Ship of Heroes Showcases Mission Instance Tech

It seems like a reasonably simple thing, opening a door and entering a mission. Still, that’s a big first step when you’re an indie MMO in development. The latest Ship of Heroes showcase offers a look at prototype gameplay of a mission run from the perspective of a team and a player who doesn’t have that same mission.

ship of heroes showcase

In the demonstration, mission instances are private to individual players or teams, meaning that others will not be able to interfere with gameplay objectives much like in the original City of Heroes. The new build also has some rudimentary features such as a clickable “glowy” that ended the mission but only after the enemies in the instance were all defeated. The prototype also has several technical fixes installed, such as returning disconnected players to the proper location and custom server allocation for multiple missions.

The current build of Ship of Heroes is, understandably, incomplete and lacks much of the intended polish for things like animations, graphics, and sound. Regardless, you can take a look at the mission instance demonstration in the video below.

Our Thoughts

It’s not a lot to look at in terms of gameplay, but as a proof-of-concept and a test of the tech, this is definitely very successful and intriguing. We’re looking forward to seeing further developments out of Ship of Heroes soon.

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