Fortnite Mobile Makes 5 Times the Revenue of PUBG Mobile, With half the downloads

If you follow our weekly MMO business column then it won’t surprise you to know that Fortnite is making a ton of money on mobile. Thanks to Sensor Tower, a market intelligence firm, we’ve learned that in the 11 weeks leading up to June 18 Fortnite made $92 million in revenue. In that same time, PUBG only grossed about $19 million. Meaning that Fortnite Mobile makes 5 times the revenue of PUBG Mobile. This, despite the fact that PUBG is available on iOS and Android while Fortnite is only on iOS.

Player spending in PUBG did spike recently though with the release of the Royale Pass. According to Sensor Tower, player spending increased by 365%. This grossed roughly $6.1 million globally every week compared to the previous $1.3 million average.

Just a week ago a new survey was released showing that 69% of Fortnite players have bought something in-game and the average spend is $85. Of the 1,000 players surveyed one in five said they were unaware that purchasing in-game content didn’t give them an advantage, this despite the warning at the bottom of the screen saying they are cosmetic only and offer no competitive advantage. One-third of those surveyed also said that Fortnite is the first video game they’ve spent money on.

In May Fornite earned more than $300 million for the first time in a single month. But, this number is only a 7% increase over April which has prompted some to say that the game’s growth is slowing.

Sensor Tower put out a similar report back in May which showed that PUBG revenue was only 1/3 that of Fortnite’s in which they highlighted the difference between the two business models. “There’s also the possibility that the way Epic Games has structured its purchases may be giving Fortnite a leg up on its biggest competitor,” he said. “It offers limited-time costumes and set daily items that players can purchase outright, as opposed PUBG Mobile’s primary use of loot boxes that produce random (and often duplicate) items when opened by players.”


Source: GamesIndustry, MMO Money

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