Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Permadeath Server Coming to an End

Dungeons and Dragons Online’s permadeath server is about to have a permadeath of its own. The server is ending on November 15th. The server, which launched in August was never intended to last forever and was always meant to be a time-limited experiment.

After they close the Hardcore League server they will gather data to determine who the winners were, announce their names, and prepare them for inclusion in the Hall of Heroes. Once that is complete the server will be re-opened for several weeks to allow players to prepare their characters for transfer to regular servers.

While in the official FAQ about the shutdown of the server Standing Stone Games says they have nothing official to say about the return of the Hardcore League, some hopeful fans have pointed out that they have referred to it as the “first Hardcore League” which suggests that there may be more in the future. The server will be back on in early December though no dates have been given yet. They also haven’t yet announced what time the server will shutdown on November 15th. That information is expected to be released as the date approaches.

It is interesting to see developers do these kinds of experiments with their games. Who knows what else we might see happen in DDO in the future as a result of this experiment.


Source: DDO Official Site

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