Conqueror’s Blade Firms Up a Release Date for Beta

Earlier we were granted a general release window for the Conqueror’s Blade beta test, which was due for sometime this month. Today, we have a firm calendar date for testing to begin, along with some footage of the game in action.

conqueror's blade beta test

Play happens from the viewpoint of a battlefield General. Generals will be able to command Legions ranging in size from 16 to 40 units, each with different formations such as the Spear-Shield Legion’s Turtle formation. Legions also have unique skills, many of which are specific to a certain formation.

Generals themselves have a variety of different weapons and fighting styles, and can unlock siege weapons that can be brought to bear as their General levels up. In the gameplay video, player Generals appear to be as active or passive in battle as they wish, from commanding legions and siege weapons to outright getting into combat with enemy legions.

Beta testing for Conqueror’s Blade begins on Friday, January 26th. Interested players can still register to be included on the game’s website and can also take in the gameplay trailer below.

our Thoughts

So Conqueror’s Blade seems to operate a bit like For Honor in terms of being amidst a battlefield while offering some RTS elements to be considered before and during battle. Genuinely, this game looks like nothing that’s out there in the MMO and multiplayer space, so we’re very intrigued to see how testing works out and what players think of the game once beta begins.

Source: press release

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