Hacker Who Took Part in Daybreak Games DDOS Attack Sentenced to Prison Time

Way back in 2013 Daybreak Games, then called Sony Online Entertainment suffered a massive coordinated DDOS attack. The Daybreak Games DDOS attack was done by a group called DerpTrolling who was also responsible for attacks against Battle.net, League of Legends, and Dota 2.

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23-year-old Austin Thompson pled guilty in November to damage to a protected computer in connection with the DDOS. In his plea agreement, he said that he was in charge of the DerpTrolling Twitter account which had posted in early January 2014 that federal agents had shown up at their house but that they had escaped through the bathroom.

Now he’ll be serving 27 months in prison and be forced to pay Daybreak Games $95,000 in restitution. Previous convictions for DDOS attacks against Daybreak Games, these by Lizard Squad resulted in a 2 year suspended sentence for one man and 3 months in federal prison plus $350,000 to Daybreak Games. The Lizard Squad attack was when Smedley, the then head of Daybreak Games had his make an emergency landing because of a bomb threat.

This has brought about some debate online of course. Some are saying that he was just a teenager trying to take down a game and that the prison sentence and money are too much for the crime committed. Others say that it serves him right and he shouldn’t have done the crime if he wasn’t willing to do the time. Some believe that the punishment is as severe as it is because the courts are making an example out of him. The debate goes back and forth. Whichever side you sit on it is interesting to see this all play out.


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Sony Online Entertainment DDoS Attacker Pleads Guilty

A man responsible for Sony Online Entertainment DDoS attacks has put in a guilty plea in court. 23 year-old Austin Thompson of Utah has officially fessed up to attacks on a number of victims including SOE in 2013 and 2014.

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Thompson carried out attacks on SOE and other companies under the guise of DerpTrolling, a clandestine hacker group that takes requests for targets via phone and shuts them down via DDoS. According to details in a plea deal, Thompson’s actions cost at least $95,000 in damages.

Other notable DDoS targets of DerpTrolling were League of Legends, Dota 2, and the Origin game store of Electronic Arts — all targets that were taken on reportedly “for the lulz.”

Thompson’s sentence is set for March 1st of next year. Details of the aforementioned plea deal were not reported, but Thompson does face up to 10 years in prison, a fine of $250,000, and three years of supervised release.

Our Thoughts

Hope the lulz were worth it. While this certainly might seem a drop in the larger bucket of “hackers” trying to shut down online games and gaming services for who know whatever reason, it’s good to at least see some measure of justice carried out against people who very often believe themselves to be impossible to catch.

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FFXIV’s Producer Remarks on Continued DDoS Attacks

For whatever reason, some very sad sacks have felt that continued Final Fantasy XIV DDoS attacks are a great idea, which has brought out the MMORPG’s producer to offer a few words of explanation, reassurance and apology in equal measure.

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Naoki Yoshida offered his own words on the intermittent attacks on FFXIV, which have been occurring over the past few days. While all data centers have been under assault, the EU data center appears to be a frequent target, with several hundred to several thousands of disconnects occurring during these attacks. NA data centers are seeing similar issues on a smaller scale, while Japanese data centers are experiencing lag as a result of defensive measures in place.

Yoshida confirmed that the team is working with several upstream ISPs to address the situation and to continue to defend against these DDoS attacks. “We are doing our best to provide optimal countermeasures across all Data Centers to prevent major issues,” he writes. “However some defensive measures have had side effects, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience they are causing our players.”

“We would like to ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to do our best to address ongoing issues,” closes the post.

Our Thoughts

As is often the way of these things, we’ll just all have to ride out this newest asshole wave until said assholes get bored and move on to another new target. In the meantime, we appreciate Mr. Yoshida’s candor regarding the matter.

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