In Europe Digital Game Downloads are on the Brink of Overtaking Physical Sales

When was the last time you bought a game in a store? Well if you live in Europe there’s a pretty good chance that you aren’t doing that at all anymore. According to data that looked at major AAA game franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Star Wars, Batman, Battlefield, Monster Hunter, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, FIFA, Dragon Ball, Need for Speed and Tom Clancy digital game downloads are on the rise.

The country that is still going to the store to buy physical copies of games is Italy. Just one-third of console games are digital. This is up however from last year when Italy bought just one-fourth of games digitally. The Nordics are the most digital leaning with 66% of console AAA games being bought digitally. This is up 13% for the same region last year. The UK and Ireland are second for most digital games sold. France had the biggest rise from last year an increase from 31% to 47%, putting it just on the tipping point.

All of this means that if you take Europe as a whole 48% of AAA console games are being sold digitally. This puts Europe incredibly close to the tipping point where digital sales outnumber physical. We may even see the change happen sometime this year. As this happens the number of gaming stores is on a slow but steady decline.

All of this information came from a study that was conducted by ISFE’s GSD charts project on behalf of We can’t wait to see what happens after Q1 2020 passes and we can look back to compare where we’re at this year with where we’re at then.

Do you still buy physical copies of games? What makes the difference for you between physical and digital? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: GamesIndustry

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