Gamescom 2019: Elder Scrolls Online Will Be On Stadia

One of the big questions we’ve had about Google Stadia since it was announced is if it would have online games. Well, it seems that we now have an answer to that question since Elder Scrolls Online will be on Stadia according to the announcement made at Gamescom today. And actually, if you’ve been following Elder Scrolls Online you would have already known this. Today though we got to see it become official during the Stadia Connect presentation at Gamescom 2019.

What we do know already is that there won’t be any cross-platform play with PC or consoles. So anyone playing on Stadia won’t have access to the 13 million ESO players that currently exist. How many people will be on a Stadia server? Will they have the population to support an MMO? All questions we’ll just have to wait to have answered.

There is also the question of data usage. MMOs are notorious for being big beasts. That’s why we’ve never seen any MMOs that are anywhere near as gorgeous as single-player games. What will that mean for streaming an MMO? Thanks to a PC Gamer article we know that Stadia will use 1TB of data in 65 hours of 4k streaming. If you have a monthly data cap on your internet you might want to seriously consider what you’re doing before you get Stadia. 65 hours goes by in a flash, especially when you’re talking about MMOs. At my height of playing MMOs, I could have easily done 65 hours in just a few days.

Check out the trailer below for Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr which was shown during the Stadia Connect presentation at Gamescom 2019.

Source: Stadia Connect Presentation

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ESO Update 20 Brings New Home Building Tools

We suspect that the real end game of The Elder Scrolls Online is furnishing and arranging one’s house, whether it’s something you got off the Crown Store or that depressing little room you get for free. ESO Update 20 is an important one for those housing raiders, then, as a couple of new tools to help folks build better homes have been introduced.

eso update 20

When we say “a couple tools”, we literally mean two, but those two tools are pretty impactful. First is an Undo and Redo function that allows you to instantly revert or reapply anything you’ve done. A total of 200 previous steps backwards can be taken in a session, and it’ll even return a removed housing item to your inventory.

The second function is Item Linking, which lets you tie “child” items to a “parent” item. This lets you do things like arrange items on to a tabletop, link those items to the table, and then move the entire group around by moving the table. 50 child items can be linked to a single parent item, and those child items can even be linked to other items to create an entire sub-group.

Finally, a running History of all of the changes you’ve made to your house will be visible in a new UI, letting you keep track of what the heck happened to make that rug look so out of place, ugh.

Our Thoughts

Being a WildSar player, I can personally say that improved housing tools are a wonderful thing and so I’m certainly happy for the players of ESO to see these features arrive. We’re looking forward to seeing what sorts of cozy little nooks players will put together with these features.

Source: official site

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ESO: Murkmire Gets Release Dates and Prologue Quests

The time for the next Elder Scrolls Online DLC is nigh. The Murkmire release dates has been officially unveiled for the PC and console versions, along with the arrival of prologue quests to pad the time between now and launch.

murkmire release dates

PC players can expect the Murkmire DLC to arrive on Monday, October 22nd, while PS4 and Xbox One players will get their DLC on Tuesday, November 6th. Until then, players can take up some prologue quests to get themselves prepared.

To get started, players have to head to the Crown Store to pick up the first quest for free or seek out the Cyrodilic Collections “Help Wanted” posters found in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon’s Watch. These quests task you with helping Concordia Mercius and Cyrodilic Collections with recovering looted Argoniean relics, while learning about the Black Marsh and the dangers awaiting in Murkmire along the way.

When the prologue’s story quests have been completed, you’ll get a Murkmire Grave-Stake memento. Clearing one of the six new daily prologue quests will also grant a reward box with several Murkmire-themed items, including one of seven fragments needed to create the Swamp Jelly pet.

Incidentally, the Murkmire DLC is being offered for free as part of a daily login campaign. Players must login for a total of 24 days in November to earn Murkmire as a Daily Reward.

Our Thoughts

While these prologue quests almost sound like an advertisement for the DLC on paper, we’re glad to know that there’s some manner of reward and lore surrounding these new events. Here’s hoping that these prologue quests are entertaining enough to pad the time between now and Murkmire’s launch!

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ESO: Murkmire’s Blackrose Prison is the Next PvE Survival Arena

The Elder Scrolls Online is throwing you in lockup. No, it’s not because you were stealing every possible piece of random crap from every single barrel, bag and crate you surveyed. It’s the Blackrose Prison, the next four-player arena survival instance coming with Murkmire.

blackrose prison

Blackrose Prison consists of five arenas with five waves of various enemies including swamp beasties, Imperial deserters, vampires and Blackguards. Each arena will also culminate in an “especially challenging” boss fight. On top of all that, players will also have environmental traps to contend with.

It’s not all death and destruction, though. The new instance will introduce four new Sigils that grant your party powerful buffs. These Sigils work much like the ones in Maelstrom Arena, though using these Sigils will have an effect on your team’s Veteran Leaderboard score.

Naturally, there’s more than a spot on a leaderboard waiting as a reward for clearing through the prison. Each boss in the instance will drop parts of the zone-specific sets players can earn in Murkmire, and those who complete the Blackrose Prison will get unique Blackrose weapons. There’s also Perfected versions of those weapons and a unique skin to earn for clearing the instance in Veteran mode.

Our Thoughts

The comparisons to other PvE arena-style instances is certainly standing out to us, but then again if they’re fun and rewarding, what’s the harm in seeing more of the same? Do you think this new instance will be fun, or is it getting a bit too repetitive for your tastes?

Source: official site

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ESO Community Manager’s Twitter Account Hacked

Those who follow The Elder Scrolls Online likely also follow a number of ESO community manager Twitter accounts. One such account, owned by Gina Bruno, was apparently hacked by an extremely bored individual, who then began to post extremely spurious tweets on her behalf.

eso community manager twitter

Bruno’s Twitter account erupted last night in a series of racially charged tweets and at least one extremely NSFW image. Among the tweets – and one that caught the attention of the game’s playerbase – was one claiming that Bruno was leaving Bethesda as a result of being sexually assaulted.

Bruno immediately responded to a thread highlighting the accusation in the game’s forums, confirming that her account had been compromised. “Hi everyone, thank you for the concern. I just want to say this is not true,” wrote Bruno. “I’m working with Twitter to regain ownership, but in the meantime, anything being posted in the past hour or so is not me.”

Normally we provide source links, but in this case we’ll be leaving at least Bruno’s current Twitter link out of the list. If you must click through, be warned that there are extremely upsetting things to be found that are NSFW. Or not safe for play. Or life. Or anyone with higher brain functions.

Our Thoughts

We appreciate Ms. Bruno’s response to this matter and hope that her Twitter is cleared in short order. Some people just don’t have anything better to do with their lives, we guess.

Source: official forums

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ESO Wades through the Murkmire and Update 20

Hope you don’t mind getting your feet dirty, because The Elder Scrolls Online is headed for the swamp in its next update. An ESO Murkmire developer preview has offered a closer look at the MMORPG’s next DLC as well as features coming in the game’s 20th update.

eso murkmire developer preview

Murkmire will open up a new zone in the southern reaches of the Black Marsh, where players can expect to find crumbling Imperial ruins, dense jungles, and the Argonians and their relationship with the Hist trees. Of course, there’s more to do than just sightseeing – a lost artifact fuels the narrative of Murkmire, and it will be up to players to join with the local Argonians to find it.

The new DLC will also open up a four-player leaderboard arena which seeks to test your team’s mettle through five stages. Making your way through the Arena will reward players with unique items, like a greatsword that improves the Uppercut ability or new item sets.

For those not interested in buying DLC, there’s a few intriguing new things coming with Update 20. The Alliance War map will now feature destructible bridges and Milegates, along with new alternate nearby routes and new Outposts. There will also be some quality-of-life improvements and combat adjustments as per the usual.

Our Thoughts

It’s actually kind of funny. The more I think about what lore I know from the Elder Scrolls universe, the more I realize I know almost next to nothing about the Argonians. So ideally this new DLC will bring a number of interesting revelations. Also, we certainly hope it brings enjoyable things for players to do, naturally.

Source: official site

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Wolfhunter and Update 19 Go Live in The Elder Scrolls Online

Are you ready to hunt some werewolves? We certainly hope so, because the Wolfhunter DLC release for The Elder Scrolls Online pretty much infers as much in its title and it’d be really weird to be unprepared for that. Yes, the game’s latest DLC pack and its 19th overall update are live starting today.

wolfhunter dlc release

The wolf-loaded new DLC will introduce two new dungeons to the MMORPG in the form of Moon Hunter Keep and March of Sacrifices. In Moon Hunter Keep, players will need to take back the titular location from the werewolves that hold it and their elder Vykosa; and in March of Sacrifices, players enter the realm of the Daedric prince Hircine himself to compete in his Great Hunt.

If you’re not interested in paid content, Update 19 has you covered. The latest update brings a number of improvements to the Werewolf skill line; allows players to respec individual abilities instead of rebuilding from scratch; and adds the new Istirus Outpost PvP battleground.

The Wolfhunter update is live now for PC and is due to console players on August 28th. All of the update’s details can be read in the patch notes.

Our Thoughts

There’s not a whole lot we can elaborate on here, in all honesty, so we’ll just do our usual well-wishes to the fans of ESO and hope that these new updates to both the base game and the DLC content is enjoyable.

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QuakeCon 2018: ESO Trailers, Quake Champions Free to Play, and Doom Eternal Invasions

The reveals for QuakeCon 2018 were fast and thick this year with a number of reveals for Bethesda’s lineup of games. Of specific interest to those in the multiplayer sphere is word of the new Doom Eternal’s multiplayer component; trailers for the latest ESO DLC packs; and the reveal of Quake Champions going fully free to play.

quakecon 2018

First thing’s first: Quake Champions has decided to drop the free trial thing and is now free to play, though with some important restrictions; free players will have access to one Champion and standard matchmaking, with the option to buy individual Champions for real-world money. Alternatively, there’s two packs that unlock more options. Quake Champions has also unleashed its latest character, the Death Knight.

Next up is The Elder Scrolls Online, which has offered up two new trailers for the MMO’s Wolfhunter and Murkmire DLCs. In addition, it was announced via Twitter that subscribers will be getting 1650 Crowns per month and access to exclusive Crown Store offers once Murkmire releases. You can watch the trailer for Wolfhunter here and the Murkmire trailer here.

Finally, Doom Eternal, the sequel to the popular 2016 Doom reboot, is getting a taste of multiplayer in the form of Invasions, which will let players take control of demons and attack other people’s campaigns. More information on this is expected to come later, but the devs have said in the livestream that there are options that will allow players to turn the feature off if they wish.

Our Thoughts

That was a pretty loaded QuakeCon! We are extremely curious to know more about the new ESO DLCs and passing curious about Doom Eternal’s Invasion mechanic, but we are a bit let down by the limitations on Quake Champions’ free to play scheme. Hopefully they’ll open those taps up a bit more.

Sources: IGN, Twitter, Kotaku

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ESO Announces a Free Play Event and QuakeCon Goodies

The Elder Scrolls Online would like you to look in its direction for about a week and during the upcoming QuakeCon event. Just in case some other fantasy MMOs are trying to siren song you over or you’re tired of hearing about said updates. Another new ESO free play event has been announced along with some freebies for players who check out the game’s keynote at QuakeCon.

eso free play event

From Thursday, August 9th to Wednesday, August 15th, potential fresh arrivals can head to a dedicated website to choose the platform of their choice and start playing. The free event will include the full base game and the Vvardenfell zone, and will not require PS4 players to have PlayStation Plus to participate.

If you just so happen to enjoy what you’re playing, ESO is also having sales on its various editions and Crown Packs for the duration of QuakeCon from now until August 13th. The sales look to be platform-specific, so you’ll want to click through our source link if you care to learn more.

Speaking of QuakeCon, ESO will also be handing out free goodies to fans who tune in on Twitch for the QuakeCon keynote on Friday, August 10th, which will offer a few words on the upcoming Wolfhunter and Murkmire DLCs. Fans who have their Twitch and ESO accounts linked can get themselves a Flame Atronach Wolf pet and five Ouroboros Crown Crates. The keynote will also be on Mixer and YouTube, though the freebies are Twitch-specific.

Our Thoughts

How about that free play timing, eh? All things considered, ESO is definitely an MMORPG that should have your attention and this free play event sounds like one of the best ways to get in. Otherwise, we’re looking forward to the latest word regarding the next DLCs.

Source: official site

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Summerset Opens for ESO Players on Console

Ah, the staggered release. The time where players on different platforms have to rest their heads in their hands because of reasons. For players of The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles, that’s been the case with the initial launch of Summerset. Those players can now bring their heads up with today’s Summerset console launch.

summerset console launch

The new chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online brings a landmass that’s larger than even Morrowind’s, along with all of the bells and whistles that have been mentioned before, including the Psijic Order, new Delves, and a new 12-player trial.

Naturally, the chapter has come alongside the 18th update to the MMO entirely, granting features to all players of The Elder Scrolls Online whether they buy Summerset or not, such as combat changes, PvP adjustments, a screenshot mode for gamepad users among the listed additions.

All of the information of what’s in this update, if you haven’t been paying attention to this point, can be found at the game’s website. You can also get all thematic with a release trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Some sunny day, all of the MMOs that are out on PC and on consoles will all release their updates at the same time and we can all stop writing about the same features two or three times in a row. But that day is not today. Oh, yeah, hope console players of ESO have fun.

Source: press release

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