A Triple-Nuke Strike Crashes the Fallout 76 Servers

The continuing shenanigans surrounding Fallout 76 nuclear strikes has hit a new zenith. Following an earlier report of players decrypting nuke launch codes, we now have a story of three nuke strikes launched simultaneously that ended up literally bombing the online title’s servers.

fallout 76 nuclear strikes

A group of players who were the first to launch an in-game nuke when the title went officially live decided to see what would happen when three nukes were fired into the same area. The intent was to see if the triple-strike would spawn a stronger version of a Scorchbeast Queen — a high-level enemy that drops extremely valuable crafting loot when defeated.

What happened instead is that the servers crashed when the players approached the area where the bombs fell, booting the players out of the game and ultimately leaving the question of what lay in the aftermath unanswered.

As for the game itself, a patch out today has introduced a number of bug and feature fixes, along with improvements to the game’s performance and server stability. A recent dev blog also stated plans to bring other updates like additional Stash space, push-to-talk functionality for PC, and an FOV slider for PC. Patch notes for the new version are here.

Our Thoughts

What better way to test the new patch’s server stability than to drop another three nukes on the same spot again, eh? We expect this particular group of players will be the source of more than a few nuke-based stories in the coming weeks or months.

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