Eden Rising: Supremacy Showcases its Co-Op Survival/Tower Defense Gameplay

What does it look like when multiplayer co-op, tower defense, and a survival sandbox turn into one video game? You get what looks like the Eden Rising: Supremacy gameplay trailer, which offers interested players a look at what to expect at the game’s early access release.

eden rising: supremacy gameplay trailer

In Eden Rising: Supremacy, players team up in Tribes to explore the Crucibles of Eden and band together to take on the dangerous creatures in the world. Players are able to craft a variety of weapons like glaives and hammers, and can place a variety of turrets to assist in defending themselves against waves of angry things with many tentacles.

The early access version of Eden Rising: Supremacy will allow for teams of eight, but will scale up to teams of 16 at launch. According to the game’s Steam page, Eden Rising should be ready to launch at the end of this year, while early access is slated for sometime in early May.

Some more details about Eden Rising: Supremacy can be found on the game’s website while the gameplay trailer can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Considering Fortnite seems to be more focused on battle royale than co-op base defense, Eden Rising: Supremacy could end up being a game to pay attention to. We’ll be sure to keep this one on our radar as best as possible if there are any major updates as they come to us.

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