EVE Online Mobile Game Officially Revealed

The sandbox gameplay and at least part of the scope of EVE Online is arriving to your favorite mobile device next year. A mobile EVE Online game has been officially announced at ChinaJoy 2018 as part of a partnership between publisher NetEase and developer CCP Games.

mobile eve online game

The game is called EVE Online: Infinite Galaxy and it looks to offer a fair number of features that the full-strength PC version of EVE Online provides, including the ability to form corporations, trade, mine, manufacture and battle in a sandbox MMO. As far as scope, the game boasts over 8,000 star systems and over 100 unique ships.

The game itself is set to arrive at some point in 2019 for an open beta and arrive to iOS and Android worldwide. Information about each version of the game is a bit sparse, but the announcement does mention that the Apple version will utilize ARKit 2, the platform’s augmented reality engine, in some manner.

A trailer that shows off a little bit of EVE Online: Infinite Galaxy in action can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Considering the general pace of most of EVE Online’s gameplay beats, a mobile version certainly can make a level of sense. It’s just a matter of how much fine control potential Capsuleers will have over their internet spaceship, considering movement and managing firing distances are the most vital parts of combat in EVE Online. We’ll be looking forward to learning more about this new game in the near future.

Source: MMO Culture

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