Anthem Demo Dates Announced

If all you’ve wished for this Christmas were the Anthem demo start dates then you are in luck. The game’s executive producer Michael Gamble announced them on his personal Twitter account late last night. For those who are VIPs, that’s the people bought the Legion of the Dawn edition or the Standard edition of Anthem the demo will be live on January 25th. If you have a subscription with EA Access on Xbox One or Origin Access on PC you’re also a VIP.


If you aren’t included in the list of people above for reasons like having a PS4 instead of Xbox One or you haven’t pre-ordered the game you will still get to take part in the Anthem demo, but you’ll have to wait until February 1st. Just under a week, not too bad really.

You can still pre-order the game if you want to take part in the upcoming Anthem demo. Michael Gamble confirmed on Twitter that it would still count and you would still be able to play. So, if you really, REALLY need to try it out you know what you need to do.

On Twitter Gamble also said that the demo is more of a stress test than a playtest. Considering Anthem releases on February 22nd this makes a lot of sense. There isn’t much time for big fixes or gameplay changes. The game is basically how it will be when it launches.

Just in case you missed it Anthem also released the official 2018 Game Awards trailer. You can see that below.

There weren’t any new details about the game released but it as the date approaches we wouldn’t be surprised if more information came out. For now, keep an eye on Michael Gamble’s Twitter account, the official Anthem social media channels. Once again, the dates to remember are January 25th for VIP, February 1st for everyone else, and launch of February 22nd.


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Star Citizen Announces a Week of Free Flying

You’d think the anniversary of being in alpha isn’t something to crow about, but then you’re not Star Citizen. Despite how you feel about the space sandbox’s dev cycle and monetization practices, however, you might be interested in learning about a Star Citizen free play event, which marks the game’s anniversary and the release of its latest planet while also opening up a significant number of vehicles to everyone.

star citizen free play event

From November 23 to December 1, everyone can hop into Star Citizen’s persistent universe module and putter about whether they’re a backer or not. Over the course of the week, every ship and vehicle that can be commandeered in-game will be on offer, with a different array of vehicles being made available every 24 hours.

The announcement also teases that those who make their way to the new planet Hurston and its city of Lorville could find “some surprises in store.” There’s also hints about some form of interactive activities being shared on the game’s website.

Speaking of the game’s website, be sure to head over there to learn what ships will be available when.

Our Thoughts

Assuming your PC can handle even looking at Star Citizen, now seems about as good a time as any to experience first-hand whether this in-development sandbox is worth all the hubbub or hate. After all, you really can’t rib it without experiencing it.

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Blizzard Discusses what to Expect from the WoW Classic Demo

As BlizzCon inches ever closer, there’s a sect of World of Warcraft players hungry for the halcyon days of the game’s earlier life. In a brief rundown from a blog post, those fans are getting some initial details on the WoW Classic demo content they’ll be able to get their hands on when the demo goes live.

wow classic demo content

The playable demo will focus on outdoor questing and will start players at level 15. The demo will feature two zones familiar to fans of the MMORPG: Westfall for the Alliance side and the Barrens for the Horde. All of the familiar zone quest quirks are said to be making a return, such as low beak drop rates for Ornery Plainstriders or the Harvest Golems being resistant to some of your abilities.

What won’t be available in the demo, however, are the Deadmines and Wailing Caverns dungeons. PvP will also be limited to only dueling, and as one would perhaps expect, the two zones offered in the demo will be the only ones available.

While WoW Classic will mostly be the throwback those fans crave, there will be a variety of more modern features still available in the demo, such as colorblind mode, right-click reporting features, zero tolerance for bots and cheaters, and support for widescreen monitors.

Our Thoughts

Well, we continue to hope that this demo of WoW Classic won’t end up being a monkey’s paw for fans of the MMORPG and that the demo sates whatever hunger classic fans have. It will definitely be interesting to see how fans react to this demo version of the game.

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WoW Classic to be Playable for BlizzCon Attendees and Virtual Ticket Holders

In a first for the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket offerings, a playable World of Warcraft Classic demo will not only be available to folks attending the event itself, but will also be accessible to people who are Virtual Ticket holders. As in you’ll get to play the demo from the comfort of your own home. No pants necessary.

world of warcraft classic demo

Shortly after the opening ceremony on November 2nd, fans can download the WoW Classic demo and play the game for themselves. The demo will showcase a limited questing experience through some of the MMO’s early zones – one on the Horde side and one on the Alliance side.

There’s a limited length of time for this World of Warcraft Classic demo, however: specifically, you can get your hit of nostalgia until Thursday, November 8th at 10am PST/1pm EDT.

In addition to this announcement, there’s also been a reveal of the in-game goodies WoW fans are getting with the Virtual Ticket: a pair of mantles and war banners done up in either the design of the Horde or the Alliance, which can be seen in this video.

Speaking of video, game director Ion Hazzikostas and executive producer J. Allen Brack have a few words about World of Warcraft and the Virtual Ticket. That video is embedded for you below.

Our Thoughts

Consider us extremely surprised. Not only is World of Warcraft Classic in something of a playable state, it’s actually accessible to those with a Virtual Ticket. We actually really hope this sort of Virtual Ticket feature gets extended to other games in the Blizzard stable, if not for this year’s BlizzCon then next year’s.

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For Honor Schedules a Free Open Test for Marching Fire Expansion

A sizeable expansion is coming to For Honor in a few weeks’ time, which means that Ubisoft is keen to spool up the hype. With that in mind, a Marching Fire open test on PC will let anyone – even those who don’t actually own the game – check out what’s new in advance of the October 16th update.

marching fire open test

The so-called “test” will go live to PC players on September 6th and run until September 10th. During that time, nearly the entire game will be available to all. That means the full 22 hero roster including the new Wu Lin faction, playable in either 1v1 Duel mode or the upcoming 4v4 Breach mode. The test will also feature several quality-of-life updates such as a refreshed UI, team voice chat, new perks and a responsive dialogue system.

In case you’re not familiar, Breach pits two teams against one another on either an attacking or defending side of a castle siege. The objective: break down the castle doors and kill the keep’s commander or prevent as much from happening, depending on which side of the mode you’re on. Naturally.

If any of the gameplay you experience during this “test” strikes as intriguing to you, players can purchase a Marching Fire edition of the battler, which includes the base game and the Marching Fire expansion. If you already own the base game, then you just have to pick up Marching Fire itself, which grants you access to the Wu Lin roster and the PvE Arcade Mode immediately. If none of this buying Marching Fire stuff strikes your fancy, you’ll still get Breach mode and the other QoL updates.

Pre-load of this test/demo starts on September 4th on either Steam or the Uplay launcher. Details are here.

Our Thoughts

If the remarks sprinkled through the story weren’t a clue, we’re pretty sure that this test is more of a sales demo than anything else. Regardless, we’re still not going to look the gift horse of a free game for a weekend in the mouth and hope that this new expansion of For Honor is a lot of fun.

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