EA Outlines its Planned Reveals for Anthem

What is it about large companies sharing news about news? If it’s not Blizzard, it’s Electronic Arts and EA Play 2018, EA’s own self-built showcase for its titles. Regardless, the event will be offering up a variety of new Anthem reveals. And we can all know pretty much exactly what those reveals will be, not just guess.

anthem reveals

The EA Play showcase for Anthem will debut a new story-centric trailer for the shooter, along with a new look at gameplay including a promised in-depth dive into how combat works. The demonstration is hoping to showcase the power of the Javelin exosuit along with some potent new enemies.

In addition to these looks at the game proper, the showcase will also take some time to focus on the dev team at BioWare, with general manager Casey Hudson, executive producer Mark Harrah and lead writer Cathleen Rootsaert due to take the stage to offer insight into the dev process. There will also be some nods to the artists with looks at the game’s concept art.

All of these revelations are due to broadcast on Saturday, June 9th at 11am PST/2pm EST at EA’s website proper.

Our Thoughts

Maybe this time around the demonstration of the gameplay won’t feature awkward, patently scripted conversations between “gamers”? Shade-throwing aside, we’re most definitely intrigued to see just what Anthem is offering the multiplayer space, so we’ll be among those tuned in to learn more.

Source: EA website

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