RIFT Talks Lag and Ability Balance for Prime

The devs of RIFT have been playing the Prime progression server right along with you and they’ve noticed a few things that need adjustment. In a RIFT Prime dev update posted to the game’s forums, players are getting a look at changes due to improve ability lag, ability balance and high-level PvP.

rift prime dev update

On the subject of ability lag, the devs mentioned that Prime’s zone events are breaking records previously held by the game’s beta and launch, which in turn is taxing their server’s CPU despite getting an all-new one. In order to correct this, the devs will be devoting more server cores to handle player ability processing, which will not only benefit Prime players but Live as well.

The devs are also working on a number of ability adjustments to skills such as Elemental Barrage and Wrathful Exuberance. The changes should be complete by this week and abilities that were disabled should return shortly after, though players should also note that these planned changes are Prime-specific.

Finally, high-end PvP is seeing an awful lot of healing. The devs do want to do something about it, but will not be able to this week as any short-term changes would have more negative effect than positive. So, players will need to wait for more news while the team ponders what to do next on that front.

Our Thoughts

Good to know the devs are playing in addition to paying attention to feedback. Here’s hoping that the upcoming adjustments to Prime (and to Live by proxy) end up being beneficial for fans of the MMORPG.

Source: official forums

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Valiance Online Shows Off Female Character Models

Saving the world as a superhero isn’t just a man’s job, obviously; there are plenty of superpowered, tech suit-wearing, magical, or mutant superwomen out there as well. Some new Valiance Online female character models shown off by the devs will soon let players create any number of these sorts of characters.

In a forum post complete with several images, the devs have revealed that female characters have successfully been attached to the new base rig that male characters use. This ultimately brings a singular character setup structure for all characters, while female characters will get their own unique locomotion animations.

In addition to the new models, transitions to different areas that were causing players to randomly crash appear to have been fixed. Both the transition fixes and the new models are expected to be patched in soon, if they haven’t been already.

While the images themselves don’t exactly provide earth-shattering new details, it does provide a close look at the newly completed female models along with a couple of peeks at the character creation interface. All of those images can be found here for those who are interested.

Our Thoughts

Lookin’ good! Considering there’s one character setup structure in place, this should mean that creating NPCs and other characters in Valiance Online will be a little more streamlined. Here’s hoping this new development will lead to bigger updates to this superheroic MMO soon.

Source: official forums

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