Twin Saga Patch 17 Introduces New Dungeons and Content

Twin Saga Patch 17 has been announced and it is bringing two new dungeons to the anime MMORPG along with additional Senshi quests and several special events. The two new dungeons are the blazing Barren Desert and the dark Crocodile Wetlands, both with their own unique dangers. These two dungeons will reward players with Loyalty Points and Star Points, both of which can be exchanged for special items.

Also in this patch, the magnificent Death Valley Colosseum Battlefield is being released, giving players an all-new place to prove their might. Four additional Shenshi have been spotted, giving all new quests.

Finally, there are going to be an amazing five new seasonal events added to Twin Saga. But, the press release doesn’t give us the details for all of them. We do know that there will be a treasure hunt during the special Flora’s Treasure event. They also mention celebrating Thanksgiving and taking loved ones on a romantic stroll. So, from the sounds of it these seasonal events are going to be somewhat spread out.

We can’t wait to dive into Patch 17 and see what all it has to offer. If nothing else, we here at MMOGames are complete suckers for seasonal events and it sounds like Twin Saga just got a whole bunch more. Though what all of them are we will just have to wait and find out.


Source: Press Release

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WoW Wednesday: How To Quickly Gear Your Alts

With new Allied Races on the horizon for Battle for Azeroth, there are certainly more than enough excuses to work on alternate characters or alts. Some players like a break in their current gameplay style, others may want to see how another class fits their raid composition. Perhaps you would like to see how a newer melee class holds up with your Arena team? The main hurdle for every player in World of Warcraft’s end-game, no matter the class, is of course gear. End game performance isn’t entirely about skill (or how hard your Paladin friend can hit the buttons with their face) but instead how your stats are affected by your equipable gear. This week we will be diving into some of the fastest methods to gear your alts and get them ready for raiding.

With a freshly level-capped 120 character, your gear may be relatively hit-or-miss in terms of its quality. Most players who quest through Kul Tiras and Zandalar will be outfitted in questing greens and blues, barely breaching item-level 300. The first step for freshly dinged players is to begin hitting Normal and Heroic level dungeons and scoring some loot off of the bosses contained within. Most players may find themselves easily falling into Normals, as Heroic not only has a higher item-level requirement for entry but a much higher difficulty with the launch of Season 2 in Battle for Azeroth. This is perhaps the best method to begin arming your hero of Azeroth, but one can quickly accelerate their growth with the newest gameplay introduced into WoW.

At item-level 320, your character will unlock access to Warfronts. Locked to a rotating cycle for each faction, Warfronts feature dynamic battlefields besieged by both the Horde and the Alliance in a struggle for dominance. Each Warfront cycles through different phases, working through four separate steps that are vital to leveling your character.

The first, the Contribution Phase, is locked to your specific region (ie. only US players contribute to the US Horde War Effort in Darkshore). Each day three daily quests will be open that will require profession turn-ins which reward a large amount of Azerite. These quests are vital for leveling up your Heart of Azeroth, which will, in turn, unlock more traits in your Azerite Gear. This means that as your Heart’s item level increases, so will your gear as you unlock their central Azerite Traits. This contribution phase lasts for anywhere from three to five days.

After the Contribution Phase is the Assault Phase. This is the most vital part of gearing up your character, as every successful Warfront will reward higher item-level gear, as well as a Heroic-Raid Tier quality item once per Warfront Cycle. For the Battle for Stromgarde, players with item-level 320 gear can enter the warfront and receive 350 gear for winning. At ilvl 335, players can enter the Battle for Darkshore and receive item-level 375 gear. Both warfronts are repeatable and share separate cycles, meaning that shortly after completing Stromgarde several times, you’ll quickly be ready to step into Darkshore.

It’s also heavily recommended you start hitting Heroic Level Island Expeditions. Each week your Artifact Knowledge for the Heart of Azeroth grows, reducing how much Azerite you need to level it up. Heroic Expeditions not only give a sizable chunk of Azerite and contribute to the weekly quest for 2500 Azerite but also have a higher chance to drop Azerite-rewarding Quest Items.

With a large collection of Darkshore gear in your pockets and your Heart well on its way to healing Azeroth, you’ll finally be ready to step into higher-level content in the end-game. There are two feasible options for quickly amassing gear on top of regularly raiding; Mythic+ Dungeons and Rated PvP.

Mythic+ Dungeons are the most active end-game content in Battle For Azeroth. Due to their importance, they’re almost mandatory to complete at least one every week in order to maximize your gearing curve. Using a Mythic Keystone, players can enter increasingly difficult Battle for Azeroth dungeons in a time-attack mode. Completing dungeons with progressively higher keystones will result in greater rewards not only at the dungeon’s end but also in your Challenger’s Cache at the end of the week.

The biggest reward from the cache is Titan Residuum, a new currency introduced in Season 2. This Residuum can be turned into Ethereal vendors in Dazar’alor and Boralus for high-level gear, including specific ilvl 415 pieces to kit out your character. While you can also scrap Azerite Gear to earn Titan Residuum, it’s simply far more efficient to hit increasingly higher level Mythic+ dungeons. We detailed the progressive rewards and more about Mythic+ dungeons several weeks back.

Conversely, Rated Player vs. Player content also offers higher item level gear that, for some players, can quickly result in incredibly powerful rewards. While players can earn lower item level gear after winning Random Battlegrounds or Arena Skirmishes, Rated content offers higher-tier rewards more regularly. Winning in Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds can reward you with item level 380 gear in Season 2 well below titled ratings. Increasing your rating to 1400 can allow you to earn ilvl 390 gear after each match.

Winning organized PvP of any kind, whether it be Skirmishes, Random Battlegrounds or Rated Content will reward you with Conquest. Each week players can farm for a set piece of gear by gaining Conquest, scaling in power for each time you fill your Conquest bar. While this loot is preset, you know what you’re getting each week and can target specific pieces for a slow but gradual gain. Players who haven’t completed any of their Conquest Bar over the Season can fill it up multiple times each week, using it as a catch-up tool to gear their characters. After filling their Conquest Bar (or earning 500 Conquest) players will also unlock a weekly chest at your War Headquarters. You can check out our guide on Rated PvP to get an idea of how item levels scaled in Season One and how they work in Season Two.

Last, but certainly not least, there is, of course, the Raiding Scene. With the release of the Battle for Dazar’alor, both Heroic and Mythic Uldir are now far easier to do with a pick-up group due to overgearing. Heroic Uldir still rewards item-level 370 gear and can be used as a stepping stone if you find your luck lacking between Mythic+ and Rated PvP. Of course, once you’ve hit the big-time, you can also step into the siege on Zandalar’s shores and pillage its bosses for item level 400 gear in Heroic BFDA.

But these are just our suggestions. How do you gear up your alts, or even your first main character, in Battle for Azeroth? Let us know down below!

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ESO Fang Lair Dungeon Guide

Fang Lair is one of two new dungeons included in Elder Scrolls Online’s latest DLC, Dragon Bones. The dungeon is found in the northeastern part of Bangkorai, but can also be reached through fast travel, traveling to a group member, or the dungeon group finder.

fang lair mobs ESO Fang Lair Dungeon Guide

Plenty of undead mobs and necromancers fill Fang Lair.

The Basics

Like other dungeons in ESO, you can choose to play through Fang Lair in either normal or veteran mode, with a hard mode option in the veteran dungeon. On your first trip to either Fang Lair or the second new dungeon, Scalecaller Peak, you will earn the Renegade Dragon Priest Mask, a collectible hat.

Fang Lair is a Dwarven Ruin where a necromancer is performing a ritual to reanimate a skeletal dragon. Travel through the dungeon and stop these threats before it’s too late.

Casting the Bones

find yisareh

Find the NPC, Yisareh just inside the entrance to Fang Lair to begin the quest.

You can pick up this quest in the dungeon from Yisareh. You can’t miss her as she’s just inside the entrance. She asks for your help with the necromancers who are bringing corpses into the ruins and making other ominous preparations. The way forward is barred to her by magic but with a group, you could probably force your way inside.

If you finish the conversation with Yisareh, she’ll tell you that a necromancer named Lizabet is the one conjuring the magical barrier, but is probably not the one in charge. When you ask about the ruins, she will reveal that the Dwarves were driven from the place by a dragon, but that the monster must be long gone.

Navigating the Dungeon

fang lair map

Follow the path in a clockwise direction through Fang Lair.

Fang Lair is all on a single map level and is easy to navigate. Your group starts in the lower left corner and has to work your way around in a clockwise direction. The mobs are mostly undead and necromancers, and you will have to work your way through groups of them between five main boss fights. Bring your AOE attacks to help make quick work of these enemies and watch out for the Bone Colossus’, as these guys have a particularly deadly attack.

You will see scattered round balls on the ground – these release poison spores if you stand near them for too long. If you keep moving through the dungeon quickly, they won’t bother you much. Also – keep an eye out for chests, like in any dungeon.


This ball will release poison if you stand near it for too long.

The First Boss – Lizabet

Your first encounter with a boss is actually one of the easiest. Lizabet appears, taunts the group, and then summons some mobs to attack the party. You won’t even engage her directly – simply dispatch the mobs she summons and you can move on. There isn’t any particular strategy needed here.

The Second Boss – Cadaverous Bear

This is one of the more challenging fights in Fang Lair. When you arrive at this area, you will see a collection of animal statues. These come to life and you’ll have to fight them, but the Cadaverous Bear is the main boss that has to be killed. It’s essential to understand the mechanics of this fight, though, or you won’t make it through.

cadaverous bosses

Starting position of the bosses. The wolves keep respawning from their position on the far left.

Each of the monsters here has a different attack. The group of three wolves will run up to players and then explode. They respawn quickly and keep coming back throughout the fight so keep moving to avoid this damage or be ready to shield yourself and block their attack. The senche has a special attack where it will pin one player and cause damage. This attack has to be interrupted by another player, so keep an eye out for the message that pops up on the bottom of your screen to inform you of this.

The guar will spout poison fields, so just watch out for AOE and again, keep moving. Both the senche and the guar will respawn after a little time, so your main focus should be on the bear. However, have your tank taunt the mobs to all stay near the bear and use your AOE attacks to kill the senche and guar while DPSing the bear. If you defeat all the bear’s minions, his shield will come up until they respawn. Once you defeat the bear, the fight is over.

cadaverous bear

Focus on the Cadaverous Bear, but use AOE attacks to damage the bear’s minions.

If you’re having trouble getting through this fight, focus on the senche first then take out the bear. Keep moving and kiting to avoid the wolves’ explosive attacks.

The Third Boss – Caluurion

Caluurion AOE

Stay alert and avoid Caluurion’s AOE attacks.

Caluurion is another necromancer boss, but your strategy here is fairly simple. He stays in the center of the room on top of a small hill. From there, Caluurion throws out a lot of AOE attacks, so pay particular attention not to get caught in overlapping circles from his attacks. Otherwise, at certain levels of health, he will activate one of several relics found on the periphery of the room. A message will show up on the bottom of your screen to inform you of this. Run to the correct relic and kill it as quickly as possible. While the relic is active, Caluurion is more resistant to damage.

Caluurion relic

When a relic is active, kill it as quickly as possible.

When you are attacking a relic, each one will generate different defenses (shock, poison, etc.). If a red ring forms around you, make sure not to overlap with a group member or you will accumulate extra damage. Once the relic is down, return to Caluurion. Alternatively, if your group has high DPS you may be able to ignore the totems and just take down Caluurion directly.

The Fourth Boss – Ulfnor

This boss is a mostly straight-forward fight. The only tricky part here is that he is accompanied by a ghost who will chain a random player. When you are chained, you won’t be able to free yourself or do anything. The ghost pulls you closer, and if you end up next to her, then Ulfnor runs up and one-shot kills you. Your group members will need to kill the ghost before she pulls you in if you want to avoid certain death.


I’m chained by the ghost here and can’t do anything until my group frees me.

When fighting Ulfnor directly, watch out for his heavy attacks. He also uses a lot of fire – both a series of small circle AOEs that radiate out from him, as well as a collection of fireballs that shoot out and then bounce around the battlefield.

The Fifth Boss – Thurvokun

When you finally arrive at the end of Fang Lair, you’ll discover that the necromancer Orryn the Black has managed to resurrect the dragon, Thurvokun. Your main fight here will be with Thurvokun, but Orryn triggers other aspects of the battle.

Thurvokun fight

The dragon produces a large poison field (green).

To start with, have your tank keep Thurvokun in the middle of the room. Throw your attacks at him and avoid his large poison AOE and ice attack that radiates from his tail. As his health decreases, crystals at the periphery of the room will become active and spawn additional mobs. Destroy the crystals quickly – there are four of them. Be careful if your group is doing massive damage to Thurvokun – you can inadvertently trigger multiple crystals at once and get overwhelmed by mobs.

The most deadly aspect of this boss fight happens next. Orryn will summon a line of ghosts that will run across the room. If they touch you, you will die. In order to avoid this, look for the friendly NPC who has been following you through the entire dungeon. He will create a yellow glowing barrier. Hide behind the barrier to stay safe from the ghosts. The wave of ghosts will keep repeating itself. If you’re using a voice chat option, have someone call out when the ghosts appear to make sure everyone has time to shelter behind the barrier.

Thurvokun fight

He throws skulls at you too.

Once Thurvokun is down to zero health, guess what? Orryn will resurrect him and he’ll be back at around 50% of his health. He’ll continue his attacks while more mobs spawn from where the crystals had once been. Thurvokun will scream and cause fear. Break free from this, but pay attention. After the fear attack, the dragon will shoot poison balls that can kill with one shot. To avoid this damage, look for a gold circle on the floor. Run through the circle (one per player) and you’ll be safe.

Hard Mode

If this all hasn’t been enough of a challenge for you, try it again on Hard Mode. More mobs will spawn and Thurvokun will have more health. The crystals will spawn a bone colossus. Kill the crystal quickly, or a second colossus will join you. The wave of ghosts will change so that it no longer covers the entire width of the hall. However, you won’t get the glowing yellow shield so you’ll have to find the gap between the ghosts and make sure you get through that part.


On completion of the battle, make sure you speak with Yisareh again to finish the quest and earn a skill point. You’ll also win the Fang Lair Vanquisher achievement and the Thurvokun trophy.

quest complete

Speak to Yisareh for some well-earned rewards.

As you’ve made your way through Fang Lair you will certainly have picked up some of the new set items. If you’re working on a particular build, here are the stats on the four sets:

Thurvokun Set (monster set)

  • 1 item: Adds XXXX maximum health
  • 2 items: When a nearby enemy damages you, summon a growing pool of desecrated bile for 8 seconds. Enemies in the bile receive XXX Disease Damage every 1 second and are afflicted with Minor Main and Minor Defile, reducing their damage done and healing received by 15%. This effect can occur every 8 seconds.

Caluurion’s Legacy Set (light armor)

  • 2 items: Adds XXX Spell Critical
  • 3 items: Adds XXX Spell Damage
  • 4 items: Adds XXX Spell Critical
  • 5 items: When you deal Critical Damage with a single target Magicka ability, you launch a Fire, Ice, Shock, or Disease ball at your target that deals XXXXX damage and applies a status effect. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

Trappings of Invigoration Set (medium armor)

  • 2 items: Adds XXX Stamina Recovery
  • 3 items: Adds XXXX Maximum Stamina
  • 4 items: Adds XXX Stamina Recovery
  • 5 items: When you cast an ability while under 33% Stamina, you restore XXXX Stamina. This effect can occur once every 1 minute.

Ulfnor’s Favor Set (heavy armor)

  • 2 items: Adds XXXX Maximum Health
  • 3 items: Adds XXX Magicka Recovery
  • 3 items: Adds XXX Stamina Recovery
  • 4 items: Adds 4% Healing Taken
  • 5 items: Increases the Magicka or Stamina your Heavy Attacks restore by 30%

You may notice that the Ulfnor’s Favor set lists two separate bonuses for 3 items. I suspect this may be a bug, but since I play a lightly armored DPS sorcerer, I haven’t tried out this set.

Overall, the Fang Lair dungeon seems to be more popular than the other new content – Scalecaller Peak. The boss battles are doable but challenging, depending on the abilities of the group you go in with.

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First Look at Bless Online Dungeons

If you’ve been wondering about how Bless Online dungeons will look then you are in luck! Neowiz, the creators of the upcoming MMORPG, have taken to Steam to show them off a little bit. So what have we learned? Well, actually not a whole lot.

We know they will range from being solo instances in the beginning of the game and scale up to 10 player raid dungeons. Each dungeon will, of course, have its own unique characteristics and stories. Many of the dungeons, though not all it would seem, are closely related to the main story in Bless. There will also be special dungeons where you’ll be able to get rare crops and minerals. Finally, we learned that strategy and teamwork will be important. So, start forming those 10 man teams now. It’s never too early, is it? Not a whole lot of information to go on there, but it’s only meant to be a small teaser.

Neowiz has previously announced that they’re expecting to put Bless Online on Steam sometime in 2018, though no further details about that have been released so far. The game is having somewhat of a rocky start to life as it has been canceled and brought back to life for Western audiences several times over the years. This time however they’re looking at a global release on Steam and things are going, pardon the pun, full steam ahead. We’re eagerly awaiting the day when we get information about a Bless Online beta and crossing our fingers that it will come sooner rather than later. If you want to make sure you hear when Bless Online goes into beta or any other game for that matter be sure you check back regularly to our MMO beta list. It’s updated every week with the latest beta information.


Source: Steam

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Here’s Some Footage of an Ascent: Infinite Realm Dungeon Run

The Ascent: Infinite Realm closed beta is on in Korea and a lot of Western players are likely hungry for more details on just how the steampunk-fantasy MMORPG functions. Our friends at Steparu have kindly stepped up with some A:IR dungeon footage from within the game’s test.

a:ir dungeon

The video in question is from within a level 20 dungeon in the game and comes from the viewpoint of the Assassin class. Obviously context for the dungeon isn’t available since the UI is in Korean, but there is a dragon battle at the end which can grant interested players a peek at instanced content, combat, and at least one boss fight in the game.

According to the video’s description, the complete dungeon run took about 20 minutes to complete, though the video below is edited down to just over 7 minutes. Those who are interested in seeing a full run are invited to check out Steparu’s YouTube channel. In the meantime, you can take in some dragon stabbing goodness below.

Our Thoughts

There are a lot of similarities one can draw from this footage. Talking amongst ourselves we got a sense of Final Fantasy XIV dungeon encounters while combat looked similar to games like Revelation Online. We’re curious to know your own thoughts on this footage so be sure to share them below.

Source: YouTube

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WoW Wednesday: Seat of the Triumvirate

With this week’s maintenance came the last content of patch 7.3. Finishing off the Argus story line will open up the Netherlight Crucible, and the Seat of the Triumvirate. We already spoke about the Netherlight Crucible in a previous WoW Wednesday, so today I’m going to tell you a little bit about the bosses, their abilities, and maybe some tips to help you and your group clear the dungeon.

Seat of the Triumvirate

Zuraal the Ascended

Right when you first enter the Seat of the Triumvirate you will see the first boss Zuraal the Ascended in the middle of the room surrounded by a few trash packs. Clear the trash around the room, you will then see four Subjugators channeling a spell into Zuraal, you must kill these four mobs before you can start the encounter. Let’s go over a few of his abilities according to the in-game Adventure Guide.

  • Null Palm – A cresting wave of chaotic magic splashes over enemies in front of the caster, dealing 213,200 at each impact point. (To counter this my group just spread out around the room so only one person would get hit by it)
  • Decimate – Infuses the caster’s fist with void energy, inflicting 591,500 Shadow damage to their target and creating a pool of void energy that expands outwards from the impact point. (I started by tanking him next to the stairs from where you first enter. After Decimate was cast on me I would move clockwise to move out of the pool)
  • Coalesced Void – Coalesced Voids form within the center pool throughout the fight, and make their way towards the Void Brute. If they reach him, the Coalesced Void casts Dark Expulsion. (On mythic, these Coalesced Voids will leave void trails behind them, so it’s important to focus these down)
    • Dark Expulsion – Explodes in a shower of void energy, inflicting 422,500 Shadow to all enemies.
  • Umbra Shift – Infuses the target with void energy, inflicting 27,000 Shadow damage and knocking them backwards in to the void realm. After casting Umbra Shift Zuraal the Ascended will cast Maddened Frenzy and start fixating on random targets.
    • Fixate – Fixates on a target attacking them to the exclusion of other targets.
    • Maddened Frenzy – Maddened by the void, reducing Zuraal the Ascended’s movement speed by 60%. Additionally, melee attacks cause knockback.
  • The Void Realm – While in the Void Realm players will get an energy bar that needs to be filled. Void energy can be gathered by killing Dark Aberrations, after gathering 100 energy, Void Tear can be cast.
    • Void Tear – Tear a whole in the Void, bringing the caster back to the real world. Additionally, Void Tear stuns Zuraal the Ascended for 20 sec and increases damage taken by 200%.

After you down Zuraal, you will meet up with Alleria Windrunner who will use Void Magic to open a hole in the wall opening the second half of the instance. Before you can just run up to the next boss you will have to track down and close a few different rifts. To close a rift, you just have to kill the Rift Warden next to it, but make sure to interrupt the fear that it casts. Once you close a rift, another will spawn until finally Saprish appears.


Saprish comes with two pets and all three of these mobs share a health pool. Let’s take a look at what abilities Saprish has first.

  • Void Trap – Creates a void trap, which inflicts 405,000 Shadow damage and stuns the first target that enters its radius.
    • Occasionally Saprish will use Overload Trap which sets a series of placed traps to explode. Inflicting 540,000 Shadow damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Umbral Flanking – Saprish marks multiple players. After a short time, he dashes between them, inflicting 450,000 Physical damage. Additionally, all players hit by Umbral Flanking give Saprish a stack of Hunter’s Rush.
    • Hunter’s Rush – Empowers the hunter, causing melee attacks to have a chance to cause Dark Slash.
      • Dark Slash – The caster’s weapon bursts with dark energy, inflicting 350,000 Shadow damage.

Darkfang is Saprish’s first pet. Darkfang only has one ability that he will cast.

  • Ravaging Darkness – Teleports to a player and executes a series of attacks for 6 sec. Each attack inflicts 270,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec. Additionally, all players hit by Ravaging Darkness give Saprish a stack of Hunter’s Rush.

The last pet is Shadewing which has two abilities that it will cast.

  • Swoop – Swoops down on random target, inflicting 491,400 Physical damage to all enemies near the impact. After reaching their destination, Shadewing casts Dread Screech.
    • Dread Screech – Lets out a piercing screech, inflicting 491,400 Shadow damage and disorienting all enemies for 4 sec. (Please interrupt this cast)

I can’t give much of an opinion on Saprish. The group I went into the Seat of the Triumvirate was well geared, in saying that Saprish kind of just fell over for us without seeing much of any mechanics.

Seat of the Triumvirate

Viceroy Nezhar

After more trash, you will reach the third boss Viceroy Nezhar. You’re going to want to make sure that you clear all the trash around the area, you will need the room. At the start of the fight, a ring of void will spawn around the room, which slowly collapses inwards over the course of the fight. This Collapsing Void is your enrage timer. Now let’s take a look at his other abilities.

  • Dark Blast – Hurls a bolt of void energy at the target, inflicting 776,250 Shadow damage. (This is interruptible, but it’s hardly noticeable, so don’t waste your interrupt on it)
  • Umbral Tentacles – Summons 4 Umbral Lashers, which cast Void Lashing at random targets.
    • Unstable Entrance – The caster tears into reality from the void, inflicting 206,550 Shadow damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them back.
    • Void Lashing – Fires a beam of void energy at the target, inflicting 420,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 6 sec. Additionally, Void Lashing reduces healing taken by 5% for 15 sec. This effect stacks. (These tentacles need to be CC’d, interrupted, and burned down immediately)
  • Howling Dark – Fills all nearby enemies with dread, causing them to flee in fear for 4 sec. (This should also be high priority for interrupts)
  • Entropic Force – Void winds flow out of the caster, inflicting 125,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec and additionally pushing all enemies away. (Before the cast goes off, everyone should stack right on top of the boss in the middle of the room trying to avoid being pushed into the Collapsing Void)
  • Insanity – During the course of the fight, Viceroy Nezhar continuously gains Insanity. At 100 Insanity, Viceroy Nezhar summons 2 Shadowguard Voidtenders and starts to cast Eternal Twilight.
    • Shadowguard Voidtender – When summoned, the Shadowguard Voidtenders cast Dark Bulwark on Viceroy Nezhar.
    • Dark Bulwark – Enshrines the target in dark energy, making them immune to damage and interrupts.
    • Eternal Twilight – Releases a cataclysmic blast of void energy inflicting 24.5 million Shadow damage to all enemies. (Obviously a one-shot mechanic if you don’t kill the Shadowguards and interrupt the boss)

Viceroy Nezhar wasn’t much of a problem for my group, but I can see him being a massive problem on high Mythic+ keys.


After Viceroy Alleria once again appears and uses her void magic to open the doors to the final boss L’ura. For a final boss, L’ura wasn’t very challenging. Let’s take a look at her abilities using the in-game Adventure Guide one last time.

  • Call to the Void – L’ura calls out to the void, opening a series of void portals. Once opened, L’ura begins draining energy from the portals and starts channeling Naaru’s Lament.
  • Naaru’s Lament – Sings a wailing dirge, inflicting 60,000 Shadow damage to all enemies every 3 sec until cancelled. Additionally, L’ura’s casts Growing Darkness every 2 sec.
    • Growing Darkness – L’ura gains energy from void, increasing damage done by 1% every 2 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Void Blast – Hurls a bolt of void energy at the target, inflicting 85,000 Shadow damage and an additional 50,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.
  • Final Dirge – Once L’ura has been severed from all available portals, she enters the fight, becoming mobile and capable of attacking players directly. L’ura continues to channel Naaru’s Lament and cast Void Blast, and also gains the ability Umbral Cadence. On Mythic, L’ura also gains Grand Shift.
    • Umbral Cadence – L’ura releases pent up void energy in all directions, inflicting 95,000 Shadow damage to all enemies.
    • Grand Shift – L’ura calls out to all Remnants of Anguish, causing them jump to random enemies, inflicting 307,800 Shadow damage to all enemies near the impact point and knocking them back.

Next, we will take a look at the Greater Rift Warden.

  • Void Bound – Binds the caster to the portal that summoned, protecting the portal form being destroyed.
  • Fragment of Despair – Hurls a bolt of shadow energy at random locations, which inflict 800,000 Shadow damage to enemies at the target location. If no players are hit, Fragment of Despair inflicts 2.4 million Shadow damage to all players.
  • Sorrow Shock – Shocks the target with dark energy, inflicting 307,800 Shadow damage.

Next, the Waning Void.

  • Remnant of Anguish – Leaves a remnant of the Waning Void’s essence behind, which inflicts 307,800 Shadow damage every 1 sec to all nearby enemies.

Alleria Windrunner appears at the beginning of the fight, and casts Void Sever at any unprotected Void Portals.

  • Void Sever – Drains an unprotected Void Portal of its energy, serving its connection to L’ura and closing it permanently.

Seat of the Triumvirate

Final Thoughts

I loved the scenery of Seat of the Triumvirate. There is way more trash than I could have ever expected from a Legion dungeon. I personally don’t want to run this place on a high Mythic+ key, but I can’t wait to watch others do it during the Mythic+ Dungeon Invitationals coming up, and seeing what kind of route those players choose to run. Tell us what you thought about the Seat of the Triumvirate down below in the comments.

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TERA’s New Dungeon is All About Gambling (But Not RNG)

Place your bets and test your luck at the Demon’s Wheel, the new dungeon headed to TERA next week. In a preview of the upcoming content, players are getting a primer on the sort of encounters they’ll face with the new dungeon’s bosses along with tips on how to even the odds.

demon's wheel

The Demon’s Wheel dungeon opens to players who are item level 423, where they are asked to investigate the titular gambling establishment and try to break a shanty town’s residents of their obsession with its games of fortune.

Within the Demon’s Wheel players will encounter two bosses; Bandersnatch and Demoros. The Bandersnatch fight will send out two waves of explosions, forcing players to determine the total number of explosions and watch the aura color to know where the safe zone is.

Demoros, meanwhile, cannot be killed directly but instead requires players to fill a Luck Meter before he fills his. Earning points to fill the meter involves activities such as being hit by giant coins and beating on dice.

The Demon’s Wheel will open to players on Tuesday, September 12th. You can read up on all the specific details of this new dungeon on the official site.

Our Thoughts

Doing the dance steps required of a mechanics-heavy dungeon fight isn’t exactly new, but the thematics and challenges offered in the Demon’s Wheel could make this particular dungeon one of the more interesting ones in TERA yet.

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The post TERA’s New Dungeon is All About Gambling (But Not RNG) appeared first on