Denuvo Anti-Tamper to be Used by Monster Hunter World on PC

In what might be a blow of confidence for PC fans eager to get their mitts on Monster Hunter World, Capcom has confirmed that Denuvo anti-tamper protection will be used by the company in order to defend the multiplayer monster slayer from pirates.

denuvo anti-tamper

In an announcement made by Capcom, both Monster Hunter World and the upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil 2 will be utilizing Denuvo for copy protection. The use of this program is also confirmed on the Monster Hunter World Steam page, below the list of features on the right side of the game’s listing.

For those who are unfamiliar, Denuvo is an anti-piracy measure that also puts a limit on how many copies of the same game can be installed on multiple PCs – a maximum of five machines within a day. Often, Denuvo is cracked almost immediately by hackers, with the most recent build of the DRM being shattered earlier this month by a Bulgarian coder by the name of Voksi.

Another negative strike against Denuvo is a reported hit to a PC game’s performance, which will likely weigh on the minds of most PC users who are already perhaps concerned about how Monster Hunter World will run on new hardware at launch.

That said, there have been cases of Denuvo being removed, either due to being cracked despite its use or after some time has passed post-launch.

Our Thoughts

We’re not entirely sure what lack of confidence Capcom has in Steam’s own already involved DRM to lead them to using what’s probably gaming’s most-hated copy protection on top. Maybe they’re hoping to calm their investor nerves…but then again, putting a despised layer of DRM is probably not going to help sales, either.

Source: VG247

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