Warframe Empyrean Preview – Ninjas Play Star Wars

With the Warframe Empyrean expansion, Digital Extremes is making a bold move – one more, we could say, after the massive leap forward with the release of the Plains of Eidolon update. From open world to the depths of space, this is where Empyrean is going to take us, spicing up the ninja battles with the intense and frantic space combat that is coming with the expansion’s highlight: Railjack.

At its core, Warframe has always been about an engaging and rewarding co-op experience, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Quite the contrary, in fact, as Railjack pushes the cooperative aspect even further, with a vessel requiring a four-strong team for effective maneuverability and combat. Cooperation is crucial to succeed, with the developer’s vision being fully realized when you have a fully coordinated team at the helm of the ship.

Warframe Empyrean Railjack

Ninjas in Spaceships | Warframe Empyrean Preview

Solo players aren’t locked out of the experience, but the focus is on performing roles within the Railjack and the capability to quickly switch from one area to the other, putting out fires and casting powers, in order to keep the ship intact and the goals clearly in sight. Co-op is pretty much a requirement for everything above the first tier of difficulty, so this isn’t exactly suited for players looking for a solo experience. At least, until a specific feature is released, but more on that later. One thing you should know for sure: there is no PvP coming with Empyrean, despite some sizable player demand.

If you’re a regular Warframe player, by now you may already have your ship built and waiting at the Drydock, your personal space hangar. Railjack customization isn’t a light affair, with colors to choose for the different ship exterior parts, and you can add decals and skins as well. You can baptize your ship as you see fit and the name will be proudly displayed on the side, showing your selected moniker to the other crew members. Worth mentioning is the ability to select the level of wear and tear of your ship, going between a scale of shiny and pristine to “I’ve seen things.”

Warframe Empyrean Railjack Avionics

There are a few aspects of Railjack that deserve highlighting, such as Avionics. These are your basic mods and appear divided into three categories. Battle Avionics are active abilities that can be activated by anyone on a turret, and you can have three of them simultaneously. The Void Hole is described as one of the most impressive Battle mods, enabling you to create a black hole that sucks the enemy ships without hesitation. Integrated Avionics are mods that increase the passive stats of your vessel, such as weapons and other base stats, and you have nine slots for them. Finally, Tactical Avionics are ship interior-focused mods about higher-level battle situation management.

Active power management was an option that was originally planned, but it was cut from the system as it was deemed too complicated for the frantic gameplay. The new system is described as more focused, and you are able to manage it in a more intuitive way via the Avionics menu.

With the Avionic Endo that you earn, you can upgrade your grid ranks to improve a mod that fits into that grid. Similarly, you can choose to upgrade the mod itself, paving the way for a “two-way street of upgrading,” as Community Director Rebecca Ford aptly describes it.

Warframe Empyrean Railjack Repairs

It’s advised that you don’t go to outer space without preloading your ship with the resources that you believe you are going to need. Space combat can be costly, so make sure that you head over to the Payload menu to check which resources you’ll be hauling, as you’ll need them to craft munitions and more.

The Intrinsics are a very important aspect of Railjack. This is a new type of player progression system that isn’t overly dependent on grind or RNG, unlocking interesting special maneuvers for the ship. However, these aren’t bound to the ship, being tied to the Warframe itself, which means that if you join other player’s spacecraft, you’re taking these skills with you.

Intrinsics are divided into Tactical, Piloting, Gunnery, and Engineering categories, with a fifth category, Command, to be released at a later date. This one will allow you to recruit your own NPC crew, lending a hand to players who are more inclined to forfeit collaborative efforts and dive in solo. You have multiple slots to which you can attribute crew members and grant them duties that other players would have to do, such as repairing the ship or putting out fires. An item will allow you to respec these abilities when the Command category releases, so don’t hold back with the earned points.

Warframe Empyrean Railjack Void Hole

If you don’t have a Railjack because you failed to complete the quest or you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry, you won’t be locked out of ship-on-ship action. While you can’t form a crew because you lack the all-important vessel, you can use the “join a crew” option to play a role in someone else’s ship – all you need to do this is have an Archwing. You won’t be the host, but as I have previously mentioned, you’re taking your Intrinsics to other player’s ship, so if you have a nice Gunnery level, for example, it will surely come in handy during those firefights. I can already predict a lot of chat recruiting going on in the backstage.

A free flight mode will let you comfortably explore the fundamentals of your Railjack without the looming pressure of risking your ship during a mission.  When you are ready to launch, a cool cinematic triggers, but those brief seconds will feel interminable after a few gaming sessions. Thankfully, Digital Extremes has confirmed that this cinematic is skippable.

Warframe Empyrean Railjack Archwing

In deep space, Warframe Empyrean brings a new kind of gameplay into the limelight. The mission objectives are determined according to the build of the level and which points of interest were randomized into it, so you may be tasked to destroy 30 fighters and five crewships, for example. While you’ll frenetically run inside the Railjack switching places with other crew members, piloting the ship or blasting away, you can go outside with your Archwing for a host of new activities. You can help by taking down opponent ships, or board them and do massive damage from the inside, collecting resources and escaping in the nick of time. Hijacking ships is another option, if you prefer to do so.

Railjack is a frenetic undertaking and the most intense collaborative version of Warframe yet. It is taking the acclaimed game to the next level, adding to its vast scope while remaining loyal to its foundations, rooted on cooperative play since it first launched in 2013. After Warframe Empyrean, the question that remains is where Digital Extremes is going to take the game next.

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TennoCon 2019 Shows off New Content Coming to Warframe

TennoCon 2019 was held this weekend. The sold-out fourth annual Warframe conference was not only great fun but also a fantastic place for Digital Extremes to present upcoming content for the game. That included not one, but two updates to Warframe; Nightwave Series 2 and Wukong Prime Access. Both of which were made available immediately on all platforms. Check out the trailers for both of those below.

But, that wasn’t all that TennoCon had to offer Warframe fanatics. Here are just a few of the other things that were shown off during TennoCon 2019.

Squad Link – Connect with the community to take part in multi-objective missions in which you can help lower enemy shields, steal valuable data, and much more. Squad Link allows you to reach out for multiplayer support to help with these objectives.

Enemy Ship Infiltration – Players can now infiltrate enemy ships using Archwings and command them in a variety of missions. Yes, this means you can become a space pirate.

Drydock – Customize your Railjack with equipment, new systems, reinforcements, and of course cosmetics. You’ll have a wide variety of customization options available to you that allow you to make your Railjack look cool and have a great name.

Kingpin System – Enemies have begun adapting, resulting in new reactive enemies. This new system is rolling out with the Kuva Lich and Emra Rok first in an epic boss fight on the capital ship.

This was really just the beginning of everything that was shown at TennoCon, to go into it all we’d need several articles or to recommend you watch the full stream. Other things that were highlighted include updated graphics, a new introduction, and the opportunity to win $250,000 towards a trip to space.


Source: TennoCon via MMOCulture

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The Jovian Concord Update Coming To Warframe On PC Next Week

Many Warframe fans have already been enjoying the recent Plains of Eidolon Remaster update that came around. But there’s more where that came from, as another update, The Jovian Concord, is set to arrive next week. And it’s bringing…parkour!


But there’s more to the update than that. The Jovian Conchord will bring “full graphic overhaul of the Tenno-favorite Jupiter tileset (AKA ‘Gas City’), now with reworked environments and gameplay,” according to the press release. In addition, it also “enables Tenno to wield the powerful 40th Warframe ‘Wisp’ to experience a variety of new enemies including the deadly new flying Eidolon boss. “

“Beneath gaseous bronze clouds lies the opportunity to explore something surprisingly new. The Jovian Concord reimagines the original Warframe environment with a vast level of physical terrain, every inch offering a fresh look and feel. Using nimble parkour skills, Tenno can explore internal heights and face new hazards or gauge their chances outside by leaping through the air along floating stations, distant platforms, crossbars, antennas, and more,” developer Digital Extremes explained.

“Longtime villain Alad V’s twisted experiments with Sentient technology have yielded hideous cyborg-like results — Amalgam variants and Jetpack Agents — whose laboratories hide a deeper sinister plot. Through new Sabotage, Rescue and Spy missions, and even a new gameplay mode, “Disruption”, Tenno will piece together frightening tidbits of lore that could lay the groundwork for a looming war — all before confronting Gas City’s deadliest threat, the ever-present menace the Ropalolyst.”

As far as what features fans can expect, they’re broken down below:

  • RESERVOIRS: Choose and summon a Reservoir filled with Motes that attach to and aid Wisp and her allies. Haste Mote grants increased movement and attack speed. Vitality Mote increases maximum health and heals over time. Shock Mote stuns nearby enemies.
  • WIL-O-WISP: Cast forward a spectral image of Wisp to confuse and distract enemies. Reactivate to travel to its position. Hold to have the image travel faster and teleport to its position on release.
  • BREACH SURGE: Open a dimensional breach to overwhelm nearby enemies and cause them to release aggressive Surge sparks when damaged.
  • SOL GATE: Open a portal to the sun to irradiate enemies with a devastating beam of pure solar plasma.

As noted, the update will be available for PC next week. There’s no word on when it’ll come to consoles, but the developers note to look for it “soon.”

Check out the trailer below to see The Jovian Conchord in action!

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Warframe Gets a Full Remaster of Plains of Eidolon On Steam

If you’ve been looking to revisit some classic territory in the world of Warframe on PC, Digital Extremes has you covered with a remaster of the Plains of Eidolon!

warframe Plains of Eidolon

The publisher announced today that the game has received a new update that provides a visual overhaul of the breakthrough open-world from the game, which is available today. “Retrofit with the graphics technology created for last fall’s Landscape FortunaPlains of Eidolon Remaster delivers dynamic lighting, textures and atmosphere, resurfaced terrain for better K-Drive Hoverboard action, and introduces conservation and a new Grineer menace, the wily Tusk Thumpers. Plains of Eidolon Remaster is free on PC today,” the company noted in a press statement.

The trailer for the new expansion can be seen below, and shows just how much the team has made improvements on the visual side.

“The graphical overhaul will enhance every visual aspect of Plains of Eidolon Remaster. Warframe‘s open world will see advanced lightning techniques that bring brilliant lighting and shadow changes to the day-night cycle, sending god rays through more detailed trees, bush and fog, and will add crisp new texture details to the foliage and earthen landscape.

New terrain also provides more gameplay! For the K-Drive, players will experience new terrain to jump off and grind on, and they should keep an eye out for the new Tusk Thumper enemies, three different pneumatic ground-pounders that smash anything in their way as they crawl and leap across the Plains. Tenno can now earn a new badge for hunting and conserving three new animals on the Plains– previously only available on Fortuna– and special Floofs with which to decorate their Orbiters.”

The update is currently available for PC. Don’t worry, console owners, you’ll be getting it as well, but a little later down the road. Yes, this includes Nintendo Switch as well.

Check out the awesome trailer and prepare to jump back into some Warframe action! It’s available now as a free-to-play title on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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10 Studios That Would Make Your Dream MMORPG

The MMORPG genre is far from dead, but it could surely use a boost from a top player in the industry. Can you imagine if the masterminds behind the Witcher franchise decided to make an MMORPG? Just how splendid that would be.

This thought alone led me to ponder on other studios that could potentially deliver your dream MMORPG. I chose to leave some renowned developers out of the equation as they clearly need a respite to reflect on their recent blunders. Who exactly, I hear you ask?

Bethesda, to begin with. The mess of a game that is Fallout 76 didn’t do any favors to its reputation, so they need the time to realign their focus – The Elder Scrolls fans are watching. BioWare also seems to be stuck in a rut following the lackluster releases of Mass Effect: Andromeda and the highly anticipated and equally unfulfilling Anthem. Finally, Destiny 2 is clearly showing that many players are getting tired of Bungie’s microtransaction-laden sci-fi worlds and the studio needs to move on to more rewarding and fair experiences.

Without further delay, here are ten studios that wouldn’t let you down – hopefully.

CDProjekt (The Witcher Franchise, Cyberpunk 2077)

Dream MMORPG Studios CDProjekt

The storytelling gurus at CDProjekt delivered three of the best RPGs ever made but are yet to prove themselves outside of Geralt de Rivia’s universe. Cyberpunk 2077 is its first stab at another setting, trading medieval fantasy for grim futuristic sci-fi. Here is a studio that doesn’t shy away from a challenge and is known for pouring its heart into each game. CDProjekt deserves extra honors for its crusade against DRM technology and the belief that players should feel compelled to buy a game for its sheer value, instead of pirating it.

The Witcher series has all the trappings of an MMORPG. Great lore, captivating characters, exciting combat and large regions to explore. CDProjekt could probably build on this to create a massively multiplayer world and considering that it owns the rights to video games based on The Witcher novels, there is no shortage of potential or visible blockades along the way – except when Witcher creator Andrzej Sapkowski realizes he needs more money.

Or they could go for something completely original instead, no strings attached. No matter CDProjekt’s decision, it’s a proven fact that they value their players and would go the extra mile to create something utterly memorable.

Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto Franchise, Red Dead Franchise, Bully…)

Dream MMORPG Studios Rockstar Games

No matter what Rockstar sets out to do, Rockstar achieves – even if it means putting its staff through excruciating long hours. That’s the ugly side of the video game industry, sadly not as unusual as it should be.

But back to the matter at hand. Rockstar Games is a huge publisher with several subsidiaries with proven track records. Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead are its two major franchises, where they show their skills both in single-player and multiplayer. There is no doubt that they would work wonders in an MMO environment…

… “But isn’t that a thing already with GTA Online and Red Dead Online?,” the observant crowd asks. Well, you ingeniously inquisitive fellows, the answer is both yes and no. These online modes for the popular franchises may be robust and excitingly entertaining, but I want to see Rockstar doing something bigger and bolder. Not just multiplayer revisions of the original gameplay, but something supporting way more than 32 players. An entirely new IP, featuring the same open world ideas from the above-mentioned games but with a more elaborate, story-based approach to the game world.

It would be an interesting challenge to tackle, and I’m convinced that Rockstar would be successful. Business as usual.

Ubisoft (Far Cry Franchise, Assassin’s Creed Franchise…)

Dream MMORPG Studios Ubisoft

Currently, Ubisoft is synonym with Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, but the French company has a lot more under its sleeve. The Division 2, for example, is just one of several games that happily dabble with online gameplay, but is it a true MMORPG? I wouldn’t say so. Oddly enough, there isn’t a single full-fledged story-driven MMORPG anywhere to be seen in Ubisoft’s enviable backlog.

Ubisoft’s experience with rich open world settings would be invaluable when it comes to building a vast and diverse map for an MMORPG. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey shows a developer with several great ideas and a brilliant grasp on art direction, storytelling and combat system. The Assassin’s Creed franchise is a potential candidate for a massively multiplayer release, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Ubisoft using its expertise and resources with an original IP.

Epic Games (Fortnite Battle Royale, Gears of War…)

Dream MMORPG Studios Epic Games

The overwhelming success of Fortnite Battle Royale coupled with the industry-leading Unreal Engine are the two main drivers of Epic Games’ unstoppable growth. The failure of third-person MOBA Paragon wasn’t enough to deter the studio, and it was convinced that Fortnite would come out of development hell and convince the masses. It did, but the “help” of a rival to steer it in the right direction was essential: PUBG introduced it the wondrous world of Battle Royale.

For a studio that was founded in 1991 and enjoyed several successes over the years, Epic Games is sitting at the top of its game. They could easily design a traditional third-person MMORPG as they have the resources – mainly the engine –, the know-how and the financial freedom. They are proven masters of every visual style, so they could go for a sci-fi fantasy theme enriched with realistic features (as seen in Paragon) or choose a laid-back cartoon approach (Fortnite). While it is early days for fully-fledged Unreal Engine 4 MMORPGs (Nexon’s Project BBQ, Blade & Soul’s Vision update, NCsoft’s Project TL…), Epic Games could easily stand out from the competition with its expertise with the engine.

Grinding Gear Games (Path of Exile)

Dream MMORPG Studios Grinding Gear Games

Is Path of Exile an MMORPG or is it not? That’s a discussion that could go on for days, but the general opinion is that it is an ‘online action RPG.’ Rightfully acclaimed as one of the best examples of the Diablo school of hack and slash, Grinding Gear Games’ title could work as a great prelude to an MMORPG.

Grim and gloomy just as Diablo is – or was? –, Path of Exile could serve as the stepping stone for an isometric MMORPG in the style of Lost Ark. With open world areas and world bosses for dozens of players to cooperate, along with the traditional instanced dungeons, it’s not like GGG’s first and only game strays too far from MMORPG territory. Their updates are renowned for being huge and going in the direction of player requests and aren’t afraid of drastically changing something that doesn’t feel right – as they did with the Fall of Oriath expansion, completely altering the campaign structure.

The big question here is if it would be worthwhile developing a second game that fundamentally would borrow many mechanics from Path of Exile. Perhaps going for a different, less grisly theme would be the best choice?

Digital Extremes (Warframe)

Dream MMORPG Studios Digital Extremes

Through perseverance and unshakeable belief in its original vision, Digital Extremes managed to surpass everyone’s expectations and showed a thing or two to many publishers of little faith. Warframe went from being a niche game to a behemoth of an online action RPG.

It’s this perseverance and long-term vision that would ultimately set them apart from other developers. Ironically, it was absent from hero shooter The Amazing Eternals, but realizing early on that something isn’t going to take off may be a positive as well.

Digital Extremes is absolutely at ease with sci-fi and fast-paced movement, so it would be the perfect candidate for a frantic action combat MMORPG. They are no strangers to open world MMO gameplay as well, with Warframe’s updates Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna showing that they can hold their own in this department.

The only downside would probably be that this hypothetical MMORPG would be, just as Warframe, in open beta for all eternity and beyond. But we all can live with that, right?

Riot Games (League of Legends)

Dream MMORPG Studios Riot Games

Riot Games must step up its game soon or risk seeing the fountain of riches that is League of Legends eventually dry out. How fun would it be to see Runeterra becoming the stage for an MMORPG? It’s not as crazy as it sounds either; it was Riot Games’ co-founder Marc Merrill that came up with the thought and fans reacted accordingly.

Of course, this is nothing but speculation. While Riot Games is said to be “experimenting a lot of stuff,” and considering the implications of going head-to-head with World of Warcraft, nothing is set in stone.

However, it should happen. League of Legends has some terrific characters and intricate lore that could work nicely in an MMORPG. The colorful cartoon aesthetic feels just right for a third-person perspective, and it goes without saying that the League of Legends player base would jump at the thought of seeing its favorite world expanding. This MMORPG must be made while the MOBA remains at its best, so that gives them… two to three years?

KOG Studio (Grand Chase, Elsword, KurtzPel…)

Dream MMORPG Studios KOG Studio

KOG Studio is something of a weird case. While an expert in online games, the South Korean studio still hasn’t dipped its feet in traditional MMORPG territory. Grand Chase and Elsword are acclaimed MMO games but they are action games at heart and couldn’t be further from the likes of World of Warcraft or EverQuest.

Nonetheless, Elsword is considered a 2.5D action MMORPG, which means that it includes core mechanics such as guilds, PvP and item trading. KOG’s latest game, KurtzPel, switches to a third-person perspective but is a focused PvP brawler experience with boss raid PvE gameplay tacked on.

So why do I reckon that KOG could deliver an outstanding MMORPG? Because they have years of experience in online games, a couple of successful titles under its belt, and a mastery of action gameplay. The cherry on top is the combat system developed for KurtzPel, which would work impeccably in an MMORPG. The same thing goes for the beautiful anime graphics.

I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old curmudgeon, but adding hub towns with proper quests to KurtzPel would be a great place to start. Follow it with complete dungeons, let it cook for a couple of years and we would get a stunning anime MMORPG. Sadly, KurtzPel isn’t going to be that game, but KOG may eventually get to it in the future.

DevCAT (Vindictus, Mabinogi, Dragon Hound, Ascendant One…)

Dream MMORPG Studios DevCAT

For many of you, the name DevCAT may not ring a bell, but what about Mabinogi and Vindictus? Now that tells you something, doesn’t it? The South Korean studio is behind these classic MMORPGs, with Vindictus being one of the best examples in action combat before TERA or Black Desert Online showed up to the party. This game is live and getting updates up to this day, further proof that DevCAT stands by its work.

A sequel to Vindictus is long overdue and was once in development, but it felt more like an arena brawler spin-off than a proper follow-up. It ended up being canceled, with DevCAT moving on to other games. The monster-hunting online game Dragon Hound is one of its upcoming titles and a very promising one, and DevCAT is also reimagining Mabinogi for mobile devices, and it looks terribly cute. DevCAT’s catalog shows that it is a studio capable of tackling any challenge, from MMORPGs to MOBAs and even card games.

DevCAT should consider updating Vindictus to the current generation, just as Neople is doing with Dungeon Fighter Online’s sequel (codename Project BBQ). A third-person, brutal action combat MMORPG mixing Vindictus’ varied character selection with an open world like Black Desert Online could be a pleasant recipe. Nexon just needs to give them the go-ahead and we’ll all be happy.

SEGA (Yakuza, Phantasy Star Online 2…)

Dream MMORPG Studios SEGA

I’m not even going to bother with Phantasy Star Online 2 anymore. I gave up on the promised western release a long time ago, but SEGA could at least be so kind as to officially confirm that this version is dead and buried, something that they didn’t even worry about telling their fans. We need some sort of closure on this subject, guys!

SEGA is no stranger to MMORPGs, as you can see, so it’s peculiar to realize that it has all but abandoned the genre. A new Phantasy Star Online game would result in millions of joyful players worldwide, but I wouldn’t rule out something based on the Yakuza franchise as well. This prolific series is acclaimed for its open world and story, as well as for the abundance of mini-games and entertaining side-quests. Aren’t those some of the fundamentals of a full-fledged MMORPG?

Between a new Phantasy Star Online and a Yakuza MMORPG, the choice is far from easy. Recently we were fooled into thinking that the latter one was happening, but Yakuza Online turned out to be a mobile card game. In your face, expectations!

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Build a Legacy in Survived By

Have you ever wanted to create your own family tree in an MMORPG? Well you can do that in Survived By…except everyone else in your family is already dead and soon enough you will be too. Then it’s time for the next generation to take over once again. You see, Survived By is a roguelite, 2D bullet-hell MMORPG where dead characters are replaced with their next of kin.

Currently in Closed Beta, Survived By is in the same vein as Realm of the Mad God and StarBreak. It features retro-style pixel art (albeit much more detailed than the previously mentioned games), permadeath with item drops on death, a player-driven in-game economy, and dozens of creepy monsters that want to eat you for dinner.

Survived By town


Last Bastion of Civilization

A permadeath game just wouldn’t be the same if humanity wasn’t on the brink of destruction, and Survived By doesn’t pull any punches here. The game starts off with a brief introduction that introduces the World Tree and the sudden influx of man-beast hybrids known as the Chimera. We learn that the town of Sagila was the first hit and had no chance to defend itself.

We’re then dropped into the tutorial where we learn how to play the Harbinger (ranger-type) class and prepare to defend the village of Harsa. Then the Chimera attack…and we’re killed alongside everyone else. That’s right, you die in the first 5-minutes of the game! This isn’t just a fake tutorial death either; it actually counts as your first character.

Of course this also helps tie in the Ancestral Legacy system as well. Whenever a player dies they’re awarded Valr and legacies based on their level and how many achievements they complete. Legacies come in four rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary, which generally become more useful the higher the rarity.

Players can use Valr to upgrade up their existing legacies, sell legacies for Valr, or spend Valr to unlock a random legacy. Up to four legacies can be equipped when a new character is created and players can use special currency to change these later on. Typically, legacies provide a raw stat bonus such as damage reduction, increased critical damage, movement speed, and more health. There are some more interesting choices, however, such as a legacy that makes enemies explode upon death.

Survived By


Pick Your Poison

As far as MMORPGs go, the controls in Survived By are fairly straightforward and simple; WASD is used for movement, left-click is your basic attack and right-click is the class ability. Right now there six classes in the game that all play a little bit differently. These include: Alchemist, Druid, Geomancer, Harbinger, Infiltrator, and Sentinel. The main things that separate each class are the types of armor they can wear and their class ability.

The Alchemist uses staves and spears and can lob corrosive potions at enemies that do damage over time. Druids wield totems and can transform into powerful bears with increased damage. Geomancers equip pickaxes and summon turrets that attack enemies and block attacks. Harbingers use bows and can shoot a volley of up to six arrows at different enemies. The Infiltrator is the stealthy dagger class that can go invisible and unleash a barrage of knives. Finally, there’s the sword and board Sentinel who can nullify enemy projectiles in an area.

In addition to have different abilities, each class can obtain different modifiers to their weapon. Generally, basic attacks are straight line projectiles, however, there are variations such as the“flanking shot” modifier that reduces the overall range but also sends out short-ranged projectiles at your sides. This allows players to stock different weapons for different situations. Flanking shot is great for crowded dungeons, but a long-ranged modifier might be better for sniping bosses.

Initially, the Alchemist, Infiltrator and Harbinger are available at the start and the Sentinel, Druid, and Geomancer can be unlocked by raising each of the previous classes to level 10. The first time around, it can take about an hour or so to carefully reach level 10 on a new character, but once you’ve stockpiled some silver, equipment, or crafting materials it can be done fairly quickly and makes unlocking new classes easy. Due to the number of “coming soon” signs in the class selection screen, it’s safe to assume that there will be at least a few more class options before the game is released to the public.

During my time with Survived By, I heavily favored the Sentinel. Although he’s not as offensively powerful as most of the other classes, his anti-projectile field provides a ton of survivability and has made me less cautious when going into more difficult dungeons. On the other hand, I struggled with the Infiltrator and Harbinger due to their squishy nature despite having way more firepower.

Survived by legacies


Cash Shop and Other Concerns

There are four types of currency in Survived By: Silver, Valr, Bloodstone, and Electrum. Silver is the basic in-game currency that can be used to purchase items from NPC vendors or equipment from the public auction house. Valr, as previously mentioned, is used to upgrade legacies. Bloodstones are time-gated currency obtained from completing daily challenges that can either be used to purchased certain NPC items or traded for Electrum, which is the cash shop currency.

Currently, Electrum is the only currency that can be used to purchase certain cosmetic skins or convenience items like more bag space, character slots, or health potions. However, you can also exchange Electrum for Bloodstones that can be used for items to be sold on the auction house. It’s a roundabout way to kind of make the game pay-to-win, but it also makes things friendlier to free players because they can exchange their daily currency for Electrum as well. Additionally, there’s no PvP in Survived By (as of writing this), so paying for better gear only reduces the grind a bit.

Furthermore, in order to help mitigate the feeling of pay-to-win, the game would greatly benefit from level requirements for gear. Right now any level character can wear any tier equipment they can get a hold of. This means that if someone traded enough electrum they could be level 1 walking around in tier 10 equipment and completely steamroll anything they ever come into contact with. I’m sure some people might find this fun for a bit, but it also eliminates a feeling of progression, which people tend to play RPGs for.

For example, I purchased a tier 8 sword when I first created my Sentinel and I was able to clear dungeons 5 levels higher than my character for quite a while. There wasn’t any real challenge until the enemy’s caught up with my gear level. This wasn’t the most compelling gameplay, but it was my 5th character and I wanted to speed through the beginning content. However, if a brand new player did this, they might not enjoy the game for what it is without the constant risk of impending death.

A few of my other major concerns have to do with optimization, map layout, and endgame. When you’re playing a roguelite, the last thing you want to encounter is lag or massive frame rate drops. Even with an i7 and GTX 1080, I constantly experience fps stuttering when fighting just a couple of enemies. A game with 2D graphics shouldn’t have any performance issues with that kind of hardware, and I really hope Survived By fixes this issue before launch. Additionally, the UI scaling has issues for a lot of settings outside of 1080p. The UI will either take up a massive portion of the screen or become so small it can’t be discerned; a scaling feature would be very beneficial.

The way the map is laid out, it’s rather cumbersome to get around the world. The game areas are broken down into tiers that radiate out from the world tree. Normally, players would be able to walk in a straight line and encounter increasingly difficult enemies, however, “fissures” were inserted that completely block off access to the next area. Many of the areas are quite large and it can take a long time to find the exact entrance to the next zone, which can be frustrating when you’re ready to move on. Having multiple breaks in the fissures, or some sort of signs, would greatly help players looking to progress.

Finally, there’s very little to do once you reach the cap of level 25. Apparently a few planned dungeons are still missing from the game, but there aren’t many actual goals besides maxing out legacies and unlocking achievements. There have been some cool limited events with special monsters and gear drops, but I would like to see some type of evergreen content. On the forums, there have been suggestions such as allowing players to work together to rebuild the world and defend forts or villages from increasing chimera attacks. I think this would definitely be a fun idea to get players working together.

Survived By dungeon


Overall, I really like what Human Head Studios and Digital Extremes are trying to do with Survived By. There aren’t many permadeath, bullet-hell MMORPGs on the market, especially not as good looking as this one, and it’s always nice to try something new.

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The Sacrifice Coming to Warframe This Week

The next series of cinematic quests for Warframe is right around the corner. It was recently announced that The Sacrifice will be released on the week of June 11, 2018, where players will be tasked with hunting down a dangerous new Warframe.

Warframe The Sacrifice Umbra


Although free for all players, The Sacrifice will only be accessible to the most dedicated Tenno who have completed The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow, and the Apostasy Prologue. In this storyline, players will learn about the plight of The Lotus, Ballas, and the creation of the Warframes. They will experience an action packed labyrinthine gauntlet, cutscenes, flashbacks, and the future of the Warframes.

Key Features:

  • UMBRA, AT LAST: Ferocious and untamed, Umbra’s fury is second only to his mastery of the blade. Complete The Sacrifice to discover the power of Umbra.
  • UI, PRIMED: Warframe‘s user interface is ever-evolving. Experience the first step in this brand-new UI, including a revamped inventory menu, customizable UI themes, updated vendor menus (like Baro, Syndicates, etc.), new UI sounds across all menus, and more!
  • TENNO CUSTOMIZATIONS: Embrace the shadows with these ancient Orokin masterpieces.
    • Umbra Armor: Eclipse the darkness of Umbra with this Armor Set for any Warframe.
    • Umbra Operator Cosmetics: Adorn your Operator with these ascendant Cosmetics.
    • Umbra Hooded Scarf: Prowl the night with this masterful scarf.
    • Umbra Blindfold: Embrace the shadows with this elegant blindfold.
    • Umbra Diadem: Adorn your Operator with this ascendant crown.
    • Umbra Earpiece: Dazzle your foes with these ancient earpieces.
    • Umbra Kubrow Armor: Howl at the moon with the Umbra Kubrow Armor Set.
    • Umbra Kavat Armor: The Umbra Kavat Armor Set embodies the height of feline Fashion Frame.

Additionally, players can use the code “OLDFRIEND” for a free Orokin Tea Set Decoration and a 3-Day Affinity Booster! Available on all platforms until at 11:59 p.m. ET, July 20, 2018.

The Sacrifice update is expected to arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer.

Source: Press Release

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A New Digital Extremes Free to Play MMO is in the Works

Digital Extremes has issued its latest financial report and within its contents is word on a new Digital Extremes free to play MMO that is in development. And yes, it’s a completely unique game unrelated to either Warframe or the now halted The Amazing Eternals.

digital extremes free to play mmo

The mention itself is a brief one, spanning only one sentence. That said, the sentence is full of information; the free-to-play action MMO is going to kick off closed alpha testing sometime in 2017 and is eyeballing a release in 2018.

Information about what this game specifically is about isn’t detailed further in the financial report, but it does look to be a wholly unique title associated with possibly a new IP, as the report individually lists fiscal numbers for Warframe and has a blurb detailing initial plans for The Amazing Eternals.

Our Thoughts

While it would be nice for the setting or characters from The Amazing Eternals to make its way to a new game, we’re still very intrigued to learn more about what this new free to play MMO might be. Considering how well Warframe appears to be doing right now and with some time making an open world under their belts with Plains of Eidolon, the possibilities certainly seem endless. Here’s hoping we get to hear more soon!

Source: Digital Extremes financial report via Massively Overpowered

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