WoW Wednesday: Noblegarden 2018

It’s time to hunt down all those Brightly Colored Eggs for all those goodies hidden inside once again as Noblegarden 2018 is here. Battle Pets, Mounts, now even Transmog items are only some of the items you can collect from this holiday and the event will only be here for a few more days, so let’s go through all that it has to offer and what you can get out of this World of Warcraft egg hunting holiday.


New in 2018

A new item was added this year, the Cursed Rabbit’s Foot. This item can be looted from the Brightly Colored Eggs and it causes your character to periodically spawn eggs on the ground that are smaller and slightly different than the normal eggs.


Brightly Colored Eggs

Noblegarden 2018

The Brightly Colored Eggs are the main focus of this holiday. Players will run around their starting areas hunting for them.

  • Alliance players can hunt for eggs in Azure Watch on Azuremyst Isle, Dolanaar in Teldrassil, Goldshire in Elwynn Forest, and Kharanos in Dun Morogh.
  • Horde players can hunt for eggs in Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore, Brill in Trisfal Glades, Falconwing Square in Eversong Woods, and Razor Hill in Durotar.

Opening these eggs will result in either obtaining Noblegarden Chocolate which is used to purchase items from a Noblegarden Vendor (shown below). You may also get any of the items directly from the egg, saving you some Noblegarden Chocolate.

Looting Brightly Colored Eggs also has the chance to turn you into a Noblegarden Bunny, which is needed for the Hard Boiled achievement (shown below).


Painted Eggs

Painted Eggs can be bought from the Noblegarden Vendor for gold. There are three different types of Painted Eggs that you can purchase:

  • Poorly-Painted Egg for 10 silver.
  • Intricately-Painted Egg for 10 gold.
  • Magnificently-Painted Egg for 1,000 gold.

When you place these eggs they will all look exactly the same, and when looted they will contain a gray-quality item that can be sold to a vendor for 90% of the original egg purchase price. You could use these eggs to create your own egg hunt, or use them to transfer gold between realms or factions (with a 10% loss). If you’re going to use these eggs to transfer gold be careful, the eggs can be seen by any player around you.


Noblegarden Vendors


As previously stated, Noblegarden Vendors sell different festive items in exchange for Noblegarden Chocolate. These vendors can be found in one of your faction’s starting towns. Listed below are all the items that may be bought using Noblegarden Chocolates.

  • Nobelgarden Egg – Use: Place a Brightly Colored Egg that contains Noblegarden goodies. (1 Hour Cooldown)
  • Blossoming Branch – Use: Puts a Rabbit costume on targeted party member. 5 charges
  • Spring Flowers – Use: Shake your Spring Flowers to place rabbit ears on yourself or someone else. (5 Min Cooldown)
  • Spring Robes – Cosmetic item that can be used for transmog during Noblegarden
  • White Tuxedo Shirt – Cosmetic item that can be used for transmog during Noblegarden
  • Black Tuxedo Pants – Cosmetic item that can be used for transmog during Noblegarden
  • Elegant Dress – Cosmetic item that can be used for transmog during Noblegarden
  • Spring Circlet – Cosmetic item that can be used for transmog during Noblegarden
  • Black or Pink Spring Circlet – Cosmetic item that can be used for transmog during Noblegarden
  • Spring Rabbit’s Foot – Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
  • Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit – Use: Teaches Polymorph: Rabbit.
  • Swift Springstrider – Mount.
  • Mystical Spring Bouquet – Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
  • Nobelgarden Bunny – Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.

If you want to purchase every item available from the vendor (excluding the mage-only book) you will need a total of 1265 Noblegarden Chocolate. If you want to purchase the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit, your mage must first be level 60.




There is a one time quest and a daily quest that you can complete.

  • A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket – The Noblegarden Merchant wants you to collect 10 Noblegarden Chocolates and return them along with the Borrowed Egg Basket.
    • This quest will award you with an Egg Basket which increased your speed by 60% for 10 sec. Only functions during Noblegarden where Brightly Colored Eggs are hidden.
    • Unless you want a permanent basket, don’t waste your chocolate and just use the identical basket given to you for accepting the quest.
  • Daily Quest: The Great Egg Hunt – The Spring Gatherer wants you to get 20 shell fragments.
    • This quest will award you with a Blossoming Branch and is simply completed while just simply farming eggs.
    • The Blossoming Branch will be used for the achievement Hard Boiled.



For you to earn the achievement Noble Gardener and unlock the title: the Noble, you must complete these nine achievements listed below.

  • Shake Yor Bunny-Maker – Use Spring Flowers to place rabbit ears upon females of at least 18th
  • Blushing Bride – Kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress while wearing a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants.
  • Chocoholic – Eat 100 Noblegarden Chocolate.
  • Spring Fling – Find your pet Spring Rabbit another one to love in each of the towns listed below.
  • Desert Rose – Use Spring Robes to plant a flower in each of the deserts listed below.
    • Activate your Spring Robes to plant a flower in the Badlands, Silithus, Thousand Needles, Desolace, and Tanaris.
  • I Found One! – Find a Brightly Colored Egg.
  • Hard Boiled – Lay an egg in Un’Goro Crater’s Golakka Hot Springs as a rabbit during the Noblegarden celebration.
    • Team up with someone else with their own Blossoming Branch and change each other into rabbits once you’re at the location.
  • Noble Garden – Hide a Brightly Colored Egg in Silvermoon City (Horde) or Stormwind City (Alliance).
    • Purchase a Brightly Colored Egg and use it in your respective city.


Personal Goals

I personally don’t get into WoW’s holidays much unless there are easy achievements or gold to be made, so Noblegarden is actually the perfect holiday for me. Noblegarden has some of the easiest achievements out of all the other holidays with the least amount of effort you have to put in. On the gold side of things, after I spend the amount of Noblegarden Chocolate I need to get the achievements, I will then buy as many Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit to hold onto and slowly sell over the next year, similar to the Coin of Many Faces toy from Hallow’s End.

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