Co-Op Zombie MMO Dead Maze Launches on Steam

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my share of the “survival of the fittest everyone is a gritty a-hole” brand of zombie fiction. French developer Atelier 801 appears to feel similarly and is looking to bring some MMO-scale cooperation into the zombie apocalypse with today’s Dead Maze launch.

dead maze launch

According to company co-founder Mélanie Christin, the idea of Dead Maze is to build a multiplayer game that’s fun for global players and focused on cooperation. “I believe we achieved that with Dead Maze thanks to its unique art style, deep crafting system, and our growing community of players,” says Christin.

Dead Maze puts you in a world trying to rebuild after the zombie apocalypse. Thousands of players can band together to explore “high risk, high reward” instances against hordes of undead. The game boasts over 500 weapons that can either be used on their own or combined to create unique implements of self-defense. Players will also need to mitigate typical survival needs such as hunger and thirst, and can build their own structure for shelter and supplies.

Dead Maze isn’t just a blank canvas sandbox, however. The game features a story campaign that features 22 long-form quests that will take players across the fictionalized version of the western US, from the suburbs all the way to the bay.

Like any good MMO, Dead Maze will be offering post-launch updates, including additional story quests and even a map editor that lets players create and share their own zombie survival adventures with others.

Dead Maze is available now on Steam. A launch trailer can also be seen below.

Our Thoughts

It’s about time we got a survival MMO that tries to see people band together in an apocalypse instead of force them into a PvP map with extra undead annoyance. The art style of Dead Maze definitely seems to invite instead of distress, and the overall vibe could make this game a standout among the plethora of survival games out there. We’ll see how things work out!

Source: press release

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