has offered up a laundry list of items from the title’s CBT files. According to m4rx, the list is an ongoing process, which is being stymied by a missing decryption key to decrypt additional assets.

That said, the list found so far is long indeed, with a number of treasure chests; a number of ship customization items including livery, cannons, capstans and figureheads; and a number of different weapons such as a boarding axe and a heavy sword.

The mining also found reference to a Kraken, or at least the tentacles of the creature which appear to wrap themselves around your ship. The data also included reference to a Harpoon Gun for player ships, which could be specifically engineered to protect against very large and overly huggy sea monsters.

According to m4rx, the datamining is being done in an attempt to find what Rare is holding back from closed beta until release, as “the general consensus on the beta is that the game is lacking content”.

Our Thoughts

Even knowing that there’s a possibility of a kraken beneath the waves of Sea of Thieves’ world makes us eager to see it in action. Of course, how much of this data is actually going to make it to full release is up to assumption, but we’ll be looking forward to learning more from the devs directly.

Source: Sea of Thieves subreddit via VG247

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Battle for Azeroth Datamining Unveils New Mounts, NPCs and Items

So it looks like the depths of a Battle for Azeroth alpha build have been pretty thoroughly plumbed by dataminers, with a whole lot of new information brought to light including new mounts, new NPCs, spell changes and a lot more.

That all said, we understand that people maybe want to be surprised by the expansion’s content on full release, so we’re recruiting our old friend Spoiler Puppy once more to guard you against spoilers. In other words: SPOILER WARNING: Do not scroll past the puppy if you don’t want to see Battle for Azeroth things ahead of time.

battle for azeroth alpha width=

First, let’s talk about the important thing: the mounts. Battle for Azeroth will offer a large assortment of animals for players to ride on, including giant bumblebees, giant parrots, frogs, and pterrodax among others. There are also some new NPCs players will meet, including the Vulpera, a fox-like race that is too cute for words.

New spells included in the Alpha mostly have placeholder names (as one would expect), but there are some that appear to be more complete, such as Apocalypse; a fire spell that blows up 40 yards around the caster and restores 100% of that caster’s health. There’s also a long list of new armors, items and more for viewing, though the item stats are not accurate.

There’s also two huge lists of information about spell and talent changes, granting a bit more direct insight into an earlier dev blog about tweaks to the game’s classes.

In short, there is a LOT to look over, so make sure you head to MMO Champion for the full datamining rundown. And bring a pack lunch; you’re gonna be there for a while.

Our Thoughts

While it’s definitely important to note that these findings are from an alpha build and absolutely not final, we’re certain those with more time and focus on specific classes and items will have a few things to say about what Battle for Azeroth is bringing, so we open this thoughts section to you. What do these initial findings from the alpha build mean to you? Are you as excited about riding a huge bumblebee as we are? Share with us below!

Source: MMO Champion

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New Hunter Pets for World of Warcraft 7.3.5 Unearthed

If you’ve gotta tame ’em all, then you’ll be happy to know that some new patch 7.3.5 Hunter pets are on the way. Datamining of the PTR has once more returned some gold and this time it’s of the tameable critter variety.

patch 7.3.5 hunter pets

In all, Hunters will be able to snare five new pets:

  • The Crystal Spine Matriach basilisk in Yojamba Isle.
  • The Ancient Duskcloak panthara near the Grove of Naroua on Krokuun.
  • The Albino Umbralfin mana ray and Elusive Chitinbuk talbuk in Mac’Aree.
  • The Silithid Sentinel in a special phased version of Silithus accessed by defeating Argus.

Datamining has also uncovered the starting pets for each of the Alllied Races: Highmountain Tauren will get a Great Eagle; Lightforged Draenei start with a Lightforged Talbuk; Void Elves begin with a Voidstalker lizard; and the Nightborne get a Manasaber pet to start.

You can check out all of the new pets and also take a closer look at their models at Wowhead.

Our Thoughts

While on the surface a lot of these pets might be seen as recolors, we’re sure there are more than a few Hunters who can’t stand to go through their life in Azeroth without a full compliment of every pet out there. And who knows, maybe this patch will also have some hidden pets? In any case, best of luck to anyone looking to ensnare these new beasts.

Source: Wowhead

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Icons in Dota 2 Suggest the Next Hero is Ares

In the latest update to the Dota 2 client, a few threads appear to be tying together to reveal the next Dota 2 hero to be added to the roster and those threads all appear to be heading in the direction of Ares, the god of war and the son of Zeus.

dota 2 hero

The icons in question are for two abilities: Phalanx Cancel and Spear, both of which are tied in the image file names to a placeholder hero called Mars. Digging in the new update files has also apparently revealed particle effects for an ability used by Mars called Spear Wall, though there currently are no images of the effects in action as of this writing.

Basic understanding of the mythology between Rome and Greece, of course, leads one to assume that Mars is a reference to Ares, the Greek god of war in the civilization’s pantheon and the son of Zeus, who is already a character in Dota 2.

Timing seems to suggest that a new character could be on the way, as the last new heroes added to Dota 2’s roster were Dark Willow and Pangolier in the Dueling Fates update this past October. Of course, this assumption is based solely off of placeholder images of a character that may or may not even come to in-game life, so grains of salt and all that.

Our Thoughts

Grains of salt or not, the connections to the iconography discovered and the Zeus character in Dota 2 do seem to be pretty good indications of who the MOBA’s next character will be. If any more details do surface – official or datamined – we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Sources: Dot Esports, Dota 2 subreddit

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Unlock Requirements for WoW’s Allied Races Unearthed

Those hard-working dataminers are at it again, plumbing the depths of PTR code and coming back with their hands coated in binary soot to bring us new information. Fresh from the mines this time are some early details on some World of Warcraft Allied Race unlock requirements.

world of warcraft allied race unlock

The information comes from the most recent 7.3.5 PTR build and offers details on how to unlock the Highmountain Tauren, Nighborne, Void Elf, and Lightforged Draenei races:

  • Highmountain Tauren: Earn the “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” achievement and Exalted with the Highmountain Tribe.
  • Nightborne: Earn the “Good Suramaritan” achievement and Exalted with the Nightfallen.
  • Void Elf: Earn “You Are Now Prepared!” and Exalted with Argussian Reach.
  • Lightforged Draenei: Earn “You Are Now Prepared!” and Exalted with the Army of the Light.

Those who want to play as the Allied Races will also need to have at least one level 110 character, complete a special scenario, and (naturally) have purchased the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

The datamining expedition also uncovered some other items of interest such as Allied Race tabards, new boosted character gear, and some more Cataclysm Timewalking. You can read up on all of the findings over on Wowhead.

Our Thoughts

Presumably, many WoW players have already unlocked most of these requirements already, but if you haven’t at least now you have something of a head start. Unless, of course, there are going to be some additional requirements that aren’t otherwise part of the PTR.

Source: Wowhead

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