Low Supply and High Demand – Can We Get More Triple-A MMORPGs?

Nearly a decade ago, the MMORPG genre was going full steam ahead. The imposing figure of World of Warcraft wasn’t enough to discourage other developers from taking a stab at the genre, and we saw the birth of new and ambitious triple-A MMORPGs left and right: Aion, The Lord of the Rings Online, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, Champions Online and… um… Hello Kitty Online.

Alright, scratch that last one.

Triple A MMORPGs Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures

These are just a handful of examples to remind you of the vigorous state of the MMORPG back then. I can’t say for sure if this represented the peak for the genre, but it sure was exciting to experience all these new worlds of assorted inspirations and backgrounds. There was a lot to choose from and so little time to live all these different virtual lives.

Fast forward to now, and the panorama is far from ideal. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the MMORPG is dying, or all those other clichés, especially because we have been spoiled with all the good stuff that came before. However we were also mistreated, taken for granted, served the same rotten fruit year after year, while expected to fork out a significant amount of our wages. Unsurprisingly, players grew tired of this pattern and began doing this crazy, uncanny thing – demanding innovation and asking developers to up the ante. Go figure!

Recent years haven’t been so kind in what triple-A MMORPGs are concerned. We can throw a Guild Wars 2 in there, mix it with Final Fantasy XIV and The Elder Scrolls Online for good measure, but even those aren’t exactly spring chickens anymore. If we squint a bit, we can get Black Desert Online and Blade & Soul in the same pot, as these two boast decent production values and loyal player bases – when they’re not crying ‘pay-to-win!’, it depends on the day of the week. But what else is there? At risk of failing to mention some other relevant triple-A MMORPGs, the scenario is somewhat grim, and I’m glad that a nice fun distraction like MapleStory 2 is doing well so far.

Triple A MMORPGs MapleStory 2

What’s weird is that the demand for MMORPGs is real, palpable and often capable of reaching unexpected levels. As a case in point, let’s look at the recent western release of Bless Online. For years, there was an insurmountable and somewhat perplexing hype surrounding a game that was failing to convince players in their homeland, South Korea. And yet, there was this prevailing impression that Bless looked good, had all the inner workings of a proper, triple-A MMORPG, and was destined to be the game that millions of players had been waiting for. There is no need to go into detail on what went wrong – you can read more about it here – but one thing is certain: Bless would make a ton of money had it been capable of fulfilling its promises, its untapped potential.

So, what or who is to blame for the current lack of triple-A MMORPGs? Clearly, we can point the finger at several causes, and one of them is, simply put, time. Developing an ambitious, high budget MMORPG is a task that isn’t at the reach of every studio. It requires years of planning, exhaustive studies into what is dominating the space at a given time, thoughtful considerations over the use of tried-and-tested mechanics versus new, possibly polarizing features, and, of course, a nearly endless stream of cash to keep the team confidently going for several years. For most developers, this is an endeavor that they simply aren’t willing to take, as it could eventually result in failure and closure of the studio. That is why only a handful of high-profile publishers are currently hosting MMORPGs with irrefutable success: Blizzard (World of Warcraft), NCsoft (Guild Wars 2), Square Enix (Final Fantasy XIV), Bethesda (The Elder Scrolls Online).

This leads me to another question: when is Rockstar Games finally dipping their feet in the genre? They have the financial means, the online infrastructure (GTA Online is a great start) and decades of experience in chart-busters, along with a complete disregard for fake video game morality – as Red Dead Redemption 2’s shrinking horse testicles will tell you. Also, I’m pretty sure that they would have no issues with ‘politely asking’ their employees to work a few 100-hour weeks here and there, for the sake of a great game – think of it what you will.

Triple A MMORPGs Elder Scrolls Online

There is another strong reason for the decline of triple-A MMORPGs – boredom. Most MMOs stick to the same old routines in the hope of seizing a respectable player base, but this had a nefarious effect in the grand scale of things. It had a devastating effect on the huge MMORPG loving crowd, fragmenting the player base that has started to pay close attention to other, more immediate options. MOBAs and Battle Royale games provide instant gratification and scratch your competitive itch; those who swear by the MMORPG may try a new one, feel underwhelmed and go back to the popular, older options in the genre like the ones that I’ve mentioned above.

The latest examples of MMORPG design feel like walking in circles, with no goal in sight and not a single worry about player expectations. Even South Korea, probably the most prolific region in what this genre is concerned – and main culprit for the culture of grind that is now so indissociable from MMORPGs and free-to-play in general – seems to be taking a much-needed step back to refocus. There is Lost Ark, Peria Chronicles, Project TL and Ascent: Infinite Realm, but not much noteworthy besides these few.

Aren’t you sick and tired of the ‘flavor of the month’ MMORPG, dumbed down games that are rushed to the market with the sole purpose of unashamedly scraping every last penny off the customers… I mean, the players? Here they are now, marketed to the moon with promises of delivering the greatest ride ever – It’s all about the endgame, it will be an amazing experience when you get there – with new content for decades and incredible support. A few months later they are gone, players left empty-handed, with nothing but broken promises and a feeling that they’ve been had. Ripped off.

Triple A MMORPGs Crowfall Ranger

There are players craving MMORPGs, players with tons of money to throw at a developer that can keep up with its promises. Just look at the money thrown at some Kickstarter campaigns – Star Citizen received over $2 million dollars in funding on Kickstarter alone and is still getting funds through private campaigns; Ashes of Creation amassed over $3 million dollars; Crowfall also got quite a bit of funding – over $20 million in total funding! How is that not a sign that there is a huge demand for a full-fledged MMORPG?

However, this is no easy task and the long years of gestation are indicative of the work and high risk that goes into a triple-A MMORPG. There is no exact science to this, no rule-book that will manage to please every single one of us. Those who love the ways of the old games, such as World of Warcraft, will probably be the first to scoff at any decent attempt at innovation – right now I’m sitting here, thinking about the huge risk that Bluehole is taking with Ascent: Infinite Realm and its focus on aerial combat. But if we keep getting the same games with the same stale questing, static combat and endless grind, then we would do better to stick with those Chinese auto-path, auto-combat ‘games’ where your character reaches level 20 in five minutes.

The current indecision and debate with the business model also has a saying in all of this. When designing your MMORPG, you must consider early on if it will be free-to-play, buy-to-play or with a monthly subscription (as Ashes of Creation is going to be). This needs to be carefully addressed as it could make the difference between a successful, fair game, or a cash shop mess that will destroy whatever efforts were made prior to its release. There is no consensus over this at the moment and Bless Online is a good example of the power that a business model can have in a game – after the initial Early Access sales, the player base decreased radically and the game would soon be dead had it stayed that way – hence the swift and predictable switch to free-to-play in October 2018, in the hopes of attracting more players to make for a sustainable community. There is a significant “I’ll play it when it goes free-to-play” crowd, but whales shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to the profitability of an MMORPG.

Triple A MMORPGs Bless Online

Not all is grim, however. These may be high demand and low supply times indeed, but they also feel like a transition phase. With the boom of mobile gaming, everyone wanted to have a go but many developers seem to be once again focusing on the PC platform, hopefully working on an MMORPG. I know that some of them are.

Do you really think that there is no subtext to the recent “Should we build an MMO?” tweet by League of Legends makers Riot Games? What about the upcoming MMORPG based on Tolkien’s Middle-earth in development by Athlon Games? Amazon Game Studios is creating the intriguing New World, Cryptic Studios is developing a Magic: The Gathering MMORPG, and here’s hoping that Nexon’s anime MMORPG Peria Chronicles will finally become a reality in 2019.

To the developers who want to tackle the highly risky but oh-so-profitable task of creating a full-fledged, triple-A MMORPG, I have this to say: do your own thing. Every single one of us is a player, every single one has an opinion and a lot of us are just plain wrong. Do not abide by the lowest common denominator, reach for the skies and pour your hearts into it. If you are willing to take the risk and invest the money, you need to go the distance and deliver the best damn game that you can.

Who knows, maybe the next World of Warcraft is in the making as we speak?

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2018 MMO Halloween Event List

The month of Halloween is upon us which means it is time for the MMO Halloween Event List to come out for another year. Below you’ll find a list of all the Halloween events happening in the MMO/online gaming sphere. More will be added all the time leading up to Halloween so be sure to check back regularly.


Black Desert Online         Cookie Day          Oct 11-24

Make event chocolate cookies and get some awesome rewards in return. This event isn’t exactly Halloween themed, but we’re including it anyway as right now it’s the closest thing to Halloween BDO has announced. They’re also running the fast season event which means that it is spring right now, Saturday it will be Summer, Sunday it will be Fall, and, you guessed it Winter will hit on Monday. This all happens the Oct. 11 to Oct. 15th.


Blade & Soul       Blade & Ghoul   Oct 17- Nov 7

The veil to the Dark Realm is wavering and ghosts and ghouls are seeping into our realm. Which means that it is time to start fighting back these gruesome foes in return for some fun prizes. There will also be a 50% experience boost in effect during the event. Giving you even more incentive to take part. The enemies at Zaiwei Ruins are intended for players who are level 50 only. But, don’t worry if you haven’t reached 50 yet, you’ll still be able to take part in daily quests, challenges, and take on bosses.


Bless Online       Halloween Event              Dates Unknown

Bless Online may not be launching until October 23rd, when it will be free to play, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting in on the Halloween event action right now. If you’re already playing Bless Online you can take part in the Halloween Event which includes themed quests, costumes, and of course rewards. There are two events which together make up the larger Halloween festivities. The Jack-O’ – Lantern event and the Witch Raven event.


Champions Online           Bloodmoon Rises              Oct 11 – ???

Champions Online is bringing back Bloodmoon Rises, their annual Halloween event. This year the event is the same as last year except with new rewards and items.


DC Universe Online         The Witching Hour           Oct 1- 31

Throughout October DCUO players will be able to take part in the Midnight Masquerade seasonal alert which will bring them to Gotham City where Klarion the Witch Boy is up to no good once again. This year’s event introduces 4 new feats for players to acquire. Plus, taking part in the seasonal events will earn you Spooky Bites which can be spent on all sorts of items.


Elder Scrolls Online         Witch’s Festival                 Oct 18 – Nov 1

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Witch’s Festival will have you turning yourself into an undead monster, enjoying a 100% XP buff, and grabbing up all sorts of ghoulish goodies. Plunder Skulls will drop from all Boss Monsters with a variety of themed loot. New this year they’ve also added Dremora Plunder Skulls which will drop from the first of each type of boss you defeat each day. Witch’s Festival will also be your first chance to get Event Tickets. Get 10 Event Tickets and take them to The Impresario to get your first Indrik Feather for a very special mount. There will also be new items in the Crown Store for you to purchase, including the coveted Coven Cottage.


Everquest II        Nights of the Dead           Now – Nov 1

For the first time, players on Fallen Gate will get to join in the Nights of the Dead festivities in Everquest II. There’s a new collection to tackle, new items for crafters, and new merchant items to grab. From the looks of it, the event won’t have anything new to do this year though.


Final Fantasy XIV              All Saints’ Wake                Oct 18 – Nov 1

The Continental Circus is back once again and this year there’s a new masquerade for players to experience. Players who have reached level 15 and completed the quest “It’s Probably Pirates” will be able to take part in the Adventurer’s Guild Investigator’s quest to take a deeper look into the happenings around the circus. In return for your help, you’ll be able to get your hands on new minions and new items.


Guild Wars 2       Shadow of the Mad King               Oct 16 – Nov 6

Halloween in Guild Wars 2 this year is going to be quite exciting! Along with the usual suspects, the Mad King’s Labyrinth, the Clock Tower jumping puzzle, and the fun in Lion’s Arch players have a few new things to look forward to. This year sees the return of the PvP Reaper’s Rumble for the first time since the first Halloween event in GW2 back in 2012. Mad King’s Raceway is an all-new addition that showcases the newest mount, the Roller Beetle. And there are three new weapons for you to get your hands on. Players who have completed Episode 3 of Season 4 will also be able to dive into the long-standing rivalry between Mad King Thorn and Palawa Joko in a new collection achievement.


Overwatch          Halloween Terror 2018                   Oct 9 – 31

Dr. Junkenstein’s minions are back once again along with Junkenstein’s Revenge (Classic) and Junkenstein’s Revenge: Endless Night. Players will be able to pick from 10 playable heroes this year, including Tracer and Brigitte who are both new this year.


Paragon Chat (City of Heroes Emu)           Halloween          Oct 5- Oct 31

Paragon Chat may not be exactly what City of Heroes once was but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun! Go trick or treating with fellow players and head to the Halloween Party on October 20th. Head over to Croatoa between 12 and 6 PM Pacific, 3 PM to 9 PM Eastern for a game of hide and seek, Costumes, and games. For an extra jolt of nostalgia, music will be provided by The Cape.


Pirate 101            Halloween Items              Ends Nov 4

When you’re a pirate every day is Halloween…or at least you dress up every day. Pirate 101 isn’t holding any event but you will be able to get your hands on a number of Halloween themed mounts including the brand new Cloudstrider mount.


Tera       Harvest Festival                Oct 2 – Nov 1

The Halloween Harvest Festival event in Tera is back once again. Head over to the Eldritch Academy where you’ll be able to fight back waves of monsters with a cannon. You’ll be rewarded with Halloween candy for your efforts which can be turned in for mounts, pets, costumes, and more.


Wizard 101          Halloween Items              Ends Nov 4

Just like Pirate 101, Wizard 101 is breaking out the Halloween items in the form of seasonal packs. New this year is the Elven Nightmare Pack which includes things like the Hart of Darkness and Light Hart mounts, pets, Elven Nightmare weapons and armor, and more.

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10 MMORPGs You Should Play in 2018

It’s a question we see asked time and time again on social media, everyone wants to know what MMO they should try. So, in no particular order here are 10 MMORPGs you should play in 2018.



This year Everquest is turning 19 years old! If you haven’t already played it at least once…well…why haven’t you? It is considered by many the MMO that really got the MMORPG genre going. Still going strong today, and still being made by the same people. The most recent expansion of the game just came out in mid-December, bringing the game up to 24 expansions. The level cap over the years has gone from 60 to 110 so there is a whole lot to do and when you buy the most recent expansion you get access to all the expansions that came before.


EVE Online

EVE Online: Lifeblood

All of the best stories about epic battles come from EVE Online. This year EVE is also hitting a massive milestone as it reaches the 15-year mark. It is a gorgeous game that is loved by thousands of players. It’s one of the most iconic MMORPGs in history and if you haven’t given it a try yet, you’re missing out. The game is still going strong today with one of the most rigorous update schedules in the industry.



If you’re looking for a game that is family friendly, you can’t go wrong with Wizard101. Of all the kid-friendly MMOs there have been through the years, Wizard101 is the longest-lived, having launched in 2008 and still as popular as ever today. The chat system they’ve put in place protects children so they can’t give away information about themselves and they aren’t exposed to any bad language.


Guild Wars 2

Five years since it launched it is still one of the most colorful and breathtaking MMOs on the market. It’s a great casual game that prides itself on being accessible to everyone, no matter what their skill level is. It’s a great MMO to get your girlfriend into gaming with, as it goes to great lengths to be newbie friendly. It’s a great game if you love dressing your characters up in flashy outfits that make them really stand out. It does offer some difficulty as well for more seasoned gamers in the form of raids. It’s also one of the most successful online games currently on the market.


The Elder Scrolls Online

It may have had a rocky start but once Elder Scrolls Online found its footing it quickly rose to the top, becoming one of the best MMORPGs you can currently play. They put out fantastic DLC content regularly, expanding their world every time. If you’re a fan of any of the Elder Scrolls games this is your chance to play in that world, but with real people this time. It has incredible storytelling, fantastic voice acting, and crafting is a joy instead of a chore like in so many games.


World of Warcraft

It’s the most famous MMORPG in the world and once upon a time, it was the King of them all. These days the popularity may have declined but it is estimated to still have millions of players. With another expansion always on the horizon, there is always something to look forward to and something new to play. If you’ve not played World of Warcraft, you’re missing out on a piece of gaming history. Anyone interested in online gaming should give WoW a chance.


Secret World Legends

If you’re looking for a game with a modern setting you might want to turn your eye towards Secret World Legends. You’ll find that most of the maps are empty, only allowing 5 people in most instances, but that fits just perfectly with the story and the setting. The cities and main hub allow for players to congregate in much larger numbers. It’s a fantastic story-driven game to play with a small group of friends. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you were in the X-Files, this is the game for you.


The Lord of the Rings Online

For a while there it seemed like Lord of the Rings Online might have been finished. They went 3 years without an expansion. Thankfully, 2017 turned all that around. A newly formed independent studio is now in charge and they released Mordor at long last. But the biggest attraction for LotRO isn’t the development cycle or the graphics, it’s the players. They have one of the most friendly and inviting communities you could ask for.


Final Fantasy XIV

Considered by many to be the best MMORPG you can currently play, FFXIV is a no-brainer on this list. They have been killing it with update after update. It has a massive community and supports a wide variety of gameplay styles. If you’re new to gaming or you have a problem with taking part in raids, then maybe this isn’t the best MMO for you, but for many long-time gamers, FFXIV is the place to be.


Star Trek Online

Looking for a game you might not usually consider? Give Star Trek Online a try. The creators of this game have been bringing in beloved Star Trek actors to do voice acting for years now so you can meet your favorite Star Trek heroes. One of the great things about Star Trek Online is that it’s also available on console, so you don’t have to own a PC to play. It’s also one of the few games that allow you to play both in space as a ship and as a single person on away missions. It’s a unique MMORPG with a lot to offer. Being a fan of Star Trek isn’t a requirement to play, but having some knowledge is handy. Or at least make sure you have Memory Alpha (the best Star Trek wiki) open.



If none of these titles strike your fancy, you might consider trying an older game that isn’t being actively developed anymore. They’re pieces of history that won’t be around forever so play them while you still can. You never know when or if you might regret it in the future. At the top of that recommended list are Final Fantasy XI, the original Guild Wars, and Anarchy Online.


There you have it! 10 MMORPGs you should play in 2018 with a couple of bonus ones thrown in. Keep in mind of course that this list only has games that were already live at the start of 2018 and there may be some other awesome ones released throughout this year. If there are, you can be sure we’ll add them to this list. If you’re still looking for more recommendations be sure to check out our 2018 MMO Recommendations poll where players are voting for the games they recommend you play.

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2018 MMO Recommendations

Are you looking for 2018 MMO recommendations? Maybe you want to leave a recommendation for your favorite game. Whichever the case this is the place to find exactly what you’re looking for. We have all of the hottest MMOs currently on the market and we’re leaving it up to the public to leave a vote on the one they recommend.


What does it take to get on the recommendation list?

  1. The game must be live or out of closed beta testing. This means it’s available for anyone from the public to buy or download.
  2. Maps must allow at least 6 players at a time AND
  3. Allow for the potential of playing with hundreds or thousands of different people through matching or other methods.

This means you’ll find MOBAs, Shooters, and MMORPGs alongside each other. And why not? The definition of MMO is constantly evolving. We will be releasing more recommendation polls like this that are specifically for different genres in the coming weeks, but right now we’re interested in taking a broader look at online gaming.

2018 MMO Recommendations, Black Desert Online, World of Warcraft, SWTOR

If you’re interested in learning more about the games on this list, click their names, just above the button to vote to go to their MMOGames game profile page. There you can see a short paragraph about it and see all the most recent content from MMOGames including news, reviews, and more.

This poll will be running until the end of the year so you can keep recommending great games as the year goes on. At the end of the year, we’ll take a look at what your 2018 MMO recommendations are and what they did throughout the year.

Don’t see your favorite game on the list? Leave a comment with your recommendation and we’ll make sure it gets added! New games will be added as they’re released.

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MMOGames Best of 2017 Awards

What a year! 2017 was certainly a weird one. The gaming industry was put in the public eye more than ever before. There was scandal, there was joy, and there was a whole lot of money being thrown around. But what was the best of the best this year? It’s time once again to look at the best MMOs of 2017.


Games That Shut Down – Marvel Heroes


There were quite a few games that shut down this year but none bigger, or more poorly handled, than Marvel Heroes. It was filled with a lack of communication, a possible sex scandal, Disney calling off the deal they had and Gazillion shutting down. For fans, though, it came out of nowhere. The console version of the game had just launched a few months before and it seemed like everything was going well…until it wasn’t. It’s sad to see the superhero genre shrinking even more and we’re sorry to see Marvel Heroes go.


Best Sandbox MMO – Black Desert Online

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

It has been a great year for Black Desert Online. They’ve continued to put out new classes and new content. This year at Gamescom they showed off what the 4k console version of BDO looks like and its graphics are incredibly lifelike. This was also the year the game released on Steam, giving it a massive boost in player numbers. Oh, and Pearl Abyss says they’d like BDO to last another 20-30 years! This is fantastic news for anyone who has seen their favorite game shut down. All in all, it was a great year for Black Desert Online and we can’t wait for next year.


Best Mobile – Vainglory

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

Vainglory has continued to be one of the best, if not the best, MOBA you can play on a mobile device. In fact, it’s the best mobile game you can play with multiple people. Best of all, early next year it will be getting a 5v5 mode so you’ll be able to play with even more people if your device can handle it. As a result, its eSports scene is growing. Next year the mobile category is going to have a lot of competition, but this year Vainglory was an easy decision to make.


Best PvP – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

Speaking of easy decisions, giving best PvP to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the easiest decision. It may have spent the whole year in beta testing but hands down it was the most talked about game this year (Other than that Star Wars game…you know the one). PUBG has brought so much joy to gamers this year we had to include it on the list. Now that it has launched we can’t wait to see what they come out with next.


Best New Online Game – Fortnite

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

The best new online game of 2017 has to go to PUBG’s competitor Fortnite. Players have been having a blast in this battle royale since it launched earlier this year. It boasts 30 million users and at one point had 1.3 million people playing it concurrently. Epic hit on something great with this game.


Best MMO Expansion – Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

We’re kind of cheating a little bit for this one. Morrowind isn’t a proper expansion, it’s a DLC. This is something that the studio stressed heavily before it launched. However, we’re allowing it because it was just so much fun. With new dungeons, new quests, and the Halls of Fabrication trial it takes about 30 hours of playing to complete all the new content. It was great to get a new tutorial after having run through Coldharbour so many times. We’re also huge fans of all the Easter eggs in the game. We had a great time playing Morrowind, even if it wasn’t a true expansion.


Best Beta – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds spent months around the top of the revenue charts. For a game that was still in beta, it made a whole lot of money. It also brought a lot of happiness. The game made for some fantastic viewing this year as it thrived on Twitch and, well, everywhere really. It was the most fun to be had in a beta and it didn’t really feel like a beta at all (if you can forgive a few bugs). After all the testing, the game has now officially launched. Congratulations PUBG!


Best F2P – Warframe

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

Warframe is one of those games that everyone knows someone who plays yet it rarely gets talked about. Even though it’s four years old at this point, Warframe has seen a massive surge in players in 2017. This year it became the second most played F2P game on Steam with 121,000 concurrent users. This underrated game released its most popular expansion yet, the Plains of Eidolon, which added new weapons and an open world zone. 2017 was a fantastic year for Warframe and a great year to play it.


Most Anticipated – Chronicles of Elyria

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

There are a lot of great games we’re expecting to come out in 2018 so it was really difficult to pick just one. However, Chronicles of Elyria came out just a little ahead of the rest in our minds. With true MMORPGs becoming a dying breed, we have a lot of hope in Chronicles of Elyeria to help the genre we adore. It’s also promising to introduce something we haven’t really seen since Mabinogi: aging. We’ve been following development on this game since it was first announced and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

An honorable mention needs to go to Crowfall, however, which is clearly a favorite for the MMOGames’ writers.


Best MMO – Final Fantasy XIV

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

Final Fantasy XIV has continued to impress and entertain its players throughout the year of 2017. Not only did it make an excellent appearance at Gamescom and host the incredibly successful Fanfest 2017, but we also saw the release of the newest expansion Stormblood, which has received high praise all around from fans old and new.

Its dungeons and raids are not only beautifully designed visually but provide interesting challenges and mechanics for a wide variety of skill levels. Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t only caters for those interested in raiding as the landscape, content, and characters of Eorzea inspire thousands of artists and content creators to generate beautiful works of art and establish wonderful communities surrounding game-inspired projects. The main storyline continues to reward the player throughout Stormblood with dramatic and heartfelt experiences along the way, allowing the player to immerse themselves in the content. This makes Final Fantasy XIV not only one of the best MMOs of 2017 but also one of the greatest of this generation.

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Best MMO Expansion of 2017

The end of the year has come and that means it’s time to take a look back at the year that has been. It certainly hasn’t been an easy one. We’ve had a decline in the number of new games releasing and we’ve had to say goodbye to some fan favorites.

But it has also been a good year. This year we saw a number of MMOs release expansions, and we watched as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds soared in popularity.

Only time can tell if 2017 will be a good year or a bad year.

Best MMO Expansion of 2017

However, you can decide what was the best this year. It’s time for MMOGames’ 4th annual Best of the Year Awards as voted for by you the reader. This year we have 10 different categories for you to vote on ranging from mobile games to MMO expansions.

With expansions on our mind, that’s the topic of this page. This year we saw fewer expansions than we ever have in the past. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a fantastic year. With just about every AAA MMO putting out an expansion this year, WoW being the big exception as Legion launched in August of 2016 and the Battle of Azeroth’s launch still to be announced. With that in mind, we want to know what you think the best MMO expansion of 2017 was.

To place your vote just scroll through the games listed below and click on the button marked Vote. If you’d like to vote for a game that isn’t listed let us know in the comments and we will quickly get it added. Make sure you visit each page to vote for your favorite games in each category they’re nominated in. Come back every day until January 3rd when the voting ends for another chance to vote. No logging in required.

In the end, all the winners will be featured in the Reader’s Choice Best of 2017 Awards along with all the bragging rights that come along with it. Who wins is entirely up to you, so be sure to share this with your circle of friends, your guilds, and the communities for the games you loved this year.

Remember, voting ends on January 3rd and you’re able to vote once a day which means you can vote for more than one game if you like. What you do with your votes is entirely up to you.






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Echoes of Eorzea: MMO Event Ideas

The Starlight Celebration is fast approaching! With this in mind, Echoes of Eorzea is here to make sure you’re more than prepared for the winter season with a big list of MMO event ideas. This is the second installment of the Starlight Celebration special, this time with a focus on events for your potential Christmas gatherings.

MMO Event Ideas

In the previous article, we covered the history of the Starlight Celebration, festive outfit choices, screenshot location, ‘throw’ emote unlock and a brief look at event options. Winter time is an absolutely ideal time of year to create your perfect guild/FC event and so I’ve tried my best to create a comprehensive list of events that will help you along the way to creating that perfect event. Just pick and choose your preferred event options and preparations can begin!

Some of these events have, of course, been thought of before and aren’t exactly original, but I hope to have included a few new ideas in there!

A few of the events below were already covered in the last article but for the purposes of having a concise list, I have included them in this article.

This list of events is adaptable and therefore some ideas can be used throughout the year for other events or even in other games.


A Very Brief History

Starlight celebration is the annual Eorzean winter celebration.

The celebration is based upon the old Eorzean tale of the Ishgardian knights who took pity upon orphans suffering out in the bitter cold of winter. Against their orders, they wrapped the orphans in their crimson winter cloaks and brought them in from the cold to provide them with warmth and food. The captain of these knights had a snowy beard and is now known as the “Saint of Nymeia”. In years to come, those same orphans would show others the kindness once shown to them and this went on to create the tradition known as the Starlight Celebration.

On the 18th December in Eorzea, the celebrations begin with access to a new seasonal questline, furniture, food and cosmetic items.

Click here for further information.

Event Ideas

MMO Event Ideas

Prizes are of course optional and they would entirely depend on the funds available to you as a player. Dodgy MS Paint certificates for a first, second or third place can surely never be a bad memento!

Secret Santa

The beauty of secret Santa is that it can work in small group sizes and everyone receives a gift.
Once you have a guaranteed list of who wants to take part, write the names of attendees in a list then write the list again next to it and pair people up, making sure to keep it jumbled up so that Mindy and Bert are not buying for each other. Don’t forget to set a limit of 1 item and a maximum gil allowance. If someone can’t make it on the night, they can mail the item beforehand. When the event begins, ask the players to hand the gifts to you, making note of who gets what. Then pass them over to Santa one by one so they can call out the lucky person to come and collect their gift.

Fancy Dress

Let your guests know your festive theme and any restrictions well in advance so they can plan out their attire with care for the all-important day (extra points for those dressing up in traditional scarlet Ishgardian cloaks). Ask your guests to vote for their favorites and announce the winners to tremendous rounds of applause. Make sure to screenshot everyone’s outfits! It’s a great incentive to offer up some prizes if you have the funds to do so.

MMO Event Ideas

Screenshot Competition

Short version: Give your guests 30 minutes to run off into the night and take their best festive screenshot. Have those that are submitting images send you the file over Discord, then drop them into a new channel created during the event and have the rest of the guests vote using reactions.
Long version: Have your community or Free Company members submit their most wintery screenshot (one entry per person) to a dedicated Discord channel over the course of December. Choose a suitable ‘end date’ and upon that date create a collage of all entries, available to your community or FC.

The Samaritan

Dress up in red apparel, in recognition of the generous acts of those Ishgardian Knights. Purchase a selection of low-cost minions or prisms (set a gil limit) and travel the cities in search of Sproutlings (new players) and distribute the gifts to them. A random act of kindness goes a long way!

Character Creation Competition

Before you venture down this route, prepare a list of ‘themes’ that you think would suit the event. Check which servers are unlocked at the time of your event and choose one. Have your group log out and enter character creation, giving them a theme to make a character to. Some examples could include snow fairy, Saint of Nymeia, snowman, ugliest/prettiest, and so on. Set a time limit of 10-15 minutes in character creation. Have your guests take a screenshot of their creation and have them submit it to a dedicated Discord channel and then use reactions to vote on the best/worst.
Alternative: Have all your characters log in so that you can take a group screenshot together, making sure to choose a class in the same starting city.

Screenshot Recreation Challenge

Travel to a wintery location (or somewhere of your choice) and take a nice screenshot. Make note of the location, angle, time of day and weather. Show the image to your guests and ask them to reproduce the screenshot as closely as possible. Set a time limit of 30-60 minutes. The person to submit the most accurate reproduction wins!

Bard Performance

If you are able to, set up a stage with a spotlight on it and invite your bards to create and perform a festively themed melody of their own design. After all, performances are concluded, the guests will then whisper you the name of their favorite performer and the Bard with the most votes will be named the Starlight Idol.

Write your own Starlight Celebration Story

Each year we are given a short questline and story as part of the Starlight Celebration event. Ask your guests or FC members to create a story surrounding the events of the Starlight Celebration festival. The story can include any of the fictional characters from the Eorzean universe and can be as humorous or serious as you like.

MMO Event Ideas
Short version: Run this as a timed event during the event evening with a focus on short, comical stories.
Long version: The event is to be run over the course of the winter period. Starlight Celebration creative writing entries are to be submitted before the end date, focusing on more detailed and lengthy stories that could be used as a questline.

This event doesn’t have to have a winner, though having the stories combined and stored somewhere would be a fitting sentiment.

Level 1 Festive Race to Camp Dragonhead

Select a server that will be unlocked to new character creation and pre-emptively run a character to Camp Dragonhead. Have your guests make a level 1 character (as festive looking as possible – 10-minute allowance in character creation) that has Gridania as the starting city. The first one to reach Camp Dragonhead wins!

MMO Event Ideas

Go Fetch!

Prior to the event, start making a list of items sold exclusively by certain NPC’s in one of the cities. Give your guests a list of items to find and have them return to you as quickly as possible with the goods. The fastest guest to return with all the items wins! To ensure no one has cheated using the Market Board ask them to relay the issuing NPCs.

NPC Hunt

Prepare a list of clues that will lead your guests to a certain NPC. The first guest to provide a screenshot standing next to the correct NPC wins!

MMO Event Ideas

Musical Chairs

The player running this event must have access to a room within an apartment or estate and be the only one with rights to move furniture or control the orchestrion. An apartment room or private FC room would work best. Several backed chairs (such as the Glade Chair, 2000g from Housing Merchant) and an orchestrion will be needed. The choice of chair means that it cannot be sat on at multiple angles, like the stools.

Lay the chairs out in two even lines, back to back and ensure that there is always one chair less than your party size. The guests must circle the chairs while the orchestrion is playing. When the leader turns the orchestration off, the players must find a seat. Keep your eyes peeled so that if there is any dispute over a chair, this can be resolved easily, otherwise have them /roll. The player left with no seat is out, and another chair must be removed. The last player left is the winner!
Note: this event may induce mayhem.

Festive Chocobo Racing

Nothing says Christmas like a Roe wearing only a Santa hat soaring across the finish line first, using dirty tactics to betray his closest friends. Show your friends/FC who’s the best at Mario Kart (64, of course!).

Imitation Art

Hopefully, you all have MS Paint (or the equivalent). Pair guests together and have them draw a portrait of each other in their winter outfits using paint. Ask your guests to post their creations on a Discord channel and use the reactions to vote.

City Dance Off

MMO Event Ideas

Create a uniform and color for your group and then take them on a tour of the cities, dancing by the main aetheryte for all to see, spreading the Starlight spirit. If you have a big group then you can split in two and effectively create teams represented by a different dye color, outfit, and dance. The two teams would dance their chosen dances, in sync on opposite sides to each other and encourage the onlookers to join them in dance or cheer for their side.

Firelight Eorzean Quiz

Prepare a list of Eorzean themed questions for your guests to answer. Cozy up around the fireplace and go through them one by one. The person that answers with the correct answer (preferably in text chat) in the fastest time wins the point. Keep note of who has answered the most questions correctly and present them with a big pile of cookies at the end.

If you don’t have your own fire to sit around, there is cozy Cold Knight’s Cookfire located within Monument Tower in Coerthas Central Highlands (X:7.6 Y:28.7). This building is mostly vacant apart from a few NPC’s and so provides a very nice place for a group gathering.

MMO Event Ideas

Blind Date

Have your guests don their best smile, shiniest winter outfit and run off into the night to see if they can find a poor unsuspecting player to have as their date for the remainder of the evening, thus, spreading the Starlight cheer just that little bit further.

Dress Up

Prior to the event create a list of possible themes for the event. Your guests will need to create an outfit and look to best match the theme. For example, dress up like a carrot, or an NPC etc. Ask the guests to whisper you the name of their favorite interpretation.

Festive Room Design

Festive room design would be a longer-term event run from December 1st to December 18th. Your community or Free Company members would be required to either draw the design for or create a Starlight themed room design. Have participating members submit the designs or screenshots to you and make note of who sent them. Post them all to a singular Discord channel and ask that members use reactions to vote on their favorites over a 48hr period. If possible the winning entry would be recreated in one of the FC rooms for all to see!


To help celebrate the Starlight Celebration I am using Gleam to help me giveaway 3 Starlight themed prizes. Please click the link below to be taken to the entry page and for more information. Gleam is one of the leading platforms used for giveaways and competitions, however, please do not enter if you have any concerns.

starlight celebration giveaway

There are many more event ideas that could be thought up if you have time and creativity on your side. I’d have loved to create an event titled ‘Pin the tail on the Lala’ but I just couldn’t think up a way of implementing it! I hope that some of these event ideas will help you on the way to having an amazing Starlight Celebration 2018.

Thank you for reading this article and as always, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here or Twitter.

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Echoes of Eorzea: Starlight Celebration History & Ideas

It’s time to get ready for Christma- I mean, Starlight Celebration! With only 32 days to go until this year’s event, I’m here to make sure you’re fully prepared for the winter season. We’ll be covering Starlight Celebration history, winter wear, event ideas, emote unlock and the most frosty screenshot location ideas!

I’m not going to lie, the reindeer antlers have been in my bag all year waiting for this moment to arrive again!

starlight celebration history

What is the Starlight Celebration?

Starlight Celebration is FFXIV’s yearly Christmas seasonal event. Players may partake in a short non-repeatable questline that differs each year, obtain access to a repeatable quest and are rewarded with various cosmetic and housing items. The festive season runs from 18th-31st December yearly.

The history of the Starlight Celebration

In Short: In times past, long ago, the cold winter nights claimed the lives of many orphans. Although prohibited, Ishgardian soldiers took pity on the children, shrouding them in their red coats to disguise the fact that they were bringing them in from the bitter cold to feed and warm them. Having survived the winter, these orphans went on to show kindness in their later life, repeating the acts they once received. These deeds developed into the festival we know and love today and it is traditional during this season to wear scarlet apparel. The principal hero of the story just so happens to be a snowy-bearded captain now known to us as the “Saint of Nymeia”.

“The Starlight Celebration is a time of generous gestures and festive fellowship, reminding us that even a customary courtesy can be a bounteous benevolence. It also reminds us of darker days in Eorzean history, which serve to make such deeds shine all the brighter.

Several generations ago, a sanguinary struggle claimed countless lives and left full as many orphans homeless and hungry. Taking pity upon their plight, a company of Ishgardian knights sought out these children each night, furnishing them with food and shelter within their barracks.

As doing so was positively prohibited, however, the knights had the children slip in while swathed in their scarlet jackets. Thus were they spared the worst of the cruel cold. These orphans survived the winter, and, later in life, they went on to convey the same kindness to others that they had once received. On the coldest week of the year, they took to sporting scarlet and passing out presents to the children of the realm. And over time, their deeds developed into the favored festival known as the Starlight Celebration.”

Starlight Celebration 2013

starlight celebration history

The Mythril Eye reports that, due to curious circumstances, the Adventurers guild has fallen into disarray and rumors have begun that the Starlight Celebrations may have to be rescheduled.

A group of troublemaking imps sought to melt the Starlight Celebration snowmen. To their surprise, however, the snowmen appeared to gain consciousness and flee into the wilderness. You must put a stop to the imps cruel deeds before the festivities are ruined.

Players receive Eternal Ice from completing the ‘Stay Frosty’ FATE, which can be used to purchase event items. The FATE is completed by getting knocked back by a treant, obtaining a ‘snowman’ buff, and defeating the imps (buff breaks their immunity).

Event Items

starlight celebration history
Main reward: Snowman/Reindeer/Dream attire.


Starlight Celebration 2014

starlight celebration history

The Raven has sent a correspondent to ensure the event is a success. This year we are told of how the Starlight celebrant and her ‘little helpers’ have donned the appropriate scarlet apparel and are ready to give out gifts to any child who writes a letter to Nymeia, patron goddess of celestial wonders. The celebrant had hoped to have the children place their letters under the Starlight sentinel in each of the cities but unfortunately, the children couldn’t recognize which of the trees was the correct one. With so few helpers the celebrant enlists our help to gather the messages scattered across the housing districts so that the children will be able to receive their gifts.

The player is required to equip the Starlight Attire, collect the note, exchange the note for a gift and then return the gift to ‘the good little girl’.

Event Items

Main reward: Starlight attire.


Starlight Celebration 2015

starlight celebration history

A reporter for the Harbor Herald wishes to do a piece on this year’s Starlight Celebration and has been making inquiries, however, very little information is to be had. Eventually, you find someone willing to help, who informs you that there is a part of the Starlight Celebration less known:

“Afore the soldiers would set off to round up the younglings, they would always play a special melody on their signal bells. The sound o’ them bells echoin’ through the frigid night air was said to bring the biggest bloody smiles to them orphans─an’ even a few hard-bitten veterans as well, I’d wager.”

This year the Adventurer’s Guild wishes to resurrect the aforementioned tradition. The signal bells have been obtained from the Temple Knights but nothing they could do would make the main bell chime. They are committed to having the bell ready for an opening ceremony with high-ranking officials yet their coffers are now empty. Should you succeed in fixing the bell, an interview with the Harbour Herald would be granted.

The player is sent to Ul’dah after obtaining a clapper which is then fitted to the bell, thus fixing it. Julyan Mandeville appears and asks about the bells tune whilst the organizer is fretting, claiming the melody is too simple for the ceremony. Julyan scolds him and reminds us that the happiness the melody brings to young and old is far more valuable than the prestige of the Adventurers Guild. The player then seeks out a composer to create a more festive but tasteful melody, fitting for the celebration.

Event Items

starlight celebration history

Main Reward: Reindeer antlers/gloves/boots.


Starlight Celebration 2016

starlight celebration history

The director of Frondale’s Ward for Friendless Foundlings expresses his utter despair, not knowing how to help one of the young children recover from a recent worsening of his illness. Your help is enlisted to gather information from other children, where you learn of a concealed envelope. The envelope is revealed to contain a note from the child’s father, apologizing for the fact that he would not be able to visit the boy for Starlight as promised. You locate the father at the ferry docks and he explains that he cannot return as he is on the verge of procuring a rare herb to treat the boy’s illness. Instead, he gives you a gift to pass on to his son. Once the boy understands that his father and those around him only have his health and happiness at heart, he is delighted with the gift and resolves to overcome his illness. The director is revealed to be Damielliot, who was once a patient of the institution and inherited the position following the death of his parents during the Calamity.

Event Items

starlight celebration history
Main Reward: Starlight Robe.

That just about wraps it up for the history lesson, onto the all-important glamours!


Winter Wear

Mog Station

Looking both stylish and festive for the season in an MMO is sometimes a challenge, but don’t fear because FFXIV has got you covered. Here’s some of the gear sets available on the Mogstation (formerly available during previous events).

starlight celebration

1. Starlight Robe (available December 2017) & Sweet Dream Cap.
2. Sweet Dream Cap, Sweet Dream Tunic, Starlight Tights & Starlight Boots.
3. Starlight Sugarloaf Hat, Starlight Tunic, Reindeer Gloves & Reindeer Hooves.
4. Reindeer Antler Headband, Reindeer Suit.

Winter in-game

If you don’t have the real-life Gil to splash out on Mogstation items, don’t worry, you can still look festive and wintery on a budget. Here’s a few ideas for wrapping up with some gear of the more padded variety.

starlight celebration

1. High House Cloche, Alpine Coat, Makai Moon Guides Fingerless Gloves, Spring Skirt & High House Boots.
2. Ramie Hood, Ramie Poncho, Augmented Scholar’s Culottes, Expeditioners Moccasins.
3. White Beret, Glacial Coat, Mercenary’s Mitts, Songbird Skirt/Hempen Bottoms.
4. Dried White Oldrose, Felt Gown, Makai Moon Guides Fingerless Gloves, Songbird Skirt, Songbird Boots.

Stock up on festive dyes. Keep in mind any environments you might wish to match to, whether it be the icy cold mountains of Coerthas or the warm winter fires of your cozy residence/inn.

The easiest dye vendor in the main world to get to is Unsynrael in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. Simply teleport straight to Limsa and then run down Hawker’s Alley and she’s on the left in the second building you run through. Also, if you happen to need a more specific dye, this route runs past several market boards. If you have an FC house/private residence with a Junkmonger then that’s a slightly more straightforward purchasing option.

The normal dye vendors have a very wide selection of colors. Some of the winter favorites are Rust Red, Rolanberry Red, Opo-opo Brown, Nophica Green, Moss Green, Ink Blue and Ice Blue.


Event Ideas

I adore the Christmas events within games above all other seasonal events but in Final Fantasy XIV we really are spoiled. Not only do we have a new heart-warming mini-quest each year, but we can obtain a wide selection of beautiful and detailed seasonal gear, winter-themed decorations, minions, and even food to place on the tables. A couple of years back I ran a Christmas event for my FC and it really was a joy. We began the evening with a fancy dress competition, moved on to secret Santa (with a visit from Santa himself, who handed out the gifts!), then a screenshot competition and then finished the evening off with some festive Chocobo racing.

Secret Santa

The beauty of secret Santa is that it can work in small group sizes and everyone receives a gift.

starlight celebration history

Once you have a guaranteed list of who wants to take part, write the names of attendees in a list then write the list again next to it and pair people up, making sure to keep it jumbled up so that Mindy and Bert are not buying for each other. Don’t forget to set a limit of 1 item and a maximum gil allowance. If someone can’t make it on the night, they can mail the item beforehand. When the event begins, ask the players to hand the gifts to you, making note of who gets what. Then pass them over to Santa one by one so they can call out the lucky person to come and collect their gift.

Fancy Dress

Let your guests know your festive theme and any restrictions well in advance so they can plan out their attire with care for the all-important day (extra points for those dressing up in traditional scarlet Ishgardian cloaks). Ask your guests to vote for their favorites and announce the winners to tremendous rounds of applause. Make sure to screenshot everyone’s outfits! It’s a great incentive to offer up some prizes if you have the funds to do so.

starlight celebration history

Screenshot Competition

Give your guests 30 minutes to run off into the night and take their best festive screenshot. Have those that are submitting images send you the file over discord, then drop them into a new channel created during the event and have the rest of the guests vote using reactions.

starlight celebration history

Festive Chocobo Racing

Nothing says Christmas like a Roe wearing only a Santa hat soaring across the finish line first, using dirty tactics to betray his closest friends. Show your friends/FC who’s the best at Mario Kart (64, of course!).

The Samaritan

Dress up in red apparel, in recognition of the generous acts of those Ishgardian Knights. Purchase a selection of low-cost minions or prisms (set a gil limit) and travel the cities in search of Sproutlings (new players) and distribute the gifts to them. A random act of kindness goes a long way!

These are just some simple ideas but I’ll be covering more in the following article!


Screenshot Locations

Coerthas Central Highlands:

Behemoth’s Dominion

starlight celebration history
This is not the most picturesque location of the bunch but it sure is a useful location for stark, lonely, wintery shots or a makeshift whiteout background. If you park your character right on the edge of the cliff there’s a natural curve in the landscape that provides a clean, white backdrop, weather permitting.

Boulder Downs

starlight celebration history
I find this area to be simply beautiful. Yes, there is the odd mob wandering about but they’re few and far between. In this location, there is a beautiful river that meanders through the landscape as well as rocks, bushes with pretty contrasting purple flowers, along with sparse and dense forest. When it’s snowing it can be even more atmospheric.

Igloos, snowmen, cozy inns with fires. What more could you wish for?

starlight celebration history

Other notable locations

Coerthas Western Highlands:

starlight celebration history

Oakum Landing

starlight celebration history

The weather in this zone changes the outlook like no other I’ve come across in-game. On a clear winters night you can see the stunning aurora borealis amongst the twinkling stars and in the daytime, the vista will open up to a vast landscape with crisp snowtopped mountains.

Switfrun River (X:20.6 Y: 28.7)
Greytail Falls (X:34.7 Y: 28.2)
Oakum Landing (X:36.9 Y: 10.1)
Gorgagne Mills (X:31.8 Y: 11.8)
The North Star (X:30.2Y: 6.3)

starlight celebration history

Ishgardian Inn Room – Ishgard.

starlight celebration history

Down the hill from Camp Dragonhead – Coerthas.

There are so many places that I could list, but also, part of the fun is finding your own locations and taking your friends along with you. Don’t forget to check out the housing district Starlight Celebration displays (in both during the day and night).


Whether it’s through your Orchestrion or YouTube, you can never go wrong with the Starlight Celebration Orchestration Roll playing in the background (unless you’ve heard it for 40 hours straight, then you are excused). As with the majority of Final Fantasy music, they capture something very special within the melody which is now very dear to me and reminds me of happy times within Eorzea. This is a must-have while decorating your personal/FC house or for festive screenshot-taking music.

The orchestration roll became available to players during the Starlight Celebration of 2016.


Eorzean Wishlist

Yes, this sounds like madness but a small digital gift can go a long way. I’m not the biggest fan of wish lists but it seems to be the norm these days. More often than not people would rather get you something you really want, even if they’ve never heard the term MMO or it’s a game they’ve never heard of! The “Add to Amazon” extension in Chrome is great for this purpose, you can easily add anything on the Mogstation/SE Store to your wish list.

Winter Emote

On a final note, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to pick up the perfect winter emote ‘Throw’. In normal conditions, your character will just make a throwing motion but when you’re out and about in the snow they will throw snowballs!
Quest: Toss Fit Workout
NPC: Maucolyn – Coerthas Central Highlands (X: 24.9 Y: 27.7).

starlight celebration history

Now I shall go back to drinking my tea (I highly recommend Pickwick Winter Glow) and worry about how to supply power to the obscene amount of fairy lights I seem to have acquired this year. I have to admit, I ran a bit low on Christmas spirit at the early stages of this article and caved, unpacking my 30 pack of LED snowflake bell lights.

I wish you very happy Starlight Celebration preparations, I really hope something here can be of use!

Thank you for reading and for all the wonderful support! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here or Twitter

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Best MMO Halloween Event 2017

If there is one event MMOs love to take part in more than any others it is Halloween. That is why in this list you’ll find 60 different games with Halloween events! We decided to leave out the MOBAs and Shooters from this list but if they were put back in it would easily have a hundred games in it. But which is the best MMO Halloween event?

This poll is all about finding out what your favorite MMO Halloween event is this year. The winner gets a badge on their MMOGames profile and bragging rights for the entire year.

If your favorite isn’t on the list, or you know of a game we missed let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it as quickly as possible.


MMO Halloween

To take part just find your favorite MMO in the list below and leave a vote. You can only vote for one game at a time, but be sure to keep coming back as you can place more votes every day.

Voting will continue until the end of October 31st when the top three winners will be declared.


Which is the best MMO Halloween Event? Your vote will decide…

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