H1Z1’s Esports League Dries Up

The H1Z1 Pro League, an esports league that hoped to use the battle royale shooter as a vehicle to esports stardom, has breathed its last. A letter sent to teams announced that the league would end its premiere season and would not press on for a second season.

h1z1 pro league

Twin Galaxies co-chairman Jace Hall’s letter confirmed that the Pro League’s second split would be indefinitely suspended and the second season of competition would not be renewed, effectively releasing all teams from their obligations to the league immediately.

The league’s shutdown doesn’t appear to be going extremely well, as teams are yet to receive a contractually obligated payment for the second split. This delay in payment has reportedly caused some of the involved teams to stop paying their players or, in the case of larger orgs like Cloud9 and Team SoloMid, to pay their players at a net loss.

On the subject of late payments, Hall’s letter did state intention to pay up. “As discussed previously with teams, the League is still working to pay teams and resolve that matter,” read the letter. “The matter of the remaining League stipend payment is independent of this notification.”

Our Thoughts

Considering the thoughts of one writer who was flown out to the inaugural H1Z1 Pro League event, this probably isn’t a surprising outcome. Esports is certainly big business, but that only matters if the game is compelling to watch and the broadcast is tightly put together — two things that the H1Z1 Pro League clearly were not.

Source: ESPN via MMORPG.com

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