Destiny 2: Forsaken to Include Osiris and Warmind

Bungie has decided to perhaps make the purchase of its latest DLC a little more enticing. Starting next week, a Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC purchase will also get you Curse of Osiris and Warmind at no additional cost and without having to buy a special bundle.

destiny 2: forsaken dlc

According to the weekly post from Bungie, the decision to tie all DLC together with Forsaken was meant to make it less complicated for new arrivals to start their Destiny 2 lives. “Our hope is that this will eliminate some of the questions that confront a player as they try to join our party,” explains the announcement

This change to the Forsaken DLC will be effective starting on Tuesday, October 16th. For those who bought Forsaken before that point, you’ll be rewarded with a bundle that packs in a unique emblem, shader, two Exotic emotes and a bunch of consumables. The shader and emblem will be unique to this bundle, while the emotes will come to Eververse at a later date. This thank-you bundle will arrive at some time in December.

“When the new Guardians arrive, please join us in extending to them the welcome that has made this community so notorious as an awesome group of people,” closes the announcement.

Our Thoughts

Considering how inextricably connected new DLC is to playing Destiny 2 with others, this certainly is a smart move. We’re just curious whether the goodies bundle is enough recompense for those who bought Forsaken before the 16th. Personally speaking, it’ll be nice to see more new arrivals come to the game, because MMOs and multiplayer games are always better with more people.

Source: Bungie website

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Destiny 2 to Retool Masterwork Core and Exotic Drop Rates

Destiny 2: Forsaken has certainly done its job in making the online shooter a “hobby” once again, but a couple of those aspects of the hobby still grate. Namely, Masterwork Core and Exotic drop rates, which are either not terribly plentiful or just not working properly. In both cases, the devs at Bungie are aware and working on some fixes.

masterwork core

As players of the game are aware, Masterwork Cores are an item that now are required in order to upgrade weapons via Infusion. The problem, however, is that the supply of these Cores is nowhere near high enough to meet demand. To address this, additional “reliable and plentiful” sources of Cores are in the works, along with a renaming of the item to better line up with its current use.

As for Exotics, while drop rates themselves are not increasing in an effort to make them feel “rare but impactful”, the devs are going to adjust drop rates to ensure that players don’t see duplicate Exotics land in their lap, increasing the chances you’ll get an Exotic you don’t already own.

The Bungie weekly update blog has also provided a few words about its upcoming holiday events, adjustments coming to Bounties in the next Iron Banner, and other things that Destiny 2 players will want to keep track on. Here’s the link for all those details.

Our Thoughts

Getting more Masterwork Cores more often would certainly be nice, especially considering that gathering materials for Infusion is now more involved than its ever been. We also like the idea of seeing more unique yellow items drop. Overall, good adjustments.

Source: Bungie website

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Destiny 2’s Wall of Wishes Actually Grants In-Game Boons

Thought the clearing of the Last Wish raid in Destiny 2 was the end of the story? Oh no, friend. Apparently a location in this encounter known as the Wall of Wishes actually has a functional purpose, as players have discovered it actually can make certain in-game wishes come true.

wall of wishes

The Wall of Wishes can be found before the raid’s first encounter by climbing up grassy platforms held up by glowing blue plants. The wall consists of a grid of dials that can be shot to change into a variety of symbols. Once the right pattern is created, you can step on a large button on the floor to activate your wish.

Code crackers have found nine of the twelve possible wishes that the Wall grants, from something as simple as granting a unique Emblem or adding unique effects to scored headshots to warping ahead to certain encounters in the raid itself. There’s even a wish that spawns a chest which can only be opened with a Glittering Key. Further, these discovered wishes unlock a Triumph entry.

The full list of discovered wishes can be found here. You’ll also want to keep an eye on that link if you’re invested in helping out the hunt for more wishes or seeing how the search progresses.

Our Thoughts

Okay, Bungie. That’s pretty heckin’ clever. We’ve said before how much we enjoy secrets in MMOs, so naturally we’re impressed by this discovery. Then again, Destiny 2 players are certainly proving themselves to be an intrepid group on more than a couple occasions.

Source: Destiny Raid Secrets subreddit via VG247

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Destiny 2 Players Find Possible Opening Step to the Malfeasance Hand Cannon

The chase for Exotics in Destiny 2 is one of the primary goals for many at the end game of the shooter, and one of those elusive items is the Malfeasance hand cannon. While the item is still not officially live, intrepid Destiny 2 players appear to have found the starting point of the quest to get the weapon.

malfeasance hand cannon

For those not up on the lore of the game, Malfeasance is the weapon that was used by Callum, a Guardian who was a member of the Shadows of Yor and apparently was the partner of The Drifter. Callum was taken out by another Guardian by the name of Shin Malphur, who looks to have made it his mission to hunt the members of this group down.

This lore is important by virtue of the fact that players discovered the location where Callum was killed. The grave can be found in the Strike encounter The Corrupted after a series of incredibly challenging jumps.

Though Callum’s Grave was discovered it appears to have been done so early, as there’s no trigger or even a lootable item for the weapon itself. This leads to the idea that the starting steps to ultimately get the weapon have not been activated yet and that Bungie is simply waiting until the right update to push whatever button they have behind the curtain to kick things off.

It’s possible this weapon will be part of the Joker’s Wild Annual Pass content due to arrive to pass holders in Spring of 2019, if not earlier.

Our Thoughts

Considering the weapon’s direct lore connections to The Drifter, the potential for this weapon not arriving until Spring of next year seems rather high. That said, that’s still supposition so time will have to tell. We’ll just marvel at the fact that people were even able to navigate their way to Callum’s Grave.

Source: Forbes via VG247

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Destiny 2 Breakthrough Mode Detailed

The day destroys the night, night divides the day, but in the upcoming Destiny 2 Breakthrough mode, players will be trying to break on through to a win instead of a presumed higher form of consciousness. Unless, of course, PvP wins do that for you. No judgement.

destiny 2 breakthrough mode

Launching this coming Tuesday, September 25th, the new Crucible mode tasks teams of players with securing a central zone. Once a team has done that, they’ll deploy a Breaker. From there, the Breaker must survive long enough to crack the opposing team’s Vault.

Control of the central zone promises to be a tug-of-war affair with time playing a factor – if your team’s Breaker doesn’t crack the opposition’s Vault, you lose. If the Breaker is in the process of Vault hacking as time runs out, the match enters sudden death. First to three rounds wins the match.

The Bungie weekly blog post has also offered a few other details like a recounting of the Last Wish raid clear; confirmation that a fix for the Edge Transit grenade launcher’s drop rate is in the works; and a few other nods to hotfixes and the community. It’s all outlined here.

Our Thoughts

So, a zone control PvP mode. Not exactly a mind-bending bit of gameplay, but having to only worry about a central point instead of several could make for some pretty intense PvP matches. Now that Power levels have impact in the Crucible, it will be interesting to see just how this mode fares.

Source: Bungie website

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Destiny 2 Raid Clear Unlocks New Maps for All

Making a mark on the history of an online game is the dream of many, and while being the first to clear a raid certainly can be an achievement all its own, the Destiny 2 Last Wish raid clear has gone a bit further than just a notch on the belt of the raid runners; its actually opened up content for everyone playing the game.

destiny 2 last wish raid

The Last Wish raid was officially cleared first by Clan Redeem after a race that took 18 hours and 45 minutes – the longest its taken any fireteam to beat a Destiny raid. The final blow was struck at around 4:45 pm on September 15th.

In so doing, every player now has access to a Dreaming City-themed Strike and Gambit mode map, which was heralded by an ominous in-game message which read: “A team of Guardians entered the heart of the Dreaming City and slew Riven of a Thousand Voices. They had no way of knowing that was exactly what Riven wanted…”

The members of Clan Redeem who were officially recognized will all receive a championship-style belt as reported last week and have even been commemorated in a fashion by a new in-game cinematic. That can be seen here, though you’ll perhaps want to beware of possible story spoilers.

Our Thoughts

Congrats to the Clan Redeem fireteam for making it all the way through the raid, and thanks for opening up the new content for everyone! We actually really like the idea of raids having an impact that actually runs deeper for everyone playing beyond the ability to show off shiny gear.

Source: IGN

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Bungie Outlines a List of Known Issues with Destiny 2: Forsaken

While the latest content expansion for Destiny 2 appears to have gotten on like a house on fire with many players, it hasn’t arrived without its fair share of problems. This has prompted Bungie to produce a list of Destiny 2: Forsaken issues that the company is aware of and is looking to fix in the near future.

destiny 2: forsaken issues

The first item in the list is the recently discovered glitch that led to early raid gear. Those chests have since been suppressed and anyone who managed to get themselves some kit will not have their goodies rescinded.

A slightly more exploitative bug for Prime Engrams is also on Bungie’s radar. This exploit has players using the Prime Attunement buff to gain Prime Engrams at an accelerated pace. A close to this exploit is in the works, but for the near-term players who heavily used this exploit will find they will not see Prime Engrams drop for the next two to three weeks.

The dev team is also continuing to investigate a weekly challenge reset bug that has impacted Gambit, Crucible and Heroic Story weeklies; working on connection issues that led to erroneous suspensions from Gambit mode; and have deployed a server-side fix that was compromising the Masterwork Core economy, which now limits acquisition of the Trust Handcannon weapon to one time only when players reach Legend rank in Gambit Infamy.

The post also mentions that those who found these various exploits will not be facing any suspensions or bans.

Our Thoughts

These are all fine fixes for the time being, but we definitely want to give a nod of appreciation to the devs for not swinging the ban hammer against players who discovered these various bugs and exploits. Good on ya, Bungie.

Source: official forums

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Destiny 2 Players Manage to Glitch Their Way to Early Raid Rewards

From the very first game and its Loot Cave, the players of Destiny have a storied history of finding exploits that the devs perhaps just didn’t see coming. That proud tradition continues in Destiny 2, as players have managed to find their way into the Last Wish raid and even gotten their hands on raid loot days before the instance opens.


last wish raid

The glitch itself was discovered at the Rheasilvia area of the Dreaming City, where players discovered a seam in the wall that could be leapt through. With a number of deft jumps and sword-assisted movement, players could get into a part of the game that hasn’t opened yet and open a chest that spews current raid equipment.

It is important to note that this new gear doesn’t appear to be tuned to the upcoming end game power level spike. The redditor that first shared the glitch suspects that this is due to the raid not being available.

For the record, Last Wish is due to open up on Friday, September 14th at 10am PDT. Last week’s update from Bungie offered a couple of interesting tidbits for those racing for a world first clear of the raid. Korean players will be joining the race for the first time, and the fireteam that crosses the Last Wish finish line first will be getting a literal championship belt and other real-world trophies.

We’ve embedded the video showcasing how this new glitch works. It should play right at the point of the action, bypassing the usual YouTuber trap of a pointlessly drawn-out introduction.

Our Thoughts

Heh! Well, par for the Destiny course, all things considered. We expect that Bungie will be plugging this little hole soon, but at the very least these newly found pieces of kit don’t seem to be game-breaking. Whether they’ll stay at their discovered power levels or rank up once the raid opens is another matter entirely, but we expect that won’t happen. Time will certainly tell and we’ll be sure to update this story if there are any big developments.

Sources: Destiny 2 subreddit via Eurogamer, Bungie website

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Destiny 2 Plots a Content Course for Year 2 and Beyond

Destiny 2: Forsaken is so close we can all taste it, but that doesn’t mean we’re only getting an expansion DLC and maybe a few patches afterward. The latest content roadmap from the folks at Bungie has laid out an ambitious update schedule for Destiny 2 year two and onward, with promises of activities meant to make the online FPS a hobby-level activity.

destiny 2 year two

Players of Destiny 2 already have gotten their mitts on update 2.0, which has brought on a huge swath of quality-of-life changes, weapon slot updates and more. Then, of course, there’s the 24-hour Gambit preview this coming Saturday.

September 4th then sees Forsaken’s launch alongside the Season of the Gunslinger. The game’s fourth season will offer up the new raid on September 14th; the return of Iron Banner and a new Crucible map on September 18th; and Breakthrough Crucible mode and new Crucible maps on September 25th. More is planned for year two beyond that, including the return of the Festival of the Lost, weekly playlist updates and more.

From there on, we see two different forms of updates through 2019 in the form of Seasonal updates and Annual Pass updates. Seasonal updates are free for all players and include new weapons, events and Crucible content; while Annual Pass updates are the previously mentioned enhancements to the Expansion Pass which include unique end game pursuits.

Just what’s in that Annual Pass? In December of 2018 is the Black Armory, a vault of Golden Age weapons that players will get to access. Spring 2019 adds Joker’s Wild, which will expand on Gambit mode as well as the Drifter NPC’s greater purpose. Finally, Summer 2019 adds Penumbra, described as a “mystery box” where players will have to discover things entirely on their own.

There’s plenty of details at Bungie’s website as well as in the video embed below.

Our Thoughts

It most definitely sounds like a lot of things to look forward to and could certainly be the sort of “Taken King moment” that fans of the shooter have been looking for. That said, we wonder how much character power divide there will be between those who buy in to this whole Annual Pass thing versus those who don’t, particularly where it relates to PvP. We suspect the devs of Destiny 2 are keeping this in mind, but if they don’t we also suspect the players will very loudly let them know about it.

Source: Bungie website

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Destiny 2 Details Gambit Mode Ranks, Crucible Changes and Clan Updates

The refrain from Bungie is that everything is changing with Destiny 2: Forsaken, be it weapons slots or Supers or what have you. In this week’s Bungie update, the devs have offered more system-specific details on these Destiny 2 Forsaken updates, with information about how ranks work in the PvPvE Gambit mode and tweaks to the Crucible and Clans.

destiny 2 forsaken updates

With regards to Gambit, advancement in the mode is tied directly to Infamy, a rank system which works a bit like Crucible Valor does except with three rank tiers. As is usually the case, higher Infamy rewards shinier loot, and Infamy can be earned via daily Bounties as well as from simple mode play.

If you live and die by the Crucible, there’s changes coming there too. The Glory ranking system is getting a number of adjustments meant to make earning high rank not feel like a second job and alleviate some of the pressures associated with rank climbing, such as making Pinnacle Crucible rewards quest rewards and having Competitive mode losses not reset a Valor win streak.

Clans are seeing some changes as well, with new perks like increased Resilence when in a fireteam with clanmates and a Masterwork Core added to the weekly Clan Milestone reward pool. The intention here, according to the blog, is to encourage playing with your Clan.

There are plenty more adjustments detailed on all three of these gameplay fronts, so be sure to look over the weekly update if you haven’t already.

Source: Bungie website

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