FFXIV Community Spotlight: Twitch Streamer Tuatime

Welcome to the FFXIV Community Spotlight column! This column runs parallel with the Echoes of Eorzea series of articles and aims to highlight and show appreciation to members of our community who go that extra mile to create content, promote FFXIV or organize projects for us to enjoy, usually in their own time and for free. Today we talk to streamer Tua, primarily a Final Fantasy XIV streamer and Twitch partner from Finland.

tua stream

Originally introduced to me by a mutual friend, I’ve come to both admire and respect Tua for her dedication to her stream and community. She is an incredibly kind, open and grounded person whose streams embody those qualities.

Not only does Tua stream four nights a week, she also holds down a full time job as a graphic designer. Along-side this, she is a self confessed geek with a love for a wide variety of RPGs and her two adorable cats, Jimmy and Mustis, who are often on screen with their very own dedicated cat-cam. To add to all this, Tua is a GPose wizard and has very kindly provided the majority of images used for this article, thank you Tua!

Tua Teatime – Odin (EU). Image credit: Tua.

Final Fantasy XIV has been Tua’s main game for over four years, where she currently plays a Mi’qote Scholar (among many other jobs) by the name of Tua Teatime on Odin server (EU).

If you’d like to learn more about Tua please drop by her channel for some tea and friendly company!
A link to Tua’s channel can be found here.


How long have you played FFXIV and why did you begin?

I bought the game back in 2010 but the 1.0 version barely ran on my PC, so I didn’t get to play it much back then. I returned for the ARR betas in 2013, fell in love with the new version and have been playing non-stop ever since! I’m an MMO junkie, and until FFXIV I tended to switch games every few years, but since 2013 no other MMO has captured my interest.

tua stream

What is your favorite class/job and why?

I alternate between ranged DPS and shield healers. I was a Bard main in ARR, went Machinist in Heavensward, and now in Stormblood I’ve become a Scholar and Nocturnal Astrologian main. I’m dabbling in Red Mage now as well, I really love the weaving of melee and ranged attacks! I’ve always loved support-type classes in games, those that aren’t necessarily the highest damage dealers or pure HP-whack-a-mole healers, but offer different kinds of buffs and shields to party members.

What is your favorite in-game activity(ies) and why?

I love farming Extreme trials, and running 8-man and 24-man content in general. I love having many different jobs working together, and the music and mechanics in Extreme and Savage are so cool.

tua stream

Image credit: Tua.

Is there any area of the game that you feel could be improved?

Right now I feel we’re missing challenging 4-man content, but perhaps the new Heaven-on-high will fill this void. I wish there were “Savage” versions of some dungeons though. Vault Savage, make it happen!

Where is your favorite in game location, and why?

Probably the Namazu beast tribe location right now! Everyone’s just goofing around there and having a good time. Plus the mount is all kinds of adorbs and people are having so much fun with it there.


About Streaming

How would you summarize your stream to someone visiting your channel for the first time?

I’m a chill cat lady geek, playing different jobs (and way too many alts) on stream, and petting two super cute cats that are the true stars of the show.

tua stream

One of Tua’s streams in action.

What does an average ‘day in the life of Tua’ consist of?

Eight hours of work (my day job as a graphic designer), then hurrying home, preparing to stream, then sitting at my PC for 4-5 hours streaming and being a general dork in FFXIV or other games.

What does your streaming schedule look like?

Four times a week, from 5pm UK time onward!

When did you first decide to start streaming, and why? Did anything/one inspire you to take it up?

My PC broke shortly after Heavensward launched, so I started watching streams on my PS4 to kill time, and realized they were something I could try as well.

What does your stream setup consist of?

It’s a single-PC setup, three monitors, two webcams, lots of bright lights, a DIY green screen that sometimes falls on my head, a Nintendo Switch and some PlayStations. I use OBS as my streaming software, and I make all my layouts, alerts and other stream graphics myself.

Tua’s PC setup:
CPU i7 6850k
GPU GeForce GTX 1070
29″ Ultrawide, 23″ & Cintiq 13HD monitors
Logitech G600 mouse, G710+ keyboard
Logitech C920 webcam
AT2035 Microphone
DIY Green Screen & Lights
Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI capture card

Tell us about your journey to becoming a Twitch Partner

I’m a casual streamer, since my day job eats most of my time and energy. I worked a lot on my stream in 2016, focusing on events and production value. Even though I didn’t feel ready for it, I sent my application on a whim later that year… and during my Christmas vacation in Sweden, I finally got a reply email that I’d been accepted.

tua stream

Image credit: Tua.

What changed for you and your stream when you became a Twitch Partner?

I feel like the biggest change was that massive confidence boost, that I was over that uncertainty of “am I good enough, or am I not.” The most practical change was being able to provide more for my viewers with the tools and benefits that partners get, and lots of networking and new opportunities behind the scenes.

How do you prepare for each stream?

I try and eat a decent meal before every stream while preparing my setup (turning on lights, aligning my greenscreen). I make a unique start image for each stream I do, I post them on social media and they’re also a good way for me to keep track of my streams. Then I make a big cup of tea, sit down and start the 10-minute pre-stream slideshow.

tua stream

Image credit: Tua.


What parts of FFXIV do you focus during your streams and why?

I prefer running 8-man content, it’s a good party size that’s easy to fill with friends, stream viewers and random guests through the Party Finder. I try to mix max-level content with some lowbie and alt leveling as well, especially since it’s easier to chat with people while doing more chill things.

What other games do you enjoy streaming aside from FFXIV?

I dabble in other MMOs sometimes, especially my old love Lord of the Rings Online. I also love other Final Fantasy games, and gorgeous story-heavy games like Nier Automata and Shadow of the Colossus.

How do you stay so down to earth with so many viewers and a chat that is moving so quickly?

I try to take breaks to catch up with the chat if I miss out on too many lines while focusing on a difficult fight, but it’s not easy!

tua stream

Image credit: Tua.

Have there been significant challenges or hurdles for you to overcome?

Being confident on camera was my first biggest challenge! I was really afraid of trolls and nasty comments. Another thing that’s been difficult, and something I still struggle with, is getting over the occasional disappointments, mistakes and anger while being on camera, and maintaining a positive and cheerful atmosphere.

If/when you have difficult days, what drives you to keep streaming?

I know that streaming itself is so much fun that it can usually turn a lousy day around, if I just get myself to start!

Can you tell us a bit about your stream/Discord community?

We like glamours, screenshots, and cute animals!

tua stream

Streaming star kitties Jimmy and Mustis! Image credit: Tua.

Note: A link to Tua’s Discord server community can he found here.

What aspirations do you have for your stream and FFXIV future?

Not going to lie, I would love to try streaming full-time. As for FFXIV… see you at the Paris Fanfest!

What has been the most positive thing to come from this journey so far?

Realizing that I, as a shy and dorky nerd, can actually show myself doing dorky things online and being sort of good at it. It’s a massive confidence boost. Playing video games with cool people is a plus, too.

What advise would you give to other streamers who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

Watch other streams and try to create the sort of stream you’d enjoy watching yourself. Even if you don’t feel like it, pretend you’re streaming to at least 50 people watching!

tua stream

Is there anything you would like to add?

Thank you for the awesome work you do in the community ♥

Reply: You are most welcome, but thank you for giving your time freely for this article especially with such a busy schedule and other pressures of the time.

Final Thoughts

Lots of thank you’s and kitty hugs to Tua for taking the time to share an insight into her life. We all wish you the very best for your streaming endeavors! Not only do I feel it important to highlight community activities through this column, but as a (very mediocre) streamer I’ve derived a lot of useful, interesting and encouraging information within this article, and my hope is that others will too!


Tua’s Twitch Channel
Tua’s Twitter Page
Tua’s Discord Server

Thank you for reading this months Community Spotlight! If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here, my gallery site or Twitter. 

Until next time I wish you many happy adventures and glorious cups of tea!

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Community Spotlight: Eorzean Glamour Idols

Welcome to the FFXIV Community Spotlight column! This column runs parallel with the Echoes of Eorzea series of articles and aims to highlight and show appreciation to members of our community who go that extra mile to create content or organize projects for us to enjoy, usually in their own time and for free.

Eorzean Glamour Idols Community

In today’s article, we will be talking to Sophia Edenhart who is the founder of the Eorzean Glamour Idols community project created in January 2018. Eorzean Glamour Idols, or ‘EGI’ as it’s more commonly known, is a Discord and Twitter community of Final Fantasy XIV screenshot enthusiasts.

Community Spotlight: Eorzean Glamour Idols EGI FFXIV

The primary intent of the EGI community is to enable those who share a love for screenshot photography to have a place where they can share their work, build friendships with like-minded enthusiasts, find inspiration and grow their skills in the field. Within the community Discord server, there are daily and weekly themes along with several dedicated themed channels such as action, landscapes, housing, advice, and glamour. Some members even create alts specifically on different data centers just so that they can take shots with other members of the community. The images used throughout this article have been kindly provided by members of the EGI.

In the realms of real life, Sophia is an archaeologist specializing in the southeastern United States European-contact period with Native Americans, an amateur recording artist and parent of two children.


EGI Founder Sophia Edenhart – Miqo’te Summoner – Excalibur [Credit: Sophia]

Question Time!

How long have you played FFXIV and why did you begin?

I have been playing for nearly three years. I have loved the Final Fantasy series since I played the original game in the early 1990s. I also like to play MMORPGs set in fantasy settings, and many of my friends had played the game previously and said good things about it.

What is your favorite class/job and why?

I don’t really like favorites that much. I tend to rotate between things. I guess we could just say that summoner is my favorite, but a lot of it is because I just know the job so well and I don’t have to think about it when I play it. I like that I get to have a carbuncle companion, and I like that my weapon is a book.

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the most?

Again, I have a difficult time with favorites. I like to rotate between a lot of different content in the game. We can say that my favorite aspect is the crafting/gathering progression. I enjoy finding new materials when they are first released and experimenting with rotations to get the most out of my gear. I also love being able to make anything I want as well as make things for my friends. I really enjoy other aspects of the game, though, like PVP, hunting, and Triple Triad.

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the least?

At this point in time, I’ll say raiding. I have raided in the past, but it’s not really enjoyable with my schedule. You really need a good static, I think there is enjoyment that can be achieved from it, but I don’t really have the time for that, and party finder is just frustrating. I basically gave up on it during the first tier of Stormblood because it was causing me too much anguish. I also don’t like how many people overemphasize the importance of raiding and think that it is the only type of content that should matter.

What style of screenshot art do you find the most appealing?

I like when people are creative and do things that I never anticipated or come up with new techniques that I had never considered. I appreciate the creativity and thought that goes into art more than I do the ultimate aesthetic quality, even though they often go hand in hand.

Do you have an online portfolio for your own screenshots and have you any personal projects on the go?

Yes, I have a portfolio website as part of my Adobe subscription. You can view it here.

About EGI

How did EGI spring to life?

I approached a friend who I felt had the same values that I did toward screenshot art to see what she thought of the idea of having a Discord server and Twitter page that would bring together screenshot artists. She liked the idea, so I made the server and we compiled a list of people who we thought we could invite to help us get started. I mostly suggested people who I knew interacted with me a lot on Twitter, as well as those whose art I appreciate. That group became the original “idol” group and about a dozen of us spent a few days in the server alone kind of hashing out what it should be. I then launched the Twitter page and opened up the server publicly, and people just swarmed in immediately. I think we had 200 followers on Twitter the first day and 500 by the end of the first week. Our members on Discord also grew dramatically. I immediately started a daily screenshot contest and added a few more people to the idol role and we were on our way.


Image credit: Rinny

Is this your first community project? If no, what were you involved with before-hand?

As far as Final Fantasy XIV is concerned, yes it is. I am a part of several social organizations outside of the gaming world, but I was not responsible for starting any of them even if I do play an integral organizational role in some cases.

Why did you choose the name ‘Eorzean Glamour Idols’ and how does this relate to the community and server content?

The person who I approached to help me start the community goes by “Eorzean Supermodel” on Twitter, which I always thought was a great name. I am also hyper aware of acronym usage, so I wanted to find something that would be memorable and fit into FFXIV. EGI just seemed like the natural choice, so it was just a matter of filling in the G and the I.

Where can EGI be found?

We are on Twitter, Patreon, Discord, and Instagram currently. We also have Linkshells set up on several servers.



Image credit: Kirsi

What was the main motivating factor behind creating the EGI?

I started using Twitter for glamour shots last summer, and over the subsequent months I found that there was a great community of people there, and I made many friends, but there was no uniting point for people to really come together and interact more directly. I was able to go meet people on other servers and take pictures with them and like their imagery, but the Twitter format is a little inhibiting because it is also a money-making platform and makes content available based on popularity. I thought it would be nice to have a Discord server where I could bring a lot of the people whose work I appreciated together to work on events and share their images more directly, but there was nothing that was solely based on screenshot art. Several servers had dedicated channels to art or media, but there was no organized community based on glamour and landscape screenshots even though a large number of people are on Twitter or in those servers solely for that purpose.

What is your primary long-term goal for the EGI community?

I want it to continue to be a place where everyone who is interested in screenshot art can come and share their passion with like-minded people. I also want it to be the place that people go when they want to see the talent that so many people display, even if they aren’t necessarily interested in taking pictures themselves. I want there to be camaraderie and fun, and I think we have had a lot of that so far.


Image credit: Rinike

What does ‘a day in the life of EGI community’ consist of?

Well, it may look a little different from someone else’s perspective, but I can at least give mine. Our TweetDeck auto-posts the theme for the #egidaily screenshot event on Twitter first thing in the morning, and one of our idols, Rinike, shares that post with a clever snippet in a dedicated “egi-daily” channel in our Discord server. When I wake up in the US eastern time zone, our European members are usually chatting away about breakfast and lunch, and there are also people from the west coast saying good night. People chat a lot and share their screenshots, some with the daily theme and others without. People connect with each other and do joint photo shoots and share them. If it’s a Wednesday I will announce the #egifinest theme which is a weekly screenshot contest with Mogstation prizes funded by our Patreon supporters. A lot of the daily work in EGI goes on behind the scenes, though. I recently asked two idols to step up and be administrators with me, so all three of us have access to the TweetDeck, which allows us to retweet all of the daily posts that people make as well as a selection of idol posts. This is something that all three of us try to keep up throughout the day as we are available.

We recently ended the “Spring Elections” which was a screenshot tournament that went on over a two-month period. During that event, I also spent a lot of time coordinating with judges and contestants over themes and getting different bouts and brackets started and finished. The same goes for #egifinest because we allow our Patreon supporters to select the themes and help judge the weekly contest. I also have to keep track of the Patreon account and notify people if their pledges don’t go through and ensure that they are getting their role rewards.

On top of all of that, there are the everyday issues that come up in any online community. We have about 600 people in our Discord server at the moment, so you can imagine that not everyone gets along and sometimes people say things that offend others. The two other admins, Autumn and Zathe, help me deal with these issues as they come up to the best of our ability, all while trying to plan for new events and trying to improve our structure. It’s quite a busy place, as you can see!

EGI Daily EGI Daily is a thematic Twitter event where we encourage all of our members and followers to post screenshots adhering to a daily theme. The themes will be taken from suggestions from all of our members. To suggest a theme, post your idea with an example screenshot (which will be featured on our Twitter page) in the #daily-themes channel. Watch for the Twitter post every morning at 3:00 AM EST (GMT -5) and use the #egidaily tag for your post so that we can retweet your screenshots on our page. You may also post your daily screenshots in the #egi-daily channel here on the server, whether you use Twitter or not.

EGI Finest EGI Finest is a weekly, thematic screenshot contest with Mogstation cash shop prizes funded by our Patreon supporters. Each month, our Chocobo patrons will select a suite of themes for the contest, and these will be announced each week in the #egi-finest channel. Participants will have a set number of days to make their submissions based on the theme, and then our Tonberry patrons will vote on the winners. Please visit the actual channel for more information, and see below for details on how to be a Patreon member.


EGIDaily submission from Alruccabah

Does the community have any upcoming events that you would like to discuss with us?

We just revamped the #egifinest contest to include Mogstation prizes, and we have a lot of people pledging support on Patreon to help fund that. There is also a rumor that one of our idols might take on a masked persona and start holding an EGI fashion report within the server. I cannot tell you any more about that at the moment, though, I’m afraid.

What criteria do members have to meet to attain the rank of ‘Idol’?

This is something that has sort of changed as we have developed, and it is difficult to lay down specific criteria for admitting people. Generally, we have invited people to the role who are both regularly active in the server but who are also respected within the community. However, we have to be careful about the number of people in the role or else things can get a little unruly. That means that some people might get overlooked or we may not invite deserving people if we feel like the number is already too high. I also don’t want people to think that those in the idol role are privileged or elite and get special treatment or attention in the server. It’s true that we have a dedicated channel on the server for idol pictures and that we do retweet a selection of their posts as a benefit of being in the role, but when it comes to operating the server, all of the individual members are equally valued in my eyes, and I want to make sure there are opportunities for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, regardless of their Discord role.


Image credit: Runfrior

What aspirations and long-term goals do you have for EGI? Do you intend to develop the community into anything further?

At this point, the short-term goals are focused on fine-tuning the #egifinest event and how that interacts with Patreon supporters. Beyond that, I can’t say that I have greater intentions. We recently expanded somewhat onto Instagram, so it is possible that we could move out to other platforms if there is interest, but right now I think we are still actively stabilizing and finding harmony with our current activities.

What element of the community are you most proud of?

I think I’m the proudest when people post public tweets that they are inspired by the community and that it makes them want to improve their skills and ability to create art. For me, that is the most important thing. I always try to retweet those posts when I see them because they make me feel very warm inside.

EGI recently started its own Patreon account, can you tell us more about this (why you started it and what patrons can expect from signing up)?

There were people on the server who expressed interest in supplying prizes for contests, and Patreon seemed the easiest and most transparent way of collecting funds from people who want to support us in that way. We have different tiers that are based around the #egifinest contest and its operation. The basic tier just gives you a special Discord role that appears at the top of the list (below the admins), so that people can show off the fact that they are a supporter. The next role allows people to put together the slate of themes for that month’s #egifinest contests, and the one after that allows them to collectively vote for the winners of that contest. We also have a higher tier that allows the patron to request a portrait created by an idol of their choice, drawn from a list of volunteers. We want to emphasize again and again that all of the money is going to buy Mogstation prizes for people. All of us who operate the community do so on a voluntary basis.

Image credit: Shio

How do you feel personally about the response you received from the wider FFXIV community?

I feel very grateful that there was interest and that people are willing to bring their immense talent and obvious heart and care to the community. Sometimes people tell me that I did a great job, but I definitely want to emphasize that it is a collective effort and that it is really the great people who seem to be drawn to screenshot art who make it what it is. In my experience, there are a lot of gaming communities that can get sour very quickly and very cynical about the state of the game they are playing, but we rarely see this attitude in our server. Most people are very encouraging and loving, and it is no wonder that people are so active and engaged with it.


Do others help you run the community, if so, what sort of tasks does this require?

I have two others who occupy the “Senpai” role, which is the administrator role. Basically, we monitor the channels to make sure people are being civil and following the server guidelines, and we also talk a lot behind the scenes about operations, whether it is the organization of channels or events. We also try to come up with solutions upon which we can all agree when problems arise. One of the issues, in the beginning, was that I was generally seen as the sole organizer of the community, and I am not always going to make the best decisions. I feel like sharing this responsibility with others helps me to feel more at ease, and I feel more confident that we can come up with better solutions together. The idol role also comes with some minor administrator privileges. In order for someone to become a member of the server, they have to make an introduction post, and the idols have the ability to convert that person into a member and adjust their display name. They also do a lot to help answer questions and guide people whether it involves the use of the server or social media or different photo tools and techniques. They have really come up with a lot of great resources and help for people that have technical issues or want to learn new techniques.


Image credit: Rilas

How do you manage to keep up with all the chat, posts and members?

I have Discord on my phone and on my PC, so I try to look at all of the channels as they light up throughout the day. Sometimes if I am busy I may just scan some of the text if there is a lot of it, but generally, I can get the gist of a conversation and its direction very quickly. I also try to make myself available through private message so that people can report issues to me that I may not see right away.

How much of your time per week does running the community take?

It’s hard to answer this because EGI is kind of laced through all of my activities every day. I could tell you that on average that time adds up to two or three hours a day, but I don’t sit down with one block of time and go through it all at once. It is a constant companion to me every day.

How do you deal with the stresses of running such a large community?

Inviting two other people to help administer things made a huge difference. However, I do still feel stress, so sometimes I have to put my phone away or close Discord for a couple of hours and just do my own thing. I obviously play games too, so I might silence the server during the time that I am playing, but also I find that taking my own screenshots and getting creative tends to relax me and make me feel better when stress comes, whether it is from EGI or the world outside of gaming.

If someone was hoping to create a community such as yours, what advice or tips would you give them?

Well, I would advise them to join ours and help improve it and contribute their skills to our community. If it was something outside of screenshot art, however, I would advise them to make sure to find other people with whom they can share the tasks and responsibilities and be prepared to make mistakes and own up to them quickly. If someone gets upset or offended, it is important not to take it personally and take the time to listen to others’ concerns. I think you need a tremendous amount of empathy to administer a community such as this. This is especially true for EGI because we are dealing with people’s art, which directly expresses their personal feelings and personas.


Image credit: Trevettina


Is there anything you would like to add?

I’d like to say thank you for shining the spotlight on us and taking the time to learn more about our community. We love having new people join us, so I hope people read this and get inspired to be artistic and bring their artistic talents to our community. In my opinion, you only really improve your skills when you are among your peers. No one gets ideas out of thin air. It is all a mesh-work of ideas that get passed around and tweaked and improved. Don’t be afraid to join us; we won’t bite you!


Final Thoughts

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Sophia for making the time to take part in the Community Spotlight and allowing us to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of the EGI community.  Also, I’d like to express my gratitude to all the leaders and those who make so much effort to keep the community running, and also to those who kindly allowed me to use their screenshots for this article! On a personal note, I’ve been part of the EGI community for some months now and it’s been a joy to see so many building new friendships and enjoying a love for screenshot photography. I look forward to seeing many more good things to come for EGI! Thank you, Sophia and all at EGI!


Image credit: Vinncent


EGI Links


If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here, my gallery site or Twitter. 

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FFXIV Community Spotlight: Screenshot Artist Kisu

This week we will be taking a much-deserved break from all things lore related with a return to the Community Spotlight column! This column runs parallel with the Echoes of Eorzea series of articles and aims to highlight and show appreciation to members of our community who go that extra mile to create content for us to enjoy, usually in their own time and for free.

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the work of Kisu, who has a great passion for screenshot art and has kindly agreed to take part in this week’s community spotlight. I’ve admired Kisu’s work for quite a while now since first seeing these beautiful images pop up on my Instagram and Twitter feeds and was very curious to find out more about her and how she goes about creating her artwork, so let’s find out! 

screenshot art


Kisu, or Polina as she is known in real life, considers herself to be just an ordinary 27 year old, a gamer who has a passion for screenshot editing, reading, and poetry. So, a creative through and through. In the wider world, she enjoys traveling, food, and of course, cats (who doesn’t love cats)!

One of her current focuses for her screenshot editing content is Final Fantasy XIV, where she mainly plays her super cute brunette Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te, Kisu, who lives on the Cerberus server.

With over 10 years working knowledge of Photoshop, she began editing her images solely based on what she had learned up to that point. The first game Kisu edited screenshots from was Aion. She was then inspired by edits created by the wonderful Lhyrical and Lio. Lio went as far as to even stream her edits so that the whole process could be seen, a gesture for which Kisu was very grateful to have experienced and taught her even more. Following on from this she began to learn to draw parts of the anatomy, which for her was a struggle having had no art education, but results shone through in the end!

screenshot art

Polina’s character Kisu. Main class: Bard – Server: Cerberus.

Question Time

How long have you played FFXIV and why did you begin?

I began playing in December 2016, so just a little over a year ago now.

What is your favorite class/job and why?

The bard, because I enjoy the archer style gameplay. This is true for many MMO’s I play because I always seem to choose archers!

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the most?

The atmosphere and environments offer a great deal of inspiration. The community is wonderful, the glamours are beautifully detailed and the housing offers a personal creative space.

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the least?

Player vs player content, as I found that it was not as enjoyable as the other models used for PvP in other games. I became far too used to the PvP in games like Aion.

How long have you been producing content (including more specifically FFXIV)?

I began screenshot editing in March 2015 and then branched out into Final Fantasy XIV edits in 2017.

screenshot art

What was your inspiration for creating your first FFXIV related content and what was it?

My friend had requested that I create an edit of her Miqo’te. I fell in love with the Miqo’te in a wedding dress!

Is FFXIV your main source of creativity, or do you create content for other games (or other things entirely) as well?

Currently, FFXIV is my main creativity source, but I also play and make screenshot edits for other MMO’s such as Blade and Soul, Aion, Tera.

Which creation of yours are you most proud of?

I do not feel particularly proud of one singular piece. Perhaps someday I can paint my own art from beginning to end, and then I believe that I will feel proud and a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction.

screenshot art

When you have difficult days, what drives you to keep producing content?

My friends, the FFXIV community and the support of my wonderful followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, along with a group on a social network VK. I created this group with another wonderful author Draksha. But we have not the time needed in order to develop this group further.

What programs or tools are used to create your work?

Photoshop 6 and Paint Tool SAI.

When it comes to preparing your work, what processes do you go through?

If I want to edit my character I will take about 100-200 screenshot images to work with, using both ReShade and GPose, because good quality and beauty of the original screenshot is a half of success.

Common steps include:
– Changing the background of the original screenshot, if needed.
– Correcting gamma and lightning.
– Painting over the screenshot using a graphics tablet.
– Adding clipart if needed.
– Adding effects.

screenshot art

Could you describe your work method in a little more detail?

If I were to start a piece from start to image the flow would be a little like this:
1) Starting with Photoshop 6,  I smooth the pixels out using a plugin “topaz-clean3”, this will smooth sharp angles and bad-looking textures with “plastic surgery”. At the same time, I begin thinking what I want to see at the end of my work, sorting out ideas, looking at art for inspiration.

2) Working with basic colors, I will use standard PS adjustment tools such as brightness/contrast, selective color, vibrancy and so on.

3) If I want to change the background, I cut the character out of the picture, find some landscapes photo in Google and then merge my character with the landscape. Then I will return once again to look at and adjust the colors. I try to pay attention to the lighting because if lighting and colors do not match, it’s very visible that the character is taken from another picture. Next, I blur a little the landscape.

4) I crop the picture if needed because correct framing means a lot. But I can also leave this phase until the end of the work.

5) Next, I go to Paint Tool SAI. There I draw everything. Starting with hair, I use different forms of Airbrush, blending skin with blend tool, draw over lips, nose, eyes, adding shades, glare. Then working with clothes, smoothing textures, adding details, and sometimes even redrawing parts of clothes or clothes themselves. It takes a lot of time, especially when the quality of screenshot is bad.

6) Following on from this I will return back to PS6. Add clipart (never forgetting about the shades and real-looking angles) so that it looks like it merges nicely with the picture and looks like it has always belonged there. I may also add some tattoos at this stage if required.

7) I make final color corrections, using filters and filter-plugins for PS, adding glitter and/or sequins. Lastly, I will check the framing again for a final time. The image is now ready!

screenshot art

Roughly how many hours would it take you to create a piece?

The average time for one full edit takes 12-13 hours. Sometimes it takes only 1-2 hours, but it’s only for screenshots made by me. Some edits take more than 20 hours.

What aspirations do you have for your FFXIV work?

I hope someday I can improve my artistry to a level where I can fully draw the images that I see in my mind. I hope to continually improve to extend beyond screenshot editing into a multi-disciplined artist.

How well do you feel your work has been received by the community?

This question poses some difficulty to answer as I can’t really gauge this fully. I have over 1600 followers on Instagram and Tumblr, so I really hope that people do like my work. I cannot thank them enough for the support they give me each and every day!

If someone was hoping to create content like yours, what advice or tips would you give them?

1) Never, NEVER think that you can’t make beautiful edits. You just need to have great patience. I have no special education or training and yet in two and a half years, I’ve made progress of which I could never dream.
2) If you are already an artist/editor, don’t forget that details make the whole picture. Don’t be afraid of trying something new or experimenting with different styles.
3) Everyone was new at some point in their artistic journey. All artists are criticized from time to time. Please remember not to lose your inspiration and will!

If you would like to see more of Kisu’s work, you can visit her pages on Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter!

Final Thoughts

I would like to say a huge, huge thank you’s to Kisu for taking the time to take part in the Community Spotlight column and for allowing me to display her art for this article. It’s really interesting to know more about the artist behind this work and find out not only how they feel about their creations, but how they come to the end result. The process which Kisu goes through has been a very educational experience, for me especially as an avid screenshot art person! It’s truly interesting to see this hybrid between screenshot editing and art develop and I very much look forward to seeing more of Kisu’s beautiful images popping up in my streams in the future!

As always, thank you very much for reading this article and I hope that you have enjoyed it! If you have any questions, advice or comments please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here, my gallery site or Twitter. 

screenshot artist

Kisu’s Social Media Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kisumisumeow
Tumblr: https://kisumisumeow.tumblr.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kisumisumeow/

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FFXIV Community Spotlight: Sharm

Welcome to the FFXIV Community Spotlight column! This column runs parallel with the Echoes of Eorzea series of articles and aims to highlight and show appreciation to members of our community who go that extra mile to create content for us to enjoy, usually in their own time and for free.

This week we will be talking to the beautiful and talented singer and songwriter, Sharm, who has been creating content on YouTube since 2007 and to date has over 71K subscribers. 

Community spotlight


Sharm found her passion for music at the age of 13 and began her singing career in her bedroom, creating her own radio stations and singing along to the songs. Throughout her entire adolescence, she developed her talent by being part of the school choir and participated in musicals and plays. Her passion for music was so great that she even petitioned the head of her school to allow pupils to take their music qualifications in their free time, as the school did not offer the subject. She later obtained a Grade 1 in her Piano studies and started learning both the drums and guitar. All of her music is created start to finish, by her own hand, using a mix of instruments, vocals, and technology.

On average, Sharm spends about 3 hours a day to keep up with emails, messages and social media. Alongside this, she records ideas and writes down new lyrics. In her spare time, she not only plays a multitude of games but enjoys being in the countryside and spending time with her beloved and beautiful dog, Maggie.

community spotlight

Sharm Lavellan – Astrologian – Odin EU

Question Time

How long have you played FFXIV and why did you begin?

I played FFXIV way back for a few months and I was utterly addicted. However, for financial reasons, I decided to stop playing but I always had the itch to play! I picked it back up again last year and absolutely adored every second of being able to play it. I’m a huge MMORPG fan and I really love trying out all the different games out there. I’ve played nearly every MMORPG going, but only FFXIV, WoW & GW2 have held a really big spot in my heart.

What made you choose this race/job?

The Highlander Hyur’s are BADASS! I think they look so cool, plus being in my 30’s, I feel more comfortable rolling with a class that kinda looks like my age. Now, I know I’m not alone here when I say I LOVE HEALING!!! It’s my go-to specialty in every game. I’m just not happy when I’m playing DPS…and my tanking is a raid/party breaker. All of the healing classes are varied and super pretty to play, using animations that I fondly remember from the old Final Fantasies.

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the most?

Probably leveling. I mean, I just love it. I love the grind and the feeling of growing more powerful and oh, let’s not forget when you finally get a sweet change of clothing to rock around in. The outfits in FFXIV are pretty stunning – skimpy – but stunning.

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the least?

Being such a massive completionist that I forced myself to level a lot of jobs that I detested. Like tanks. I’m apologizing now to anyone who may have partied with me whilst I was tanking. I’m so, so sorry. I hope there’s no permanent damage.

What was your inspiration for creating your first FFXIV related content?

Oh, video games are my wellspring for inspiration, my lifestream, my flame! I think my first FFXIV piece was a guide on how to get your own little Chocobo mount in the form of song, haha! I tell you, when you’re running around in these huge cities and vast lands, there are so many little gems of inspiration just waiting to be found!

Is FFXIV your main source of creativity, or do you do content creation for other games (or other things entirely) as well?

World Of Warcraft has always been my “main” and so, pretty much my entire YouTube channel is smothered in WoW related things – mostly parodies and gameplay. But it’s always fun to change it up and when I enjoy what I’m playing, more often than not, a song will soon emerge from it.

How long have you been producing content (including more specifically FFXIV)?

I guess when it comes specifically to FFXIV, I’ve only been doing it for perhaps 2 years or so? But as a generic blanket to cover all of my content, it has been almost 10 years!

Which creation of yours are you most proud of?

Well, this is tough! I will pluck something from my Final Fantasy playlist here. Let’s see, I feel that my covers of “Dragonsong” and “Answers” I am most proud of. However, recently I collaborated with a wonderful lady called Alison and we produced a lovely cover of “Eyes On Me” in which Alison absolutely nailed the violin solo!

When you have difficult days, what drives you to keep producing content?

I always remind myself that time fixes most things. Sadness, difficult decision making, lack of inspiration or motivation. I never let the feeling of pressure get to me when I’m really not feeling something because I know that tomorrow, I might just feel it! My love for singing and creating content never lessens, just some days my voice wants to work with me and other days it’s a little *mumbles into hand*.

When it comes to preparing your work, what processes do you go through?

So, from the start of creating a parody, I’ll work on the lyrics – nice and relaxing, ah! Next, I’ll do the recording. So important to be in the right frame of mind at this point and have high energy so if I’m not feeling it, I’ll wait until the next day. Next, I’ll listen to it several times and make sure the mix is juuuuust right.

Then, I go on to make the video, usually using plenty of video game footage. I really enjoy this part, making sure that the video blooms in time with the vocals. And then? Then I agonize over the spelling of every single word in the lyrics as I add them to the video. I check, double check, triple check until sometimes even the word “it” looks wrong. But I am a bit of an elitist when it comes to correct spelling and grammar so I do like to make sure everything is just so.

What programs or tools are used to create your work?

Programs wise, I use Mixcraft and Vegas Movie Studio. Tools is a little more in-depth. My microphone is a SHURE SM27, I use a UX2 Line 6 audio interface which my microphone plugs in to along with my UMX610 midi keyboard for when I want to dabble in composing (which isn’t often! I’m terrible at it).

What advice and tips would you give to someone hoping to produce content in your field?

Oh please, please do it because it brings you happiness first. If it’s making you happy, your happiness will spill into it and filter into all of us who get to enjoy it with you. If you do it to become popular and number watch then you won’t grow an audience who will be passionate about your work – just like you.

Sharm’s entry for the Heavensward EU Music Contest, for which she received an honorable mention.

What aspirations do you have for your FFXIV work?

My aspirations are pretty much the same for all of my work. I just want to do as best a job I can and hope that it brings moments of enjoyment for my listeners.

How well do you feel your work has been received by the community?

Oh by the FFXIV community? Wonderfully! Everyone has been very encouraging in their comments and I think once, someone even linked one of my covers to Susan Calloway!

I know I’m not a hugely active member of the FFXIV community right now, but I do absolutely adore the game, and when I’m in a position to maintain more game subscriptions I cannot wait to come back!

sharm community spotlight

Final Thoughts

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Sharm for taking part in the Community Spotlight column! She’s not only hugely musically gifted but she is the most down to earth, friendly and kind-hearted person who cares deeply about her work, and always makes time for her fans and friends. Not only does she produce a wide variety of gaming related music but she also composes original songs, publishes a weekly vlog and Q&A sessions. If you’ve enjoyed her music here, then be sure to pay her YouTube channel a visit! Her genuine passion and enthusiasm shine through in all her work. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Sharm is a true inspiration and role model for anyone wishing to explore this particular area of the content creation industry.

As always, thank you very much for reading this article! If you have any questions, advice or comments please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here, my gallery site or Twitter. 

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FFXIV Community Spotlight: Oldbear from The Moogle Post

Welcome to the Community Spotlight column! This is a brand new column to run in conjunction with Echoes of Eorzea and aims to highlight and show appreciation to members of our community who go that extra mile to create content for us to enjoy, usually in their own time and for free. This week we will be talking to Oldbear Stormborn, the creator and Editor-in-Chief of the fan-created digital FFXIV magazine: The Moogle Post.



Oldbear Stormborn – Lalafell Warrior – Adamantoise

The Moogle Post, also referred to as TMP, is produced on a monthly basis and offers a whole host of information for your viewing pleasure. Content areas include interviews, game updates, glamour, cosplay, art, guides, competitions and a whole lot more. There really is something for everyone! All this is wrapped up in a striking and contemporary design that is very easy on the eye.



Oldbear not only runs things at TMP but also is a huge supporter of other content creators and makes efforts to reach out and include them in the TMP Discord server so that their work can be shared to the TMP community that is currently growing at a rapid pace.

A whole host of work goes into creating The Moogle Post so I personally would like to say a big thank you to Oldbear and his amazing team for creating this and providing us with such an informative newsletter.

More information can be found on their website MoogleMedia.com.


Question Time

Each issue of the community spotlight will comprise of a short list of question aimed at getting to know more about the people behind the content, what inspires them, how the content is created and what their interests are within FFXIV.

How long have you played FFXIV and why did you begin?
Almost 4 years now. I’ve always been a fan of MMOs and of the Final Fantasy series.

Why did you choose this race/job?
I’ve always loved tanking and really enjoy the WAR playstyle. It’s active and versatile and it’s fun to try to optimize your beast gauge usage to maximize your damage. I recently switched to lalafell after years as a midlander male. I don’t really love any of the male character models in this game, so I figured I might as well be cute!

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the most?
Savage raiding. Definitely.

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the least?
I’m sure people will hate me for saying this, but I’m not really a fan of the main story. I love MMOs, but if I want story I’d rather play single-player games. MMO story isn’t about amazing writing – it’s about writing plot that fits your content delivery model. I get it, and I’m not saying FFXIV does it poorly, it’s just really not my thing.

What was your inspiration for creating your first FFXIV related content?
The Moogle Post started out as a humble FC newsletter! We simply wanted to keep our FC members informed and entertain, and had no idea that anyone outside the FC would ever actually want to read it.

TMP Community Spotlight

Is FFXIV your main source of creativity, or do you do content creation for other games (or other things entirely) as well?
I’m an aspiring writer, and initially hoped that working on TMP would help hone those skills, but now I write about FFXIV almost exclusively.

How long have you been producing content (including more specifically FFXIV)?
Since March 2016, so a year and a half.

Which creation of yours are you most proud of?
Myself and several other members of the TMP team were able to go to Frankfurt for EU Fan Fest, and we brought 1,000 printed copies of a special edition Fan Fest issue with us, which we handed out for free.

When you have difficult days, what drives you to keep producing content?
We release new issues on the first of every month, so the calendar pretty much forces me to keep going!

TMP Community Spotlight

When it comes to preparing your work, what processes do you go through?
Each issue contains recurring content that’s included in every issue, and a number of one-off pieces. I’m mainly involved in the interviews, class guides, and other one-off content. That involves everything from coming up with the ideas in the first place to managing the process and making sure the final product that goes in the magazine is the highest quality it can be. We have a pretty extensive team involved now, 30+ people from 7 different countries, each with their own roles and responsibilities. It’s definitely a team effort!

What programs or tools are used to create your work?
The magazine is produced in Adobe InDesign. The designers also use other Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop to produce the screenshots and other artwork that appear in the magazine.

What aspirations do you have for your FFXIV work?
Ultimately we’re just happy to be able to give back to the amazing FFXIV community that we all love so much! We want to produce high-quality content that FFXIV fans will enjoy and reach as many people as possible. Obviously, if Square Enix wanted to hire us and make The Moogle Post an official FFXIV fan magazine we’d gladly agree – but we’re certainly not expecting anything like that to happen.

How well do you feel your work has been received by the community?
The community response has definitely exceeded even our wildest expectations! As I said earlier, initially The Moogle Post was just a humble FC newsletter, and we never imagined that anyone outside our FC would want to read it. Now we get over 30,000 visitors a month to our website, and are thrilled that we’re able to entertain so many fellow FFXIV fans.

The most recent issue of TMP can be found here!ffxiv-TMP-community-spotlight-logo

The Moogle Post can also be found on Twitter, so follow along for the latest updates!

Once again, I’d like to thank Oldbear for taking the time to share his thoughts on the game with us. I think I can say with certainty that we’re all looking forward to the October issue of The Moogle Post!

TMP Community Spotlight

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here, Anook or Twitter.

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