Final Fantasy XIV’s Forbidden Land of Eureka Detailed

The most recent Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter was all about questions and answers from the fans. While most of the answers were pretty succinct, one particular answer got a whole lot of expansion with a boatload of gameplay details for the Forbidden Land of Eureka, the new exploratory zone arriving soon.

forbidden land of eureka

Described as “an unexplored, untamed wild where the very elements are constantly in flux”, Eureka will grant players the opportunity to earn and enhance special Eureka gear and weapons. 144 players will be able to occupy a single Eureka zone instance, and parties of players can form at will via party seeking, player search, or good old shout channel.

The foes in Eureka are empowered with certain elemental aspects, and so players will want to apply Magicite to themselves aspected to certain elements through a Magia Board. In a video demonstration, a total of five Magicite can be applied at will through interacting with a Magia Melder. Players can either fully load their elemental power on one element, or spread them around, but the maximum number will always equal five.

Additionally, players can rotate the Magia Board based on the foe they’re about to fight in an attempt to leverage their elemental strength against a foe’s elemental weakness, such as spinning three elemental power towards Lightning in order to deal more damage against a Water-aspected target. The board can be rotated a set number of times, but that rotation amount can be recharged over time or by interacting with a Magia Melder.

Our Thoughts

The new zone looks pretty interesting indeed, and we’re very intrigued by the systems being introduced there, but it will be interesting to know whether the aforementioned Eureka gear and weapons will bear any power outside of Eureka zone content or will be only useful within that instance a la PvP gear. We’ll just have to wait and see when this new content update arrives.

Sources: official forums, YouTube via Massively Overpowered

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