‘Rage of Bel’ – A New Neverwinter Episode Arrives

Dungeons & Dragons fans rejoice as Neverwinter, the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG inspired by the tabletop classic, has unveiled a new infernal episode entitled Rage of Bel.  

Just like the game that inspired it, Neverwinter exhibits an expansive storyline rife with all the twists and turns that comprise a good D&D session. It is a fully free-to-play title, from level one to the level cap, with all playable content accessible at no cost and even the game assets available for all players to create their own adventures. 

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Rage of Bel acts as a segue between story arcs (a.k.a. ‘modules’), occurring at the end of Infernal Descent and establishing the upcoming and as yet unannounced module. Within it, preceding actions of Neverwinter players have bred dire consequences, leading to the ominous arrival of the demonic Bel. The story via Neverwinter is as follows: 

‘The breaking of the citadel’s chains has caused the archdevil Zariel to take notice. So she has sent her second-in-command and most conniving lieutenant, Bel, to destroy Vallenhas and any who would stand in her way.

What she doesn’t know is that Bel has other plans. Should he find adventurers tough enough to best him and his legion in combat, he may be able to give them the secret to defeating her.

Join the fight for Vallenhas’ freedom once more by becoming one of Alric’s Riftwardens. Speak with Alric to cement your place in the annals of this epic fight between the forces of good and evil.’

We love a well-conceived narrative and it’s no wonder that a D&D MMO has us raring to get involved. Luckily, Rage of Bel is available to PC players as of right now (Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players have a little longer to wait) – so why not fully read up on what to expect via their announcement page and dive into the action over at the Neverwinter website.

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Neverwinter Uprising Introduces a New Playable Race

Neverwinter has announced that their seventeenth module, Neverwinter Uprising will be releasing on August 13th for PC. This update will introduce a new 10-man endgame trial, new PvP content, a recrafted early game experience, and of course as mentioned in the title…a new playable race.

The new playable race is the Gith, a race of psionic warriors who are seeking retribution against the Illithid. The conflict between the two races erupts within the cavern of Undermountain, offering players the opportunity to challenge Halaster Blackcloak in an endgame 10 man trial.

Thanks to adventurer’s efforts in Undermountain Protector’s Enclave is getting renovated. The new influx of money means that big changes will be coming to this beloved city. The changes don’t stop there though! Adventurers leaving from Protector’s Enclave will find an updated early game experience. This includes several changes made zones and stories.

Of course, these things are all just the start. A Tales of Old event will revive more dungeons from the past. The fashion system is being overhauled. Plus there will be a ton of class optimizations to prepare for an all-new PvP map with new gear that can be earned.

All of these things, plus much more will be available in Neverwinter on PC on August 13th. Upon the release of Neverwinter Uprising a release date will be made for when it will be playable on all other platforms. This is pretty standard for Neverwinter and longtime fans of the game are well used to this model.

Check out the trailer for Neverwinter Uprising below.


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