EverQuest Unveils its 25th Expansion

Most MMORPGs only dream of being alive for as long as EverQuest has, let alone releasing a total of 25 expansions. Yet the elder statesman of the genre presses on with the reveal of The Burning Lands expansion, which will bring players of the game back to the Planes.

the burning lands expansion

Details of this new expansion are pretty slim for now, but the latest producer’s letter does hint that players can expect to visit the Planes once again, specifically one involving air and fire. Rather obviously, considering the expansion’s title.

The letter also confirmed that The Burning Lands will bring the expected additions like new monsters, zones and raids, and also unveiled at least one monster: a very burn-y lava snail creature.

Additional information about The Burning Lands is expected in the coming weeks, but for now we can expect to see this new expansion arrive at some point in December. Before then, current players can look forward to the return of the Fall Fun event this November with increased bonus experience, faction bonuses and rare spawns every two weeks until the expansion’s launch.

Our Thoughts

We absolutely have to tip our hats to the devs of EverQuest for creating 25 expansions’ worth of content updates. Obviously, EverQuest was the first out of the MMORPG gate, but it’s still remarkable that the game has lived long enough to see such a milestone. We wish players of the game a good time in both this upcoming expansion and bonus XP event.

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