Cliff Bleszinski Might Be Returning to Game Development

Cliff Bleszinski might be returning to game development after having quit the industry late last year via Twitter. Last year a newly-created Twitter account, one of many, expressed irritation that no one was being given refunds for LawBreakers. CliffyB responded to that by saying; “I paid my employees, their 401ks, and their health care – even months after the studio folded. I didn’t take a salary myself for two years. I get you’re sad, but god, this kinda s**t is another reason I am NEVER making another game.” An entirely fair response to be hounded by disgruntled fans while still dealing with the aftermath of his studio shutting down.


Well, he has taken to Twitter again, letting the world know he has a game he can’t get out of his head.

He then went on in a second tweet to add, “AND IT’S NOT A FUCKING BATTLE ROYALE.”

So, there we have it. CliffyB has a game idea and from the sound of it he might start making it a reality. Reactions to his tweet have largely been positive with many of his fans eager to see him make another game.

Personally, I’m not all that surprised and never thought it would last when he announced he was leaving last year. Not for any other reason than the fact that he’s an ideas man and once he starts getting ideas there’s just no stopping him and he’s clearly very passionate about making games.

We can’t wait to see what he’s got cooking, though in all likelihood we won’t hear about it again for a couple of years. This is how development works.


Source: Twitter

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Blizzard Working on Warcraft Pokemon Go Style Game

While there may have been a lot of unhappy Diablo fans over the announcement of Diablo Immortal it turns out that there are a lot of mobile gamers in Blizzard. In fact, they have even more mobile games in the works, including a Warcraft Pokemon Go style game. Why? Because the developers at Blizzard love Pokemon Go and with it consistently being one of the top money making mobile games in the world it just makes good sense. Combine the biggest MMORPG with one of the biggest mobile games and profit while also working on something you love.

The news that Blizzard is working on a Pokemon Go style game based in the Warcraft universe came in part of a long article on Kotaku that looks at the future of Diablo, and in fact the culture currently in Blizzard. The article itself has a number of anonymous sources who either currently work at Blizzard or have recently. It’s a long read, but an important one for anyone who might not understand why Diablo Immortal exists or what is going on at Blizzard at the moment.

Things to do Before Battle for Azeroth Launches


The biggest revelation from Kotaku article is the Warcraft Pokemon Go game. In fact, it’s the only real newsworthy part of the entire article. The rest though, is a very interesting dive into the politics at Blizzard. It often refers to the fact that they’re focusing a lot on cutting costs and feeling pressure from Activision where they weren’t before. There appears to be a shift in the culture of the studio for better or for worse. One of the outcomes of this change is the inclusion of smaller game projects like Diablo Immortal, Warcraftemon Go, and other mobile games.

As for Warcraftemon Go, it will be joining a genre of games that is gaining quite a bit of momentum. It began with Ingress, Pokemon Go’s older brother. Then Pokemon Go was released and Niantic started working on the same type of game but in the Harry Potter universe. There’s also a Jurassic Park game, a totally new IP called Maguss, and even Jesus Christ himself has a version of this style of game.


Source: Kotaku

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Crowfall Battlements Let You Create the Aesthetic Castle of Your Dreams

Crowfall continue with their regular developmental updates with a look at Battlements. Battlements? Why yes, they give your Eternal Kingdom Keeps and Castles additional aesthetics while also being pretty functional.

Crowfall Battlements and Beyond

Having previously outlined such things in Crowfall’s Eternal Kingdoms as multi-player city building, Battlements give us a little peek into just one part of the Castle customization process.

When building your strongholds, you will be able to stack battlements on top of stone walls and gatehouses, the latter of which are being broken up into modular pieces making building with them even easier. The team wants Castle customization to come with the most amount of options with the least amount of assets and deed, to save in inventory space.

They also give us a little look into what they are calling “Mega Deeds”. These will be a collection of deeds within a deed and Artcraft say that these “will totally change the Eternal Kingdom creation game.” And the higher quality your deed, the more aesthetic options will be available to you.

Panels are also being implemented, allowing you to change any wall, gatehouse, tower, or battlement for any aesthetic or even practical purpose.

Of course, the official post goes into much better detail so be sure to check that out and start thinking about what kind of look you want to give your stronghold!

Our Thoughts

Well I mean, we love messing around with creating and customizing in the MMOs that we play so a deeper dive into battlements is gonna get us a little bit excited all over again for the idea of building and maintaining our own castles in Crowfall’s Eternal Kingdoms. That’s just the way it goes. It’s also awesome to see how Artcraft fiddle with different elements to make the act of customization easier all around. I just really like castles, okay?

Source: Crowfall Post

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Symmetra to Switch Roles from Support to Defense in Overwatch

I can assure you from years of schooling that being picked last to play is one of the worst feelings, so my heart goes to Overwatch’s Symmetra when it comes to her apparent selection rate. That might change in the near future, however, as one of the shooter’s devs has gone over a Symmetra role change, swapping the character from Support to Defense.

symmetra role change

According to a forum post by lead designer Geoff Goodman, the game’s current dev build has Symmetra taking the Defense role with emphasis on new ways for her turrets to deploy. Instead of having to walk up to a wall herself, she can now fire them like a projectile to stick to walls and ceilings. The turrets travel in a straight line but also have a slow travel speed in order for players to see them coming, and their maximum deployment number is reduced to three but will get an increase in both damage and speed reduction to whatever they fire at.

Goodman also went on to detail adjustments to Symmetra’s weapon. Namely, the primary fire is switching from an auto-locking beam to a straight beam that has larger circumference and longer range. The beam will continue to see an uptick in damage for sustained fire and is getting an overall damage buff, but the shot has to remain on-target for two straight seconds per tick. Another interesting feature is her primary fire will actually generate ammo when shooting a barrier instead of consuming it, making her a potentially potent shield-breaker.

As for the weapon’s secondary fire, it’s gone through a number of noteworthy changes as well. It will take one second to charge up the shot, the projectile speed is being “significantly” increased, and instead of piercing targets the projectile will now explode and cause splash damage when it hits targets or surfaces.

symmetra role change

Finally, Symmetra’s abilities are also getting adjusted. Her teleporter will now be her E ability, which can have its exit placed up to 25 meters away. Once the exit is placed, the entrance will appear directly in front of Symmetra instead of at spawn. The devs are also working on making things other than other players pass through the teleporter, such as Junkrat’s RIP Tire or D.Va’s detonating mech.

Finally, Symmetra’s Photon Barrier will be her Ultimate ability, switching from a projectile to a static barrier that is infinite in size and has 5000 health. Deployment of this new Photon Barrier will operate much like Mei’s Ice Wall currently does.

Of course, all of these adjustments are stressed to be in early phases and could be adjusted, tweaked, or outright dropped in the meantime. There’s currently no word on when this new version of Symmetra will land on PTR.

Our Thoughts

Wow! These are some incredibly dramatic adjustments to Symmetra’s overall kit. Considering the character has been lagging behind in utility in the grander scheme of Overwatch team composition, it’s understandable, but these are also not mere number adjustments! Where do you stand on this new-look Symmetra?

Source: official forums

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Active Development Ends on Breakaway

It looks like things have gone from “hiatus” to outright halted. A post shared to the game’s subreddit has confirmed that active Breakaway development is being stopped after some “soul searching” failed to find a way to make the team-based battle sport grow.

breakaway development

Despite the adjustments to Breakaway’s core gameplay that were made during the aforementioned hiatus, Breakaway was simply not able to make enough of a mark and meet the team’s high standards. As a result, the devs will be moving on to other projects while Breakaway itself will no longer be developed.

“We remain exceptionally proud of the team’s work, and feel privileged to have been a part of such a dedicated and enthusiastic community,” reads the announcement. “We will reach out to this channel as soon as we have news to share regarding our new projects, and if a thunderbolt of inspiration strikes that leads us back to Breakaway, you’ll be the first to know.”

As far as the other games in Amazon Game Studios’ lineup, active development appears to be ongoing, with job postings still open for devs to work on the sandbox MMO New World and Westwood Studios founder Louis Castle named as head of the competitive multiplayer title Crucible in March of last year.

Our Thoughts

Considering the already-burst bubble of MOBAs and the incredibly competitive multiplayer shooter sub-genre, we’re not terribly surprised that Breakaway wasn’t making much of a splash. We wish the devs affected by this decision the very best of luck in their future projects and hope that Amazon Game Studios’ other titles will bear greater fruit.

Source: Breakaway subreddit

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Otherland MMO Details its Next Developments

Yesterday, in honor of the Otherland IP’s 21st birthday, the devs of the MMO based on the universe of the novels teased some “huge” announcements. Today, word of what some of those Otherland development plans has reached us and we’ll leave the concept of size up to you.

otherland development

A press release from developer Drago Entertainment states that the team behind the Otherland MMO is working on a complete overhaul of the game’s entire UI, which is expected to be released this coming Summer. In addition, work is being done on a number of quality-of-life features as well as a large content expansion.

Specifics on what these quality-of-life features were not provided, while the content expansion in question is slated to be launched sometime later this year.

The work on Otherland MMO is part of continued efforts by Drago Entertainment to improve the title, which has previously included changes to combat, tutorials, character customization, and overhauls of zones such as Lambda Mall and Bad Sector.

Our Thoughts

We’re not quite sure an overhauled UI would qualify as “huge”, but we assume that and other quality-of-life enhancements will certainly be welcome. Ideally, we’ll learn more about what this content expansion is all about as we move forward through the rest of the year…or perhaps during the rest of the game’s celebration of the Otherland IP’s anniversary.

Source: press release

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Blizzard Devs Talk About World of Warcraft Classic Challenges

Even though there hasn’t been a lot of new announcements on the front, rest assured that World of Warcraft Classic development is indeed still a thing. An interview with designer Jeremy Feasel and executive producer J. Allen Brack goes over the process and rationale behind the Blizzard-led vanilla version project.

world of warcraft classic development

According to the devs in the interview, the process of changing database and server layout from 2004 tech to today’s tech is more technical than most would believe. “Hardware has changed. Computers have moved on. There are new operating systems, new things,” explained Brack. “A lot of the old database and operating system versions aren’t even supported anymore. Those are 13 years old at this point.”

To that end, the decision to announce the Classic project was actually done in order to try and ascertain how players invested in vanilla WoW feel things should be done. Among the decisions that still need to be ironed out are whether the game will feature original models or integrate new high-def ones, or how to keep the game sustainable without running two MMO’s at once – something Brack does not want to do.

But what about if people arrive with a snuggly memory of what WoW was only to find that the reality of classic gameplay ends up being more frustrating than comforting? Brack appears to be prepared for such. “I do think that there will be those people exactly like [that]. That’s okay. And I also think that there is this group of people for whom—that is the game to them. That’s their refuge,” said Brack.

“How big is it? I have no idea. There’s no way to know. But we’re convinced, through the desire of those folks, the desire of our internal folks, and the desire to preserve what WoW was, that this is the right decision.”

You can get the full interview here, which also touches on Battle for Azeroth matters, though you will be forced to whitelist the site in order to read through if you’re using an adblock program.

Our Thoughts

Though this project is turning into a matter of possibly biting off more than they can chew, it’s commendable that the devs involved with Classic WoW are as dedicated as they are to the matter. That said, we also have to believe that if sustainability and resources end up being not worth the cost for a small subest of players that this will probably get the axe again. But on the other hand “small subest” is still a lot of people when you talk about number of WoW players…

Source: Forbes

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Wild West Online Development Roadmap Released

File this under the, “We missed it because it was Christmas” news. The Wild West Online development roadmap for early 2018 was released on Saturday. It outlines what the team will be working on through January and February along with future plans as well.

In January they’ll be adding Factions and Faction Wars, public events, character progression, crafting, and more. Right now there are three skill trees to pick from that will improve your sustainability, your combat efficiency, and also allow you to unlock crafting recipes and perks for your character. You’ll be able to customize your character to match your playstyle and make them stand out in a crowd.

February will bring hunting, homestead ownership, campsites, and uh…scalping. Scalps can be used as a form of currency to exchange for noteworthy items. Brutal. The hunting grounds have been one of players most requested features to be introduced. Personally, I’m still not over the trauma of trying to hunt in Oregon Trail.

The roadmap then lists a Steam Release Winter 2018, though it would appear it means earlier in the year rather than later.

Post-release, during Q1 and Q2 of 2018 you can expect to find female players introduced to the game along with gangs/clans, a train robbery PvP adventure, trading between players, and something called the Viva Mexico Expansion. There aren’t any details on this expansion. The roadmap just teases it and says to come back in January. Which is exactly what we’re going to do.

From the sound of things, the Wild West Online development team have a busy few months ahead of them with a lot of new things being introduced to the game in a short period of time. If you’re looking forward to the release of Wild West Online be sure to vote for it in our MMOGames Reader’s Choice Awards. It’s up for Most Anticipated MMO of 2018.


Source: Official Site

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Daybreak Posts Job Listings for New MMO Titles

It’s time for everyone’s favorite pastime! It’s Armchair Game Dev Analysis! Today on AGDA, we’re going to ponder the possibilities of some new Daybreak job postings that allude to in-development MMO and multiplayer titles. So settle into your armchairs, get your caps lock key ready, and let’s dive in.

daybreak job postings

Multiple job postings have been shared on Daybreak’s careers page for unannounced projects coming out of the San Diego, California and Austin, Texas studios. The jobs are for animators, artists, and combat designers among other positions.

One of the San Diego character artist postings makes mention that the studio is working on “an unannounced AAA title based on a popular world-class IP”, while the combat designer listing in Austin mentions working with a lead designer on “multiplayer, RPG, action-based game systems” for use in “a hugely popular IP”.

All of the jobs in question also make mention of the use of Unreal Engine, though it would appear that both studio projects are separate from one another in terms of game type and IP. Probably.

Our Thoughts

If this means we get to see some new and actually playable version of EverQuest Next, then this could mean great things. Of course, that assumes a whole lot of things and so isn’t a leap to conclusion so much as a warp drive-driven jump to one. Still, we’ve got fingers crossed and we’ll keep our eyes on any new details.

Source: Daybreak careers page

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DayZ Beta Won’t Happen in 2017

The developers at Bohemia Interactive have given an update on the status of a DayZ beta test and what the rest of 2017 will look like. Unfortunately, it isn’t very good news for anyone who has been waiting for DayZ to go into beta. With only one month left in 2017, this may not come as much of a surprise but it is still a little disappointing to hear. They decided to push the beta to 2018 in order to give themselves some more time to work on polishing the game.

DayZ Beta

The beta isn’t the only thing that is being pushed to 2018, the release they had planned called 0.63 Experimental has also been delayed. In the status report, they gave a list of things they’d like to have finished before they launch 0.63 Experimental ranging from Inventory UI to Crafting.

While releasing some bits of the patch would usually be possible it isn’t this time around as they consider 0.63 Experimental and 0.63 Stable (beta) to be vital steps to get right as they leave Early Access. They want to make sure each step is right before they move on to the next.

After the launch of 0.63 Experimental, they do plan on introducing a few more features like vehicles, helicopters, and base-building.

They don’t give any exact dates on when the next release will be, instead simply saying that it will be as soon as possible in 2018. The beta release (0.63 Stable) is set to release some time after that.

2018 is gearing up to be one of the most important years DayZ has ever had as they’re planning on taking the game from beta to full release. MMOGames has been following DayZ since 2011 and we cannot wait to see them take the next steps as they leave Early Access behind. Will you be taking part in the DayZ beta when it releases?


Source: Official Status Report

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