This Year’s Dota 2 Majors Battle Pass is a Subscription Service

With the Dota 2 Majors on the way, details about the new Battle Pass were pretty much expected. What perhaps wasn’t expected, though, was the transformation from a one-time buy-in offer to a straight-up subscription service. Enter Dota Plus, or as the landing page calls it, “an evolution of the Majors Battle Pass.”

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Dota Plus will offer subscribers a variety of new goodies to earn either via regular play or through specific challenges. Each hero will get a level bar that progresses with each match. When a hero earns a new level, they get a new badge that unlocks Shards – a currency that can be used to either get controllable hero voice lines, skins, or Relics that track and display stat milestones.

The subscription also grants access to a Plus Assistant, which integrates tips and suggestions gathered from millions of matches for each skill bracket for items, abilities and even hero selections into an in-game feature that highlights those suggestions for you. The Assistant also provides a deep breakdown of how a character was killed, a suggested lane strategy visible to both the Plus subscriber and their teammates, and access to a variety of analytics.

Finally, Dota Plus members will get automatic access to the weekly Battle Cup, though non-Plus members can still buy in to participate at a cost of $0.99. If a Plus member wins the Battle Cup, they’ll get 20,000 Shards in addition to the regular rewards. Plus members will also gain access to visual adjustments to the Dota 2 map that change with the literal seasons, with variants for Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn.

The whole kit and kaboodle will be on offer to those who sub up at a cost of $3.99 a month, with percentage discounts for those who buy in at 6 or 12 month intervals. Plus will also be available for purchase in non-renewing time blocks if you’d rather not commit to a regular fee.

Our Thoughts

This could either be an intriguing addition for Dota 2 fans or a very prickly one. We’re most concerned by the possible benefits offered to those playing with the help of the Plus Assistant, which could provide a possibly unfair advantage to teams. That said, if the Assistant is drawing from the vast average of what players would do anyway, then perhaps its less like a boon and more like someone telling you what you already know. What do you think of Dota Plus?

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