Star Wars Fortnite Crossover Event Going on Now

A Star Wars Fortnite crossover event is now taking place in the mega-popular Battle Royale game. From now until November 17th you’ll be able to get the Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit in the Item Shop. If you buy Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order on PC in the Epic Store you’ll get the outfit for free!

An Imperial Star Destroyer has also been spotted in the sky above the Island though it isn’t clear what its mission is, besides bringing lots of Stormtrooper Outfits. The trailer for the event seems to be suggesting that there will be more. In the description for the video, it says, “The Imperial Stormtrooper has been seen scouting out the Island. What could his mission be?”

It’s really no surprise that there is a Star Wars crossover event taking place right now considering the release of the new game and the fact that we’re just a month away from The Rise of Skywalker. Whatever else is going to be happening in-game you can expect it to take place this weekend so cancel your weekend plans and keep an eye on that Star Destroyer. If you can’t make it this weekend you do have until November 30th to get the skin by buying Fallen Order in the Epic Store.

Check out the trailer for the Star Wars Fortnite crossover below.

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Pokemon Go Team Rocket is Upping Their Game

For the last few months in Pokemon Go Team Rocket has been waiting at Pokestops to start a fight with some of their Shadow Pokemon, but it appears that Team Rocket is about to start upping their game. A series of tweets from the Pokemon Go official account show profiles for three members of Team Rocket; Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra. Nothing else is really known about them at this point but there has been speculation that they’ll appear in the game as bosses.

It has also been theorized that Giovanni himself will make an appearance in the game. He appeared at Pokemon Go Fest in Japan earlier this year photobombing players. He has also now been spotted in a new loading screen that features Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra along with a bunch of Shadow Pokemon on the steps of a building that is at least inspired by the Viridian City Gym from the anime.

It would appear that they’re building up to something big on social media but when that will actually take place we will just have to wait and see. Until then there is still a lot to keep us occupied. Altered Forme Giratina is back in Raid Battles and will be appearing in the first few Wednesday evening raids in October. Another, currently unannounced Pokemon will be there for the last two. This month’s community day event is Trapinch, which is admittedly not all that exciting. But, Halloween is coming and we know from past experience that Pokemon Go will have an event for us to take part in. This in some way makes up for the fact that Flower Eevee is the reward for completing research again this month.


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Season of the Hunt Event Coming to Black Desert Online Next Week

If you were thinking that now is a great time for BDO to have an in-game event Kakao agrees and has announced that the Season of the Hunt event is coming next week.

The event will begin next week on September 25th after the regularly scheduled maintenance. It will be broken up into several stages over the following three weeks with something different happening each week. It all begins with a Trina Knights First Captains Support kit giveaway for players level 56 and 58. The kit will give players high tier weapons and accessories.

On the 25th all BDO players will get the Fever Time Boost giving players up to +200% Combat EXP and +30% Skill EXP boosts. This boost will be available until October 8th.

Special challenges will be available to players throughout the first two weeks of the event. These will reward players for playing BDO for a certain duration. Adventurers can obtain special items such as [Event] High-Quality Draught Box, [Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll, [Event] High-Quality Food Box, and [Event] Item Collection Increase Scrolls.

Also, during the first two weeks of the event a World Boss drop rate boost will be active. This will double the drop rate for boss items from Garmoth, Vell, Kzarka, Nouver, Kutum, Offen Tett, and Karnada.

All of this is leading up to October 8th when the Kratuga Ancient Ruins will open. This is a new high level grinding spot for players. Here adventurers can combat mysterious ancient weapon constructs that drop Elkar, a material that is needed to produce Elkar’s Crystal. This new type of crystal has All Accuracy +12 and Ignore All Resistance +10% effects and can be equipped on main weapons. Players will need a Black Spirit’s Claw to enter the Kratuga Ancient Ruins via Hystria Ancient Ruins and it is recommended that they have an AP of at least 250.


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Twin Saga and ArcheAge Anniversary Events Coming This Month

This month Gamigo is celebrating both the Twin Saga and ArcheAge Anniversary with fun-filled events for both game’s communities.

This month Twin Saga turns 3 years old and to celebrate the event this weekend players will receive significant Gold Boosts as well as enjoying a number of different activities. This includes a tricky hide and seek contest.

ArcheAge is celebrating 5 years since its Western launch with a challenging anniversary event on Mirage Isle. Adventurers will have to make their way to the top of the floating platforms with their Glider Boots. Plus, on September 30th ArcheAge will receive the Shadows Revealed update. This massive update will include the newly revised Elven race and a variety of graphical improvements.

On Twitter, ArcheAge is offering the chance to win a valuable ArcheAge: Unchained Archeum Chainbreaker Pack or Echoes of Hiram Archeum Pack for free to play players. To be in for a chance to win one of these make a tweet using the hashtag #CelebrateArcheAge to express their love for their favorite game in a video or stream.

There’s also a new ArcheAge trailer for you to enjoy that shows off some of the graphical updates that are coming to the game at the end of this month. You can see that trailer below.

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Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Event Giving Everyone a Chance for Unown

The next month is going to be a very busy one for Pokemon Go players thanks to the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Event which will be running until nearly the end of September. The Ultra Bonus Event will take place over three weeks, each week will have different things to keep an eye out for. It isn’t the only event taking place in the next month either. Here’s the full calendar of events starting from this Friday.


August 23-30 at 1 PM Pacific – Water Festival

Water-type Pokemon will appear more frequently in the Wild
Wartortle, Poliwhirl, Seaking, Lapras, Qwilfish, Mantine, Lotad, Feebas, Piplup, Buizel, and Finneon will appear more frequently in the wild near water
Water Type will hatch more frequently from eggs
Kingler and Crawdaunt will be able to learn Crabhammer
Shiny Carvanha and Shiny Barboach
Water Type will appear more frequently in raids
On Wednesday, August 28th from 6 PM to 7 PM local time You can encounter Uxie, Mesprit, or Azelf in raids in the respective regions
2x Hatch Candy
Water Type Buddies will have candy distance halved

September 2-9 at 1 PM Pacific – Johto Journey

A chance of hatching an Unown from a 10km egg, options are U, L, T, R, A.
Raikou, Entei, and Suicune will be in raids
Shiny Sentret and Shiny Gligar
2x Incubator Effectiveness


September 10-16 at 1 PM Pacific – Global Hatches

Regional Pokemon Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros will hatch from 7km eggs. There will be a chance for shiny versions of them all. This will continue through September 23rd.
All Deoxys forms will appear outside EX Raids for the first time
2x Incubator Effectiveness


September 15 at 11AM-2PM Local Time – Community Day, Turtwig

Shiny Turtwig
Special Move
3x Catch Stardust
3-hour Lures

September 16-23 at 1 PM Pacific – A Unova Unveiling

Unova Region Pokemon will appear
Chance for Shiny Mewtwo
Mewtwo with Special Move Psystrike in Raids
Klink will appear in Raids
Chance for Shiny Klink
Shiny Patrat and Shiny Lillipup
2x Incubator Effectiveness


There is also a new Special Research available with 7 steps that will ultimately lead to catching Jirachi. These 7 steps aren’t easy and they’ll take a little while to get through. But with all this activity going on this might be the best time there has ever been to be a Pokemon Go player.


Source: Pokemon Go Live

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Summer Returns to Echo of Soul

For many of us summer is nearly at an end, but in Echo of Soul it is just getting started. Summer returns to Echo of Soul with all its beach-going fun. Put away your armor and grab some beach appropriate clothes before you head to the sunny island where everyone goes for summer in Echo of Soul. While you lounge on the beach you’ll be able to find summer-themed quests. Beachgoers can also explore the Manta Reef, crack coconuts, and get into water balloon fights with friends.

Players who have completed the summer quests will be rewarded with special event coins that can be exchanged for unique items. Some of the items you can get include a Soul Orb, Spirit of the Sea Flap Flap, and a recipe for Pearl Jam Stew. To get to the island find the Island-savy Dig Duv to get an invitation. Just remember to be dressed for a swim and have your weapons put away. The summer life is no place for armor and weapons. There are also several achievements to complete during the event so be sure to check those out when you log in.

The summer event in Echo of Soul will be running until August 28th, so you’ll have plenty of time to see it all and get back to adventuring. For more details on the summer event head over to the official forums where an FAQ will be posted outlining everything you can expect to see in the event. Or log in and jump right in, the water is fine!


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Twin Saga Patch 17 Introduces New Dungeons and Content

Twin Saga Patch 17 has been announced and it is bringing two new dungeons to the anime MMORPG along with additional Senshi quests and several special events. The two new dungeons are the blazing Barren Desert and the dark Crocodile Wetlands, both with their own unique dangers. These two dungeons will reward players with Loyalty Points and Star Points, both of which can be exchanged for special items.

Also in this patch, the magnificent Death Valley Colosseum Battlefield is being released, giving players an all-new place to prove their might. Four additional Shenshi have been spotted, giving all new quests.

Finally, there are going to be an amazing five new seasonal events added to Twin Saga. But, the press release doesn’t give us the details for all of them. We do know that there will be a treasure hunt during the special Flora’s Treasure event. They also mention celebrating Thanksgiving and taking loved ones on a romantic stroll. So, from the sounds of it these seasonal events are going to be somewhat spread out.

We can’t wait to dive into Patch 17 and see what all it has to offer. If nothing else, we here at MMOGames are complete suckers for seasonal events and it sounds like Twin Saga just got a whole bunch more. Though what all of them are we will just have to wait and find out.


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Worlds Adrift is Hosting an End of the World Event as the Game Shuts Down Tomorrow

Worlds Adrift is hosting an end of the world event for the last few hours the game remains online tomorrow. Beginning at 7 Pacific Time one final event will be running in the game which can be watched on Twitch if you can’t make it there in person.

The shutdown of this unique spatialOS MMORPG was announced back at the very end of May. In the FAQ about the shutdown they said this about the shutdown; “Making such an ambitious game was always going to be a challenge and we love the game we’ve built together with our community. However, Worlds Adrift has not captured the imagination of as many people as we needed to make it commercially viable.”

Unfortunately, the game was plagued with terrible griefing problems and the addition of PvE servers came a little too late. According to Steam Charts however, the game never really got an audience. Its all time peak number of players was just 2,031 and that happened back in May 2018. There was a little bit of a boost in October when the PvE servers were introduced, but that boost didn’t last.

On the bright side, this isn’t the end of Bossa. In their FAQ they make it clear that the studio will continue and that they always have 3 games in development. One game that we do know is in the works is Pigeon Simulator which will be on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and yes, it is exactly what you think it is.



Source: Official Site and Steam Charts

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Fiesta Online Celebrates Its 11th Birthday with a Cupcake War

For the next two weeks, Fiesta Online celebrates its 11th birthday with a cupcake war. First, can we just stop to acknowledge the fact that this MMORPG is still going strong after 11 years? Not many games can say that, so a huge congrats to the Fiesta Online team.

During the two-week cupcake war, players will be fighting their opponents with delicious baked goods. Then at the end players have to offer their rewards to the “Sugar King.” There’s also a special anniversary quest chain in which players have to complete birthday-themed tasks.

While the event is running the main town areas of the game will be covered in decorations. These decorations match well with the celebration-themed outfits and accessories players can get from completing the special quest.

This event is only running for two weeks so be sure to get in on it while you can.


Fiesta Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG laced with anime-inspired visuals that offers simple class variety and an in-depth item crafting system. Hailed as the best MMORPG for new players, Fiesta combines traditional classes with simple combat mechanics to create a game that is easy to learn, and fun to play.


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