Current and Future Content Plans Detailed in Sea of Thieves Dev Vlog

In the interest of keeping communication open about what’s happening now and next in the piratical PvP sandbox, the first Sea of Thieves dev vlog has been shared, with executive producer Joe Neate discussing what’s in the game now and the iterative process for future updates.

sea of thieves dev vlog

Neate details a bit of what’s arrived today to Sea of Thieves, which included a large assortment of new cosmetic items, a limited-time Eye of Reach rifle to celebrate a month of live operation, and a bundle of exploit and bug fixes.

Beyond today’s update, Neate also talked about how the development team will be tackling its 2018 content roadmap. Currently, the dev team is broken up into three groups, with one group each working on the named larger content updates as well as relevant weekly updates. Once major updates are out the door, the team associated with that release moves to the back of the queue and begins work on the next larger piece of content.

To that point, Neate did mention that the timing of Hungering Deep – which is due this May – will see it arrive as a “medium-sized” update. With that said, the team arrangement is working in such a way that Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores are looking like larger updates.

You can watch the new dev vlog below to hear word from the man himself.

Our Thoughts

Regardless of how “regular” these dev vlogs do end up being, the idea of keeping people informed with what sort of new content updates are on the way should hopefully quell one of the regular complaints that seems to harangue Sea of Thieves. But then again, if people are mad at the game, they’re just gonna stay mad no matter what. C’est la gamers.

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