WoW Wednesday: How to Obtain the Underlight Angler

While waiting for the release of Antorus the Burning Throne raid, I have been looking into other things that could keep my interest for the time being. With the most recent Developer Q&A we learned that of course, our Artifact weapons will be going away, but the one Artifact that we will be able to keep is the Underlight Angler. With this announcement, it was also confirmed that they will be adding to it. No specifics were said but knowing that it will be improved upon is enough for me to take the time to go out and obtain the Underlight Angler. Here’s a guide on a few different ways you can obtain this fishing pole by either taking the fast route, which will cost a bit of gold, or the slower route which is cheaper but it will take much longer to achieve.

Obtain the Underlight Angler


Before we get to the strategies, let’s first talk about the requirements you will have to meet to be able to obtain the Underlight Angler. The first requirement is pretty simple, you need to be level 110. Next is that you must have 800 Fishing Skill. Lastly, you will need to complete the Achievement Bigger Fish To Fry, which requires you to catch all of Legion’s rare fish.

Quickest Way to Obtain the Underlight Angler

This strategy will be your quickest way to obtain the Underlight Angler, but it will cost you a bit of gold depending on your server. Let’s start off with the Bigger Fish To Fry Achievement. You will have to catch a variety of fish in all five zones of the Broken Isles. To be able to obtain the rare fish for the Achievement you must first fish up a rare bait that will allow you to fish up a specific rare fish depending on which bait you catch. This bait has a low chance of dropping, but there is another item called Drowned Mana that you can fish up on an island floating next to Dalaran that you can use as currency to purchase another item: Arcane Lure, which will increase the drop chance of the bait. But we will talk about that in the next part of the guide.

The good news is that none of the bait is Soulbound, which will greatly speed up the process of obtaining the Underlight Angler. Head over to the nearest Auction House and search for the 18 listed bait for each zone.


Listed below are the baits needed for the rare fish in Stormheim. Although you can buy the bait off the Auction House, they are unique, meaning you may only hold one at a time. So if you don’t catch the rare fish before your bait expires you will have to go buy another, unless you were able to fish one up.

  • Soggy Drakescale which will allow you to fish up Grabelly Lobster
  • Moosehorn Hook or Silverscale Minnow will fish up Thundering Stormray
  • Ancient Vrykul Ring will fish up Oodelfjisk


Same as Stormheim there are three rare fish in this zone as well.

  • Swollen Murloc Egg will fish up Mountain Puffer
  • Salmon Lure will fish up Ancient Highmountain Salmon
  • Frost Worm will fish up Coldriver Carp


Again, the next three bait for this zone is:

  • Rotten Fishbone will fish up Ancient Mossgill
  • Drowned Thistleleaf will fish up Thorned Flounder
  • Nightmare Nightcrawler will fish up Terrorfin


Below are the three baits you will need for Azsuna.

  • Aromatic Murloc Slime will fish up Leyshimmer Blenny
  • Pearlescent Conch will fish up Nar’thalas Hermit
  • Rusty Queenfish Brooch will fish up Ghostly Queenfish


For the last zone, like the others, you will need another three baits.

  • Enchanted Lure will fish up Magic-Eater Frog
  • Demonic Detritus will fish up Tainted Runescale Koi
  • Sleeping Murloc will fish up Seerspine Puffer

When you use the Sleeping Murloc bait, it will spawn a Murloc that will run away leaving fish behind. Run over the fish he leaves behind and you should collect at least one Seespine Puffer.

Oceanic Rare Fish

The best way to make sure you’re in Oceanic waters to catch these rare fish is to look for Ancient Black Barracuda schools. For these waters, you can only purchase two of the three baits.

  • Axefish Lure will fish up Axefish
  • Decayed Whale Blubber or Ravenous Fly will fish up Ancient Black Barracuda (If you use the Decayed Whale Blubber it will spawn a fly that you can click on to loot the Ravenous Fly)

Next, you actually have to fish up the Stunned Angry Shark. Once fished up it has a 1 minute timer before it leaves your inventory. When used it will spawn a shark that once killed will drop Seabottom Squid.

In my experience, I’ve had better luck fishing up the rare fish out of pools, but I’m not 100% sure if you have a better chance fishing in pools or not.

Slower but Cheaper Way

Going the slower route will save you a bit of gold, but will take a little longer to obtain the Underlight Angler. As previously mentioned, there is an island floating next to Dalaran with a pond that you can fish out of. You can fish up an item called Drowned Mana that can be used as currency to buy Arcane Lure from an NPC name Conjurer Margoss that stands next to the pond. You can use the Arcane Lures to increase the drop chance by 100% on the baits used to fish up the rare fish. It should take around 40 Arcane Lures to catch all of the bait you will need. Other than that everything is the exact same as the other strategy.

Underlight Angler

Other Mentions

The strategies above will get you the Achievement, but if you haven’t gotten 800 fishing even after doing all that you can use the rare fish which will throw them into the water granting you 5 Levels per fish to your overall Fishing Level up to level 800. To fish up rare fish quicker, it is best to buy the Ancient Vrykul Ring or the Rusty Queenfish Brooch because those fishing pools will never despawn, allowing you to fish for as long as you need to.

Once you are level 110, have the Achievement, and level 800 Fishing, you have a chance to fish up an item called Luminous Pearl that will start the quest to obtain the Underlight Angler. I absolutely love this Fishing Artifact, it did take a bit of time to collect, but it is well worth it in my opinion.

Thanks for reading this WoW Wednesday and let us know if there is anything you would like us to talk about on the next WoW Wednesday.

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