BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket is Available Now

Can you believe that BlizzCon 2019 is just a month away? It’s amazing how quickly this year is passing us by. The important news now is that the BlizzCon 2019 virtual ticket is available now. As is always the case the virtual ticket comes with a collection of commemorative goodies for WoW, Overwatch, Hearthstone, StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo III. What are this year’s extras you might be asking, well here’s the full list straight from Blizzard themselves.

World of Warcraft: Ride the tides of war with a pair of murloc-ified faction leaders: Finduin (for Alliance heroes) and Gillvanas (for the Horde). Plus, bundle up for your next trip to the icy mountains with the whimsical Wendigo Woolies transmog outfit. Available in-game starting today!

Overwatch: Commemorate 25 years of Azeroth as you fight for future Earth with a pair of Warcraft-themed legendary Overwatch skins. Prepare to seek vengeance as Illidan Genji, and call upon the (hard-) light of Elune as Tyrande Symmetra. In-game before BlizzCon!

Hearthstone: Celebrate the excitement of BlizzCon the next time you sit down for a duel with the BlizzCon 2019 Card Back. Then prepare to claim a mysterious Golden Legendary card, to be revealed at BlizzCon. In-game after BlizzCon!*

Heroes of the Storm: Make your mark in the Nexus with a commemorative BlizzCon spray and portrait, and ride into battle on the Celestial Deepcrawler mount. It may not look dangerous, but those claws can give you a nasty pinch . . . or wipe out all life on your planet. Available in-game starting today!

StarCraft II: Equip a trio of Brood War®–era unit skins and portraits the next time you go into battle. Scout for a zerg ambush aboard the Classic Battlecruiser, hunt your prey with the sinewy Classic Ultralisk, and honor Tassadar’s sacrifice with the Classic Carrier.  Available in-game starting today!

…And more to come: More BlizzCon bonuses are in the works, including a pair of commemorative wings for Diablo III players (PC/Mac version only)*—stay tuned for more details on this year’s legendary haul.

Along with all of that you of course get access to the various presentations that will take place at Blizzcon this year. “This year’s BlizzCon is shaping up to be our best yet, and we want to make sure everyone in the Blizzard community can experience it together, whether they’re joining us in person, from home, or hanging out in-game,” said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re looking forward to delivering an epic experience for those watching our free broadcasts—which we’ll have more of than ever before—and for everyone tuning in for all of the extras provided with the Virtual Ticket.”

The virtual ticket costs $49.99 and can be purchased at


Source: Press Release

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Blizzard is Skipping Gamescom 2019

It is time once again to add to the list of “WTF is Blizzard thinking?” list that we’ve been collecting this year. This time it’s the news that Blizzard is skipping Gamescom 2019. Now, there might be a lot of people, especially those in North America who aren’t familiar with Gamescom and why Blizzard’s absence is so noteworthy. Gamescom has 370,000 visitors with 1037 exhibitors making it by far the largest gaming event in the world. In comparison, E3, which is often thought to be the biggest and most important had just 69,000 attendees in 2018.

Gamescom has, in the past, been a very important location for Blizzard themselves. It is where they’ve debuted some of Overwatch’s most beloved animated shorts and World of Warcraft expansions. They’ve also often giving players the first chance to play new content for games before they’re released.

But, with nothing big and new to show off this year it clearly isn’t worth the cost for Blizzard to attend. We can only imagine how much it costs for Blizzard to go to Gamescom. In the public area, they take up nearly if not actually half an entire hall. In the business area, the Activision-Blizzard area is half of one floor of a hall. They send a huge team of developers from California and let me tell you, the cost of hotels in Cologne during Gamescom is insane. So, on the surface, it may seem totally insane for Blizzard not to be attending…it actually makes a lot of sense.

Plus, Gamescom is in August and with such a big dry spell like Blizzard is having this year it makes sense for them to save what they do have for Blizzcon in early November. Blizzcon, in case you were curious, had more than 40,000 attendees in 2018.

So while this might be the right thing for Blizzard to do those of us who are Gamescom regulars are most certainly going to feel their absence.


Source: PCGamer

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Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch Officially Confirmed

With the cat fully out of the bag thanks to a leaked story, the folks at Blizzard have finally went ahead and admitted that a Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch release is indeed on the way this year, sharing the information in a new video and landing page.

diablo 3 nintendo switch release

The Diablo 3 Eternal Collection will bundle the complete Diablo 3 experience in one package for the Switch version, including Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer. The game will be available in local co-op play in all of the forms the Switch has to offer or in online co-op. In both cases up to four players can join in, though online play will require a subscription to Nintendo’s online service once it launches in September.

In addition, the Switch edition is getting some exclusive cosmetic content in the form of a Ganondorf transmog set, a Cucco pet, a Triforce portrait frame, and a unique set of cosmetic wings.

While a firm release date is not confirmed yet, Nintendo Switch owners can look forward to Diablo 3’s arrival sometime in the fall. A video can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Welp, it was bound to happen at one point or another. While this certainly isn’t the sort of new Diablo thing we are absolutely hoping for out of the team’s earlier tease of multiple projects, we’re still glad that owners of the system will have one of the finer ARPG experiences available to them. And besides, more Diablo fans are always a good thing.

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Diablo Reveals “Multiple” Projects are in the Works

Things on the Diablo front have been a bit quiet, barring the arrival of the ARPG’s 14th season. Apparently, seasons aren’t the only things being pushed out by the devs, as a new video has hinted at multiple new Diablo projects that are being worked on.

new diablo projects

The word comes from community manager Brandy “Nevalistis” Camel in a brief video posted on the game’s Twitter account. The announcement is a bit mum on details, but it does make some pretty sweeping promises about the future of the Diablo franchise.

“The forges here at Blizzard are burning hot,” teases Camel. “We have multiple Diablo projects in the works. Some of them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year.”

In the meantime, Season 14 of Diablo is well underway with the Season of Greed, which has started off the first of many themed seasons for the game. If you somehow missed out on just what this season has brought to the game, then you can refresh yourself here.

Until we all get more word, you can watch the video embed below.

Our Thoughts

Well then! It’s good to know that additional Diablo titles are in the works. It’d be nice to get a little more than word of hot forges, but at this point we and other fans of the series hungry for something new will take whatever bit of information we can get. In any case, color us intrigued.

Source: Twitter

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Sources Confirm a Nintendo Switch Port of Diablo 3

Last week there was plenty of speculation surrounding an apparent tease by Blizzard of a Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch port, which was shortly cooled by an official statement that appeared to perhaps close the door. Now sources from within are saying that the door can probably be opened again, if even a little bit.

diablo 3 nintendo switch

According to a report from Eurogamer, their sources can confirm that the Switch edition of Diablo 3 is, indeed, in the works. The sources were only able to confirm the port is being worked on and were not able to offer more specifics such as release date or whether or not the release would bundle Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer.

It’s assumed that the Switch tease was perhaps shared a bit too early; Blizzard enjoys stringing along fan hype and announcements as evidenced by doing things like having a hype-loaded livestream ahead of their own convention reveals, but Nintendo tends to wait closer to a product’s release before shoveling coal into the hype train’s engine.

In either case, Blizzard said they had no additional statements to make when contacted for comment by Eurogamer.

Our Thoughts

So yea, just as we figured, Blizzard are indeed that clever. And just like the last report surrounding this story, we still feel like the Switch would be a great system for a couch co-op game like Diablo 3. All that really remains, then, is to await an announcement from a Nintendo Direct.

Source: Eurogamer

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Rumor: Diablo 3 is Coming for the Nintendo Switch

On the one hand, the new Diablo 3 rumor could most certainly be considered a grand leap in logic. On the other hand, there’s some reasonable conclusions that could be drawn here. So let’s take a moment and consider the idea of Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch, assuming that’s what this new tease is indeed suggesting.

diablo 3 rumor

The rumor stems from a short looping video that Blizzard Entertainment posted to its Twitter, which showed an extremely elaborate Diablo nightlight being switched on and off and simply the words “Sweet dreams.”

Of course, the use of a switch to light up the nightlight is what has drawn most people’s attention, particularly since no such item is currently listed on the Blizzard Gear store and a tease for a nightlight’s release would be pretty weird, frankly.

That said, Blizzard hasn’t exactly been rushing to the Nintendo console either; rumors of Hearthstone coming to the console were flatly denied by game designer Dean Ayala, while Overwatch producer Jeff Kaplan has expressed some doubts about his team’s ability to handle content releases for another console port and the Switch’s ability to handle Overwatch at minimum spec.

In the meantime, Diablo 3’s 13th season is well underway, though there are some reports of a mini-patch breaking the game on PC and lowered player confidence of substantial new content in 2018.

Our Thoughts

Diablo 3 doesn’t exactly strike as a platform that would have issues running Diablo 3 and its JoyCon controller setup makes it immediately ready for some couch co-op demon smashing. If you ask us, Diablo 3 and Nintendo Switch are a perfect pairing, but it’s up to Blizzard to make the call.

Source: Twitter

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Diablo 3 is Doubling the Treasure Goblins for a Week

Nothing is more satisfying in Diablo 3 than blowing apart an enemy and seeing a heap of goodies fly out of it. If you’re as intoxicated with that feeling as I am, then you’ll probably be a fan of the Double Treasure Goblin event happening next week.

double treasure goblin event

In preparation for the arrival of Season 12, players will see twice the Treasure Goblins every time they find one on the majority of the RPG’s maps. The buff will not apply to Goblin encounters in a Bandit Shrine, Goblin “Rift” packs, or in the Realm of Greed.

All of the Goblins and their bulging bags of loot will be available to harvest starting on Monday, November 6th at 5pm PDT. The event will continue on until Thursday, November 9th at 5pm PDT in the Americas region.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, loot pinatas are the best thing about ARPGs, so doubling up those loot-loaded (yet somewhat obnoxious) Treasure Goblins in Diablo 3 will definitely be a fun mini-event. Here’s hoping that your Goblins grant you lots of lovely loot!

Source: official site

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Diablo 3 Tweaks Class Sets, Legendaries, and Skills in Latest Patch

It’s patch day for Diablo 3! More specifically, it’s Diablo 3 patch 2.6.1, which brings a huge laundry list of adjustments to class skills, class gear sets, and Legendary items. So get comfortable; there’s a lot to cover.

diablo 3 patch 2.6.1

Starting with classes in the game, adjustments appear to lean more towards the “buff” side of the spectrum, with Barbarian, Monk, Crusader, Witch Doctor, Wizard, and Necromancer all seeing some manner of tweak to their abilities.

The bigger tweaks in this patch appear to be fixed on Legendary items and class sets for the game, with the patch notes preamble stating the intention of bringing “as many gameplay styles as close in line to each other as possible”. The chance to see Legendary and Set items drop has increased for many pieces, while Sets like Barbarian’s Immortal King’s Call and Demon Hunter’s Embodiment of the Marauder are seeing immense gains in complete set bonuses.

The patch is currently live to all players. Pull up your favorite patch notes reading beverage and take a look for yourself on the official site.

Our Thoughts

A lot of those set bonuses are hitting huge percentage gains, which means finding a class set (or already using one) should feel that much more rewarding and empowering. Has one of your character sets seen a buff as a result of this patch?

Source: official site

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Diablo Seeks an Employee with ‘Massive Multiplayer’ Experience

So we know that the immediate future of Diablo 3 likely isn’t going to be earth-shattering considering the ARPG has pulled itself out of the announcements segment of BlizzCon. That said, a new Diablo job posting could mean that things could be very interesting further down the road for the title.

diablo job

The job listing is for a new production director for an “unannounced project” related to the Diablo franchise that is intended to “bring the Diablo franchise into the future”. The duties of the new hire appear to be heavy indeed, with the job requiring a handle on marketing, development, QA, customer service, and teamwork with international regions.

Among the most interesting tidbits in the job posting is in the “pluses” section, which lists “massive multiplayer game development experience” as a strong consideration for employment. That said, the majority of the posting makes no additional reference to multiplayer gaming.

Our Thoughts

We’re not going to speculate too terribly much about this job posting, but we also can’t help but wonder what this high-level hiring call means for Diablo. Is this related to Diablo 3 directly, or could this mean an entirely different game in the franchise is in the works? What do you think?

Source: Blizzard Careers site via

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Diablo Will Not Have Any Reveals at BlizzCon 2017

During BlizzCon, you can expect a lot of things, chief among them being announcements and reveals from the Blizzard games catalog. However, one game will be notably absent from the curtain-pulling: Diablo, as it was revealed that new Diablo announcements will not be a part of the show.

diablo announcements

In a post on the official Blizzard forums, one of Diablo’s community managers has confirmed that, while Diablo 3 will certainly have a presence on the show floor, it will not be part of anything on the show stage. “There will be a time for that at some point in the future, but that time is not now,” confirms the post.

In spite of the lack of announcements, there will still be lots of Diablo for fans of the game, including panels for attendees and Virtual Ticket holders as well as the expected digital reward for fans.

“Patch 2.6.1 is on the horizon. Looking beyond that, we’re hard at work on the future of Diablo and exploring what’s next for the franchise,” closes the post. “Please be patient. Our passion for Sanctuary burns as bright as the High Heavens and as hot as the Burning Hells.”

Our Thoughts

While it might be a bit of a letdown for Diablo fans, we’re still pretty darn happy with the Necromancer and we’re certainly looking forward to what Patch 2.6.1 is bringing. Until then, we’ll just have to make due with all of the other Blizzard games getting reveals at this year’s BlizzCon. Woe is us.

Source: Blizzard forums

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