Destiny 2 Year One Gear Can Get Powered Up in Year 2

So the Forsaken expansion is, essentially, Destiny 2 Year Two. And as is often the case for any game where there’s loot and loot scores involved, a new expansion basically means today’s shiny is tomorrow’s rusted relic. However, plans are being put into place to make sure that your top gear from Year One carries some weight in Year Two. For a while, anyway.

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“In Destiny 2: Forsaken, players will be able to take all their favorite year one weapons and armor and bring them up to the new power cap,” confirms creative director Dave Cotton in an article from GameInformer. Naturally, though, players will need to have purchased Forsaken in order to have that new power cap unlocked.

Further digging also revealed that these gear power upgrades are available to weapons and armor that is either Legendary or Exotic level, so don’t feel like you need to say goodbye to your golds and purples just yet.

In other Destiny 2 news, the devs released a story-focused teaser trailer for Forsaken, which brings some grim tidings as Cayde-6 is taken out. With his own Ace of Spades gun, no less.

The death of Cayde-6 apparently isn’t just a “maybe he’ll live, maybe he’ll die” moment, either; both game director Christopher Barrett and project lead Scott Taylor confirmed during an interview that the shot that takes Cayde out is, indeed, fatal. That video, in case you maybe missed it, is below.

Our Thoughts

While we’ll mourn the end of Cayde-6, we will be looking forward to both where this storyline for Forsaken will end up and will gleefully take some of our favorite weapons along for the ride, apparently. Personally speaking, it’s going to be very, VERY hard for me to part ways with my Hard Light. Even if its perk is kind of stupid.

Sources: GameInformer, PC Gamer

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