WH40k: Dawn of War 3 Gets an Update and Free Weekend

There is a whole lot going on for Warhammer 40k-loving strategy gamers. The latest Dawn of War 3 update is offering up new Elites and new multiplayer maps, and if that’s not enough, the game is also being offered for free this weekend on Steam.

dawn of war 3 update

The Orks, Space Marines, and Eldar are all getting some new Elite units; specifically, the Lifta-Droppa Wagon, the Ironclad Dreadnought, and Wraithseer Kayduin respectively.

Those who like their Dawn of War with other players are also getting a new map each for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 multiplayer modes. Custom matches are also getting some new options with this update, including the ability to toggle Elites, Doctrines, and faction super abilities on and off at will.

If all of this sounds good to you but you’re not ready (or able) to buy in yet, a free weekend for Dawn of War 3 is available starting today, October 19th and runs all the way through Monday, October 23rd at 10am PDT. The offer is available specifically on the Steam platform.

Patch notes for the new Endless War update can be found on the Dawn of War 3 website and a trailer for the update is available below.

Our Thoughts

Once again, we love free stuff, and an entire free game is nothing to sneeze at. If you’ve been on the fence about Dawn of War 3 or perhaps hadn’t had this game on your radar, this could be your best opportunity to check out what made us enjoy it ourselves.

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